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Subject: Three New Technologies rss

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Stefano Di Stefano
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Hello I am new to boargamegeek even if I follow the site for years now but I have inscribed
mainly in order to participate in discussions of eclipse, which I have followed since
and 'appeared on the site and now that I have been able to appreciate even more its potential'
Sorry for my writing but I am Italian and translate what I write in my language with the translator
'cause I do not know precisely how to do it in English is' cause I know just because the language is 'and' very difficult
express complex ideas of play.blush

First of all, the game and 'beautiful and now I intend not so much for new ideas to improve it or to criticize
its creators, but to compliment them, they created a game with potential 'huge.
It 'obvious that as is' was conceived after many tests, and certainly this and' + balanced configuration.
The problem 'that the rules of the game are flying my / our Imagination a thousand ^___^ and here's my proposal
At present 3 new technologies, a technology for each tree.
New Military Technology: Death Star (yes the moon ... STAR WARS)
New Technologically Grid: I need to find a proper name but in practice it allows to construct two monoliths and 2 stations
orbitals in the same hex at a lower cost for the -2 and -1 for monoliths orbiting stations. I think the tecnlogia
it cost 12 / 6 as it is still in a technology tree other than the monolith and the stations
orbital (perhaps could cost as much as 10 / 6, and 'to be tested.)
New Nanotecnlogia: For this to be found a suitable name but in practice allow the phase of upgrades to
+ a technology on ships, and to be able to move one of the technologies already present 'on their ships onto another.
Basically you get an upgrade 3 (or 4 if mechanema) and where we want to move on its own technology
vessel, (4 +1 shift in the case of mechanema) Cost: 6 / 4, perhaps because it may cost less, and 'technology tree
shares profits with fewer ships to fight.
I conceived this idea after an error occurred in LUCCA GAMES explanations, it seems to me that the boy then
is explained on the forums BoardGameGeek somewhere on how to use the UPGRADE step.
In spite of all I think that the technology can move from one vessel to another, or even just put it back
on its own ship (the real main use) is still quite useful ... even if they can still
tencologie take 3 instead of 2 and 'already' a step forward to help / upgrade.

Finally I would like to explain the technology and that the Death Stars 'a little' + complex and articulated.
The cost would also be able to buy from 20/12 2 victory points they are directly placed in the bag
3-piece technology.
Allows you to build the new type of ship: Death star and also entitled to use the upgrade
Death Cannon that has the power of 2 red dice energy cost 6. That can be used on any ship that always respects
the energy cost.
The Death Star can be built only once for civilization '. What will be after 'destroyed during fighting
no you can '+ build, destroy those who have the right to discovery that a counter will be able' to use as rules
the original.
Building the Death Star cost 12 (any race), I have a prototype that I designed on cardboard.
Publish 'short-pictures (both of the new spacecraft technologies.)
I can describe to you telling you how to upgrade spaces in the shape of the starbase.
The idea that I and + 'and like' death star that you can move like a normal ship. The moment you enter into a
opponent's territory (no advance!) and at the end of the round win and conquer the territory, the ship will have 'a second side
of their marker with a x2 which multiplies the value of the conquered territory. with all its appendages such scores
a monolith (or 2?).
X2 This happens only if the ship is moved to enemy territory and win the battle. Since it would
back or even move to another area or even just old ship back on the normal side
The x2 you only if you win a battle and conquer enemy territory.
The advantage to meet the ship and 'however, that if it is still destroyed by 2punti/segnalino discovery.
This technology 'already been' tested a couple of times in my gaming sessions and it 'been very fun.
It worked well, can 'look and powerful but' very difficult to build (and 'in the eighth round and was built by me in
ninth and then do the final battle between them among other things
This tencologia and 'proved to be very funny, the other testers' more later.
Your comments ... looks more 'forward posterior' images of technologies and the Death Star to help you understand the type

Stefano (Steven)
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Jeremy Diachuk
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Your effort is appreciated. However, your post is tremendously difficult to read! One of the problems is that you've got new-lines in places where they shouldn't be, so it's very hard to follow each line.

Let me try to summarize your idea, just to make sure I understand. Plus this might benefit anyone else coming into the thread.

Three new technologies:
Military: Death Star (20/12) : Allows players to build a Death Star and gives access to the Death Cannon ship upgrade part.
Grid: (Unnamed) (10/6): Allows players to build a second Orbital or Monolith in a single hex at a reduced cost (-2 Monolith, -1 Orbital)
Nanotech: (Unnamed) (6/4): Allows players to swap two ship parts on their blueprints instead of adding a new ship part to the blueprint

Death Star is a unique ship. Each player has one Death Star and may only build one in a given game. Death Stars cost 12 Materials to build.
If a Death Star succeeds in eliminating all enemy ships in a hex where it has combat, it flips over to reveal a "x2" multiplier, which makes that hex worth double victory points (including Monoliths).

Does this sound right?

I don't really like the Death Star idea. First, it's been done to death (pun intended), and it's a bit unrealistic. The Dreadnoughts already in the game are already nearly planet-sized war machines. Plus, it would be altogether too easy to invade an enemy with it (since it's probably got good weaponry) on the last round and get a nice chunk of points. On top of that, it disappears after you win a combat? That just gives even more reason to only fight on Round 9, and that seems so arbitrary when it's encouraged to such a degree.

The idea of having two Monoliths or two Orbitals in a single hex is interesting, but probably doesn't require a whole technology. By giving the discount it might make it more worthwhile, but I'd probably cost it as a 6/4 technology myself. It might make an interesting alien power, though.

And the power to swap ship parts around is mostly uninteresting. Most of the time, it's easy enough to just remove up to two parts and then add two parts, to do a type of exchange. It might as well be a technology that said "You get to do an extra upgrade whenever you take the Upgrade action" for all its major uses, except for moving around Ancient Ship Parts.

Still, new technologies are always exciting.

I personally think most technologies are covered pretty well already. It might be nice to have a couple that would give ship parts to help counter Missiles in particular, though.

Glad you're enjoying the game, though. I'm still waiting for my copy!
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Stefano Di Stefano
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I'm sorry for not being clear, as I explained how I use the google translator.

I would add that, having never written on this forum do not know yet using them, all graphics options to make more understandable my ideas.

It makes me smile but 'the idea that the first person who told me his copy did not eclipse , I will!

Regarding the Death Star Tech and his spaceship, until you see the spaceship designed by me will be 'difficult to judge.
Unfortunately they are out for work and as long as 'I get back home can not' post the photos.
Can I explain that while the ship in itself and 'already equipped with several powerful technologies medium. In addition to the Death Cannon with 2 red dice with no external energy cost to the figure of the ship there are other parts that make the ship very + powerful than a Dreadnought.
The technology and 'tested only 2 times and I will try tonight' x the third time and I'll be able 'to say how unbalanced the game.
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