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Dennison Milenkaya
United States
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Hey all. Remember Doomtown? This is a petition for help. Please keep reading.

'Bout as parched out here as ever was. There's no more gamblin' at these tables. Really don't matter how hard ya look. You'd never know there was a ghost rock rush with nothin' but the tumblebleeds for company. Hell. I had a good ride Out West but I'm gonna pack up my six-guns an' search for greener pastures.

You know, the biggest problem was accessibility. You just couldn't take a leisurely stroll into Gomorra; you had to first believe that there was somethin' worth packin' up your life and takin' your chances on. Ghost rock. Yeah right. I bet most folks passed on that immediately. You coulda been the hardiest frontiersman but all that steampunk an' talk o' devil bats would've made you spit your chaw. You could've been the world's most sci-fi action-adventure high-fantasy buff to ever crack open a dime novel but the rough-n-rugged west wasn't your playground--some posh city library was. Gomorra just fit too fine a' niche.

Explainin' it to folks now-a-days just feels ... odd. The exploits are there, the secrets exposed, the combos played-out.

But a man gets ta thinkin' as he fights the miles and the saddle sores. That burro luggin' the camping gear at yer side ain't good for no conversation, no how. Headin' to the Dakotas--the Black Hills ta be precise. Got themselves a gold rush going on up there. Some pretty interestin' characters, too. Wild Bill Hickok (the famed Dead Man's Hand holder), Calamity Jane, Colorado Charlie, Seth Bullock, and Sol Star, to name a few. Heroes--every one of 'em--and I'll have words with anyone who says otherwise. O' course, you got your Swearengen and Jack McCall and all sorts of injuns that don't care none to see whites in their sacred lands. So a man gets to thinkin' ...

There's still some frontier left to explore.

The play is the same. You're still sittin' around the poker tables and gunfightin' with poker hands. You still put cards in your deck for effect and for poker draws. You still try to take over a boomtown by spreading 'round your gang's influence and tryin' to gun-down or bad-mouth the rest. It should still -feel- like Doomtown.

But there's some differences, too.

Some are superficial. You hit a Dude with bullets or your fists 'cause that business of acing things gets confusing compared to card values and that "ace" is thought to be a good thing. You mine for and trade gold instead of ghost rock because it is at once easier to print, say, and understand. Dudes get tuckered when they work too hard because bootin' just never sounded right and besides, that was also half the name of the cemetery.

Some changes are huge. We're going for a purely historical western feel. At least we'll find some sort of market. The actual town of Deadwood, which gets by on its name alone and legalized gambling to generate some revenue, might just back this here game, so long as they don't think it too violent, but then again, they do mean to cash in on the rough-n-tumble Western reputation.

So there ain't no magic 'round Deadwood. It ain't historical and better yet, we can use the same card effects on non-Spell cards but without all the use-too-often effects. We also don't need to print every effect four times (once per three types of spells and once for non-Spells) and special improve-Spells or counter-Spells effects. The best part, to my mind, is that we won't see so many homogenous decks that include the same cards because they are all high-values and work well with casters.

Basically, a re-launch but with a purely historical Western/poker theme and a non-collectible but fully expandable format, like Dominion. I have the rulebook all written up with quite a few tweaks, simplifications, and just better lingo. Taking out Abominations, Harrowed, Spells, and other nonsense helped simplify a lot. Oh yeah, for the record, no reviving dead people. It don't happen in reality so it don't happen in Deadwood.

"Action" is a primary focus. The game is most exciting when things are happening so cards that do stuff are favored and those that don't were either cut or made more readily playable. Again, cutting out Spells and Terrors helps a lot since specific counters to these things aren't going to sit around a deck waiting for the right targets. Just take a look at what happened to Pinned Down:

8C Pinned Down (Shootout: Aim at an opposin' Dude. Tucker the target. Shootout: Aim at a tuckered Dude in the opposin' posse. Until the shootout ends, the target cannot be the shooter, if another Dude can be, and the target does not contribute to the number of cards drawn or redrawn by the opposin' player.)

You can see how this iteration would always be useful in a Shootout instead of sitting in a Play Hand round after round not having a valid target. You might even include a few copies in a deck because it combos so well with itself now.

For that matter, Casinos all have some sort of "gambling" going on, inspired by Shady Jake's, which gives the gangs reason to control them, even if the Control Points aren't sufficient to matter and you don't care about someone else gettin' Production or not ... or better yet, you prefer if a third party holds up that Production so you don't need to. The gambling aspects mean that the controller gets the benefit and the rest don't (which isn't too unusual for most Deeds anyway), keeping everyone interested in mobilizing. This also keeps all players interactin' because even by abstaining, you are losing to another player.

Friends, I've got Actions, Deeds, Events, Goods, and Improvements all ready to go. All I really need are the Dudes. The problem bein' that I'm still on the long road to Deadwood so I don't know the people there, yet. Some of the famous personalities, sure. But what gangs, what special homes, what Dudes might we see when we reach Deadwood?

Please write back.
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Dennison Milenkaya
United States
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Howdy again. I just thought I'd show a glimpse to see who is payin' attention out there. Here's the new Goods available. They pretty much act just like the Goods you know and love already. Explanations for various changes are given in italics after the card text.

(Influence) [Cost] {Bullets]

Changes to values were deliberate and serve three purposes, instead of values being just arbitrarily assigned.

1) To make sense with the Action card Pickpocket, higher value Goods are easier to steal. Therefore, smaller things are easier to steal and have a higher value, but it would be too easy to notice someone taking moccasins off your feet or a hat off your head. This gives an inherent worth to having a lower poker value on a Goods card--but that is only one Action card, so not a huge deal of concern. Notice that Horses, Duds that are worn, and Sidekicks cannot be stolen in that way, so their values do not follow this scheme.

2) The new effect of the Action card Git! makes Weapons with higher values stronger. So while a higher value is better for Weapons, they are still worse off for having higher values when subject to Pickpocket. Again, only one more Action card, so still not a huge deal.

3) Goods are as evenly distributed among the 13 card values as possible. Also, various Traits were spread out, more-or-less, so as to avoid making too many Weapons available at the same value, or too much Ammo available at some other value. This means that decks which hope to make the most of a certain Goods type don't get compounded benefit in the Draw Hand department. Making a strong, strategic deck should take more effort than that. It also allows a Hoyle deck (poker-legal) to feature lots of Weapons or lots of Horses, which would otherwise be impossible if the values overlapped. In certain cases, Goods that are completely unmodified from the original retain their original values, but that was not a major driving factor.

Without Spells and other things to attach to Dudes, Goods take on the sole responsibility of filling that role. No Goods are Unique. Some originally Unique Goods are offered here, but either the Unique Trait was simply dropped, or the Goods was balanced in other ways.

A look through the Law Book details Long-Range Shootout actions as those which can be used while a Dude is not currently in the shootout.

Duds are items of clothing. A Dude can have only one donned at a time. The rest are just held without providing effect, like armed and disarmed Weapons.


A♥ Arabian [8] (HorseNoon: Move this Dude to another location. Long-Range Shootout: Tucker the Arabian to move this Dude to the shootout's location, ignoring movement restrictions, and this Dude joins your posse.) -- This replaces the Pale Horse. It is no longer Unique, nor an Abomination. Its price went up, as did most Horses, to account for the special price reductions for Horses offered by various Deeds. Even without price-reduction, Arabians are worth every penny. They are nearly as good as the old Rocket Pack.

A♥ Covered Wagon [4] (You may consider all Strikes to be adjacent to this Dude. This Dude cannot have a Horse or another Covered Wagon while this one is attached. Noon: Tucker the Covered Wagon to move this Dude and up to four of your other Dudes from one Strike to another.) -- This was originally called Maze Runner. It is now re-themed to fit a less weird West. Now, a Dude may not have a Horse while using this Goods to reflect the redundancy of transportation and balance the card a bit.

A♥ Finely Tuned Sights [3] (No Dude may attach more than one Sights. While this Dude is the shooter in a shootout, your Draw Hand is considered 1 rank higher (but considered the worst hand of that rank).) -- This was originally the Quick-Draw Holster.

A♥ Kenny [2] (Sidekick • While Kenny is in a posse, he becomes a Token Dude in the posse, is not attached to another Dude, and has 1-Bullet Draw, 0-Influence, and Ace-value. If Kenny is hit, this card is sent to Mount Moriah. If Kenny is removed from the posse or when the shootout ends, this card attaches to any Dude you select in the posse (discard it, if no other Dude remains), and he is no longer a Dude.) -- So this kid is back. I hope the instructions for how to handle him while in a posse is more clear than ever. Now he isn't attached to a specific Dude while in a shootout. This allows him to stick around, if the Dude who brought him is shot or removed from the shootout before Kenny is dealt with.

A♥ Sleek Moccasins [1] (This Dude cannot be aimed at with any Call Out actions while at a Deed that you own and control.) -- So maybe I'm too fond of Wagon's East but I thought that being sneaky by wearing moccasins was a good way to bring the old Dream Catcher & Timmy Derrick effects back. Of course, there are no Terrors and focusing on certain Dude Traits becomes either unbalancing or else requires several similar cards for each Trait to be printed. Instead, I decided to have it affect the Dude completely while at a Deed owned and controlled by the Dude's controller. This is a strong effect, but it isn't too hard for an opponent to wrest control of a Deed to make calling out possible. Also, it never works on a Deed owned by an opponent, so there will be no Charlie Landers shenanigans coming from this card. Perhaps a specific Dude will replicate that effect, though.

2♥ Anahuac Staff {*] [2] (Weapon • This Goods has no cost while being attached to a Shaman. Reaction: Play after another player's Event resolves. The Anahuac Staff has +1 Bullet, permanently.) -- This is pretty much like the original but it has a discount when purchased for a Shaman. And, of course, it isn't Mystical now, since that Trait no longer exists. I really liked the way it picked up Bullet bonuses. Its just interesting for its ability to discourage Events without straight up acing them all the time. But, it is better if it doesn't dissuade Events, because the pace that this picks up Bullets makes it neat.

2♥ Blue Jeans [1] (Duds • This Dude's Influence cannot be reduced in any way.) -- Much like the original, but now, as Duds, a Dude cannot be more respectable by wearing Blue Jeans with a Three-Piece Suit! Also, it cannot be stolen (except by Nice Boots, Chief).

2♥ Buffalo Rifle [2] (WeaponRifle • Before forming posses, this Dude may join from an adjacent location without moving or tuckering, even if already tuckered. If joining a posse in this fashion, this Dude is removed from the shootout if the Buffalo Rifle becomes disarmed.) -- This is like the original, except now the Dude loses the Rifle's advantage if it is disarmed. Time was, a Dude could join a posse via Buffalo Rifle, then switch it out for a Shotgun during the fight! That's a rather long-range Shotgun, innit?

2♥ Mask [2] (This Dude does not become Wanted during shootouts at Private locations or from Jobs. Noon: Discard the Mask. This Dude is no longer Wanted.) -- Pretty much a return of the original.

2♥ Palomino [7] (HorseNoon Repeater: Play if this Dude is readied. Discard a card from your Play Hand to move this Dude to another location. Noon: Tucker the Palomino to ready this Dude.) -- Repeater actions can be used any number of times per day. This is the effect of Magic Bus v. 2, but better. And it readies the Dude! That's pretty much one move for free and one for every card the player is willing to drop. Of course, the Dude can be tuckered from effects besides moving. But I wanted a way to compensate for a lack of Breath Of Spirits, Sacrifice, and the like, and putting it on a Horse limits the number of times a single Dude can do it.

3♥ Hatchet [2] (WeaponShootout: Discard the Hatchet to aim at a Dude in the opposin' posse. The target has a -3 Bullet penalty, until the end of this round.) -- Comparisons and contrasts with Sun In Yer Eyes should prove that this is an interesting way to handle a Weapon.

3♥ New Hat (1) [2] (A Dude cannot gain an Influence bonus from more than one New Hat at a time.) -- Not too different than the original, a Dude doesn't become more Influential by stacking hats atop his head.

3♥ Three-Card Monte [2] (Noon: Play if this Dude is in Town Square. Gain 1 gold. Noon: Play if this Dude is in Town Square. Tucker this Dude to aim at another Dude in Town Square and Pull. If the Pull is greater than the target's value, take 1 gold from the target's controller.) -- I have no strong love for this card, but it is quirky and it works fine. I'm happy to bring it back, if only to keep people in Town Square, instead of hiding in a corner.

3♥ Three-Piece Suit [1] (Duds • This Dude has a +3 value bonus.) -- The Duds Trait already assures that a Dude cannot layer the effect by using more than one copy of this Goods. The only real difference from the original, then, is that there is no maximum value for the Dude to which it is applied. This is similar to Coleman's Badge, which isn't making a return. This change might be necessary to make this Goods a considerable defense for important Dudes.

3♥ Winchester Rifle {1] [1] (WeaponRifle) -- This is still as basic as a Weapon gets.

4♥ Cartridge Ammunition [2] (AmmoShootout: This Dude has a +3 Bullet bonus, until the end of the shootout. Hit the Cartridge Ammunition.) -- This is Greased Lightning Pill in Ammo form (the new Bullet Type).

4♥ Lemat Pistol [1] (WeaponPistolShotgunShootout: Aim at an opposin' Dude with a value less than or equal to this Dude's Bullets. Hit the target. Discard the Lemat Pistol.) -- It occurred to me that this is just a lame way of making the use of a Shotgun less reliable, but then I realized that a Dude can use this in a shootout, be killed off, and not waste a perfectly good Shotgun. Besides, there are ways in which the Weapon can actually be returned to play the same day and used again, since card memory of the spent Action is reset once it leaves play. There's enough in these nuances to make it worthy of a return appearance.

4♥ Martyr's Cross {*] (*) [3] (After each of your Dudes is hit, the Martyr's Cross has a +1 Bullet and +1 Influence bonus, until after Nightfall. A Dude may only gain the benefit of one Martyr's Cross at a time.) -- No different in effect from the original.

4♥ Sweaty Dynamite [3] (Noon Pull: If the Pull's value matches this Dude's value, hit this Dude, the Dynamite, and the Deed they are at. Otherwise, tucker this Dude to attach the Dynamite to this Deed. While this Goods is attached to a Deed, any Dude at any location can tucker to start a Noon Job aimed at the Dynamite to defuse it. If that Job succeeds, the Dynamite is hit. If the Dynamite is still attached to the Deed after High Noon, discard the Dynamite and Pull again. If this Pull is black, hit the Deed.) -- So long as Bomb exists, no-one bothers with Sweaty Dynamite, lest they do nothing but pay good money to blow up their own Dude. Thus, the silly risk was removed and now the Pull determines if the Dynamite takes the Deed with it, the same way Arson does. This means that players are going to need to concern themselves with defusing the Dynamite, but can also take the risk that it just doesn't explode. There is still more risk to using Sweaty Dynamite over a Bomb, but now it just costs some money and time--not a Dude on top of all that. Edit: And I realized that this takes all the "sweaty" out of Sweaty Dynamite. So, I re-added the risk of blowing up the Dude using it, but reduced the likelihood by a whole bunch. Yet, now if the Dude blows up, so does the Dynamite and Deed, immediately. So, you get to do what you set out to do, but at a rather severe price, only no-one has time to defuse the explosives. There may even be some careful deck-construction that can take advantage of the immediate detonation, but it would probably have too many cards of a single value to make it avoid Texas Twister (the new name for Jackalope Stampede). If the Dude is tuckered before using the Dynamite, he cannot plant it on the Deed, but he can still risk blowing himself up and take the Deed with him!

4♥ Tomahawk {1] [3] (Weapon • Only a Brave Dude may arm this Weapon. This Dude cannot be hit during a shootout unless your Draw Hand is beaten by at least 2 ranks.) -- The Sacred Tomahawk has no place in Deadwood. This Tomahawk lets a Brave act like Tioga Joe or as if he's under the effect of Strength Of The Bear. Any Dude may attach the Weapon, to circumvent strangeness like stealing a Tomahawk, using Last Will with no valid holder, or needing to buy it with a non-Brave with the intent to trade it later--but only a Brave Dude can arm it.

5♥ Gatling Gun {4] [5] (Weapon • The Gatling Gun is considered disarmed during a day in which this Dude has moved.) -- Functionally no different than the original, the intent of the special rule was defined.

5♥ Printing Press [3] (Noon: Gain 2 gold. This Dude becomes Wanted. Noon: Pay 1 gold to give this Dude a +1 Influence bonus, until after Nightfall.) -- A return of the original dual-purpose, well-themed counterfeit machine.

5♥ Roan [5] (HorseReaction: Play before this Dude moves, if this Dude is readied. Tucker the Roan instead of this Dude during the move.) -- Functionally identical to the original, its price went up, as did most Horses, to account for the special price reductions for Horses offered by various Deeds. Because Spells are not a viable way to get better movement options without paying for Horses, the price increase should not gimp certain decks, but all decks about equally.

5♥ Shotgun {1] [3] (WeaponShotgunShootout: Aim at an opposin' Dude with a value less than or equal to this Dude’s Bullets. Hit the target.) -- To quote Desmond Quentin: "Sometimes, it's best to call upon the classics." Sometimes, it feels really troubling when a Shotgun-totin' Dude makes you not want to bring any cannon-fodder Dudes to a fight, or menaces your Dudes all around town. Other times, it feels awesome to have a nice Shotgun and know that no dinky Dudes are going to mess with you. The presence of a Shotgun changes to mood of the town.

5♥ Spare Chamber [1] (Reaction: Play after this Dude's Ammo is discarded. Discard the Spare Chamber to attach the Ammo to this Dude. Reaction: Play after this Dude's Ammo is hit. Discard the Spare Chamber to discard the Ammo.) -- Not too different from the original, this version of Spare Chamber maintains the integrity of the stronger Ammo effects that hit their Ammo card and the weaker Ammo effects discarding themselves. Two Spare Chambers together can put a hit-for-use Ammo card back on the Dude.

6♥ Betrothed [5] (SidekickReaction: Play before this Dude is hit. This Dude is not hit; this Dude's Betrothed is hit instead. This Dude has +1 Bullet, -1 Influence (minimum 1), and -4 value (minimum A), permanently. If this Dude is currently in a shootout, this Dude becomes a Stud, until the end of the shootout.) -- I don't see this making it into the final print, but I'd like something like this to work. Sidekick is such a great Trait concept but there doesn't seem too many ways to implement it. Perhaps the easiest is just a stronger version of Kenny. That's also wouldn't be too original.

6♥ Bolt-Action Rifle {1] [3] (WeaponRifle • This Dude is a Stud.) -- Nothin' wrong with this Goods.

6♥ Bull Whip [3] (Noon: Tucker this Dude, aim at another Dude at this location, and tucker the target.) -- It worked for Meredith. I don't think the Bull Whip was ever a popular Goods, but the effect deserves to be made available.

