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Sean Chick (Formerly Paul O'Sullivan)
United States
New Orleans
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Fag an bealac! Riam nar druid ar sbarin lann! Cuimhnigidh ar Luimnech agus feall na Sassonach! Erin go Bragh! Remember Limerick! Remember Ireland and Fontenoy!
Well, I'm afraid it'll have to wait. Whatever it was, I'm sure it was better than my plan to get out of this by pretending to be mad. I mean, who would have noticed another madman round here?
Random Events
Roll 1 die at the start of each turn.

1: Panthers. All German armored units are +1 Combat Factor. After these results take effect, further rolls grant Germany +1 Moves and are treated as a 9 result.

2-3: Volksgrenadiers. Treat as a 9 result if there are no Allied units in Germany, Holland, or Belgium. Germany receives 3 Moves to be used as replacement points or 5 if an Allied unit is in or adjacent to Germany. After these results take effect, further rolls grant Germany +1 Moves and are treated as a 10 result.

4-5: Command Bickering. Allies are -1 Moves.

6-8: Partisans/Bombers. One German unit in France cannot move and is Combat Factor -1 for this turn. If there are no German non-garrison units in France, then the Germans are -1 Moves.

9: Hitler Demands an Offensive. Germany is given +1 Moves and the initiative for this turn but may not re-roll results. The Germans must attack with at least 1 armored corps or they are -3 Moves this turn. If the attack is successful, they gain +1 Moves next turn.

10: Offensive in the East. No effect if rolled on turns 1-5 or if the Allies control a German city. Remove 2 armor and 1 infantry corps. They must be SS if available. If rolled again the Germans are -1 Moves for that turn.

Variable Moves
No Moves are not added on turn 1. The Allies, for turns 2-12 add 1d6 Moves.

It take ½ to activate 1 corps for any kind of combat or movement unless it is part of an invasion.

Rivers and Forests
Ignore the movement cost for crossing a river or entering a forest unless the hex being entered is in enemy ZOC.

Intrinsic Beach Defenders
Each unguarded beach has an inherent defense rating of 1, which is added to German units in that hex during an invasion and treated as a fixed unit if there are no German units, but only for purposes of invasion.

Out of Supply
Units destroyed due to being out of supply are permanently lost. German controlled hexes that are out of supply revert to Allied control unless a unit is present. A fortified city can maintain 1 division in supply.

All units in adjacent to a headquarters unit receive +1 in combat or +1 to their movement. Supreme headquarters units may take 1 corps unit assigned to an army and reassign it to any other army or send a corps off map. That corps returns at full strength in any city you control.

Patton, Model, and Mantueffel
On turn 1 the Allies assign Patton to any US army. That army is +1 movement and +1 Combat Factor

On turn 4 The Germans must assign Model to an Army Group and Manteuffel to either panzer army. Model grants all armies in the same hex or adjacent to him a +1 in defense. Manteuffel gives all armored corps in his army a +1 Combat Factor.

German Reserves
In 1944 all German armor in France is assigned to 5th Panzer which is placed in any non-coastal city hex. On any turn after the first, a German corps may be transferred to 6th Panzer (whether it has arrived or not) and kept off map and deployed starting on turn 6. Then it may be placed on any hex in Germany for 2 Moves.

If the attacker loses they take two hits. If the attacker wins by a margin of +7, then they take 1 hit.
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John Schreiner
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I play solitaire with some of the Smithsonian games (Gettysburg, Bulge, D-Day). Also like Across 5 Aprils and really dig the new Victory Point Games "20" series. Far cry from my original 1958 Gettysburg and others from that era. Have a bunch of AH bookshelf Civil War titles but they're getting a little too involved for me now in my years.

On D-Day, I use your terrian and supply revisions (looking at the others), but here are some of mine:

A round HQ gives a +1 combat modifier to any one attack combat in its hex. Additonal HQs would also influence additional attacks from that one hex. This also gives the Germans a little more counteroffensive incentive.

The Allies get three moves for every two supply sources. An additional odd number adds 1 move. This better reflects the Allies' abundance.

No more than one combat and/or HQ unit may be replaced per turn, although a step loss may be reclaimed for an additonal move for a total of two in this case, while the other unit(s) pay the usual cost.

I wrote AH in 1997 about some of the discrepancies in their manual, and there were several. The big one for me was the example showing defenders getting +2 modifiers in an invasion, even though there are airbone units attacking from the rear. The rules say All attackers must be invading to get that bonus. The reply said the whole example was wrong and the rule is correct.

Frankly, I think the bonus should count anyway as the setup requirements make it virtually impossible to stop an invasion.

What are your thoughts?


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