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Subject: Infarkt - Murdering your friends slowly rss

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Scott A. Reed
United States
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The Basics

Infarkt is a humorous game where players are alternately trying to kill off the other players while trying to keep themselves alive and healthy.


The goal of Infarkt is to be the last player standing when all the other players have died.


The main board for Infarkt depicts six areas where players will be able to take actions. Each area shows the costs and impacts of each action. The Supermarket and Pharmacy have spaces for decks of cards, and the Flea Market has spaces for four cards on display.

In addition, each player has a board that corresponds to his or her color that is used to track the six elements of that player's health.

Game components

In addition to the boards, there is a deck of cards that correspond to the market, a deck for the Pharmacy, and a deck of event cards that go into the display each round. Each player gets three meeples in his or her color, and a set of chits to mark their health status on their player board.

How to play

Each player has board that has six tracks that correspond to elements of that player's person. Each track is numbered from 1-10 and part of the goal of the game is to not hit the #10 space on almost all of the tracks, as that means death for the player (the exception is the Obesity track, but more on that later). The six tracks correspond to Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Obesity, Depression, Diabetes, and Cancer. In addition, all of the tracks except for diabetes have extra marks on the track for additional occurrences for the end of round when the player is above that point of the track. Thus, being beyond a point on the track can worsen your condition on that track or cause another track's progress to worsen.

- Being on 7 and beyond on the Cholesterol track will cause your Blood Pressure to rise by 1 each turn.
Blood Pressure - Being on 7 and beyond on the Blood Pressure track will cause your Cholesterol to rise by 1 each turn.
Obesity - Being on 5 and beyond on the Obesity track will cause your Diabetes to rise by 2 each turn. Being on 7 and beyond on the Obesity track will cause your Diabetes to rise by 3 each turn. You do not die from being at 10 on the Obesity track.
Depression - Being on 5 and beyond on the Depression track will cause your Depression to rise by 1 each turn.
Diabetes - There is no increased effect for your rate on the diabetes track, but being high on the Obesity track will cause your Diabetes track to move up rapidly.
Cancer - Being on 5 and beyond on the Cancer track will cause your Cancer to rise by 1 each turn.

Each round of Infarkt starts with a draft of cards that represent life events. These life events comes with influence on the player's condition, and may also have further impact on the cards a player holds or what actions may be taken in the round. Beginning with the start player, each player selects one of the available cards and tracks the life-impact on his or her player board. Life events vary from the mostly-beneficial "You won the lottery!" which increases blood pressure, decreases depression, and gives the player some income, all the way to "You have Cancer", which, funnily enough, increases the player's cancer track. Some events, such as Divorce and You've Been Robbed will cause a player to discard money or items that the player has accumulated, and some other events like Business Trip will prevent a player from taking the Home action for a turn.

Following the selection of life events, the start player marker moves to the next player in turn order. Then all players place their three meeples on three of the six action areas on the board. After all players have placed, each player will execute his or her three selected actions in whichever order they wish.

+$3, +2 depression
Work is the main way to gain income, but also causes the depression track to move up.

-$1, +1 market card
-$2, +2 market cards
-$2, draw 3 market cards and select 2, +1 blood pressure
The Supermarket is where you obtain foods, drinks, and tobacco that you use in your home or trade at the Flea Market. Foods, drinks, and tobacco products have positive and negative impacts, but more on that in the Home action.

-$1, -1 obesity, -1 depression
-$2, -1 obesity, -2 depression
Go to the gym, work out, reduce your weight and reduce your depression.

-$2, +1 drug card
Drugs are cures for what ails you. Drugs are beneficial and will generally reduce your conditions when used. Drugs may be used at any time, so they can be reserved for a time when your conditions are out of control or are about to go out of control. You retain drugs until you use them, trade them at the flea market, or have them stolen from you by life events.

Flea Market

-$1, flush market, add three new market cards, and look at the top 2 drug cards and add one, discard the other
+$1, trade one card from the market
+$0, trade two cards from the market
-$1, trade three cards from the market
The flea market contains three market cards and a drug card. The player's action here is to trade cards from his or her stock with the items that are in the Flea Market. If you only trade one item, you get $1 from the bank to go with the trade. Trading two is a zero sum, and it costs the player $1 to trade three cards. The Flea Market is a place to be rid of market items you cannot or will not use, to obtain items you can use, and to trade for the drugs you need.

-1 depression, consume 2 market items
-1 depression, throw a party
Home is where the heart is, but it's also where a lot of business goes down. The other five actions in the game can only affect you directly if you take them. The first action option at home also only affects you, as you can consume two market card items to affect your personal stats. Generally, you would probably want to consume foods that are beneficial to you, though circumstances may require you to consume something that is less-beneficial to achieve other ends. Both a personal consumption and a party require you to consume two different types of items from the list of three -- foods, drinks, and tobacco products. Foods and drinks vary from the good-for-you "Garlic and Toasts" to the bad "Fried Cheese". Drinks have similar variance from orange juice and buttermilk to sugar sodas and flat beer. Tobacco is generally bad for you, but it will pull down your depression number.

The alternate action for home is to throw a party. Instead of consuming the food items yourself, you compel your neighboring players to consume them. This is how you you work to kill off the other players. Nothing like a fine dinner of Bread with Lard and Cola or Beer and Cigars to help put them in the grave quicker.

One note on having parties -- if someone dies while you are at the party, you add to your depression. If you are throwing a party that kills someone, your depression ratchets up by two. If you kill both of your guests -- that's a four-point climb on the depression scale. Make certain that you are on a fairly-even keel when you throw a party that's going to kill some people, else you are going down with them.

When anybody dies by any means, the other players chip in for funeral costs. Any player that can't contribute $1 toward the funeral also adds a depression tick to the person for being destitute when an associate keeled over.

My opinion

Infarkt is a fun and silly game that lets players try to creatively work out ways to off one another. In our game, it was a two-pronged battle of me and the player opposite who kept throwing parties that made the middle players more and more sick. It's entertaining in that each of the items you encounter has good or bad qualities, but there is a humorous twist on many of them in the artwork or the application to your person (e.g., Tofu is good for you, and reduces your cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight, but increases your depression). The interactions of some of the pieces also makes for humorous table conversation ("I can't go to work, I'd kill myself!") and the life event cards provide a back story for why things are going for a player as they are ("I'm living the life of Riley over here! Paid Leave, Inheritance, Won the Lottery, Inheritance... aww crap, Car Wreck!"). I'm not certain how much it has long-term re-playability, but it's probably at least good enough for a couple of games and some laughs over the situations created.
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chris lake
United States
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This looks like fun, unfortunately I cant find it available anywhere
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