6♥ Scattergun {-1] [0] (This Dude is a Stud. This Dude has a -1 Bullet penalty.) -- This was originally called Sawed-Off Shotgun. The name was changed because it doesn't have the Shotgun type, doesn't have the Shotgun's action, and doesn't interact with Roll O' Dimes. It was a great alternative way to apply Studliness to a Dude without using a Weapon. Then errata came along and made it one, anyway. Call me crazy, but doesn't that make it a waste of a card when we already have Pearl Handled Revolvers for only 1 gold more? It didn't even work with its own flavor text that way, since a Dude couldn't use a pair of 'em. Granted, you don't need a pair of them, unless you are really worried about Out Of Ammo cards. But the option to make a Dude a Stud while leaving him or her free to use a Weapon makes this card interesting and worth the -1 Bullet. Making it a Weapon is a good way to have a useless card get ignored. By the way, there are enough ways to discount Goods and Weapons that a 1 gold price tag isn't worth avoiding by giving up a Bullet.

6♥ Sulfurous Gas Canister [3] (Noon Pull: All Dudes with a value less than the Pull at this location are sent home, tuckered. If this is used at a Deed, no Dude with a value less than the Pull can move to this Deed, until after Nightfall. Hit the Sulfurous Gas Canister.) -- More movement restriction goodness! This is like a mixture of the Gadget Choking Gas and the Miracle Clear Out! In the actual town of Deadwood, Seth Bullock used canisters of sulfurous gas to quell a riot and the miscreants surrendered without a fight.

7♥ Dream Catcher (*) [4] (This Goods has no cost while being attached to a Shaman. The Dream Catcher loses all Influence if another player takes control of it. A Dude may only gain the benefit of one Dream Catcher at a time. Reaction: Play after another player's Event resolves. The Dream Catcher has +1 Influence, permanently.) -- Though the name is a repeat, it is nothing like the original (the Moccasins are like the old Dream Catcher). This one is inspired by the Anahuac Staff.

7♥ Gilded Left Shooter {1] [5] (WeaponPistol • While this Weapon is armed, Gilded Right Shooter may also be armed. Noon: Aim at another player's Dude at this location. This Dude Calls Out the target. This Dude cannot use any other Weapons for the shootout except Gilded Right Shooter.) -- Fun fact: The original Jack's Left Shooter and Jack's Right Shooter were meant to be usable at the same time, but no rule actually permitted this. A rule only prevented from using Weapons that weren't them together. This version makes the correct stipulation. As explained in the Goods intro above, these are no longer Unique. There is also no special rules for discounts applied to the gun.

7♥ Lucky Rabbit's Foot [4] (Reaction: Play before Draw Hands are revealed during a shootout that this Dude is in. Discard your Draw Hand and form another exactly as you did the last (includin' all the same Bullets, bonuses, and modifiers). Hit the Rabbit's Foot.) -- It's like Both Barrels in Goods form. Goods can be recovered, so it is possible to use it repeatedly, but the extra fuss involved balances that out pretty well. Both Barrels, while never repeatable (without simply including multiple copies in a deck, can apply to any shootout (whereas a Rabbit's Foot only works if the Dude carrying it is in that shootout), and is not subject to All Thumbs or theft.

7♥ Quick-Draw Holster [2] (Shootout: This Dude's armed Weapon becomes disarmed. Arm a Weapon attached to this Dude. Shootout: Attach a Weapon from your Play Hand to this Dude. You may either pay for the Weapon normally or else discard it when the shootout ends, if it is still in play.) -- The original Holster's effect is now applied to Finely Tuned Sights. This effect is more thematically related to a Quick-Draw Holster. One of its actions was originally available on Quickdraw Sling and Just What I Need... but these are now combined for more flexibility. The standard rule allows for switching an armed and disarmed Weapon once per shootout round already, but the action on this Goods allows for an additional way to do it, which circumvents the standard restriction of not switching out a Weapon that was used for a Shootout action. Now, it is possible to start with, say, a Bolt Action Rifle armed, switch to a Shotgun (via standard option), use the Shotgun's Shootout action, then use the Quick-Draw Holster to re-arm the Bolt Action Rifle.

7♥ Screamers [3] (AmmoReaction: Play before another player takes a Shootout action during a shootout that this Dude is in. That action's effect is ignored. Discard the Screamers.) -- This triggers before a Shootout action, so it can prevent No Funny Stuff. The original could, too, but it was less clear by reading the cards alone. One had to know that a Shootout action doesn't take full effect until all Reactions to it were complete. So, no change there, but clearer wording.

8♥ Lasso [1] (Reaction: Play before this Dude moves. Aim at another Dude at this location. Tucker this Dude to move the target with this Dude.) -- This is my favorite new card idea. How was a Lasso not featured in the original game? The Dude must tucker before moving, thus any move that tuckers the Dude doesn't let this work. That means moving from home or Town Square, following the standard rules or, more likely, using a Horse (but of course, other movement, like Shortcut, works, too). It allows the moving of an opponent's Dude, which is a really strong effect, but this isn't nearly as powerful as an Autogyro.

8♥ Peacemaker {2] [3] (WeaponPistol) -- This was originally a Gadget called Gatling Pistol. It came out well before Double-Barreled Shotgun made it obsolete. But if Shotguns can still hold up, so can this at the same price, without the added fuss of being a Gadget. Pistols have different interactions with certain cards than Shotguns or even Rifles, which may be the only advantage Winchester Rifles need to stay viable, prices notwithstanding.

8♥ Roll O' Dimes [2] (AmmoReaction: Play before this Dude takes an action on a Shotgun. This Dude has a +5 Bullet bonus while that action resolves. Hit the Roll O' Dimes.) -- Buckshot might be a more fitting name, but Roll O' Dimes is fun, in a quirky way. This was a really nice bonus for Shotgun-users and gives the Shotgun Trait a reason to exist.

8♥ Still [2] (Noon: Tucker the Still and this Dude to aim at another Dude with a lower value than this Dude. Tucker the target. Noon Pull: Tucker the Still to change this Dude's value to the value of the Pull, permanently. If the Pull is an Ace, the Still and this Dude are hit.) -- I strongly believe that permanent changes to cards are essential for customizing effects during a game. Still had a really good way of changing a Dude's value, as well as something to do that took the Dude's value into account, assuring that it was worthwhile in any game in which Still is used. Both actions have some price attached to them or risk involved, yet it is an acceptable risk for the reward. That's just good card design!

8♥ Whiskey Flask [2] (Noon: Tucker this Dude and discard a card from your Play Hand then draw a card to replace it.) -- A popular old card, this one is coming back to fill the much-needed limited Play Hand manipulation it offers. So much more interesting than effects that dig a card of choice out of a deck.

9♥ Bomb [5] (Noon: Tucker this Dude at a Deed and attach the Bomb to this Deed. While this Goods is attached to a Deed, any Dude at any location can tucker to start a Noon Job aimed at the Bomb. If that Job succeeds, the Bomb is hit. If the Bomb is still attached to the Deed after High Noon, discard the Bomb and hit the Deed.) -- No different than the original, this is an improved version of Sweaty Dynamite but with a higher price tag. The printed rule clarifies what happens to the Bomb when it blows up a Deed.

9♥ Custom Grips [2] (This Dude's Bullets cannot be reduced nor changed to a Draw by an opponent's Shootout actions.) -- This was originally called Ammo Belt. The name changed to prevent confusion with the new Ammo Trait since this effect has no relation to it.

9♥ Gilded Right Shooter {1] [5] (WeaponPistol • While this Weapon is armed, Gilded Left Shooter may also be armed. Shootout: Aim at an opposin' Dude and Pull. If the Pull is less than this Dude's Bullets, the target is hit. This Dude cannot use any other Weapons for the shootout except Gilded Left Shooter.) -- See Gilded Left Shooter for some specifics. This Shootout action isn't so much better than the Double-Barreled Shotgun's, so it doesn't need to be Unique. Both hit a Dude as a Shootout action. Both are more likely to succeed if the Dude holding the Weapon has more Bullets. This Weapon provides as many Bullets as a Shotgun and, when combined with the Left Shooter, as many as a Double-Barreled Shotgun. This Weapon can hit higher valued Dudes, but it may fail completely if the Pull is of high value. So, it doesn't need to be Unique. Besides, a really great Goods is only better when Unique, since once you get yours on the table, you get exclusive access to it for no good reason, and invalidate everyone else's copy.

9♥ Magnum Bullets [1] (AmmoShootout: Until the end of this round, ignore all card effects that would prevent opposin' Dudes from being hit. Discard the Magnum Bullets.) -- It takes more effort to get this effect into play than the simple Action card Unlucky Charm, but it affects all opposin' Dudes.

9♥ Pearl-Handled Revolver {0] [1] (WeaponPistol • This Dude is a Stud.) -- The only change here is that the Dude is a Stud at all times, not just during shootouts. This is probably how the original would've been worded, if it weren't one of the earliest cards released that didn't foresee certain developments in the series.

10♥ Buckskin Wardress {1] (1) [2] (Duds • This Dude is Wanted while this Duds is donned.) -- This is Blood Money in the form of Duds. Time was, a Dude could attach, say, four Blood Moneys for additional benefit with no additional penalty. Blood Money was weird, thematically. You couldn't spend it. And it would look like any other money, right? And a Dude could trade it away without anyone caring where he got it from anymore. And he buys it in the first place! But it made for some interesting choices and should be preserved, with some cosmetic changes. So now, dressin' like an Injun gets you in trouble with the townsfolk, but it gets you noticed and lets you tap into your inner warrior.

10♥ Colt Lightning Repeater {*] [4] (WeaponRifleShootout: This Weapon has a +1 Bullet bonus, until the end of the shootout. Shootout: This Weapon has a +1 Bullet bonus, until the end of the shootout. Shootout: This Weapon has a +1 Bullet bonus, until the end of the shootout.) -- This is like the Electrostatic Pump Gun, but not as powerful, since it doesn't come with the complications of being a Gadget. Aside from the Gatling Gun, which has its own drawback, it is the only Weapon to grant more than 2 Bullets, but only for a limited time. It should allow for some interesting interactions while one player pumps it up and the other waits to use his Shootout action to deny usage of the Weapon ... or does he do that earlier, so the first player doesn't stop before pumping it fully and not allow the second player a chance to use another Shootout action, if they both Pass? Knowing what your opponent is capable of is key, and Friends In Low Places can help with that.

10♥ Flashfire Bullets [2] (AmmoShootout: All Dudes in the opposin' posse with a value less than or equal to this Dude's Bullets are removed from the shootout and sent home. Hit the Flashfire Bullets.) -- There were so few Bullet Trait Goods (now Ammo) that didn't just kill a specific kind of Dude outright. To make decent use of the Trait, the rest of 'em ought to be preserved. Of course, most of the old Dude Traits no longer exist, and it wouldn't make much sense if there was ammunition specially made to shoot Prospectors or Harlots.

10♥ Gold Pocket Watch [8] (Reaction: Play after you take a Noon action. Tucker the Gold Pocket Watch to take another Noon action.) -- This is a non-Gadget version of Chrono Accelerator. It may sound like the Pocket Watch Gadget, but that was of more limited use and, besides, if you want to go first at High Noon, you should earn the right by winning lowball. And the original Pocket Watch was more confusing when multiple copies were used the same day. Occasionally, it was the same effect, anyway, when the winner of lowball (now called the Gambler) used the Chrono Accelerator during his first action. The name change helps to explain the much higher price tag and, hopefully, reduce confusing it for the original Pocket Watch.

10♥ Smoke Bomb [2] (Shootout: Aim at a Stud in this shootout. The target is a Draw, until the end of the shootout. Hit the Smoke Bomb.) -- This is Out Of Ammo in Goods form. I'd like to make this as Ammo, but I cannot think of a decent vessel for it.

J♥ Badge Of Office [4] (This Dude is a Lawman. This Dude cannot be called out without a card effect while in a Public location.) -- Much like the original Charlie Landers, Timmy Derrick, Widow Withers, and Dream Catcher, this Goods makes it difficult to Call Out a Dude. It also applies the Lawman Trait, but that is not a faction orientation.

J♥ Bow And Arrow [4] (Weapon • Only a Brave Dude may arm this Weapon. Shootout: Tucker this Dude to aim at an opposin' Dude and Pull. If the Pull is greater than the target's value plus Bullets, hit the target.) -- Functionally identical to the original but with the ability to have any Dude hold it, while still restricting which Dudes can use it, this Weapon does most of what Lightning Strike and Soul Blast did. Without such Spells, this may be more valuable, despite tuckering the Dude and clashing with any other Weapon while not providing Bullets.

J♥ Double-Barreled Shotgun {2] [5] (WeaponShotgunShootout: Aim at a Dude in the opposin' posse with a value less than or equal to this Dude’s Bullets. Hit the target.) -- Power creep reared its ugly head, but this uninspired upgraded Shotgun played well enough. The higher price may be enough to run some potential users off, since getting Goods--especially Weapons--into play early is very important. I'm content to rerun this one.

J♥ Mustang [3] (HorseReaction: Play after this Dude tuckers to move during a shootout. Tucker the Mustang to ready the Dude.) -- This version of Mustang covers what the original did but allows for much greater flexibility. The original Mustang was just too limited in scope and just couldn't compete with other Horses. A card you don't use is boring; this one should see plenty of action. See Roan for explanation about the price adjustment.

J♥ Spurs [3] (A Dude cannot attach more than one Spurs at a time. Noon: Each action on this Dude's Horse that has already been used this day may be used an additional time this day. Ready this Dude's Horse.) -- The original Spurs also gave an Influence bonus under some circumstances. It was irritating to track (since it lacked a red "*" chip) and didn't make a lot of sense. Besides, the primary purpose of the card (its action) is already so good that it entirely justifies the price and inclusion in a deck.

Q♥ Bowie Knife {1] [2] (A Dude cannot gain a Bullet bonus from more than one Bowie Knife at a time.) -- I rather like that no Goods provides Bullets or Influence without limiting the number of them that can apply to a single Dude, now that New Hat follows Bowie Knife's example. Time was, Bowie Knife just wasn't used because Goods like Unholy Symbol and Stoker's Sabre were cumulative and did more.

Q♥ Evening Gown [5] (Duds • Only a Harlot can don an Evening Gown. While this Dude is at a Brothel, the Deed is worth +1 Control Point. While at home, this Dude has 0 Influence.) -- This effect is inspired by Shouting Tom and Charlie Landers (exp). Shouting Tom was too easy to start with and move to Town Square for an immediate Control Point whereas Landers took a little more effort. By putting the effect on Goods, a starting Dude cannot qualify for a Control Point so soon. The Influence penalty is meant to balance out a strong effect; no-one is impressed if she gets all dressed up to stay home. Otherwise, it gives the townfolk something to fight for.

Q♥ Pair Of Six-Shooters [2] (WeaponPistolShootout: Look at the top five cards of your deck. You can either discard all five cards or else place them back on top of your deck in the same order.) -- I like that these guns help a posse shoot without just providing more Bullets. They are at their best when used before Pulls, but those won't be so common without Spells, yet they still exist. The higher value should give them a nice bump via Git! and while pretty easy to steal with Pickpocket, they aren't won't be as desired for a player that didn't build a deck with them in mind as any Bullet-granting Weapon will.

Q♥ Pipe [0] (Noon: Tucker this Dude at an in-town Deed. Until after Nightfall, each Dude at this Deed has a -1 Influence penalty.) -- Not quite the same effect as 34 Days Without A Bath, the stink of your tobacco clings to the Dudes at the Deed when he puffs his Pipe. Influence-reduction is an important part of the game, but it is so much better when you can't do it from the safety of home ... or without any Dudes in play at all. This is no different that the original Pipe.

Q♥ Tracer Rounds [2] (AmmoShootout: Until the end of the shootout, this Dude is a Stud. Discard Tracer Rounds.) -- So now we have Crack Shot in the form of Ammo. This grants Studliness while freeing up a Dude to hold any Weapon of choice. The discard requirement keeps Scattergun competitive, while various Ammo-specific cards can make Tracer Rounds almost as reliable as a Scattergun without a Bullet penalty.

K♥ Consecrated Bullets [1] (AmmoShootout: Until the end of the shootout, all illegal Draw Hands are reduced by 3 ranks and are considered the worst possible hand of that rank. Hit the Consecrated Bullets.) -- I really like that this can add additional punishment to heavy cheaters while only viable in a deck that doesn't heavily cheat. The problem with most Cheatin'! cards that go too far to punish cheaters is that they are every bit as useful to heavy cheaters! Its high value is a liability to Pickpockets (if that matters) but since the effect applies to everyone in a shootout equally, it isn't important to steal this Ammo, except to deny someone from ever using it.

K♥ Formal Duds (1) [4] (Duds • This Dude gains an additional +1 Influence bonus during Nightfall.) -- Due to the Duds Trait, a Dude can't wear two of these for cumulative effect. The Nightfall bonus is still cumulative, if several members of your gang are outfitted in Formal Duds, though. Other than that, these are functionally identical to the original.

K♥ Holdout Knife [0] (Reaction: Play after this Dude is hit in a shootout. Aim at an opposin' Dude and Pull. If the Pull is equal to or greater than the target's value, the target is hit. Hit the Holdout Knife.) -- There are some really great combos that can be formed around this Goods. Its risks and rewards are desirable elements in the game. Effectively, it is no different than the original. It's new value gives it synergy with others in the same deck, which it may need to be worth the loss of the Goods and Dude (barring other effects to save them), which cards like Bushwhacked can more easily avoid.

K♥ Pinto [2] (HorseShootout Pull: Tucker the Pinto to remove this Dude from this shootout. Move this Dude home or to any out-o'-town Deed you control, tuckered. If the value of the Pull is greater than this Dude's value, the Pinto is discarded.) -- The original Pinto risked death where this one risks being discarded. That's more PETA-friendly, but it also means that you aren't asked to put the card in your deck for a single use. There is a big difference to hitting a card that you use and maybe hitting a card you use. Only random chance determines if you get your card's worth out of it. The original Pinto only let your Dude go home if there were no viable out-o'-town locations under your control. For a Horse that didn't provide movement-without-tuckering, this was too restrictive to be worth considering. Hopefully, Pinto is now a worthy contender as a Dude's Horse. Unlike other Horses, this one did not get a price increase because, frankly, it didn't need one and Hit 'Em Where The Lord Split 'Em (the new Between The Shoulderblades) already makes using it terribly risky.

K♥ Wild Dingos [4] (SidekickNoon: Aim at another player's Dude at this location. Tucker the Wild Dingos and this Dude Calls Out the target. Reaction: Play after Draw Hands are compared during a shootout that this Dude is in. Hit the Wild Dingos to suffer two less casualties. For the next round of this shootout, this Dude gains a +2 Bullet bonus and is a Stud.) -- This is a really good take on the Sidekick concept. Wild Dingos was one of the best Goods released for Do Unto Others and worthy of a repeat appearance.
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So here are the Events. The idea with Events is that they should:

1) Represent the "affects everyone" happenings;
2) Not be predictable;
3) Not be controlled;
4) Fit into some strategies, thus giving them merit in certain decks.

Occasionally Events do require some sort of choices to be made and it only makes sense that the player who used it gets that choice. Maybe it does provide a slight benefit to the player using it and that's fair for the randomness, too. Events are not so easy to cancel and ace (or hit) as they were in original Doomtown, thus returning them to playable status.

Notes: The "On This Day..." trait means the Event card is left out for that entire day to remind players of its on-going effects and is discarded before replenishing a Play Hand during Nightfall. The Gambler is the new name for the Winner of that day's Lowball (to prevent the weird confusion of calling a shootout's loser the Winner or making it sound like the game has a predetermined winner). Also, Events resolve according to seating order, starting with that day's Gambler, so certain things like Mass Pardon and Long Arm Of The Law can now occur in either order. The Headline Rule is still in effect; each player resolves at most one Event per day.

