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Subject: The New Terran-Hegemony War! A 2P Pictorial Session Report rss

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Steve W
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This is a report of my match versus Daks. I was playing Terrans, he was playing Hegemony. With pictures! Unfortunately, I wasn't recording moves while playing, so some of the turn sequence is a bit up in the air because of my own flakey memory.

Your standard two player start. A wide variety of tech available, with no initial repeats. Green is Terran, (aka the good guys).

Turn 1: The Final Frontier

Turn 1 was an exploration blitz for the Terrans. Lots of discovery tiles were picked up, including a hypergrid source and a shiny new cruiser to make use of it. Also, some free resources.

The Orion did some exploration of their own, getting a few decent multi-world hexes and ending on a double ancient hex.

Turn 2: Cash and Guns

More exploration and research into Advanced Economy for the Terrans on Turn 2. Orion researched Plasma Cannons, refit their cruisers, and did some exploration of their own. Another double Ancient hex for them, this time in the II ring.

At this point, I was feeling pretty good about what shape I was in. Lots of money, and I was glad the Orion were being slowed down the Ancients blocking their way. However, I was starting to feel the pinch of the lack of brown planets, and once the Orion got some more ships they were in for a pretty good windfall of lucrative systems.

Turn 3: First Blood!

Turn 3 saw the Orion open hostilities against their peaceful Ancient neighbours! Oh the humanity! The Orion built a second cruiser and attacked the double ancient hex nearest his homeworld. Successfully, alas.

While the Orion were commencing their warmongering, the Terrans researched orbitals, and built one. Some more exploration towards the core revealed a single Ancient tile.

At this point, I had no brown planets beyond the homeworld, but my science production was coming along quite nicely. The fact the Orion steamroller was starting was becoming a little worrisome...

Turn 4: SCIENCE!

Terrans researched Advanced Labs and used an influence action to get a healthy research machine going. Orion pushed on to take the second double ancient hex, losing a cruiser in the process.

At this point I was making a lot more science than Daks, but the lack of materials production was definitely going to be a problem once my opponent ran out of Ancients to shoot his guns at.

Turn 5: Building up

Not too much on this one. The Orion built a second cruiser, then explored a hex finally connecting them to the Terrans. For peaceful purposes, I'm sure. Some free resources on the connecting hex. Meanwhile, the Terrans researched Neutron Bombs and Plasma Missiles. Also for peaceful purposes.

Turn 6: So much for peace

The Orion showed their true colours on this turn and invaded the galactic core. The Terrans were undeterred in their mission of peace and benevolence, and built a couple orbitals as well as researching the Tachyon Drive.

(Forgot the picture!)

Turn 7: Diplomatic mission

The Orion fortified their ill-gotten gains at the core by building a new cruiser. Some exploration around the edge of the galaxy gave them another discovery tile. By this point they also had researched and upgraded their ships with Gluon computers and plasma missiles, giving them a terrifying initial volley.

The Terrans finally had enough of this wanton aggression and built up three new cruisers. The Terran cruisers were outfit with a Tachyon drive and one was sent over on a 7-hex trip to the Orion homeworld with some envoys. Envoys being neutron bombs.

Materials at last! But the Orion fleet up at the center getting to be fairly frightening.

Turn 8: Pow pow pow

The Orion built a dreadnought and cruiser, and moved the dreadnought in on their homeworld. In response, the Terrans built a couple starbases to fortify, themselves armed with positron computers and plasma missiles. Another Terran cruiser flew in on a bombing run on an undefended Orion world.

The fight at Rigel was very bloody, with the Terrans losing both starbases before destroying the Orion dreadnought. Safe for one turn, at least!

Turn 9: Armageddon

The Orion gave up on the whole "holding territory" thing and just went on an all-out rampage on this turn, digging deep into their influence disc stock to build ships and launch invasions on three different sectors, plus a starbase at the galactic centre for good measure.

The Terrans opted to not try to take the heavily defended center or to fortify the former Orion homeworld, but instead built up a couple new dreadnoughts and launched an invasion on a 3-VP sector adjacent to the centre. Because of the Orion's ridiculous initiative from Gluon Computers and their innate Orionness, the human dreadnoughts were refit into a stylish "all hulls and one ion cannon" arrangement. Mostly, anyways. They had one Positron Computer in case the Orion tried to be clever and swap out one of their Plasma Missiles for something else.

The Orion won two out of their three invasion attempts, and the humans won their one. The Orion landed up having to give up most of their gains because of their overspending.

Final Tally

Terrans: 25
Orion: 27

Gah! The good guys lost!

All the Orion's early fighting let them pick most of the high-value reputation tiles out of bag, including their lucrative free fifth reputation slot. The Human's ability to do a triple move was pretty useful in this game, as it allowed the deep end-run around the Orion fleet to bomb their homeworld.

The game was very close in the final turn, as the Orion managed to avoid having to give up one of their two final sectors by a measly single free colony ship. I kind of flubbed my final moves in that I could have snatched up a couple victory points either by pushing my research track or grabbing free 1-VP sectors.

Overall, a very tight and satisfying game!

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Eirik Johnsbråten
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A great read. Thanks!
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