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Subject: One tiny cheat away from a perfect game rss

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David Goldfarb
United States
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This was a 3-player game on BSW on Legendary level. I was the Dispatcher,
Greg Jones
United States
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was the Troubleshooter, and Perpetual_Guest was the Researcher.

I didn't know what an unusual game it was going to turn out to be, so I didn't note the exact details of the setup. I remember there were triples in Kolkata, Tehran, and New York; there were also cubes in Tokyo, Paris, and Sydney, and I think Milan. By sheer luck, there were no yellow cubes on the board.

We started out with three special cards: Resilient Population, One Quiet Night, and New Assignment. All three ended up being key.

Guest had the first turn; he simply walked to New York and treated two cubes. And then we had the dreaded first-turn epidemic.

Well, we immediately used RP on Kolkata. Morningstar had started with Moscow and Osaka in hand; he said that his plan was to clean cubes in Tehran "...unless the new city is Osaka or something that I can get to more easily." And the Epidemic city was...Osaka! Dangerously right next to Tokyo, but also conveniently right next to Tokyo.

I had Madrid in hand, so as Dispatcher I nudged Guest to Madrid (where he was closer to the blue cubes in Paris and Milan -- London also showed up somewhere around here), brought myself to him, then chartered to Tehran to take a cube off. Morningstar flew to Osaka, thanks to his power as Troubleshooter not even having to spend the card, and cleaned off its three cubes.

Over the next few turns we kept cleaning. The second epidemic was down a ways, thankfully, so we had some turns to keep the triple-cube cities contained. I remember spending the Sydney card to fly there and clean. Six new city cards came into the stack -- as it happened, none of them were yellow.

At the next epidemic, Chennai came out. We'd left Kolkata alone because of the Resilient Population play, but now there was a second three-cube city right next to it. Luckily, morningstar had drawn Remote Treatment and was able to immediately remove a cube from Chennai -- he also took one from New York, which had gone back to three.

I recall that at one point we all met in London. Guest went there, cleaning blue cubes, then I met him and brought morningstar in, with some idea of passing cards. But then more red cubes came out and morn decided to go back. But, at Guest's next turn we enacted a plan: he passed me a yellow (he had four, I had two) and then walked to Atlanta; then I warped to him with the Dispatcher power, took two more from him, and cured...and since no yellow cube had ever come onto the board, that meant instant eradication! This paid off later in the game when some yellow cards came out from Epidemics.

I got to hear the "ahhh" sound of a cure and the "YAAAY" sound of eradication simultaneously. I'm pretty sure I've never heard that before.

Now here's where we did the tiny cheat. In the English rules, the New Assignment card lets you change one player's role...but on BSW, they interpret the text differently and let all players choose a new role. Okay, yeah, it wasn't perfectly kosher. But we were playing on Legendary level.

As it happened, morningstar had had some lucky draws: he had Osaka which he started with, and another red, and had drawn up to four blue. Perpetual_Guest also had two reds. So...morn used a blue card to come to Atlanta (remember of course that he was the Troubleshooter and could fly without spending the card). Then we used New Assignment to change him to Scientist and me to Medic. He cured blue, and took two reds, getting him to four.

It happened that I had drawn Government Grant. Chennai was back up to three cubes, and Bangkok was also at three. Blue was looking very threatening also: there were three cubes in New York, London, and Madrid, and two each in Paris and Milan. Thanks to the Troubleshooter's lookahead, we knew none of these were popping on morningstar's turn. We had to trust to luck on Guest's.

What we did was this: we used the Government Grant to put a lab in Chennai, and Guest shuttled there and cleaned all three cubes. Then on my turn I walked from Atlanta to Madrid via London, taking out those three-cube cities. And morn cured red, shuttled to Chennai, and cleaned Bangkok. Meanwhile cubes were coming out in Tokyo and Osaka, but we hadn't yet had a single outbreak.

Guest then cleaned the single cube that had returned to Chennai, and went to Sydney to clean the three cubes there. I now noticed that if I played One Quiet Night, I could eradicate blue, plus take out the threatening reds in the north, since I happened to have Tokyo in hand. Morningstar felt we should save OQN for some crisis that might arise. He's very experienced and very good, so normally I go along with him when we play -- but this time I overruled him. It was my card and my decision, and I played it.

Then the Infector Phase on my turn was two blues and a yellow. So the only red cubes on the board were in Hong Kong and Manila, right in position for morn to go and eradicate red. "Well," said morningstar, "now I want to go for a perfect game." Since the only black cities in play were Tehran and Chennai, plus Kolkata which had been RP'd, this seemed quite doable. We had enough black between us. It was just a matter of coordinating the cleaning with the curing.

It was Perpetual_Guest's turn, and he chartered from Jakarta to clean Tehran. I made my way to Chennai via a roundabout route: direct flight from Osaka to Miami, by road to Atlanta, by shuttle to Chennai, where I cleaned. The Infector phase added a cube back, though. Morningstar had ended in Hong Kong, so he was able to walk to Kolkata and spend three actions to clean it. An Epidemic hit...doing nothing except adding one more cube to Chennai! Good thing I'd taken it down to no cubes previously. So Guest finished cleaning Tehran, then walked to Chennai and gave me the one black card needed for the cure and the PERFECT WIN...all four diseases eradicated, NO outbreaks all game.

Here's a screenshot right before the end:

and here's the shot right after:

You can check the text of the bottom one, if you want to verify the results.

It'll be quite some time before I have a game to top this one!
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Tom Lehmann
United States
Palo Alto
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Congrats on your Legendary perfect game! Very impressive.
David Goldfarb wrote:
In the English rules, the New Assignment card lets you change one player's role...but on BSW, they interpret the text differently and let all players choose a new role.

I wish BSW would fix this error (which has been identified for several years). Sigh.
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