I've included some thoughts about why these Events were chosen or changed from the originals. Such text is in italics.


A♥ Easter Sunday (On This Day... • No call outs, shootouts, or Jobs can take place. Each player may ignore the cost of one Goods card while it is brought into play. Hit this card.) -- This is Christmas Day under a new name. There are more events to do with hot weather, so it was too weird if this one made it seem like the middle of Winter. It was fine in the Weird West. Or maybe 'Independence Day' is a more apropos title.

A♥ Jackpot (The Gambler gains 3 gold.) -- This is mostly a replacement for Founder's Day, but notice how it now meets the criteria in this section's introduction.

A♥ Rustlers (Starting with the Gambler and proceeding clockwise, each player may discard one Horse controlled by the player to his or her left.) -- The original paid 5 ghost rock to whoever discarded a Horse they controlled. This one is more alike rustlers, since they are messing with other people's Horses. Besides, the Action card Horse Thief already covers the ground of discarding Horses for money.

A♥ Town Meeting (Select a Deed. Starting with the player left of the Gambler and proceeding clockwise, each player may immediately move one Dude to that Deed.) -- This is Working Out The Details with a less specific title. Due to the selecting of the Deed, I wonder if this should be an Action card. Or maybe instead of immediately moving a Dude to that Deed, the in-town Deed should allow Dudes to move to it for that day without tuckering. Anyway, as it stands, it was changed to give the Gambler the benefit of last choice.

2♥ Circus Sideshow (On This Day... • Draw Hands are drawn from the opposin' player's deck during shootouts. All cards are discarded into their rightful owners' discard piles.) -- This is the old Circus Sideshow without the special Charlie Landers bit.

2♥ High Noon (Pull: The Dude whose value is closest to the Pull (determine randomly if there is a tie) moves to Town Square and Calls Out an opponent's Dude, regardless of location. If the Call Out is accepted, the other Dude moves to Town Square and no other Dudes can join this shootout. Ignore movement restrictions during this Event. The winner of this shootout gains 1 Victory Point.) -- This was formerly an Action card, but the randomness made it more Event-worthy. I think it fits perfectly.

2♥ Bureaucracy (Starting with the player to the Gambler's left and proceeding clockwise, each player may discard any number of cards from his or her Play Hand and get an equal amount of gold from the bank.) -- Here's a new Event. I felt that it could cover what some people mention they think should be a normal rule (discard as much as you want at Nightfall) without stepping on Lady Luck's shoes and maintaining a degree of Play Hand management by requiring players to make this decision well before Nightfall. As compensation (or enticement), a gold bonus is awarded. At first, I wanted to make an Event that causes all players to discard their entire hand at the start of Nightfall, but ultimately, that comes across as less interesting than this version.

3♥ Intolerance Runs Deep (Until after Nightfall next day, an additional (different) Cheatin’! card can be played against each player per illegal Draw Hand.) -- It's Colman Returns without referencing an unknown character. And really, who could remember the effect of a card with a name that has nothing to do with its effect?

3♥ Madness (On This Day... • Call outs may not be refused.) -- I like action. I like card effects that promote shootouts. This is Mark Of War for a game without Hexes.

3♥ Strangers Among Us (On This Day... • Dudes brought into play this day have a -1 Influence penalty.) -- This is identical to the original in effect. The standard rule, according to the new Law Book is that no value can be reduced below zero, so printing "(minimum 0)" on every card is no longer necessary. Whew!

3♥ Tax Season (Each player must immediately return a third of his or her gold to the bank (round down).) -- This is no longer self-acing. It cannot possibly keep a player from building up money; it just makes accumulation slower and, besides, it occurs before the Upkeep/Production portion of Mornin'. Meanwhile, less money = less cool cards coming into play, less interesting stuff going on. Still, I feel that if it is self-acing, people just don't include it in their decks because, man, what's the point?

4♥ Election Day (On This Day... • All Dudes are candidates for the office of Mayor. Each player, as a Noon action, may either 1) pay 3 gold to buy one vote for any candidate; or 2) select and tucker one of his or her Dudes to give any candidate an amount of votes equal to the selected Dude's Influence. • This action can be performed any number of times. If, at the start of Nightfall, any candidate has more votes than all others then he or she becomes Mayor, gains 1 Influence, and becomes worth 1 Control Point, until the next Election Day. Hit this card.) -- This is the original with more explicit instructions. Election Day was always an interesting political mini-game. And it works so well, thematically.

4♥ Flu (Pull: All Dudes with a value closest to the Pull are tuckered.) -- This is my idea for a new Event but really it is just an It Was A Mountain Lion that doesn't let a player just ride a Dude-less deck to victory. It still sucks to have your Dude's value come up, but not the end-all, be-all.

4♥ Home Is Where Nothin' Happens (On This Day... • Dudes have a -1 Influence penalty while at their homes.) -- Knicknevin did this once, permanently, then aced itself. I would never expect the big manitou that drove the story behind Gomorra to be ... that. But it was terribly flawed. For one, it was just unfair if it hit at a bad time. It also comes up early, as Events tend to, and after acing itself, never, ever touches newly hired Dudes. Home Is Where Nothin' Happens persists throughout the game, causing an annoyance when its penalty can't be avoided but you can weather through it. If you get hit by it repeatedly, that's less a matter of bad luck and more of your play style. Wherever possible, I try to avoid self-acing Events. They are only fun a total of once.

4♥ Weapons Tax (At the end of Mornin', all players must pay 1 gold per Weapon they control or else discard those not paid for. It does not matter if the Weapon is armed.) -- This Event will be more impressive when Goods are the only real attachments for Dudes. Events that ask players to pay gold do so after Mornin' so that any money collected due to other Events and Upkeep/Production can be tallied first.

5♥ Crime Spree (On This Day... • Dudes have a +1 Bullet bonus while Wanted.) -- I think this is an entirely new effect. It isn't too unlike the second Blackjacks Home, though.

5♥ Full Moon (Pull: Aim at a Dude. If the Pull is greater than the target's value then you control the target but his or her Upkeep is tripled. If you do not pay the Upkeep, the Dude is immediately returned to his or her original controller. Otherwise, this effect ends after Nightfall. Hit this card.) -- Due to its violation of the criteria for Events, I really would prefer if this were an Action card. But it is too powerful that I think it should come into play at a random time, and it should last all day and have the Upkeep paid at the traditional time. It is also too strong to not hit itself. So it seems the best thing to do is scrap it as just unfitting. And yet, it is such a fun card.

5♥ Stand Alone, Die Alone (On This Day... • Dudes have a 1 Upkeep increase while Wanted.) -- The original was self-acing. I don't see that as necessary. As stated before, single-use cards are less interesting than those that see more play time. If an effect isn't so strong that it would ruin the game to play more than once (per copy), it doesn't hit itself now. If it is too strong, it is either nerfed or nixed. This is one of those cards that really does have a chance to affect everyone about the same.

5♥ Stormy Weather (On This Day... • For each round of every shootout, each posse suffers one less casualty.) -- Hmm, here's a new Event that should make it much harder to get anywhere. But there will be decks that would prefer not to fight and there must be cards for them. It just means players are going to need to fight that much harder. Besides, it isn't much different from Tioga Joe or Strength Of The Bear but applied to everyone.

6♥ Government Audit (At the end of Mornin', all players must pay 1 gold for each Deed they control, up to the total gold in their Vaults. Do not count Government Deeds for this Event.) -- Pretty much the same as before except now, it doesn't count Government Deeds--which is really fitting, given the theme of the card. It also gives some reason to have a Government Trait.

6♥ Inheritance (Each player may select a Dude that he or she controls. Selected Dudes are hit. All players that selected a Dude can get a card from their decks or discard piles, put it in their Play Hands, discard a card from their Play Hands, and shuffle their decks if they looked through them. Hit this card.) -- Much like the original, except this one is optional; allows a card to be retrieved from the discard pile, too; instructs the player to shuffle after looking through a deck; and allows all players to partake in the Event. Perhaps this shouldn't be self-acing--doing it too often is going to cause a player to run out of Dudes and using it is not mandatory, so there's little reason to make it a single-shot. Except that all that searching through decks all the time can grind the game to a slow pace. Perhaps it is too strong, if repeatable, and perhaps it isn't interesting enough if it isn't. I'll need to hear the community's thoughts here.

6♥ Mass Pardon (Starting with the player to the left of the Gambler and continuing clockwise, each player may pay 1 gold each for any of his or her Wanted Dudes. All Dudes paid for are no longer Wanted.) -- I was just going to skip Coleman Is Killed's effect, but then I had the idea that paying to have each Dude remove the Wanted status is a good way to keep from having everyone blanketly shuffle off the condition without any effort, whatsoever. Now, some Dudes will remain Wanted after the Event and others won't. That sounds like a great way to handle it!

6♥ Open Hostility (On This Day... • Dudes have a +1 Influence bonus while they have any armed Weapons.) -- This is Gun Shop's effect in Event form.

7♥ Harvest Moon (Any players may select a card from their Gamblin' Hands to put into their Play Hands and discard a card from their Play Hands.) -- Much like with Inheritance, this Event now affects all players equally. Also, it provides limited choice for Play Hand manipulation and was therefore not deemed too strong to be repeatable; it isn't hit upon use.

7♥ Long Arm Of The Law (Tucker all Wanted Dudes.) -- This one didn't need changing.

7♥ Stampede (Every Dude in Town Square is immediately moved home, tuckered. • On This Day... • No Dudes can move to Town Square.) -- I always liked this card. Movement restrictions are interesting and taking the Town Square effectively out of the game for a day gives a unique feel for that time period. Also, when someone packs this Event, you don't want your Dudes sitting in Town Square overnight.

8♥ Boxing Match (Starting with the player left of the Gambler and proceeding clockwise, each player may select one of his or her Dudes, then each selected Dude moves to Town Square for a match, ignoring movement restrictions. The controller of each selected Dude performs a Pull, adding the Dude's permanent Bullets. The player(s) with the highest total gains 5 gold. If more than one Dude is in the match, discard the target(s) with the lowest total.) -- I know some people really like this card. I always felt that it was silly that anyone in Gomorra would care about such a trivial thing, but it fits in Deadwood. There were prize fights held in local establishments. The only thing I changed was that the discarded Dude(s) is determined by the Pull and Bullet total, not just Pull.

8♥ Earthquake (On This Day... • Strikes have a -2 Control Point penalty. Each player immediately selects one Strike owned by the player to his right; all selected Strikes are discarded.) -- This version of Earthquake mixes Ghost Rock Fever with Major Earthquake. Destroying little Strikes is either really insignificant or really unfair and reducing the Production of Strikes is covered by Labor Dispute. I toyed with the idea of having the discarded Strikes be determined as per Tapped Out but decided that this version was more strategic.

8♥ Labor Dispute (On This Day... • Strikes have a -2 Production penalty before other modifiers.) -- It seems a standard effect. Only change was to specify that the reduction occurs before other modifiers. Anyone applying multipliers, otherwise, wouldn't really care.

8♥ Statute 32 Of The Penal Code (On This Day... • All Weapons are considered disarmed.) -- Such a simple way to put it, considering the lengthy original. This Event always amused me. I think that it has more likelihood to affect everyone, now that Harrowed Powers, Kung Fu, and Spells are gone.

9♥ Drought (During this Nightfall, each player may pay 1 gold per tuckered Dude to ready each Dude, if they choose. Dudes not paid for remain tuckered through Nightfall.) -- I have no strong reason to not reprint this card. It meets all the Event criteria mentioned at the top of this post.

9♥ How The West Was Won (Each player who wins at least one shootout during this day gets 1 Victory Point after Nightfall.) -- This is a totally new Event. I like it because it shall bring games closer to terminus in two ways: It encourages shootouts; and it provides Victory Points.

9♥ Sabbath (On This Day... • All Holy Ground locations are worth +1 Control Point and +2 Production.) -- This is All God's Children with more concise wording, takes its name from a now-inappropriate Event, and gives the Holy Ground Trait some significance.

9♥ Temperance Army (On This Day... • Tucker all Saloons and Brothels. These Deeds produce no gold and their actions may not be used.) -- So, this one's back.

10♥ Calm Before The Storm (On This Day... • Dudes must tucker to call out other Dudes.) -- Here's another Event for the player that would rather stave off shootouts, if possible. It's a fine alternative to a standard rule.

10♥ Fair Comes To Town (Tucker every Dude with greater than 1 Influence. Hit this card.) -- It's got that single-use clause but this one really will mess up the game if it is repeatable. So should it be dropped entirely?

10♥ Moving Day (Take any Home card for your Outfit and place it on your Street, like a Deed; this becomes your gang's home. Remove your old Home card from play. Each player may only resolve this Event once. Hit this card whether it resolves or not.) -- I may need to nix this card, if the Home selection makes it obsolete. It doesn't really meet any of the criteria for Events, but it is such a strong and unique effect that introducing it in any way besides as an Event is a bad idea. Originally, this was known as Burning Of The Whateley Estate.

10♥ Tapped Out (On This Day... • Tucker all Prospector Dudes.) -- This gets its name from an old card, but the effect is entirely different. It's got one of those double entendre names, now.

J♥ Gold Fever (On This Day... • No Dude may move away from a Strike except to move to another Strike with a higher permanent Production.) -- There once was a card called Ghost Rock Fever. Trust me, there's no relation to this one. That one's effect was so dull that it was tacked onto the new Earthquake just to make it interesting. This card introduces a peculiar movement restriction that should really spice things up and has a lot more relation to its name.

J♥ Heat Wave (On This Day... • Action cards have +1 gold cost (including Actions cards with 0 cost).) -- There's something about heat that means "throw money at it" ... see Drought for a similar rationale. Anyway, this is a fine effect for an Event.

J♥ Poker Night (Choose an ante of one to four gold. Put gold equal to the ante from your Vault into the pot (or, if you cannot, you may not participate). Match that amount from the bank. Starting with the player to your left, any other players may choose to participate by matching the ante from their Vaults. Each participating player draws seven cards to form a Draw Hand with the best hand winning the pot. Players revealing an illegal Draw Hand cannot win the pot; if all players reveal an illegal Draw Hand, the pot goes to the bank.) -- I'm giving some sort of gambling themed effect to all Casinos. This one might be shifted to one of those Deeds. If this effect is applied to a Casino, this Event's effect will become: "On This Day... • The Gambler has +2 Control Points." But perhaps Jackpot already handles giving the Gambler an extra leg up. Heck, it is already a really good thing to win lowball without this incentive! What about: "Send all Dudes with the Gambler Trait home, tuckered. Each Gambler Dude is worth +1 Control Point."?

Q♥ Spit And Vinegar (On This Day... • Dudes become Studs while in shootouts.) -- This Event is a good one for ramping up the power curve. While it might encourage certain Dudes to fight while they're temporarily boosted, it may cause others to shy away from fights because they normally have an advantage and would rather wait for this effect to wear off. I like Clock Strikes Thirteen, too, but I think that it actively discourages typically good shooters too much, and it has much more fussiness. Spit And Vinegar handles the effect well and good. How can I not bring it back?

Q♥ Flash Flood (On This Day... • Dudes must tucker to move without a card effect.) -- This was originally a Spirit that was more wordy than it needed to be.

Q♥ A Coach Comes To Town (Starting with the Gambler and proceeding clockwise once, one of your opponents may choose to rob the stage. If someone chooses to rob the stage, that player must aim at Town Square and select one of his or her Dudes to start a Job, moving to the target location. You can form a posse to defend, if you wish. If the Job succeeds, give that player 4 gold from your Vault. If nobody attacks the stage or the Job fails, you gain 4 gold from the bank.) -- This doesn't follow the Event criteria strictly, but it is really close. Meanwhile, this is a western classic, thematically cool, and handled well, mechanically. It creates interesting decisions, which vary depending on the present conditions when it occurs.

K♥ Burlesque Revue (On This Day... • All Harlots have +2 Influence. Harlots are not readied at Nightfall.) -- This is almost Revival Comes To Town, but for a completely different type of Dude.

K♥ Dealer's Choice (On This Day... • Draw Hands are ranked inversely (High Card is rank 10, Five-Of-A-Kind is rank 1). Hit this card.) -- This one must be self-acing. Not because it is too damaging if it occurs too frequently but because it too easy to routinely produce a lousy shootout Draw Hand. It doesn't have the exact same effect as stating that all draws are played as lowball, as a better hand within a single hand rank is still superior, but the original version didn't really explain what playing a shootout Draw Hand as lowball meant, so you "wanted the worst hand" but the rules for acing a number of Dudes equal to your hand rank didn't change. I'd rather not force inference into the rules. The day's Gambler is determined before Events trigger, so this has no effect on the Gamblin' phase, just as it was before.

K♥ Gangrene (On This Day... • Card effects cannot prevent a Dude from being hit during a shootout. Dudes that are hit in shootouts are sent to Mount Moriah regardless of other card effects.) -- This is pretty much Sioux: Spirit Warriors' ability applied to everyone. It follows all the criteria for Events and presents serious risks to even the player who includes it in his or her deck. It should help to keep the pace moving, even if players try to milk the few saves still available. And yet, as an Event, it is uncontrolled enough that those saves are still viable. This is no Valar Morghulis!

K♥ Heavy Rain (On This Day... • Dudes may not move farther than adjacent locations.) -- Say what you will, I think movement restrictions are interesting and this one makes players rethink moving around town. It follows all the criteria for Events, so here it is again.
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Dennison Milenkaya
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So it seems that to get any feedback, I may need to post the Law Book. Maybe it will show a bit more what I'm trying to do and clarify some odd looking terms. For the most part, it is identical to the original Doomtown. After all, that's the game that got me wanting more.
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Dennison Milenkaya
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It's been awhile. But I promised to post the rest of them card ideas when I got the gadget with the punchcards operational again. Vanquished some gremlins in the print office, so here they are. This time, I've provided some of my thoughts behind the various changes. Note that changes to card values were merely to even out the spread (since taking out various cards that had to do with Terrors and Spells or were only added for bloat in the first place left some values woefully under-represented).

Tucker = Boot; Ready = Unboot; Aim at = Target (verb); Target = Target (noun); Gold = Ghost Rock; Mount Moriah = Boot Hill; Lawman, Gambler, Entrepreneur, Harlot, Frontiersman, Prospector, Brave, Shaman = various Traits for Dudes; Hit = Ace (verb).


A♣ And The Law Won (Reaction: Play when one of your Lawman Dudes is hit by another player. Aim at one of that player's Wanted Dudes at the same location and that player has -1 Control Point while the target is in play.) -- Perhaps this could just say "The target is worth -1 Control Point" but then Fall Guy can't fix it. Note that Lawman is a Trait, not a faction, so this card isn't really meant to boost an entire faction.

A♣ Bloodbath (Noon Job: Aim at a Deed that you either do not own or do not control. One of your Dudes at or adjacent to the target starts a Job. After the Job, any Dudes not controlled by a player with Dudes in the winning posse cannot move to the target location, until after Nightfall. After the Job, any Dudes at the target location not controlled by a player with Dudes in the winning posse are moved home, tuckered.) -- After removing Spells and some other unrealistic elements, movement restrictions were sparse. This card is meant to introduce movement restrictions (as we saw with Call Weather), but as a Job, so as to keep it from being auto-success without merely being a highly controllable Pull resolution. I like that the defender gets the benefit, if the Job is thwarted. This Job also allows every player who contributed Dudes to the posses to benefit from the outcome--something rarely seen in a Job and so we rarely see multiple players join a single posse. I can't think of a great name for it. This card replaces Massacre At High Noon. It is a very important Job, but doesn't just let a player kill a bunch of Dudes easily.

