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Many years ago, I became frustrated with the lack of criminal or basic "goon" figures in the Heroclix system.

Though I do understand why some people view such figures as "Dud commons" and would much prefer some ass kicking super fig, there where times when I wanted my X men figs to deal with a MASS outbreak of deadly robots or giant insects or to have my Batman simply move around my giant city map mopping up normal human crime.

When this set was released I was thrilled to find out that it contained tokens for lesser encounters but I still wanted my goons to have just a little more flexibility, just enough to make them a threat that could change and expand as the scenarios I write become more advanced.

So short on goon figures and "official tokens" to fill my very large maps I hit upon the idea of using just ONE of my clix as a kind of "Master Token" whose fixed current dial status serves as a template for many "neutral" tokens placed all over the map.

Its a pretty simple idea really and something like poker chips are ideal to represent your mass token army of lesser foes.

You simply pick up and nominate one of your clix as the "Master Token" and set its dial to a "level" that ALL neutral tokens of a chosen color use in this scenario, and will reflect while in play.
The clix nominated as the master token is never actually put into play and serves only as each tokens "powers and ability" reference guide and is set to the side of the map for players to look at as needed.
The dial on the clix named as the master token is then NOT turned for the duration of the game and remains a fixed reference point as ALL tokens take just one point of damage before being destroyed.

Though the tokens provided in this set are great and do much the same thing, by using "one clix worth of powers" on an actual heroclix figure and a good stack of poker chips, you are given thousands of choices from the many clix of powers in your collection, making your tokens far more flexible than the standard fixed cardboard ones supplied.

If you are using multiple colors of chips to represent various token forces eg (green chips orcs) (blue chips riders of rohan) just put a chip of the corresponding color under each master token figure you have chosen for your scenario template so there is no confusion...

I know these mass armies of poker chip orcs are a poor visual supplement for real figs but I am a gamer and if someone gives me a little painted wooden block and tells me its an army, or a tank, or a crop, or a city, then thats what it becomes in my mind and I will enjoy using it as such for the duration of the game.

So break out the poker chips people, and field and army worthy of mordor!
Just be sure next time you play texas holdem you dont say "I will see your 50 and raise you an ork"


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Ronald Fajarit
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On a similar note....I'm considering using my Mage Knight v2.0 orcs and elves with Heroclick: Lord of the rings. The MK Miniatures represent the LoTR 'horde' tokens in game play. The tokens will be placed at bottom of each figure for reference. The dial on the MK figures will not be used.
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