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The rwinder
United States
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Image courtesy of Smizmazmarlemagne
These are the continuing solo adventures through all the characters and GOOs of FFG's Arkham-lite Elder Sign game. The stories themselves are compiled from updates that I submit using Twitter (@arkhamhorror) during gameplay, which veer between silly and somber.

These are the next five solo games I narrated, the snippets of adventure repeated here for your entertainment. As a note on gameplay, I play the game more or less straight, though if a character dies and the game feels over, I usually stop. Sometimes (as evidenced here) I'll carry on though, typically with the survivor of a previous game.

The first set of five can be found here:

Game 6: Playing Koi
Michael McGlen, the Gangster, vs. Shub-Niggurath

- It was late at night when Michael McGlen's crew broke into the museum. "This is gonna be our biggest score ever, boys," Michael guaranteed.
- He was soon parted from them though, hearing cries and gurgles close by. "Boys? Where are you?" A search in the hedge maze yielded nothing.
- Then Michael remembered the knowledge he had forgotten. "Riiight, this is Arkham. A shoggoth probably ate the boys. Well, more loot for me!"
- He slunk through the exhibits, feeling pursued by a shadowy figure that always lingered out of sight, but Michael did not let it get to him.
- He finally found what he sought. "The koi pond! These fish go for a grand on the black market. Good thing I brought dynamite to catch them."
- Hoping for a quick turnaround, he tried to fence the fish at the museum's own gift shop, but ended up terrified by the proprietor's grin.
- "These are tough times for a guy trying to make a dishonest buck," Michael confided to the high priest mummy who groaned back in sympathy.
- Then suddenly plunged into darkness, Michael found himself wrestling with his shadowy assailant. "No, these are my koi fish!" insisted Mike.
- He tried to run, ducking into a hidden passage he found, but his strong body was also too thick for its thin walls and he was stuck there.
- "The only way outta this jam is if I get transported by some kinda magic," said Michael. "Any minute now..." But no magic was in the offing.
- He remained stuck there until Shub-Niggurath appeared, but Michael held firm and defeated her, though he never did leave the passage ever.

Game 7: Dying Flicker
Sister Mary, the Nun, vs. Azathoth

- Sister Mary knew when she went looking for a missing Father Michael at the museum that she was in for a dull evening better spent at prayer.
- Mary rushed to the administration office to complain about the mess, but found there only another pile of severed digits. "What's going on?"
- It was then she saw it scrawled on the floor and somehow knew it meant her salvation: a star shaped symbol with a form alien to her mind.
- A wooziness came upon Mary and she fought to stay awake, slapping her face. "I still have to find Father Michael...or what's left of him."
- Drawn to the storage closet, an odd dry smell coming from its gaping depths, Mary gazed in and was horrified to see a vast alien emptiness.
- The abyss was wide and steeped in darkness, and not even her magic lamp could light her way or keep her mind from being shredded by terror.
- "God, help me," cried Mary, at last finding the toeless body of Father Michael, the very last thing she ever saw before the light went out.

Game 8: Pyromania!
Joe Diamond, the Private Investigator, vs. Yog-Sothoth

- It wasn't always great being a PI, but when Joe received a severed head in the mail signed FROM DA MUSEUM he knew a fun night was in store.
- Wandering around the museum, Joe stopped dead in his tracks and asked his sidekick, "Did you hear that? It sounded like a bubbling geyser."
- His mind exploded in a fury of horrible visions, distant worlds and sunken cities filled with the cacophony of howling beasts and volcanoes.
- "Come on, Joe," said his sidekick. "Ya need ta lie down." Splayed on a cot in the archives, Joe writhed, his brain was fed further insight.
- "We gotta burn this place to the ground!" roared Joe as he set the hallway on fire, running like a man possessed. "Only that will stop 'em."
- "Quick, into the storage closet, kid," cried Joe. "We can escape the flames there." "Did ya really have to start those fires?" "Yes, I did."
- They slipped into the basement and found their way into the sewers below the museum, surrounded by thousands of hungry converging vermin.
- "I knew you were behind it," Joe said, aiming his automatic at the cowering curator. " did you know?" " DO run the museum."
- "We only scratched the surface," said Joe. "We still gotta find out who killed all these people." "Uh, the mummies have been dead awhile."
- They explored the hall of the dead, but the lifeless forms gave up no secrets, even under Joe's most rigorous questioning. "Where WERE you?"
- Meanwhile, riots broke out in the street, demanding to know who had burned half of the beloved museum. "It was endowed by Cthulhu himself!"
- "Now that's a mystery," said Joe. "Who burned down the museum?" "Hey, you did that!" "And with the missing records burned no can prove it."
- Yet somehow the rioters knew he was responsible, and Joe had to hide in a hidden passage until they left. "Hey, I wonder where this leads?"
- It led to places where the lights were out, a foreboding sense of doom overtaking Joe as he inched further, past the corpse of a gangster.
- The passage emptied into a room cramped and cavernous, a dank stone wheel on the wall. "A key to places far beyond us mere mortals, kid."
- Soaking their sore feet in the koi pond, Joe and his sidekick wondered what their next move should be. "On to beyond or back to the riot?"
- Bravely, they ran headlong into the alien place, a sunken city. "It's called R'lyeh," the vacationing Prof. Armitage told them. "Good food."
- After what seemed an interminable time there, Joe Diamond and his nameless sidekick returned home to find the museum totally burned down.
- "Well, I guess I stopped the evil from coming into our world," sighed Joe. "Now for a nice long restful stay at our local Arkham Asylum."