A♣ Blueprints [1] (Noon: Get one of your Deed cards from Mount Moriah and put it in your Play Hand. Noon: Get one of your Improvement cards from Mount Moriah and put it in your discard pile.) -- I'm all for having dead Dudes remain in their graves but anything else shouldn't thematically be unrecoverable. In real life, the Gem Theater burned down and was rebuilt twice. Better than the original, which saw little use, Blueprints now allows the recovery of Improvements (but at a slower pace, since they are usually easier to afford), which should give this card some much-needed merit.

A♣ Bushwhacked (Noon: Tucker one of your Dudes to aim at another player’s tuckered Dude at the same location. Each Dude’s controller Pulls. The Dude whose Bullets plus Pull is lower is hit by the other. If there is a tie, there is no effect. Your Dude becomes Wanted.) -- Ahh, the ability to knock off a guy outside of a gunfight. Without Gadgets and Spells, Pulls still need some loving. While I intend to make sometimes high Pulls good, sometimes low Pulls good, sometimes odd Pulls, good, etc., it is easiest when comparing Bullets to go high, since more Bullets is already better. It keeps the math simple. I also like that the original Bushwhacked (and some similar cards) wanted Pull values that were diametrically opposed to their own value.

A♣ Cheatin' Varmint (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand. That Draw Hand is reduced by 3 ranks (and is considered the worst possible hand of that rank). Only one Cheatin'! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- After all these years, this still feels like the quintessential Cheatin'! card effect.

A♣ Dead Man's Hand [7] (Noon: Select and tucker one of your Dudes and aim at a tuckered Dude controlled by another player. The selected Dude starts a shootout with the target. For this shootout, anyone revealing a Draw Hand of Ace of Clubs, 8 of Clubs, Ace of Spades, 8 of Spades, and Jack of Diamonds has a hand rank of 11. After the shootout, the selected Dude becomes Wanted, if still in play.) -- While Dead Man's Hand is no longer a valid hand rank, the term was made infamous here in Deadwood, so we really couldn't ignore it altogether. This one uses the Ace value, in lieu of the 8 value, that was part of the original hand. I'm thinking about allowing for the specific rank to be viable (at rank 13) for this action only. To cut down on extraneous card text, it might replace the "Raise the ... Bullets..." feature. After all, if you planned your deck for this card to make Ace club, Ace spade, 8 club, 8 spade, Jack diamond a playable hand and your opponents did not, you already have a serious advantage. Implemented new idea.

A♣ Human Shield (Shootout: Aim at a Dude in your posse. The target becomes Wanted. The target cannot be hit during this round.) -- Classics never get old.

A♣ Insult To Injury (Reaction: Play when comparing Draw Hands in a shootout and you have the better hand. Your shooter has +1 Influence, permanently.) -- I strongly believe that permanent effects are essential to personalizing deck options and this one is among the best for difficulty to institute vs. reward. The original version aced itself and that just made it worthless for a single +1 Influence. Given the fact that a Dude must be risked in a shootout and that the effect doesn't help a Dude to win further shootouts, this effect is now repeatable and should actually see use. It should combo well with effects like Intimidation.

A♣ Lady Luck (Reaction: Play before refilling your Play Hand during Nightfall. Discard any cards you choose from your Play Hand.) -- I feel that play hand manipulation is a key element to Doomtown strategy and allowing for any number of Nightfall discards without a card effect seriously side-steps that for the worse. As such, this effect is essential and handled quite well by the original card which is merely reprinted here.

A♣ Last Will [1] (Reaction: Play before one of your Dudes with Goods is sent to Mount Moriah. Attach any of that Dude's Goods to any of your other Dudes.) -- The only thing worse that losing a Dude is losing a bunch of Goods along with 'im. Last Will is often a poor choice for a deck, but it is nonetheless a decent effect with some combo potential, like Holdout Knife. Thematically, it is fun, too. It now triggers before a Dude reaches Mount Moriah so that Dudes being hit that are saved in some way (Crippled, Only Winged 'Em, etc.) don't over-lap.

A♣ Only Winged 'Em (Reaction: Play after a Dude is hit. The Dude is no longer hit; the Dude is discarded.) -- Without Spells like Medicine and no way to bring a dead Dude back into play, keeping a Dude from dying becomes a rare effect and more important than ever. The versatility of playing Only Winged 'Em at any time a Dude is hit and sparing the Dude with no lasting scars makes the discard a fair trade-off. It also gives enough reward to the player that shot the Dude in the first place to not completely make fighting futile.

A♣ Out Of Ammo (Shootout: Aim at a Stud in this shootout. The target is a Draw, until the end of the shootout.) -- The verbiage on every card has been stream-lined and simplified. This effect is so essential that I cannot let it fall by the wayside.

A♣ Tarnished Reputation (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand. Aim at one of that player's Dudes. The target's value is reduced by the hand rank (minimum A), permanently. Only one Cheatin’! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- This card is a re-theme of Who Are You Again? but unlike its predecessor, it doesn't completely plummet a Dude immediately to Ace-value. I like the Cheatin'! effects that take the cheater's hand rank into account. It means that a minor cheat is slapped on the wrist while a major cheat is trounced through the mudhole. The renaming is to help veterans from missing the change in effect and to make it more applicable, since Mary The Wanderer and her amnesia aren't known in Deadwood.

A♣ Wholesale Property Damage (Reaction: Play after casualties are suffered during a shootout round that you won. Either select and hit an amount of Improvements at the shootout's location no greater than the amount by which the winning hand rank exceeds the number of Dudes in the losing posse or else reduce the Deed's Production by an amount equal to the excess ranks during the next day.) -- Okay, I'm not crazy about this card. I hate the name, too. But I did want some way to mess with Improvements independently of their Deeds. And since Improvements may not be in any opponents' deck, the card needed to remain useful in some way. I'm really on the fence about this one, though, and wonder if some flash of brilliance might salvage it.

2♣ A Price On His Head (Noon: Aim at a Wanted Dude. The next time a player hits the target in a shootout, that player gains 5 gold. Noon: Pay any amount of gold to aim at a Dude. The next time a player hits the target while not controlling the target, that player gains an amount of gold equal to the gold paid to play this action.) -- This card combines the original A Price On His Head and Bounty. They were too similar in their original versions and too situational to see much use. Hopefully, by offering either option at once, these effects can see more play time. Thematically, I can't imagine not providing these effects. But to offer the same amount of gold (in advance!) as is paid out for hitting the target is moot in a two-player game--and yet extremely effective at provoking your opponents to do your dirty work for you in a larger game. The restriction of only aiming at a Wanted Dude to get the free money keeps that effect from being included, since it is thought too easy to not have a valid target but the pay-off is good enough that you'd want to do it for your own benefit, since the card can now be played regardless of whether or not Wanted Dudes are even in town.

2♣ A Stiff Fine (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand. Take gold from that player's Vault equal to the hand rank and put it in your Vault. Only one Cheatin'! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- Here's another Cheatin'! card that now takes into consideration the rank of the Cheatin'! hand. Otherwise, this isn't much more than a reprint of an old card, but with an effect that, thematically, seems a natural fit for punishing a cheater. So the original had a Pull and I'm trying to keep Pulls around, but this effect just needed to consider hand rank, instead. Good Kharma is not making a repeat appearance because it is largely the same effect and doesn't actually punish the cheater (... and it promotes a misinterpretation of the word "kharma").

2♣ Bluff (Reaction: Play when you reveal a Draw Hand. Discard it, ignore it, and draw five new cards which become your new Draw Hand.) -- Worry not, for "ignore" is explained in the Law Book as a game term. I never thought that this effect was all that impressive for any strategy, but it seems a good fit for drawing a "better" lowball hand or dodging a Cheatin'! hand. As a last-ditch effort to improve a remarkably bad shootout hand, though, top five is pretty lame and yet, it may be all you can do after the lead starts flying. I like the call to the poker term, however, and want to preserve it, but maybe this effect needs some sprucing up.

2♣ Both Barrels [2] (Shootout: Immediately after you form your Draw Hand for this round, but before it is revealed, you will form another Draw Hand, including all card-drawing bonuses. Before hands are revealed, select one hand to keep; the other hand is discarded. Hit this card.) -- I admit it! I mainly kept this one around because I think that some strong effects with Action cards that hit themselves is a good element to preserve for deck-thinning strategies.

2♣ Bottom Dealin' (Reaction: Play before you perform a Pull. Use the top card of your discard pile instead of taking the top card of your deck. If you have no discard pile, you may not use this action. Reaction: Play before you re-shuffle your discard pile to form a new deck. You may remove any three cards from your discard pile (including this one, if you choose) and discard them after forming a new deck.) -- Aside from Red Spade and simply re-Pulling, this is one of the only decent effects to help the otherwise random nature of Pulls. I like it, thematically, and hope that the lack of skilled Dudes doesn't make this one obsolete. In fact, it just might be more important, since we're less likely to see decks that are composed of nothing but 9-K values now. The new action is meant to make this card more versatile and relate to the theme of the original. It is a completely new effect that shall allow a player to include cards in a deck specifically for different stages of the game without entirely sacrificing the deck's integrity. And multiple copies of Bottom Dealin' now have some synergy with each other.

2♣ Deputize (Noon: Pay any amount of gold and select as many of your Dudes. All selected Dudes gain the Lawman trait, until after Nightfall.) -- Of all the new Traits, Lawman seems to come up the most. I'm not sure if this card ought to be more versatile, if other cards should be made to cover other Traits, or if using this as a means to have some of your Dudes make others non-Wanted or move to the Courthouse (in its new form) worthwhile is good enough to let it stand as-is. There will be far less reference to specific factions on any card now, since that really served only to make some artificially more important than others, so aligning all your Dudes to your chosen faction just won't matter. Meanwhile, this version of Deputize is more historically accurate!

2♣ Get On Your Feet! (Noon: Aim at a tuckered Dude and Pull. If the Pull is equal to or greater than the value of the target, ready the Dude.) -- There simply must be a way to get a tuckered (booted) Dude back into the action and this was always a good card for that. It meant that less important (lower valued) Dudes were easier to re-use, it maintains a card that utilizes an important Pull effect, and (like Bushwacked) it has a low value while wanting a high Pull (making it so too many of the same card in a deck provides "diminishing returns" for itself).

2♣ High Rollers (Reaction: Play before Gamblin' Hands are drawn during Mornin'. Lowball is played inversely (high hand wins), for this day.) -- The original card, Mines Reopen, had a very bland title that didn't have anything to do with the effect.

2♣ Not That Again (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand. That Draw Hand is discarded and ignored, then that player will form another Draw Hand, including all card-drawing bonuses. The hand rank of the illegal hand does not count as a valid hand rank, until after Nightfall. Other hands still count as their normal rankings. Only one Cheatin'! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- There once was an Event, called Total Eclipse, that made Flushes not count as a hand rank for the day, then aced itself. That was of limited scope, only happened once (per copy included), and was never, ever used. This re-imagining puts the effect on a Cheatin'! card and applies to the Cheatin'! hand rank, instead of always Flush. This way, a player who sets himself up to always draw a Five-of-a-Kind or Full House will find that his deck works against him. I like that at times, you might be holding that same hand rank and not want to play this particular card, since you don't get to form a new hand--or maybe a third-party player is holding an identical rank and doesn't get to redraw! It should keep things interesting.

2♣ Pickpocket (Noon: Aim at a Goods attached to a Dude, select one of your Dudes at the same location, and Pull. You may not aim at a Horse, donned Duds, or Sidekick. If the Pull is lower than the value of the target, attach it to the selected Dude.) -- O, Phantom Fingers! How I'll miss you! That said, we'll need to preserve ways to steal Goods. It fits very well, thematically, and allows people to play guerrilla tactics against each other. It has all the wonderful Pulling benefits as Get On Yer Feet! and encourages players to send Dudes out to meet other Dudes, even if they'd rather not get into a shootout. This version of Pickpocket doesn't let you take a Horse out of someone else's pocket or the shirt that the pocket is sewn into, which would cause the universe to collapse, I think. Sidekicks are loyal and, well, not in someone's pocket. The Goods (as shown above) have been re-valued here and there to make certain things harder to steal, as appropriate, just for this card. I.E., there will be no pick-pocketing a Covered Wagon! (Some changes for this last purpose have been made after the Goods were posted, making Bomb not horribly inferior to Dynamite, for instance.)

2♣ Sun In Yer Eyes (Shootout: Aim at an opposin' Dude. The target has a -2 Bullet penalty, until the end of the shootout.) -- Classic western, classic card effect. It is beautiful in its simplicity; there is no way to improve upon it.

2♣ Throw Your Weight Around (Noon: Aim at one of your Dudes. Until the end of Nightfall, the target’s Influence is always equal to his or her Bullets, changing as the Bullets do. Until the end of Nightfall, the target cannot refuse a Call Out.) -- I never really cared a whole lot for this card but I do think that some interesting things can happen when it is used to its potential.

2♣ Two Hands, Two Guns (Shootout: Aim at a Dude in your posse. The target can have up to two armed Weapons, until the end of the shootout. You may immediately arm Weapons that are attached to the target. When the shootout ends, select one of the target's armed Weapons and the rest become disarmed.) -- It really does seem a natural effect that the structure of the game cries out for. Some Weapons just have combo-potential with others (like a Shotgun and any other Weapon to boost your Bullets before using its action) and this Shootout action can really be a surprise at the most intense moment of the game: The Shootout. To not include the possibility of this effect is a mistake.

2♣ Yer Cheatin' Too! (Reaction: Play when another player plays a Cheatin'! card against you and also holds an illegal Draw Hand. The effect of your opponent's Cheatin'! card is ignored.) -- While highly situational, I always liked that there was a way to get away with Cheatin'! even when an opponent was ready for it. If it were easier to control such an effect, it would be stupidly powerful, so situational is as good as it ought to get.

3♣ A Secret Tunnel [2] (Noon: Aim at two Deeds that you own. A secret tunnel exists between those two Deeds. The target Deeds are considered adjacent whenever you choose. The change is permanent.) -- Messing with adjacency allows for some really interesting combos and unexpected twists. This has always been a slow way to pull off some really powerful tactics but it really is balanced well. I just think it needs to be preserved.

3♣ Blaze Of Glory (Shootout: Aim at a Dude in your posse. Send the target to Mount Moriah. None of your Dudes can be hit, until the end of this round.) -- Now the Dude auto-dies, can't come back, and can't be thwarted by using Harrowed or other cop-outs. Of course, it can still be used on token Dudes, but hey.

3♣ Crack Shot (Shootout: Aim at a Draw in this shootout. The target is a Stud, until the end of the shootout.) -- Another essential Shootout effect.

3♣ Diversion (Reaction: Play when a Dude not at the shootout's location attempts to join a posse. Aim at that Dude. The target cannot join the posse for the rest of the shootout but does not tucker or move.) -- Originally, this only prevented Dudes that needed to Boot from joining a posse. I hope that the ability to stop any Dude that isn't already at the shootout's location from joining is enough to give this card some play time.

3♣ Fall Guy (Noon: Select one of your Wanted Dudes and one of your non-Wanted Dudes. The Wanted Dude is no longer Wanted and the other Dude becomes Wanted. Noon: Aim at one of you non-Wanted Dudes. The target becomes Wanted and all current penalties or reductions to your Control Point total are negated, permanently.) -- I always liked the dual purpose of this card. The first effect is rather minor but while the second effect is quite major, it doesn't even come up, unless something is actually penalizing your Control Points. That's a rare, but powerful, effect, so it needs a counter. Meanwhile, a card that exists just to remove it is worthless in most games, so the dual purpose is a must. The theme works really well, too. I can't help but reproduce this card.

3♣ Fastest Hands In The West (Shootout: You may take two consecutive Shootout actions immediately after this one.) -- Originally called Last Meal, the renaming not only makes use of a good expression but it also removes a really obsolete term. Okay, I know that "last meal" refers to the bullet that the Dude eats but how does that in any way mean "take two actions"? It might be rarely worth doing, but if the card didn't exist, you wouldn't be able to pull off some killer combos without possible interruption. I think that including extra card and holding it at the right time should allow for some crazy uninterrupted combo. I wouldn't bother, but this isn't meant for just me.

3♣ Firewater [2] (Noon: Aim at a Dude at an out-o'-town Deed and Pull. If the Pull is greater than the target's value, the target is reduced to 0 Influence, until after Nightfall.) -- I really despised that all the larger-than-life figures of Gomorra went all phobic all of a sudden--and that all the phobias were basically one card effect that was split into something like 18 cards just to bloat a release (Ashes To Ashes, I think). Meanwhile, Influence reduction--while entirely boring compared to shootouts--is important and must be showcased now and then. The Pull should prevent this from being the kind of thing that leads to the lamest first-turn auto-win, but the reduction straight to 0 Influence gets right to the point and pays off, if the Pull is good. Taking away a Dude's Influence while at a Strike is a good way to thwart a would-be Claim Jumper and out-o'-town Dudes are usually tuckered for moving, so their loss of Influence makes 'em all but useless for a day. Not bad, even if it isn't as strong as the irritatingly prevalent phobias.

3♣ Hard Labor (Noon: Tucker one of your Dudes at one of your Deeds. Gain an amount of gold equal to either the Dude's Bullets or the Deed's Production, whichever is lower.) -- It seems a fine idea to print a card that just represents a Dude working an honest job for an honest wage. Besides, picking up midday gold can be a really good stroke.

3♣ Hired Guns [3] (Noon: Get a Dude card from your discard pile, show it, and put it in your Play Hand.) -- Hired Guns is a reprint of a card that had such excellent design that I used it as a model for most search-the-deck effects. Digging only from the discard pile is a fair way to not let a player know what's coming up next, with a small enough deck despite a shuffle, avoids an extraneous mid-turn shuffle, allows for limited options (which further speeds up play) and makes the decision of when to play it more tactical, rewards paying attention to cards as they are discarded, and still lets a player get the card he wants without making it so likely that this one Dude just never hits a Play Hand. I'm not certain that unique Dudes and Deeds (which is all of them, by the way) should be released with more than a single copy, so instead of removing the possibility to increase your odds of drawing what you want by including multiples in a deck, this card fills this need (for Dudes, anyway).

3♣ Hostile Territory [3] (Reaction: Play when Nightfall ends. Aim at a Dude at an out-o'-town Deed and Pull. If the Pull is greater than the target's value plus Bullets, hit the Dude. This action cannot aim at a Brave or Shaman Dude.) -- There's no Night Haunts in the real world but that is Injun territory out there. I like the dual meaning of the title. Perhaps it ought to not share a value with Firewater. Unlike Night Haunt, this one takes into account the target's Bullets, making it harder to butcher a tougher Dude and not stepping on Firewater's toes.

