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Subject: July - December 1916 rss

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July – September 1916
CP: East Air, AF / Conrad Off, rigid Planning / London Air Raid/Kemal
All: 2x Ru command paralysis!!! / Yudenich/Brusilov / New AT, Ball

CP concentrate Repl/Reinf in the East in July, take advantage of the command paralysis. Ger take Grodno, Vilna in September, facing Szwali on their way to Riga. Their offensives accompanied by bad luck (die rolls) and heavy losses. Offensive loses momentum as Ger transfer 10 Divisions to the west in July.
AH attacks Ru positions with more luck, Ru casualties high

Ger: 12, AH 1, RU 34

GB sends 3/3-4s to the NE in July and August. Allies Offensive continues full scale, Ger has to transfer units from the east front to prevent catastrophy. the front "holds"

L: Ger 29, F: 11, GB: 4

It continues attack on Tolmina but fail again. In August they prepare for the Conrad offensive and stack 6 units high. The 2 Conrad offensives end in a disaster for AH, losing 8-2 Div.

L: It 4, AH 8

Tu retreat towards Kut, take position on “k”-swamp hex east of Kut. GB follows, but are too weak to crack Tu position (+ hot weather!). GB needs to build Cav in order to threaten the Tu backwards position.

GB waits for hot season to end to attack Rafah. 4-1 attack in Sep fails at a 1 die roll. That gives Tu time to breath.

TU 1, GB 1

Tu profit from 2 turn Ru Command paralysis, Ru regroup units and attack Vitse in Sep (that way they can isolate Erzurum if need be) and take the city. Tu failed to garison Trebizond, which is occupied by Ru Cav.

L: Tu 3, Ru 0

Strat Turn J
VP level 13
U-boot 3 (this is crazy, not one 4-6 die roll yet!!)
Tu Reserve 8, TS-level 3, 6 Ger RPs to Tu
German ERPs 7

Ger: 1/3-4, 13/2-3-4, 33/others
AH: 6/2-3-4, 9/1-2-3
TU: 2/2-4 or 1-2-4
F: 28/others
GB: 5/3-4
Ru: 41/2-3-4, 43/others

Oktober – December 1916:
CP: no draw
All: Ru Winter Off, NE / New AT , Romania

Ger receives strong Reinf and concentrates in the East. CP continue offensive, oberost in Oktober surrounds Kovno 5/6, destroys 2/ 3-4-4s in Kovno, but fort is still intact. Attack against Kovno in Dec fails again, but further south the Ger are only 1 hex away from Minsk. AH attacks Ru positions with mixed results. AH and Ger both Strat move units to the Romanian border, the Ger on the Bul side.
Ger 7, AH 5, Ru 29

3. Conrad attack with a 6 die roll: 3 AH, 4 IT.

Allies continue full scale offensive, but the large no of Germ Reinf and 29 Repl (6 went to Tu) enable the Ger to defend at higher strength. Ball and Boelke are shot down.
Ger: 22, GB 8, Fr 8

GB attack Tu position east of Kut in Dec, but fail to vacate the hex.

Both GB attacks on Rafah fail to vacate the town. At 4-1 Tu use Kemal to prevent defeat.

Ru attack Tu northwest of Erzurum, but only meet with success in December. Now the assault on Erzurum can begin, and, by moving the HQ south of the city, it will also be possible to isolate Erzurum

NE-losses: TU 6, GB 2, Ru 1
Strat K
Vplevel 12
U-boot: 2 !!!
Tu Res 6 – 6 RP transfer to Tu
Ger ERPs 7

Ger: 13/2-3-4, 36/others
AH: 2/2-3-4, 9/1-2-3
TU: only 1 Cav
F: 32/others, 10 RPs reserve
GB: 16/others (Cav, 1-4s etc)
Ru: 47/2-3-4, 48/others

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