Game 9: What Does the Elder Sign Look Like?
Dexter Drake, the Magician, vs. Hastur

- More one for the life of a lazy wastrel, Dexter was throttled awake one late afternoon by visions of an evil slouching to Arkham be born.
- Yawning, Dexter said, "Oh what's another evil god anyway," and he lay back down, but his better nature told him not to fall asleep just yet.
- Resigned to saving the world, Dexter snapped his fingers and in a flash was transported by magic to the hub of all evil: the Arkham museum.
- "Hrm, these ancient alien relics probably have something to do with all the bad ju-ju I'm sensing," said Dexter eyeing the yellowed figures.
- It was then the lights went out in the museum. "What devilry is this?" demanded Dexter. "This here is closin' time," answered the janitor.
- Not wishing to be ejected by the night guards, Dexter hid in the koi pond pretending to be a statue, though drawing suspicion when sneezing.
- "Yes, in all my paranormal investigations, one emblem recurs over and over: the elder sign," said Dexter to himself, sure of what to do now.
- Taking a piece of yellow chalk, Dexter drew the symbol on the floor, but in drawing it wrong, opened a gate to another world. "Terrific..."
- "This is no alien world," scoffed Dexter. "It's just a dream. I know my own dreams." He enjoyed watching his lost life rush before his eyes.
- Waking up, Dexter decided to review a mysterious tome. "Oh... so that's how you draw an elder sign. I always thought it was a smiley face."
- Yet the next one he drew landed him in the Abyss next to a high priest. "Hey, how you doin'?" asked the priest. "Pretty dark in here, huh?"
- "I need your help, priest," said Dexter. "You don't want the King in Yellow preempting Cthulhu, do you?" "Nuts to that!" agreed the priest.
- So he broke the high priest free of the Abyss, and they prowled the museum--beating up a warlock along the way--until they met the curator.
- "Where's the King in Yellow?" demanded Dexter as the high priest kicked the curator's gut. "I don't know. Wouldn't I talk by now if I knew?"
- After hiding the curator's corpse in a storage closet, they began their search anew, heading deep into the hedge maze. "Dark! Like my home."
- "I've seen some weird stuff, but this takes the cake," said the priest surveying the Medusa Exhibit. "And remember... I live in the Abyss."
- After smashing the medusa statues and painting elder signs all over the room, Dexter knew the world was safe and could take the priest home.
- "Wait! This's Leng. I live in the Abyss." "Leng, Abyss, all the same, right?" said Dexter sealing the gate and protesting priest behind him.

Game 10: Going Home
Kate Winthrop, the Scientist, vs. Azathoth

- Some days Kate regretted becoming a rat scientist, such as today when her colleagues picked her to go on the weekly sewer rat collection.
- Soon realizing she wasn't alone in the pipes, a shadowy figure haunting her steps, she warned, "If that's a rival rat scientist, I'm armed!"
- Running from her pursuer, she dashed into a strange hidden passage lined with bones and star symbols. It led right into the Arkham museum.
- Taking a break from her chores, Kate wandered the exhibits, occasionally breaking a few, which reminded her why she became a rat scientist.
- "It's a key to beyond, miss," the old professor said as she admired the damp runed stone. "But the knowledge of how to use it is forgotten."
- "There's something unnatural about these exhibits," thought Kate. "As though they were all a sham to disguise the museum's true purpose."
- In the back of her mind, she saw the sunken city where the stone once rested, almost as though she were there among its fishy inhabitants.
- "But you were there," Prof. Armitage insisted to Kate. "What? In R'lyeh?" "Yes, things aren't only in your head in this place, my dear."
- "It's dangerous to believe things. Fear most of all, for you become that which you fear most," warned Armitage. "Such as a rat scientist..."
- "If you want to see other worlds, then come with me," said Armitage, guiding Kate to a secret gathering of robed figures who chanted as one.
- "Let our new sister read from the tome," cried a cultist, thrusting a meaningless book before Kate. Thinking fast she just shouted, "Gugs!"
- The cultists scattered for fear of gugs, Kate rushed to the graveyard to hide, cowering in terror. "Oh, I should have stayed in the sewers!"
- The cold of the graves gave way to the freezing hell of Leng, and when Kate shook herself free of its icy grasp, she was touring the museum.
- "No, this is not right!" cried Kate. "I must return to my people!" With that she dove into the koi pond and vanished into the watery depths.
- Later, investigating Kate's disappearance Dr. Lee remarked, "No mere rat doctor, but a visitor from far away, unaware of her true heritage."

NOTE: (Despite the ending with Vincent Lee, Kate definitely lost her game... and the world was destroyed, I guess.)
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Judy Krauss
United States
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but I'm not the only one
My hands are small, I know, but they're not yours, they are my own
I'm enjoying these stories. Keep it going. thumbsup
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