3♣ Hypnotism (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand. Aim at a Dude controlled by that player whose value is less than the hand rank plus 2. You control the target, until after Nightfall. Only one Cheatin'! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- Renamed from the original Divided Loyalties, this one kinda makes more sense (I hope). This is one of the few original Cheatin'! cards that did take into consideration the hand rank. You know I love that! Without Puppet and Full Moon, there needs to be some way to take control of other players' Dudes--it's just too much fun. The value range has been reduced from rank +4 to rank +2. At minimum, this action can aim at a Dude of value up to 3; at maximum, value up to Jack.

3♣ I Got A Stake In This (Reaction: Play when posses are being formed. Aim at one of your Dudes. Tucker the target to move to the shootout's location and join your posse.) -- Not that I ever cared much for it, but there's really no strong reason to not reproduce this effect. It also stepped on Head 'Em Off At The Pass's toes in every way except that it can be used for any shootout (not just Jobs) in exchange for booting the Dude. Head 'Em Off At The Pass now avoids movement restrictions and specifically doesn't require you to aim at your Dude to give it the extra boost it needs to remain competitive.

3♣ It's Just Coal (Noon: Aim at a player. The target loses 2 gold. Either tucker a Prospector Dude that you control or else hit this card.) -- Many of the old self-acing Action cards are given an option to tucker a Dude with a specific Trait instead of losing the card. This maintains the merit of including cards that allow for deck-thinning while not making cards that usually aren't worth using just once. This idea may have been inspired by That'll Leave A Scar.

3♣ Nice Boots, Chief (Reaction: Play when a Dude is hit in a shootout. Aim at a Goods attached to that Dude. Attach the target to one of your Dudes at that location. This action may not aim at a Sidekick.) -- This has all the draw of Pickpocket (or Phantom Fingers, which I'll still miss), while providing a different method for stealing--more dangerous, but more targets are available: Horses, Duds, and Goods with low poker values. Notice that this effect occurs before Last Will. (Originally, they triggered at the exact same time--oh the unnecessary headache!) It is now more open, in that it can be used to take a Goods from one of your own Dudes who was in a shootout. Realistically, I'm not sure why you shouldn't be able to.

3♣ Waylaid (Noon Job: Tucker one of your Dudes and aim at a Goods attached to another player's Dude at the same location to start a Job to steal the Goods. You may not aim at donned Duds. If the target Goods leaves play before this action resolves or if the Job is successful, attach the target to one of your Dudes at the same location. If the Goods ever leaves play after this action resolves, it is returned to its rightful owner, as normal.) -- I rather like that Duds get a slight leg-up in that they are immune to most theft (aside from Nice Boots, Chief--it was in the title!). I imagine that in this case, the guy's shirt is full of bullet holes and blood, if you manage to successfully complete the Job. I don't know why all the thieving Action cards had such low values; perhaps that shouldn't be maintained.

4♣ Ace In The Hole (Reaction: Play when you reveal a Draw Hand. Discard one card from your Draw Hand and replace it with either a card from your Play Hand or the top card of your deck.) -- This was just always a good, strong card. It wasn't perfect but it does make some really random determination somewhat controlled. I'm all for maintaining it.

4♣ Any One Of Ya! [3] (Noon: Aim at and tucker one of your Dudes in Town Square and select another player. That player may immediately move one of his or her Dudes to Town Square to start a shootout with the target, ignoring movement restrictions, and no other Dudes may join the shootout. If that player does not, you gain 1 Victory Point.) -- Victory Points are a rare and wonderful thing. At some point, if you manage to get a nigh unstoppable Dude in your gang, you may as well just steer the game to its logical conclusion. While picking on the weakest player may seem unfair to everyone else who feels they can stop your "behemoth", having him tuckered in Town Square is a fair way for one of them to take out the powerhouse after only one play of this action. And it is fun to yell out the name of the card as it is played.

4♣ Bankrupt Morals (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand. All the gold in that player's Vault is lost to the bank. Only one Cheatin'! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- While there is no upper limit to how much gold a player can amass, being subject to total bankruptcy at a moment's notice is a pretty good way to keep such things in check.

4♣ Bucket Brigade [1] (Reaction: Play before a Deed is hit. The Deed is not hit but actions on the Deed cannot be used for the rest of this day. The Deed has no Production, until after Nightfall next day.) -- Thematically, I always liked Bucket Brigade. It is the Only Winged 'Em for Deeds. When holding it, you sometimes just let someone who is trying to blow up your Deed succeed, knowing that Bucket Brigade'll come through. Every action in Doomtown has a counter-action; hitting Deeds is no exception.

4♣ Dance! (Shootout: Aim at an opposin' Dude. Tucker the target. Shootout: Aim at an opposin' tuckered Dude. Until the end of the shootout, actions on the target and the target's Goods cannot be used.) -- As with the re-imagining of Pinned Down, this one has self-synergy. It should never be a dead card. As to whether or not it is useful, that is always up to the player to decide. This was created with the thought of a tough guy shooting at the feet of the target in mind.

4♣ Flamin' Barrels [1] (Shootout: Aim at a Weapon in your posse. The target has a +2 Bullet bonus, until the end of the shootout.) -- With no Spells, Harrowed, Kung Fu, and even weirder deck options, just about any posse will have a Weapon or dozen. To keep Bum Rush competitive, this one was given a cost of 1 gold. Hey, someone has to pay for those black powder barrels!

4♣ Giddyup! (Reaction: Play before posses are formed for a shootout you are in. One of your Dudes adjacent to the shootout moves to the shootout's location and joins your posse.) -- I never thought this was worthwhile enough to merit including in a deck but it is such a basic effect to fill out the rules that it is hard to cut. Besides, not tuckering a Dude during a move is really good. I'd like to phrase it in a way that allowed it to work in conjunction with I Got A Stake In This, but over-lapping phrases and qualifiers make that a challenge. If it cannot be done succinctly, I'd rather nix the idea for the benefit of clarity.

4♣ Gotta Get By Me First (Reaction: Play before another player's Dude moves away from a location where you have a readied Dude. Tucker your Dude to aim at the other player's Dude. Until Nightfall, the target cannot move away from that location while your Dude remains. The target is not removed from a shootout, if one is in progress.) -- You know, I really can't remember if this is a redone card or my own creation. It works in or out of a shootout and is very confrontational. Your Dude may not be able to call out anymore (but if the target was moving away, it is too late by now) but for the target to leave, he may need to call yours out! It creates a movement restriction that effectively covers everywhere else (except Home, since that's always an option). Maybe it should be specified that if the target is leaving due to refusing a shootout, he can't leave, so he must fight--or maybe, because the target is tuckering to go Home in that case, the move is legal. Edit: I just realized this is my improved version of "You Goin' Somewhere?"

4♣ Ham-Handed Play (Reaction: Play before you reveal a legal Draw Hand. The Draw Hand is increased by 2 ranks. The hand is considered illegal and the worst possible hand of its rank. Either tucker a Gambler Dude that you control or else hit this card.) -- Another "tucker specific Trait Dude or lose this card" Action card, for reasons explained under It's Just Coal....

4♣ Hot Lead Flyin' (Reaction: Play after Draw Hands are compared in a shootout. Pull. For each Dude in the losing posse with a value higher than the Pull, the winning posse suffers a casualty as if losing the round.) -- I always liked that you could play this to "win" a shootout that you lost or use it during a shootout between two other players to make both your opponents lose. Again, I think it is important to preserve Pull effects now that Spells and Harrowed are gone.

4♣ Hung Out To Dry (Noon: Aim at a Dude. The target has a -3 value penalty (minimum A), until after Nightfall.) -- Originally called Mark Of Man, the name change feels more in line with the effect and it avoids evocative reference to the supernatural.

4♣ Jailbreak (Noon Job: Tucker one of your Dudes and gather a posse of at least one other Dude to start a Job aimed at the Deed where they are located to wreck the Deed. If the Job is successful, the target loses 1 Control Point, 2 Production, and any special actions, permanently.) -- This one was maintained in every way except that now Jobs usually must be started by a Dude at the target location. This prevents a player from being able to move to one Deed, baiting his opponent to follow for defense, then pull a Job somewhere else entirely where no-one is around to defend. How is it the aggressor is suddenly able to move so much faster than everyone else? And assemble a posse from nearly anywhere? Moving and counter-maneuvering are a big part of what makes Doomtown so great, but when it came to Jobs, that all just got shot to hell. Oh, you can bet Stallions are out with the dishwater. Okay, so I toyed with dropping the requirement of at least two Dudes in a Jailbreak posse, but it is so much worse than Arson! It has no gold cost, it cannot be thwarted by Bucket Brigade or Blueprints, and the Deed, while potentially completely useless (or after several plays of this Job, it will be!) remains on one's street, messing with adjacency. Worse, if that Deed has Upkeep, the owner gets to keep paying for it with no remaining benefit! Jailbreak can't remove non-action effects nor Traits, but it has many fine targets that can be rendered utterly useless.

4♣ Outgunned And Outnumbered (Shootout: Aim at a Dude in your posse. Until the end of the shootout, the target gains a +1 Bullet bonus for every Dude by which your posse outnumbers the opposin' posse. This bonus changes as the number of Dudes in each posse changes.) -- Originally called Caught In The Crossfire, this version specifies that the bonus changes as the conditional it is based on does. That should keep it interesting. I don't know if the original ever did, but there's no indication of such.

4♣ Seductress [5] (Noon: Aim at a Dude. You may not aim at a Harlot. Tucker the target.) -- This has always been a really expensive card but it does have a big impact with virtually no limitation on available targets. I also like to think that the Seductress herself is high-priced. Perhaps it should allow you to tucker a Harlot of your own instead of paying the 5 gold?

4♣ That Was Close! (Reaction: Play before one of your Dudes is hit outside of a shootout. Aim at that Dude. The target is not hit; the Dude goes home, tuckered. Reaction: Play after a Dude is hit during a shootout. Aim at that Dude. Select a non-Weapon Goods attached to the target. Send the selected Goods to Mount Moriah and the target is no longer hit; the Dude is sent home. The Dude has -1 Bullet, permanently.) -- It's like getting shot in the cross you wear around your neck. Or your Horse takes a bullet for you. You might recognize that first action as Close Shave. Since it only works if hit outside a shootout, it has limited use; a Dude can only be hit outside a shootout if a card effect causes it, so who's to say your opponents even have enough of those to make including this card worthwhile? The second effect is added to make it a bit more versatile. There's a chance this should be scrapped altogether, in favor of cards like Only Winged 'Em and Crippled.

4♣ Trouble There, Buck? (Reaction: Play before an action on a Horse is used. The effect of that action is ignored. Noon: Aim at a Horse. Tucker the target.) -- Ahh, one of the original dual purpose cards. This one does nearly the same thing as itself but as either a Noon action or a Reaction. The original version's second action was to discard the Horse card. That was moved to Horse Thief, so a new secondary action was implemented.

5♣ All Thumbs [3] (Noon: Aim at a Goods. Hit the target.) -- You all remember the original version as Dust Devil. The name change, of course, was meant to remove the reference to an abomination. It is still a great effect to keep around and priced right, so nothing else has changed.

5♣ Ambush [2] (Noon Job: Tucker one of your Dudes, gather a posse of at least one other Dude, and aim at another player's Dude at the same location to start a Job to ambush the Dude. If the target isn't Wanted, all Dudes in your posse become Wanted after the Job. If the Job succeeds, the target is hit, if still in play.) -- Borrowing from Jailbreak, this version of Ambush requires at least two Dudes in the aggressor's posse. Okay, so it might be possible to ambush a guy with just one hit-man, but ain't likely. Because of this stipulation and the fact that the attacker must already be in the same location as the mark, the gold cost dropped to 2 (down from 5). The original price, I believe, was meant to prevent playing it too soon and too often. Now, a player can see an opponent coming and has at least three Noon actions to prepare from the very start of the game, so a high price wasn't necessary. Besides, 5 gold is just too steep for this Job; once an opponent has a bit of time to prepare, the cost isn't important anymore.

5♣ Bum Rush (Shootout: Aim at a Dude in this shootout. The target has a +1 Bullet bonus, until the end of the shootout.) -- Pretty straight-forward, really. The original restricted itself to one play per shootout, which seems like an artificial way to limit the card. Also, it seems totally unnecessary, considering how easy it is to get Bullet bonuses from other sources. I only maintained the Bowie Knife's one-per-Dude limit for the realistic need to leave one hand free to fire a gun or choke a guy out.

5♣ Double Dealin' (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand. That player's Draw Hand is discarded, ignored, and replaced by the top five cards of your deck. These cards are discarded to their rightful owner after resolution. Only one Cheatin'! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- No matter what fancy gimmicks a Cheatin'! card might bring to the game, it is hard to beat one that plays Bluff for your opponent! This doesn't mix well with decks that only include one or two values, since the opponent is likely to draw just as well, despite getting top-5, but at least you know that before you include it in your deck.

5♣ Horse Thief [2] (Noon: Tucker one of your Dudes to aim at a Horse. The target Horse is discarded, you gain an amount of gold equal to the target’s cost, and your Dude becomes Wanted. Noon: Tucker one of your Dudes without a Horse and aim at a Horse at the same location. Attach the target to your Dude and your Dude becomes Wanted.) -- The first action, which was the entirety of the original Horse Thief, is now written in the logical order that prevents your Dude from becoming Wanted if, for some reason, the Horse doesn't actually leave play. Because Horse Thief may discard an opponent's Horse, Trouble There, Buck? didn't need to also do that, in a worse way. But instead of just discarding a Horse for money, Horse Thief may now do just what it should've done all along: You may use it to steal an opponent's Horse. Since Pickpocket specifically cannot steal Horses, there is less over-lap with other cards that take Goods from strangers. Finally, because of the way it is written, Horse Thief can actually cause one of your Dudes to take a Horse from another of your Dudes--if you are willing to pay the consequences--and this allows you to side-step the limit of trading a distinct Goods only once per day.

5♣ I Fought The Law (Reaction: Play when an action that can only aim at a Wanted Dude aims at one of your Dudes. Ignore the effects of that action. None of your Dudes can be aimed at by that action, until after Nightfall next day.) -- Some of the most harmful effects can only be aimed at Wanted Dudes. It is the added risk to living on the edge. But there should also be some merit to playing a gang that thrives on indecent activity. I Fought The Law was created to allow you some respite from Mob Justice and Lynch Mob. It also has that synergy with And The Law Won, which other name-related cards like "Now Was That On Three..." and "... Or After Three?" just don't, for some reason. Of course, in this case, it seems as if the law should prevail in the end, but I Fought The Law would actually override that card. Oh well!

5♣ Jam! (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand. Aim at a Dude controlled by that player. Discard an amount of Goods attached to the target no greater than the hand rank. Only one Cheatin'! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- So it is like the original Jam! but with the hand rank limiting the number of Goods that can be discarded. Considering that only Goods can be attached to a Dude now, only Goods must be specified. In most cases, this should still cause a Dude to lose all Goods, but there might be a Dude very heavily laden with Goods or else only a hand rank of Pair, so the limiting factor is sometimes going to matter.

5♣ Just A Graze [2] (Reaction: Play when Draw Hands are compared in a shootout. Your posse suffers one less casualty for this round.) -- It is much like the original, except now costs only two gold. Three was just too much for an effect that may not be enough to matter and if you mean to keep a Dude alive, you just might need to play three or four of these at once. More importantly, since the original Just A Graze was released, any number of ways were introduced to save a Dude in Doomtown that it just wasn't competitive. Of course, this effect allows a Dude to remain in a shootout and keep fighting further rounds, but all too often, if you save one Dude and lose the rest, you are more than happy to cut your loses and keep this Dude alive, running Home, so as to not lose an entire posse. I'd say two gold is enough to pay for that privilege.

5♣ No Mas (Reaction: Play after an Action card resolves. Hit that Action card and this card.) -- There aren't many cards, but No Mas, Move Along, and That'll Leave A Scar are among them, that allow the removal of (or eternal negating of) opponents' Action cards. Each is limited in its own way. I'm not sure if I really love this or if I really hate it. In the original Doomtown, I adored it. Power creep showed its ugly head in ways which I wish to forget (Start Again, Massacre At High Noon, Stoker Vs. Knicknevin), and I almost always included one of the above Action cards acers to deal with them. It seems that since the offending cards shall never make their way to Deadwood, we don't need Action card killers. But I like the trade-off of these cards. No Mas hits itself to hit another Action card; Move Along renders a card useless (perhaps more than one, if multiple copies were included) in exchange for always counting your hand as one card smaller (no different than always holding a useless card); and That'll Leave A Scar, while re-playable, came at the added risk of subjecting oneself to a gunfight just to use it, while allowing the opponent to keep important cards out of the Draw Hand, lest they be scarred. I suppose that without power creep, there is no real need for such effects anymore. They may still offer interesting choices, but honestly I'd like to think that there should be more to ruining someone's entire deck than hitting key Action cards in it. At least Dudes get a fighting chance before they're shot. Action cards represent something that a gang does; they aren't something that should be buried in a grave because someone said "No mas" while clearly not a member of your gang's hierarchy. Ultimately, I decided to nix it, as explained under That'll Leave A Scar.

5♣ Ruffians [5] (This card has 0 gold cost if you have at least one Thug in your posse. Shootout: Ruffians join your posse for the duration of this shootout. The Ruffians count as a 2-Bullet Draw, 0-Influence, 5-value Token Dude which leaves play after the shootout.) -- Thug may end up as a new Dude Trait. Ruffians exist to fill a hole left by the removal of Sticks To Snakes and Summon Spirit. There are few enough token Dudes available. Nameless ruffians felt like a good fit.

5♣ That's Two Pair (Shootout: If your Draw Hand during this round of the shootout is worse than rank 3, increase it to rank 3, considered the worst possible hand of that rank.) -- Maybe I'm trying too hard to keep the card name. This is decidedly worse than Luck Of The Draw or Quickdraw. Consider it chopped.

5♣ This Ain't That Kind Of Establishment! (Reaction: Play when an opponent's action aims at a Deed that you own. Select an adjacent Deed that would be a valid target for that action, excepting location. That action aims at the selected Deed instead.) -- It's one of those non-defense defenses. This could save your important Deed from Arson, Jailbreak, Bloodbath, or Sam Horowitz-esque effect. You still must weather the effect on one of your other Deeds, though. This is one of the reasons to use A Secret Tunnel to mess with adjacency.

5♣ Warrant (Noon: Aim at a non-Wanted Dude and tucker one or more of your Dudes with a combined Influence greater than the Influence of the target. The target becomes Wanted.) -- An old friend. There's any number of reasons to make a Dude Wanted on purpose. It would just feel like a missing effect, if it weren't included.

5♣ Yer Not Welcome Here! (Noon: Aim at a Wanted Dude at an in-town Deed that you own or control. Move the target to an adjacent location.) -- Originally, this also allowed Terrors to be aimed at. Since there are no more Terrors, the new effect allows for aiming at your own Wanted Dude. This keeps the card from being unintentionally nerfed by giving you that bit of extra movement for your own Dudes, if you so desire. The card as a whole was preserved because the ability to move another player's Dude is so strong and rare that cutting the card would be an absolute shame. Check out Lasso among the Goods cards for my version of a new implementation of doing just that.

6♣ Arson [2] (Noon Job: Tucker one of your Dudes at a Deed to start a Job aimed at that Deed to burn down the Deed. If the Job succeeds, Pull. If the Pull is black, the target is hit and all Dudes in your posse become Wanted.) -- Only thing new here is the usual stipulation that the Dude starting the Job must be at the target Deed already, allowing the owner some chance to defend it. Of course, you probably already guessed that the owner might not know that the Job is about to take place and leave it undefended, but it is at least a fair shake.

6♣ Bounty Hunter [1] (Noon: Aim at a Wanted Dude. A Bounty Hunter enters play at the target's location and starts a shootout with the target. The Bounty Hunter is a 2-Bullet Stud, 0-Influence, 6-value Token Dude which leaves play after the shootout.) -- The classic Bounty Hunter, returning to be classic again. The Bounty Hunter just starts a shootout now, so no need to declare that refusing is not an option. I always liked the idea of having the token Dude's value equal that of the card that brought it into play. A mere Shotgun shouldn't be enough to just blast away any Bounty Hunter that came knocking--it seriously undermines the worth of the card.

6♣ Clean Getaway (Reaction: Play before one of your Dudes becomes Wanted. Move the Dude to an out-o'-town location, tuckered, to prevent the Dude from becoming Wanted.) -- I feel like this card was added just to bloat a set's release. But it is a decent, thematic effect. Being able to immediately move a Dude -after- doing something else isn't really found anywhere else and the choices offered by this card are limited.

6♣ Drawing A Bead (Shootout: Aim at a Dude in your posse. When forming this round's Draw Hand, you receive no benefit from the target. After this round, the target's Bullets are tripled, until the end of this shootout.) -- I always liked the pressure this put on the opposing posse to win now or pack up after the first round. In a fight that they cannot afford to walk away from, this benefit can be huge. Yet, it comes with a steep price that I feel it is quite well balanced.

6♣ Fanning The Hammer [1] (Reaction: Play when comparing Draw Hands in a shootout and you have the better hand. The opposin' posse suffers two additional casualties.) -- An iconic maneuver, this card lets you claim victory sooner by turning a winning draw into a winninger draw.

6♣ Foreclosure (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand. Aim at a Deed owned by that player. Discard the target. Only one Cheatin! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- This has always been an important card effect. Removing a Deed that would otherwise cause an opponent to win or sending posses Home from a shootout taking place at the target location when it leaves play, ending the shootout prematurely, are both masterful strokes. It is such a simple effect and has lots of weird possible results that this can't not be reprinted.

6♣ Git! (Noon: Select any number of your armed Weapons at one Deed. For each selected Weapon, aim at one Dude at the same location with a lower value than the Weapon's. Send all targets home, tuckered.) -- This is a re-imagining of Collegium Sinks The Typhoon, but with a more appropriate name. Git! was always a fun title for a card, but the original version was nothing more than yet another way to issue a call out that cannot be refused. All Weapon Goods have values according to their intended interaction with Pickpocket and Git! This effect also balances out Pickpocket, in a way, for you might want a higher Goods value or a lower Goods value, depending on which Action card is played.

6♣ Greasin' Palms [10] (Noon: Gain 1 Victory Point. Either tucker an Entrepreneur Dude that you control or else hit this card.) -- Most Entrepreneur Dudes are gang leaders. (It's how they got so far.) This, like It's Just Coal..., is one of the self-terminating or boot specific Dude Trait cards. 10 gold is a lot to pay at once. But Victory Points are totally worth it. What may not be worth it is dedicating one of only 52 possible cards to take this action exactly once. Now, the player (and his current available Entrepreneur Dudes) can decide if it is worth keeping around for a subsequent play.

6♣ Here Comes The Cavalry (Shootout: Select any of your Dudes with Horses. All of the selected Dudes move to the shootout's location (if they aren't already there) and join your posse.) -- I always liked this effect. I also like that Horses are going to be more prevalent, what with Speed of the Wolf and Shadow Walk missing.

6♣ Nowhere To Run (Reaction: Play when any Dudes are removed from a shootout by chickening out or by a card effect from their controller. They remain in the shootout instead and may not be removed by their controller's card effects or by chickening out, until the end of the shootout.) -- I like that this effect turns what would be a lack-luster end of a shootout into a fight-for-your-life situation. I have always felt, however, that it was hardly worth including in a deck. After all, if you have an opponent on the run, you can probably walk all around him, too. Of course, there are times when you work like mad to box a guy into a corner, he gets lucky (maybe surviving a round of a fight), and tries to bolt. This original card was vague, but filled a need. It just ... needed more. So, now it not only prevents the escape, but also continues to prevent escape during the rest of the shootout. Note that this would trigger before Hit 'Em Where The Lord Split 'Em or Run, You Coward!

6♣ Pistol Whip (Shootout: Select and tucker a Dude in your posse to aim at an opposin' Dude. Remove the target from this shootout, sending the target home, tuckered. The selected Dude has a -1 Bullet penalty, until the end of the shootout.) -- You know how cheesy it is to pull a Job, Pistol Whip the defender, and declare success. While this might be the most fair version of this card, I really hate to see that tactic not reigned in. But that just might make it more important to bring a bigger posse, get the first Shootout action, or both.

6♣ Play It Again [3] (Noon: Aim at an action on a card. That action may be used an additional time this day. If the action is on a Deed or Improvement, you may pay 2 gold more to ready the target's Deed.) -- This card pretty much combines Play It Again with Supplies From Back East. They were very similar effects to begin with, and now there is no need to cram two marginally useful cards into a deck, when one more versatile card will suffice. While Good Stiff Drink was cheaper, it was also nothing more than Play It Again that only worked on actions printed on Dude cards.

6♣ That All You Got? (Reaction: Play when an action removes your Dude from a shootout. Your Dude remains in the shootout, tuckered, instead. Your Dude has a +2 Bullet bonus, until the end of the shootout.) -- This card replaces the stupidly named ... Today, I Am. More than just a name change, it now reacts to even your own actions removing your Dude from a Shootout. This makes it so that you can at least assure that one effect that will hit the table can trigger the Reaction. Also, since Flamin' Barrels gives +2 Bullets without tuckering your Dude (and only requires that your Dude hold a Weapon), or two Bum Rushes can grant +2 Bullets, I don't see why this two-card-combo shouldn't let you do the same (Ignore 'Im & That All You Got?). Yeah, I know it is the patch to Pistol Whip, but so what? In absence of Pistol Whip, it is virtually a dead card, without the updated flexibility. I'd consider naming this one Coward Of The County.

6♣ Worse'n I Thought (Reaction: Play when a Dude that would otherwise be hit is prevented from being hit. Aim at that Dude. Ignore all such card effects and the target is hit normally.) -- An old favorite of mine. Games tend to drag when every kill results in Medicine or the like. This is the cure for Human Shield, Blaze Of Glory, and many others.

7♣ Attitude (Shootout: Aim at a Dude with more than 0 Influence in your posse. The target gains a +2 Bullet bonus and has a -1 Influence penalty, until after Nightfall.) -- It is rare that a Shootout action carries over beyond the shootout during which it was played. If for that reason alone, I'd like to preserve Attitude.

7♣ Bad Tequila (Noon: Aim at a readied Dude with less than 2 Influence. Tucker the target.) -- Now here's a staple, if ever I saw one.

7♣ Co-ordinated Assault (Shootout: When you choose your shooter for this round, select an additional Dude in your posse. For this round, the selected Dude's Bullets adds to the number of cards you draw or redraw as if that Dude were also a shooter.) -- This was originally called Together At Last. It seems like a much needed effect in a game where otherwise only one Dude's Bullets actually matter in any posse.

7♣ Extortion (Noon: Aim at a Deed that you currently control but do not own. You maintain control of the target, permanently. Any player may take a Noon action to pay you an amount of gold equal to the Influence that you had at the target when you played Extortion to remove this condition.) -- Oh! The fun I've had with a couple Extortions, a Dude with 9 Influence, and tying up all my opponent's Production. Happy to make this available in Deadwood, this card is seeing a revival.

7♣ Framed [*] (The gold cost of this card is double the target Dude's Influence. Noon: Aim at a non-Wanted Dude. The target Dude becomes Wanted. The target's controller can immediately tucker one of his or her Lawman Dudes to ignore the effect. Noon: Aim at a Wanted Dude. The target is discarded.) -- Framed was always the red-headed stepchild of Warrant, but it seems to me that there should be an alternate way to actively make other players' Dudes Wanted. It now has no inherent back-firing penalty, so players are less discouraged from using it. Also, it tacks on Low Profile's action, with a gold cost, but without the Pull. All-in-all, it should now be a worthy contender.

7♣ Friendly Game (Noon: Select another player with any Dudes at the same location as any of your Dudes to begin gambling. Both players form a Draw Hand, reveal those hands, and the player with the lower hand gives the other player an amount of gold equal to the difference between hand ranks from his or her Vault. If either player has a Gambler Dude at that location, that player draws and discards two more cards when forming the Draw Hand.) -- Mostly a rehash of Friendly Game, this one allows Dudes with the Gambler Trait to play seven card stud. It maintains the function of playing poker for money during the game but doesn't let it all come down to top-5 on top-5 all the time. Also, this version doesn't require your Dude to tucker (the original booted the active player's Dude), which was usually too much of a liability, even if you won some ghost rock.

7♣ Hit 'Im Where The Lord Split 'Im (Reaction: Play after a Dude is removed from a shootout by a card effect of his or her controller. Aim at that Dude. Hit the target.) -- Between The Shoulderblades by a new name. Note that That All You Got? would trigger first.

7♣ Hot-Loaded Rounds (Shootout: Aim at a Weapon in this shootout. Until this round ends, the target gains a +3 Bullet bonus. When Draw Hands are discarded this round, hit the target.) -- Like the original, this can be played on an opponent's Weapon in order to break the gun, after a round of it being better. Or it can be played on your own Weapon to give yourself a temporary jolt, but with a lasting price. I dig this kind of flexibility and tried to implement it into more cards.

7♣ Loaded Dice (Reaction: Play when a Pull is revealed. Increase or decrease the value of the Pull by 2. Reaction: Play after a Pull is revealed. Change the suit or color of the Pull to the suit or color of your choice.) -- This is Red Spade with more versatility and a less bizarre title.

7♣ Luck Of The Draw [2] (Reaction: Play before you reveal a Draw Hand. Increase or decrease your hand by 1 rank (and your hand is considered the worst possible hand of that rank).) -- A game with these shootout and lowball mechanics needs this effect.

7♣ Move Along (Reaction: Play after another player's Action card resolves. That Action card may not be played by any player. Reduce your maximum hand size by 1. These changes are permanent. Hit this card.) -- See No Mas for my thoughts on this card.

7♣ Run Outta Town (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand. Aim at a Dude controlled by that player and Pull. If the value of the Pull is equal to or greater than the target's value, the target is discarded. Only one Cheatin'! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- Thematically, very western. Maintains the integrity of the Pull system. I can still remember the tournament round I lost due to Po Yu being run out, despite his Jack value--I didn't get Coleman's Badge on him in time.

7♣ Snakebite (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand during a shootout against at least one of your Dudes. Aim at a Dude in the opposin' posse. Hit the target. Only one Cheatin'! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- This isn't any different than the original. Some clarification was made, however, to ensure understanding that there is no opposin' posse when you are not involved in a shootout.

7♣ You're Not Fast Enough! (Reaction: Play when one of your Dudes accepts a Call Out from a Dude with fewer Bullets. No other Dudes can join the shootout. No Reactions except Cheatin’! cards can be played, until the end of this shootout.) -- This doesn't seem like a very necessary effect. I do like that it places special restrictions on the shootout, though. I'm toying with the idea of adding a Noon action to this card. "Noon: Select one of your Dudes and aim at an opponent's Dude with more Bullets at the same location. The selected Dude starts a shootout with the target. Each player may only play one Shootout action per round during this shootout."

8♣ Funeral Procession [1] (Noon: Aim at one of your Dude cards in Mount Moriah. During Nightfall, you have a bonus to your total Influence equal to the target's Influence +1.) -- I added +1 Influence to make the card actually worth playing. Besides, at a funeral, a man's life means more to people than they realize when he's still kickin'. The flavor text shall read: "Died in Deadwood, Black Hills, August 2, 1876, from the effects of a pistol shot, J. B. Hickock formerly of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Funeral services will be held at Charlie Utter's Camp, on Thursday afternoon, August 3, 1876, at 3 o'clock P. M. All are respectfully invited to attend." -- Announcement by Colorado Charlie after Wild Bill's death -- demonstrating what I intend to do with flavor text for Doomtown: Deadwood. All flavor text shall be taken from actual documentation from the historical period.

8♣ Kidnapping (Noon Job: Tucker one of your Dudes to start a Job aimed at another player's Dude with fewer Bullets at the same location. If the Job succeeds, all Dudes in your posse become Wanted and the target is discarded, if still in play.) -- This Job creates an interesting choice for the mark: Do you defend, possibly getting a Dude or several killed? Or do you let the Job succeed, unopposed, and let your Dude get discarded, perhaps to be hired again?

8♣ Lynch Mob (Noon: Aim at a Wanted Dude. Any player may tucker as many of their non-Wanted Dudes as they choose to join the mob. If the number of Dudes in the mob is greater than the combined Bullets of the target's gang at the target's location, the target is hit.) -- I love that this action allows players to team up against a common foe. I also really like the subtlety of tuckering fewer Dudes than necessary so that a third party makes up the difference.

8♣ Now It's Personal (Shootout: If possible, the dealer and the mark (or target of this Job) must be selected as shooters for this round.) -- Originally, this was called This Don't Involve You. It isn't the greatest effect, but it does combo well with It's Just You And Me.

8♣ Pinned Down (Shootout: Aim at a readied opposin' Dude. Tucker the target. Shootout: Aim at a tuckered Dude in the opposin' posse. Until the shootout ends, the target cannot be the shooter, if another Dude can be, and the target does not contribute to the number of cards drawn or redrawn by the opposin' player.) -- The original version didn't see a lot of play, probably because you couldn't be sure there'd be a worthwhile booted Dude in the opposing posse to use it on. The new-and-improved version adds another action to simply tucker an opposin' Dude, making it so that two of these in the same hand can affect whatever Dude you please. Even if you only play one to tucker a Dude (not the best use of a Shootout action during a shootout), you can be sure that the card isn't stuck in your Play Hand interminably. Combined with Dance!, you can get either effect to mess with the opposing Dude of choice.

8♣ Quick Reload (Reaction: Play after you take an action on a Goods. You can use the action an additional time this day.) -- It's kinda like Play It Again, but quicker, only works on Goods, cheaper, and can be used during a shootout.

8♣ Scalpin' (Reaction: Play before another player's Dude is sent to Mount Moriah. Aim at that Dude. One of your Dudes that hit the target with an action, or one of your Dudes in a posse that just won a shootout round, permanently gains Influence equal to half of the target's Influence (round up). The target's controller can immediately tucker a Shaman Dude that he or she controls to cause this card effect to be ignored.) -- Much like with Insult To Injury, this allows a somewhat difficult to trigger permanent Influence bonus. Different from the original, this one defines a bit more what qualifies a Dude as having killed the other, rounds up the target's halved Influence (making it useful more than half the time, unlike before), requires that the target is actually dead and not just hurt (time was, you could scalp somebody who lived!), and can be nullified by an opponent's Shaman (assuring that it is usually played by Injuns, but certainly not against Injuns).

8♣ Sheriff's Watchin' (Reaction: Play before any Dudes take an action that could make them Wanted (even if they are already Wanted), including starting a Job that takes place at a Private location that their controller doesn't own. The entire effect of that action is ignored.) -- A classic. Note that I Fought The Law does not work on this, because this effect doesn't specifically aim at Wanted Dudes; it aims at Dudes that would otherwise become Wanted.

8♣ Shootin' From The Hip (Reaction: Play before Draw Hands are compared during a shootout. Tucker a Stud in your posse. If your Stud has more Bullets than any Dude in the opposin' posse, the opposin' posse immediately suffers one casualty.) -- I always liked this card effect. I also nerfed it slightly, in that the opponent can choose any Dude in his posse--not just one with fewer Bullets. The action still doesn't work if no Dude in the opposing posse has fewer Bullets, though. By causing the opponent to suffer a casualty, it is clear that the opponent chooses the Dude hit by this effect and that it is your posse that hit the Dude. Other than that, it allows Just A Graze to react, which makes a lot of sense for a shot from the hip, actually.

8♣ Spirit Bond [1] (Noon: Select two of your Dudes at the same location. Until after Nightfall, while they are at different locations from each other, they each gain a +1 Influence and +3 value bonus (maximum K).) -- There aren't many effects that raise a Dude's value. Eventually, someone needs to go against the Shotgun-toting maniac. +2 total Influence is very much worth the 1 gold price on its own. But unlike mindlessly playing a couple of original Listen Up! cards, this requires that you pay some attention to where your Dudes are going to be later. It isn't much, but it does involve some planning ahead. Any stricter, and it would be too fiddly. I'd say it is ju-u-ust right.

8♣ Stray Lead (Reaction: Play after Draw Hands are compared in a shootout where a player has won by two or more ranks than the amount of Dudes in the losing posse. The player winning this round has -1 Control Point, permanently.) -- I'm going to start this explanation by saying that whoever decided that something as difficult to play as Stray Lead should only be allowed to affect each player once but the retardedly simplistic Yellow Traitor is cumulative needs to have his head examined. For theme alone, Stray Lead wins (and I'm even considering adding the fluff text that explains the excess round hit an innocent bystander, just because it is that good). I like that you can play this against someone during a shootout you aren't even involved in. I think that it shows that the townsfolk are concerned more about your gang's disruptive violence and the welfare of their homestead more than your petty quibbles over who should be deemed biggest man on campus. I love that just knowing an opponent is packing this card may cause a player to accept a risky lower hand rank than to go all-out and reveal a hand full of so much over-kill that they'll regret it. Still, you never know how much is too much, 'til it is too late, so it now only triggers if the hand rank was two or more above what was needed to wipe the opposin' posse.

8♣ Texas Twister (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand. That player must discard from play one card that he or she controls, discard and ignore the illegal Draw Hand, then draw five cards to form a new Draw Hand. Repeat this effect until that player reveals a legal Draw Hand or has no cards left to discard from play. This cannot affect the player's Home card. Only one Cheatin'! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- This is Jackalope Stampede, back under the guise of something less Reckoning-spawned. Perhaps the best, most balanced Cheatin'! card to rein in heavy cheaters without over-punishing the occasional cheater, Jackalope Stampede simply must return.

8♣ Unlucky Charm (Shootout: Aim at a Dude in this shootout. Until the end of this shootout, ignore all card effects that would prevent the target from being hit.) -- A personal favorite, Unlucky Charm is an alternate to Worse'n I Thought. By contrast, this one can penetrate more defenses but must be played in advance.

8♣ What This Town Needs [3] (Noon: Get a Deed or Improvement card from your discard pile, show it, and put it in your Play Hand.) -- As promised under Hired Guns, the new version of What This Town Needs Is... is written following Hired Guns' example.

9♣ Bad To The Bone (Noon: Aim at a Wanted Dude. The target gains a +2 Bullet bonus. To refuse a Call Out from the target, a player must pay the target’s controller 3 gold. Any player, other than the target’s controller, who hits the target in a shootout gains 1 Victory Point. These effects end after Nightfall.) -- There must be some reason to want your Dudes to be Wanted. I really like that you might use this on your own Dude to get the Bullets and possibly be paid off or that you may want to use this on an opponent's Dude to possibly score a Victory Point. This is the kind of dual-purpose-from-a-single-effect card design that I find brilliant.

9♣ Bribin' The Town Council [3] (Noon: Tucker one of your Entrepreneur Dudes to get a card from your deck or discard pile, put it in your Play Hand, and discard one from your Play Hand. Shuffle your deck if you looked through it. Hit this card.) -- I've never really cottoned to this card, but it is quite popular. Considering it is single-use, I allow it to look through the deck or discard pile (contrary to my argument for Hired Guns and my version of What This Town Needs). The only real change is that instead of tuckering a Dude with 2+ Influence, it specifically requires an Entrepreneur to tucker.

9♣ Fresh Horses [1] (Noon: Aim at a location. Ready all Horses at the target. Any actions on all Horses at the target that have been used this day can be used an additional time this day.) -- I'm not sure if this card suffers from power creep. It seems it might be worth playing if only to ready and re-use a single Horse. But that is too alike Spurs. Granted, if an Action card and a Goods card did the same thing, that would not be unprecedented. It might inadvertently ready an opponent's Horse, so I guess it is better than letting the player choose which Horses at the target location to ready.

9♣ His Back Was To Me (Shootout: Aim at an opposin' Dude. If possible, the target's Bullets are reduced to be equal to the Bullets of the Dude with the most Bullets in your posse. If you do not have any Studs in your posse, the target becomes a Draw. These effects last until the end of this round.) -- I love this card effect for its sheer combo-potential. Drop an opposin' Dude's Bullets, then follow-up with more Shootout actions to raise yours. If nothing else, it evens out a fight. It can also be played, even if it doesn't do anything, so it never gets stuck for long in a Play Hand.

9♣ Home Sweet Home (Noon: Aim at one of your Dudes at your home. Until after Nightfall, the target cannot be aimed at by any player (including you), join a posse, or move away from home.) -- The original version was self-acing and while I can understand not wanting a player to turtle up forever with this kind of protection, it isn't going to show up in every Play Hand. Without skilled Dudes, there's not too much for a Dude sitting at Home to do all day. If he uses this to keep his Influence safe and snug, he isn't exerting that Influence around town, so you can go hog wild without his interference. Finally, Home Is Where Nothing Happens will affect him whether he is snug as a bug or not. All-in-all, what I'm saying is that if this card is single-use, it just isn't going to be played. If it is re-usable, it becomes worth considering, but still likely part of a poor strategy. Note: Trapper can still get 'im.

9♣ Listen Up! (Noon: Aim at a Dude. Until after Nightfall, the target has a +1 Influence bonus.) -- I always liked that you might want to use this on an opponent's Dude for some reason. Maybe you need a third-party to keep you in the game. Maybe, when using the original Law Dogs Home, you want to make a Wanted Dude worthy of a Victory Point when shot. The 1 gold price tag was dropped to make this not feel like half the card Shave And A Haircut is. Now, two Listen Up!s has the same Influence modifier, but for wasting an extra card on generating that Influence, you save 2 gold.

9♣ Misdirection (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand. Select and tucker an amount of that player's Dudes no greater than the hand rank. Only one Cheatin'! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- One of the original Cheatin'! cards that cares about hand rank. You know I like it!

9♣ No Funny Stuff (Shootout: Until after this shootout, no Reactions (except Cheatin'! cards) can be played. Until after this shootout, no more Shootout actions can be played.) -- At its best, this card makes for an agonizing decision between allowing yourself to play more Shootout actions and Reactions and allowing your opponent to do the same or otherwise stuffing it all. It can keep fights from breaking down into all sorts of craziness and just get straight to the shooting.

9♣ Secret Identity [3] (Noon: Aim at one of your Wanted Dudes. The target is no longer Wanted.) -- There needs to be a handful of ways to make your Dudes non-Wanted.

9♣ Shortcut (Reaction: Play when one of your Dudes is moving but not during a shootout. Do not tucker the Dude.) -- The original unexpected, sneaky move.

9♣ Snake Eyes (Reaction: Play when a Pull is revealed. That card is discarded and ignored. The player who made the Pull replaces it by Pulling again.) -- It seems a natural fit. It can be used to help your Pulls or hurt a foe's Pulls. I always like such versatility, even if this one is niched.

9♣ Take Cover (Shootout: Aim at one of your Dudes. The target cannot be hit unless your Draw Hand is beaten by at least 3 ranks. The target has a -1 Bullet penalty. These effects last until the end of this round.) -- With no more Bullet-Proof Vests, this kind of effect must live on in Action card form!

9♣ Trapper (Reaction: Play when a card effect is preventing you from aiming at a Dude. You may ignore any effects that prevent you from aiming at that Dude, until after Nightfall.) -- Previously known as Confederate Hunter (although, I never knew if that meant it was a Confederate doing the hunting or a hunter of Confederates), this version allows the aiming at the Dude to continue all day. Otherwise, by the time you tucker the target, you can no longer aim at him to call him out. Or you call him out, but he refuses, going home.

9♣ You'll Pay Fer That! (Reaction: Play when one of your Dudes is hit during a shootout. Aim at one of your Dudes. Until after Nightfall, the target has a +2 Bullet bonus and becomes a Stud.) -- Originally called Hell's Comin' With Me, this allows you to react to a friend getting shot, even if that friend's life is spared. Hey, you can still get all sorts of pissed over such a thing, right? Cards like Scalpin' were changed to only trigger if the victim really dies, but this one was consciously left alone.

10♣ Aim For The Head (Reaction: Play after Draw Hands are compared in a shootout and you have the better hand. Before your opponent selects casualties, aim at an opposin' Dude. Your opponent must select the target as a casualty before choosing others.) -- Fun Fact: The original version of this card did not have a cumulative effect if more than one was played at a time. This version is meticulously worded to allow for just that sort of thing.

10♣ Burn 'Em Down (Shootout: Select and tucker a Dude in your posse to aim at an opposin' Dude. Until the end of the shootout, reduce the target's Bullets by an amount equal to the Bullets of the selected Dude.) -- It has a greater Bullet penalty potential than Sun In Yer Eyes but has a steeper price to get it to work. Ideal.

10♣ Caught With Your Pants Down (Shootout: Aim at a Dude in this shootout. Until the end of this round, the target may gain no benefit from any Goods. Until the end of the shootout, the target has a -1 Bullet penalty.) -- Perhaps my all-time favorite Shootout action Action card, this one always has some effect and potentially huge impact. Due to the prevalence of Goods (in lieu of Spells, Powers, etc.), this was nerfed to only negate Goods for one round. Otherwise, it completely counters Two Hands, Two Guns and Flamin' Barrels. This won't matter if the target is shot in the first round and many shootouts only go one round anyway, so it is still pretty strong.

10♣ Cover Fire (Reaction: Play when a Shootout action aims at one of your Dudes. Tucker one of your other Dudes in the same posse to have that Shootout action's effect ignored.) -- This is a repeat. Being able to ignore an effect is really powerful, but this one comes with enough criteria that I feel it hits the sweet spot between really strong and complex enough that it isn't taken for granted.

10♣ Crippled [1] (Reaction: Play after a Dude is hit during a shootout. The Dude is sent home, tuckered, instead of to Mount Moriah. The Dude loses 1 Bullet, loses 1 Influence, and can only move to adjacent locations, permanently.) -- I like that you just might save an opponent's Dude this way so that the Dude is forever worse off instead of being saved some harmless way. This does not stop the Dude from being hit, as most other effects that save a Dude will, so it is not cancelled by Worse'n I Thought or prevented by Unlucky Charm; the penalties for being Crippled are enough to keep it from being too easily countered.

10♣ Cup Of Joe (Noon: Aim at one of your tuckered Dudes. Ready the target. The target has a -1 Bullet and -1 Influence penalty, until after Nightfall.) -- It's a bit nutty.... Some cards don't take themselves seriously enough. But the effect, while strong, comes with a decent price and, hey, I like coffee.

10♣ Derringer [1] (Shootout: Attach this card to a Dude in your posse. This card acts in all ways as if it were a Weapon Goods card with a +1 Bullet bonus while attached to a Dude. The Derringer can only be armed as a Weapon for one round of each shootout. As a Goods, a Derringer has the following action. Owner Noon: Discard this Derringer.) -- I always liked the Derringer for what it did but it was missing something. A patch was tried in Pepper Box Hold-Out so that the card actually looked like a Goods, but that doesn't really work, because before the text from a Goods card's action can take effect, the Goods card needs to be in play. This Derringer retains the surprise element of original Action card, and (to differentiate it from Bum Rush) stayed on the Dude thereafter as a Goods. (Also, to separate it from the Hat Gun, it could only be used once per day, but could be attached to any Dude, not just a Scientist.) The improved version here can be reloaded between shootouts (therefore usable once per shootout), which is fine since it isn't competing with Hat Guns anymore. Also, this Derringer can be discarded as a Noon action so that it might make more than one surprise appearance per game.

10♣ Fireworks Distraction (Reaction: Play before posses are formed. Aim at a location where the shootout isn't taking place. Dudes at the target location may not join a posse during this shootout.) -- While strikingly similar to the original, this version of Fireworks Distraction can aim at locations further than adjacent to the shootout. After all, if you see someone perched atop an Arabian and she isn't at an adjacent location, what good is setting off fireworks at an adjacent location? In the original game, think of it as able to extend to a Dude on a Pale Horse, or using a Rocket Pack, or Hiding In The Bushes.

10♣ Friends In Low Places (Noon: Look at an opponent's Play Hand.) -- Simple and obvious.

10♣ Get A Rope (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand. Aim at one of that player's Dudes. Select one of your Dudes. Your selected Dude tuckers and starts a shootout with the target, moving the target to the selected Dude's location, if necessary. (If this shootout interrupts another shootout, effects from that shootout do not carry over to this one. If the target was in a posse when this action moves the target away from that posse's location, the target is also removed from that shootout. Resume the other shootout after this one resolves.) Only one Cheatin! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- I really liked the original Get A Rope ... in theory. In practice, it was usually worse for me than my victim! Since the aggressor moved to the target's location during shootouts that didn't specify otherwise, this usually meant moving my Dude (now Booted, thanks to Get A Rope) to the opponent's Home, or otherwise away from his compadres. Even if I won the shootout, which was no guarantee, my booted Dude was a sitting duck for the rest of the day. If the Cheatin'! hand came up during lowball, that meant all day! Well, this version still tuckers your Dude, but it moves the victim to yours. That's a bit more like what you'd do when stringing someone up a tall tree with a short necktie. You drag him to your side of town; you don't swing him from his family rafters. The shootout is no longer one-on-one (as if that's what a lynching ever was!), so you're likely to be able to pick a spot where you can out-number your opponent and stand more than half-a-chance of winning the shootout. But you do still need to win the shootout. If you don't, you probably saved the target from one he was already in, now, so it isn't all bad for the cheater. Ultimately, I think the card is worth playing this way and completely dismissed before.

10♣ Lost In The Badlands (Reaction: Play when a Dude is moving to an out-o'-town location. Aim at that Dude. Move the target to another out-o'-town location of your choice, instead. The target's controller can immediately tucker one of his or her Frontiersman Dudes to ignore this effect.) -- Moving opponents' Dudes is huge and choosing where they go when moving on their own is equally huge. This one has a safety net, if the Frontiersman Trait survives.

10♣ Mercy (Reaction: Play after comparing Draw Hands in a shootout if you have the better hand. If the opposin' posse must suffer at least 2 casualties and has at least two Dudes in the shootout, that player suffers no casualties and you gain 1 Victory Point.) -- I've never been a fan of this card but Victory Points are a rare occurrence. It could easily be nicer to an opponent than wasting his Dudes. I don't know.

10♣ Refuse To Fall (Reaction: Play before a Dude in your posse with more than 0 influence is hit. The Dude is not hit at this time; hit the Dude after the shootout. The Dude has -1 Influence, permanently.) -- I always liked the cinematic appeal of this effect, but I removed the bit about the Dude needing to be the last of your posse to play this effect. I think it actually has a chance to be played and therefore, played with, now.

10♣ Right This Way (Noon: Select one of your Harlot Dudes and aim at another Dude at the same location. Move both Dudes to an in-town Deed that you control. This action cannot aim at a Harlot Dude.) -- This is a new effect. I think the risks involved make this an excellent way to allow moving another player's Dudes. Your Harlot is likely to be exposed just to be in the same location as another Dude, unless it is your Home, in which case, just to get the Dude out, your Harlot now needs to move to a Deed, where she is exposed. Neither move tuckers either Dude (they're getting fired up and kinda taking a leisurely stroll). And you end up at one of your Deeds, so you will have some competition there. The opponent might just call you out immediately (if not already tuckered for some other reason). You can also use it to move one of your other Dudes just to avoid tuckering ... 'cause you have an escort. Escort, get it? I wonder if, instead of using "in-town Deed" as the destination, perhaps "Brothel or Hotel" would be better, but that might make it too weak.

10♣ Run, You Coward! (Reaction: Play after an opposin' Dude leaves a shootout by chickening out or by a card effect from the Dude's controller. Aim at that Dude. For the rest of the game, while one or more of your Dudes oppose the target in a shootout, the Dude is reduced to 0 Influence, has a -1 Bullet penalty, and becomes a Draw.) -- There's a good chance that Hit 'Im Where The Lord Split 'Im and Yellow Belly do this better. This card is nixed.

J♣ 34 Days Without A Bath (Reaction: Play after you move a Dude with 0 Influence to an in-town Deed. Until after Nightfall, all Dudes have a -1 Influence penalty while at the Deed.) -- Now here's Influence-reduction that I can support--something not done from afar, while nestled safe at Home.

J♣ Cave-In [2] (Noon: Aim at a Strike. The target has no Production and is tuckered, permanently. Any player may take a Noon action to tucker one of his or her Prospector Dudes at the target location to remove this condition.) -- Not too different from the original Cave-In, this one can only be cleared by a Prospector. So it just might last long enough to bother using.

J♣ Double Or Nothing (Reaction: Play before Gamblin' Hands are drawn during Mornin'. All players must ante 1 gold more or less, your choice. Players may borrow from the bank but must repay immediately, as normal when borrowing for ante.) -- It's too well suited for poker to not include. It can easily have meaningful impact. It is the kind of thing you'd include if you know there's no way you'll win lowball--or if there's little chance anyone else will.

J♣ Grave Robbin' (Noon: Gain 1 gold for each Dude card in Mount Moriah.) -- Honestly, I don't know why anyone ever used Reserves when this so easily does as much and more. I like the idea that people might start fights just to up the body count for playing this card.

J♣ Head 'Em Off At The Pass (Reaction: Play before forming a posse during a Job. Select one of your Dudes. The Dude moves to the Job target's location, ignoring movement restrictions, and joins your posse.) -- I always felt this was of too narrow scope. But then, it is useful when attacking or defending, allows joining a posse from any location, and allows movement without tuckering. In fact, it only requires that it be for a Job. With the way the Law Book is written, it is possible to declare defending against a Job, then using Head 'Em Off At The Pass to send a Dude to the Job's location, even if that's the only Dude who defends. I honestly don't know if that was possible in the original game. I've never seen it come up, but hopefully that, coupled with ignoring movement restrictions, is what this card needs to get some attention.

J♣ My Fight's With You (Shootout: Remove all Dudes, except the dealer and the mark, from this shootout, sending them home. No other Dudes may join either posse. This card may not be played during a Job.) -- Some really sneaky stuff can be done with this action. Allied Dudes can use a full complement of Shootout actions before being sent safely Home. A lone gunslinger can take on a passel of foes just to send the lot of 'em Home and shoot it out, mano a mano.

J♣ One-Eyed Jacks Are Wild (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand if you also have a Draw Hand. You may change the value and suit of one card in your Draw Hand as if it were a Joker. Only one Cheatin'! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- This card can win a shootout round or lowball round when no other path to victory was evident. I rather like that it only punishes the cheater by improving the active user's fortune.

J♣ Quickdraw (Reaction: Play when comparing Draw Hands in a shootout and you have the better hand rank or tie hand ranks. Your hand is increased by 1 rank, but considered the worst possible hand of that rank.) -- This card was given a much-needed boost by working when you already have the winning hand. Originally, it only worked on tied ranks.

J♣ Phantoms (Shootout: Aim at a Dude in this shootout. Until the end of the shootout, the target cannot be aimed at with actions.) -- Okay, so I removed the supernatural elements. Phantoms don't need to be real things. In fact, their very name implies that they are not. This doesn't stop people from being affected by them. I like that you can use this on your own Dude to protect her from enemy actions or on foes to prevent buffs and saves from affecting them.

J♣ Rumors (Noon: Aim at a Dude. Until after Nightfall, the target has a -1 Influence penalty while at any location except home.) -- This is a great Influence-reducer. It only takes it down one step, provides a safety zone, and ensures that if the safety zone is sought, the victim's Influence isn't being put to good use, anyway.

J♣ Shave And A Haircut [2] (Noon: Aim at a Dude. Until after Nightfall, the target has a +2 Influence bonus.) -- I like this for the same reason I like Listen Up! It is a rather natural effect for a game like this.

J♣ Swapped Decks (Reaction: Play when someone plays a Cheatin’! card against you. Discard one card from your Draw Hand and replace it with the top card of your deck. If your Draw Hand is now legal, the Cheatin’! card's effect is ignored.) -- Sometimes it'll cause a better Draw Hand, sometimes it'll prevent a Cheatin'! hand, sometimes both. Probably, usually, neither. But I like it enough, in a last-ditch-effort, you-never-know-what-happens-'til-it-happens sort of way.

J♣ Take Ya With Me (Reaction: Play when casualties are hit during a shootout. The winner of this round must suffer one casualty as if losing the round, unless each Dude in the winner's posse has more Bullets than each of the loser's casualties.) -- It feels like part of the game. What more can I say?

J♣ Vandalism [2] (Noon: Aim at an in-town Deed worth at least 1 Control Point. The target is worth 0 Control Points, has a blank text box, and is tuckered, permanently. The target's Production (or Upkeep) and all traits remain the same. Any Entrepreneur Dude may, as a Noon action, tucker at the target location to remove this condition.) -- I'm trying to salvage Termite Infestation here. But I'm not sure why. Perhaps Pulling below the Deed's value will help; I don't want it to just be a Cave-In for non-Strikes.

Q♣ Claim Jumper (Noon: Tucker one of your Prospector Dudes at a Strike that you control but do not own. You become the owner of the Strike, permanently. If the Strike leaves play, this condition is removed and it immediately returns to its rightful owner.) -- Being that only Prospectors can Jump Claims now should make this effect something that can be thwarted. You don't need to keep everyone off of your Strikes, you just need to keep the wrong people off of your Strikes. I never did like Hostile Takeover. I felt it homogenized in-town and out-o'-town Deeds in a decidedly lack-luster way. But Claim Jumper is iconic; that stuff beyond the relative safety of the town borders must be fought for tooth and nail or you may as well just turn it over yourself.

Q♣ Defendin' What's Yours [3] (Noon: Tucker one of your Entrepreneur Dudes at a Deed that you own to aim at that Deed. The target gains +1 Control Point, permanently. Any player may cancel this action as it is played by tuckering a Dude with Influence greater than that of your Dude. Each Deed can only be modified once in this fashion.) -- I'm almost certain that I don't want to keep this card. Even if I did, it needs a better name. I'm also in no mind to think up a good name for a card that is likely to hit the chopping block.

Q♣ Double Time [1] (Noon: Tucker one of your Prospector Dudes at a Strike. During the next day, that Strike's Production multiplier is increased by 1.) -- Doubling a doubled Production gets out of hand, quickly. My idea to rein it in a tad is to never double any Production values. Instead, we increase the multiplier by 1. If this happens once, it is the same as doubling. (By default, everything has a multiplier of 1, so increasing it in this way makes the multiplier 2.) Two applications of this card effect, therefore, triples the Production, instead of quadrupling it ... and now we start to see a difference. Stupidly high Production rates can still be reached, but we tone it down.

Q♣ Fisticuffs (Shootout: All Weapons in either posse are considered disarmed and no benefit can be gained from them during this shootout.) -- So this can invalidate Two Hands, Two Guns and Flamin' Barrels. But it affects both sides. This is a more thematic portrayal of Fisticuffs than the original effect, which was uninspired ... and actually quite loopy, considering it gave more Bullets to a guy without a Weapon than most Weapons provided to their wielders. Originally, this action was known as Fight Like A Man.

Q♣ Intimidation (Shootout: Select and tucker one of your Dudes in this shootout to aim at an opposin' Dude. Until the shootout ends, lower the target's Bullets by the selected Dude's Influence. If the target ever has 0 Bullets during this shootout, the Dude becomes a Draw, until the end of the shootout.) -- From the Howard Findley school of defense. It's nice that it does more than reduce Bullets (the Influence-driven version of Burn 'Em Down). By changing a Stud to a Draw, it actually has an impact on a Dude that wasn't going to be the lead shooter (with his gimped Bullet rating), anyway. So does Burn 'Em Down need a similar boost? I think not; already a Dude's high Bullets are going to count well for him during a shootout.

Q♣ It's Just You And Me (Shootout: For this round, Dudes other than shooters do not contribute to the number of cards drawn or redrawn but such Dudes cannot become casualties.) -- Thematically, I love the drama of this card effect: the rivals stand in awe, unable to do much but watch as their leaders tussle. This is another great card for sneaking in some good Shootout actions on Dudes that are then left mostly untouchable while your token Dude takes the shooter role.

Q♣ Raid [2] (Noon Job: One of your Dudes at an opponent's home aims at that home to start a Job to raid the Vault. If the Job is successful, the target's owner performs a Pull, you take an amount of gold equal to half the Pull value (round up) from that opponent's Vault, and all Dudes in your posse become Wanted.) -- One of the cards that makes high Pull values bad (since it comes from your deck when you pay out the gold).

Q♣ Renovations (Reaction: Play before bringing an in-town Deed into play. Aim at an in-town Deed that you own. Bring the new Deed into play at the target's position, discarding the target. Dudes at the target's location remain at the new Deed, unaffected. While it is being brought into play, the new Deed's cost is reduced by the target's cost.) -- By large, this effect feels unappealing. But there's so much good stuff that can happen with this. Can you imagine swapping in Den Of Eastern Delights for The Lode after a rival gang has all but made that their new home, and its Production is just really starting to cook? How about dropping a 3 Control Point Deed into town when you couldn't possibly afford it, so everyone booted up their Dudes elsewhere for the day, all thanks to the discount of a replaced Equipment Shop or The Good Doctor? Maybe you strip the Union Train Depot out from under the heels of a squatter who was sure that you can't win as long as he holds that Deed, so when he finds that it is now the new site of Helga's Wafflehaus, you have more than enough Control Points to win and he's left holding the syrup. You might even trap someone's Dudes at Water Lou's when he'd never intentionally go there. There's just so much great stuff that can happen!

Q♣ Sauce For The Gander (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand if you also have a Draw Hand. Exchange Draw Hands with that player. Cheatin’! cards cannot be played against you for this draw. The cards are discarded to their rightful owners’ discard piles after resolution. Only one Cheatin’! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- While almost useless during lowball, this is a great way to rest on your laurels, if you are winning a shootout round, or swap for the winning hand, if you aren't.

Q♣ Sharp Blow To The Head (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand. Until after Nightfall next day, reduce that player's maximum hand size either by 2, if the illegal hand rank is greater than a Flush, or else by 1. Only one Cheatin'! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- Formerly known as It's For Her Own Good, the new name gives this effect some substance. Also, it takes hand rank into consideration, to a degree. Hand-reducing attacks are hard to come by and permanent one-time reductions are lame for two reasons but either is unwieldy without the other. The lesson there is: hand-size reduction should be temporary! Eureka!?! was a good example of this, but he's nowhere near Deadwood. Move Along is fine, if only because you impose that on yourself. Which means that It's For Her Own Good was the only sane choice to reproduce as an attack. But then, it is a bit strong for catching the light cheater on a bad lowball draw, so now if the Cheatin'! hand is no better than a Flush, the reduction is by only 1 card.

Q♣ Smoke Signals (Shootout: Select any of your readied Brave Dudes. All of the selected Dudes tucker to move to the shootout's location (if they aren't already there) and join your posse.) -- I like Shootout actions that let me bring Dudes into a posse after posses are formed. It allows me to play His Back Was To Me to reduce a God of War to a pathetic pipsqueak before rallying my own version of Ares. It allows my opponent time to waste great Shootout actions on my squibs before I call in the big guns that I intended to have do the heavy lifting all along. Since this card references a Dude Trait and not a faction, it doesn't tip the scales in favor of one team or another ... well, wait, actually it does quite work well in favor on the Injuns, doesn't it?

Q♣ Vigilante Justice (Reaction: Play before a Wanted Dude takes an action that could make the Dude Wanted if he or she weren't already. Aim at the Wanted Dude. Tucker a number of your Dudes greater than the target’s Bullets to hit the target.) -- You may remember this cheeky little fellow as Mob Justice (the Action card; not the Law Dogs Home). Well, here it is again. Except I rather wonder if it would fit better, thematically, and for the play-ability of the opponent, if the target was hit -after- the new crime is committed. How did the mob get there so fast? Are they from the Minority Report division that knows beyond a doubt that this one-time offender is going to commit another crime, before it happens? Are they so quick to condemn with murder? How can they hang their heads up high as a self-righteous mob, knowing they are serving the greater good, if they are driven to kill with what is arguably no provocation at all? Many of these questions, alas, simply defy answers.

Q♣ Yer All Chicken! (Noon: Aim at one of your Dudes in Town Square. Each opponent must immediately either send one of their Dudes for a shootout with the target or else give you 1 gold, beginning with the player on your left and going clockwise once around the table. If the target is hit by an opponent, this effect ends. No other Dudes may join these shootouts.) -- I like this effect. I really do. But I think that 1 gold is too paltry most of the time. I wonder if this card would be better served if the amount of tribute demanded were, say, equal to the Dude's Upkeep or even half (round up) Influence.

Q♣ You're Comin' With Me (Reaction: Play when one of your Dudes moves to a new location. Immediately take a normal Movin' Noon action to move one of your other Dudes to the same location.) -- While the original with its misprint was laughably useless, I feel that there is something to be said for moving more than one Dude at a time to a new location. Especially when considering that the Reaction doesn't concern itself with how the first Dude moved or what moved him there. I can just see someone using Lost In The Badlands to move your Dude to a Strike where he has awaiting you an Ambush, which he'll be able to play just after your turn, but then you spring You're Comin' With Me and show up with that guy no-one wanted to tango with during the last play of You're All Chicken. This could even cause a Dude to reach the location of a posse as a Dude moves to it to join said posse, but it will not allow this Dude to join the posse, for Dudes joining a posse are declared before they are moved. Still, if this posse is for a Job, it is likely all attackers are going Home afterwards, so this Dude can then remain at the target location.

K♣ Brawl (Noon: One of your Dudes aims at another player's Dude at the same location and starts a shootout with the target. Any Dudes hit during this shootout are not hit; they are sent home, tuckered, instead.) -- The new, improved Brawl. Instead of making it possible to, on a future action, challenge someone to a non-lethal Brawl, the intended target, obviously more muscular than your Dude or else you'd just fight him the old-fashioned way, calls your Dude out to a regular fight with guns and knives. Your Dude runs Home, scared, not willing to die over this outside chance he may have had of running the big guy off, and no-one ever uses the Brawl action. The original Brawl also had the quirk of only sending Dudes Home, booted, who lost the round (by Draw Hand comparison) and were equally dead when giving a Shotgun bellyache as anyone else. So the guy with the kill-worthy Shootout action (or Reaction) got a chance to ace your Dude but you, unprepared for the combo, could, at best, hope to send the murderer Home to cry about the Indian burn you left on his right thigh.

K♣ Clean Up The Town (Noon: Aim at a Wanted Dude at an in-town location and select one of your readied Dudes. The selected Dude tuckers, moves to the target's location, and Calls Out the target. If the target refuses, permanently reduce the target to 0 Influence, which cannot be increased by any means for the rest of the game. If the target had 0 Influence when refusing, the target is hit.) -- This feels like a good way to handle a special call out against Wanted Dudes. It gives them a chance to fight for their lives, though obviously you'd want the odds so highly tipped in your favor before playing the card that one could hardly call it a fair fight with a straight face. The mook can take refuge at an out-o'-town location, if doing so were the best thing for his F*** The Police image. Finally, the target has the option of just out-right refusing, but that's a lose-lose situation. But the whole point of including this card in your deck is to get something good out of it, so while every outcome is in your favor, that's the way it should be.

K♣ Dud Round (Reaction: Play before an action on Ammo is used. Hit the Ammo and that action is ignored.) -- I'm not too hot on Bullets as a Goods Trait, not to be confused with a measurement of a Dude's physical prowess or the deadliness of a Weapon, although the way it was termed identically, you'd think the exact point was to confuse the two, but I've already removed enough elements by stripping away Hexes, Miracles, Favors Spirits, Gadgets, Harrowed, Abominations, Kung Fu, and Grifters that I'm loathe to remove any more than necessary to make an enjoyable, thematic western game. So with that in mind, I'm keeping the Bullet Trait, dubbing it Ammo so that Bullets remains a succinct term, and preserving the one Action card that ever mentioned it, ever. So here is Dud Round (no relation to the hand of poker that you lost) and it does a great job of ruining the Ammo's purpose.

K♣ Friends In High Places (Noon: Aim at a Deed and tucker any of your Dudes at that Deed. If the combined Influence of those Dudes is greater than the amount of Control Points provided by that Deed, then you control the Deed, until just before High Noon next day.) -- Friends In High Places (formerly Friends In High Places) is a revision of the former (released, but latter appearing in this sentence), which does remarkably the same thing but better. The old version didn't hold the Deed through the Mornin' phase, so you weren't guaranteed to collect your Production or, if you were the squatter, you weren't necessarily tying up an opponent's income for even one day. So what good is it? There's three main reasons to control a Deed. 1) The Deed provides wicked actions or effects to the benefit of the controller, but there's no telling that the action isn't used before you get there with your Friends In High Places, and competent play suggests that better actions are used earlier in the day so as to avoid having them hijacked by interlopers. 2) The Deed provides Control Points, which hardly ever matters but I've seen players jump on Control Points like they were made of liquid desire, even though there were a total of three Control Points in the town and all four players had between 5 and 7 Influence each, so I really don't see what they found so attractive about them. 3) To stop other gangs' paychecks from going through the mail or ensure yours do -- but Friends In High Places didn't even do that. It quit just before that critical moment. Sure, it is great to use a couple of them to hold a Deed for the rest of the day, then pop your Influential Dudes over to the neighboring yard and take those Control Points, too (even though this requires some way of moving booted Dudes--not impossible, but now asking for a perfect storm of card effects) and well I can't claim I ever seen it used successfully to eke out a win in this way, it will happen -at most- once per game. So what do you do with this card until that time, since you can't use it to assure income and every use of it puts your Influential Dudes at risk, booted up at some Deed? This is why Extortion has always been a better card. It is just a better card design made of win. Extortion doesn't even require that you boot a Dude--just have Influence at the Deed when you play the card. And while you are controlling your opponent's Production Deeds, they aren't making any money off it, almost certifying that you are paid the moment that player can afford to remove the Extortion. Of course, if you are playing Landed Rats, not only is your opponent not getting his income, but you actually are! It is worth mentioning that Po Yu (exp 2) with Ta'i Chi Technique and Deal With The Devil is worth 8 Influence all on his own and never needs to pay the devil his due. Soon, your opponents won't be able to afford to pay off any of your Extortions, and you can double-Extort to your heart's content, while those cards keep making their way into your hands. But where was I? Oh yes. One thing that Friends In High Places does have in its favor is the ability to seize control of a Deed even while not possessing the most Influence at it; all you must do is have more Influence there than the Control Points it provides, play the card, and boot that Influence. I find this to be of mostly limited worth, however, since your Dudes are almost certainly going to be killed at that point. So, again, if it is a winning stroke, then it is totally worth it, but those Control Points, again, are only going to be enough for a win a grand total of once per game. So my version of Friends In High Places maintains control of the Deed through Mornin' and now it does something useful before the final day of the game.

K♣ Ignore 'Im (Shootout: Remove one of your Dudes from this shootout, sending the Dude home, tuckered.) -- It is by no means a bedazzling effect, but its combo-potential is pretty sweet. Let an opponent play Sun In Yer Eyes, Crack Shot, and Out Of Ammo, then simply Ignore 'Im ... and follow-up by calling out his other Dude somewhere else. Pop into a crowded house, blast away with your Shotgun, then duck out of there. If two nobodies start a shootout and their big guy friends all jump in, then either of you plays Now It's Personal, you use Ignore 'Im to send your dealer (or mark) Home and declare your best shooter.

K♣ Readin' The Stars (Reaction: Play when an Event is revealed in a Gamblin' Hand (after selecting which occurs, if more than one appeared). The Event is ignored this day but is instead resolves the next Mornin', as if it had been revealed as part of the same player's Gamblin' Hand (in addition to whatever Event that may occur normally at that time). This does not affect the actual contents of the player's Gamblin' Hands.) -- Nothing different here, but this is one of the few things that actually modifies Events. With no other way to control Events (no Ask The Spirits), this card just might get some love.

K♣ Red-Handed (Cheatin'! Reaction: Play after another player reveals an illegal Draw Hand. Select an amount of that player's Dudes no greater than the hand rank. All selected Dudes become Wanted. Only one Cheatin’! card can be played against a player per draw.) -- The change here is inspired by Misdirection, and its sway has infiltrated several more Cheatin'! cards, as you've seen. This is more interesting than all Dudes just blanketly becoming Wanted, if only because it gives a reason to play a second iteration, even if no new Dudes are hired since.

K♣ Rooftop Sniper (Shootout: Select one of your readied Dudes who is adjacent but not in this shootout and aim at a Dude in the opposin' posse. Before this shootout continues, your selected Dude starts a new shootout with the target. Neither Dude moves and no other Dudes may join the new shootout. Effects from one shootout do not carry over to the other. Resume the first shootout immediately after the new shootout ends.) -- This was never a great effect but it does have some really interesting possibilities, depending on when it occurs during a neighboring shootout and the outcome of the new one. It has a very western feel and a unique effect. I'd rather keep it.

K♣ Run 'Em Down! (Shootout: All Dudes with Horses in your posse either have a +1 Bullet bonus or become Studs (your choice for each Dude), until the end of the shootout.) -- I'd cry "power creep" because this is so obviously better than Bum Rush or Crack Shot, but neither of those restricts valid targets to Dudes on Horses. Run 'Em Down! makes a good complement to Here Comes The Cavalry.

K♣ Takin' Precautions [2] (Reaction: Play when either an Action card is played or an Event card is revealed in a Gamblin' Hand (after selecting which occurs, if more than one appeared). The effect of that card is ignored.) -- Yeah, it is a re-imagining of the card. The original aced the offending card. If No Mas, etc. remain, they'll handle the senseless scrapping of Action cards just fine. There aren't enough ways to ignore effects--especially from Events (though Readin' The Stars can stave one off, indefinitely, if it keeps coming up). So Takin' Precautions actually has some synergy with Readin' The Stars.

K♣ That'll Leave A Scar (Reaction: Play before Draw Hands are discarded during a shootout in which you are involved. Select and hit one card from your opponent’s Draw Hand. If the hit card is a Dude card, it is put in Mount Moriah face-down and doesn't count as dead. This does not affect the current shootout. Either pay 2 gold or else this card is also hit.) -- So that weirdness in the middle there is about not counting a Dude card hit in this way as dead for purposes of Uniqueness, Grave Robbin', and the like. Only thing worse than having your best Dude trashed before he even gets into play is invalidating the three other copies of him in your deck! But the more I think about it, the more I feel like careful card effect management makes those such as this and No Mas obsolete ... and probably not fun at all. Time was, you needed it just to stay competitive but without spastic power cards, they serve only to ruin interesting combos and prevent a deck from doing what it is designed to do. One should not be able to destroy action nor event, so Action and Event cards should be immune to this kind of thing. Meanwhile, if you want to kill a Dude, burn down a Deed, or break a Goods, do it in the town -- not the void of space between the player's Play Hands.

K♣ This Round Is On Me [*] (The gold cost of this card is equal to the number of Dudes at the target location. Noon: Aim at a Saloon. Tucker all Dudes at the target. The owner collects the gold paid to play this card; if you are the owner of the Saloon, this effect has no cost.) -- So here's a new card effect, not to be confused with This Round Is On Us, which takes inspiration from that card's name and the image one feels should apply to Life Of The Party to knock everyone in the room out with a stiff one. I'd hate very much if it were used to tucker a big Dude the moment he moves to a Deed on the cheap, but can be avoided simply by having anyone important shun Saloons. Not great, but playable. By paying the owner of the Saloon, you are not only paying but your opponent is being compensated if you mess with a Deed he owns. If it is your Saloon, then you get to play this for free and that's just the price your opponents pay for messing with your stuff.

K♣ War Paint (Noon: Aim at a Dude. The target has a +2 Bullet bonus, until after Nightfall.) -- The only change here is that the card no longer specifically hits only *your* Dudes. You might not ever have a reason to grant a Bullet bonus to someone else's Dudes for the day (although I can see doing so during a shootout for a Job while you are teamed up, but those usually specify your posse, and that works just fine already), but isn't it nice to know that if you ever want to, you don't need an entirely new card made up? It might just be that you are beat down beyond belief and you need at least one more Nightfall to elapse to recover. Meanwhile, you need a third party to keep the second player from winning today. Such things aren't even king-making. They are fundamental to the paper-thin treaties that has been part of Doomtown since the beginning. After all, if the second guy wins, you lose.

K♣ Yellow Belly (Reaction: Play when a Dude refuses a Call Out. That Dude has -1 Influence and -1 Bullet, permanently.) -- Isn't the bluffability of this card just awesome? I'd like to extend it's trigger to include chickening out between shootout rounds and take an axe to Run, You Coward! but I do feel like a guy should get more credit for fighting a round and leaving than to have never fought at all. Meanwhile, because so frequently, a Dude fights because he cannot refuse, Yellow Belly doesn't get enough opportunity to shine, and it is simply not used when it is actually a really good effect, both mechanically and thematically. Hit 'Im Where The Lord Split 'Im covers bailing due to one's own card effect, so perhaps this is a fine addition to this card, and Run, You Coward! can be dropped.
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