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Subject: Earth #6855 - first two games - spoilers markers used rss

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Matt McMahon
United States
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On December 10th at 14:00, hostilities broke out on world #6855. The initial action saw armies from four of five factions vied for dominance in the new world. The following is an account of the two wars fought that day.

Rule Mishaps: We misplayed two rules on these 2 games. The first was the starting red star/missile rule. I had mistakenly thought each player started with one missile and an additional missile per time he signed the victory list. This led to games running longer than needed. However in both games the outcome wouldn’t have been different. The second rule miscue was the placement of “Hang On” rewards. I missed the part that stated they had to be given to a territory you controlled at the end of the game. This resulted in the incorrect placement of Johnstowne in Alaska after game 1. But like all things in Risk Legacy this will not be undone.

Players: Lawrence (Subhuman), Brian (ShadowTerp), John and me (Boltana)

Coins: A single coin was added to the following territories:
Middle East, Venezuela, Indonesia, Egypt, Central America, Kamchatka, East Africa, Southeast Asia, Alaska, North Africa, Greenland, Brazil

Faction Abilities:
Imperial Balkania - When recruiting troops, round up when dividing your territory and population by, not down.
Saharan Republic – You can make your maneuver at any point during your turn.
Khan Industries – At the start of your turn, place on troop in each territory that has a HQ you control.
Die Mechaniker – Your starting HQ is always treated as Fortified when you defend it.
Enclave of the bear – The Defender subtracts 1 from the lower defense die in the first territory you attack during your turn.

Game 1:
Initial HQ selections: Matt (Khan Industries) –Southeast Asia, Lawrence(Saharan Republic)–Argentina, John(Die Mechaniker)– Madagascar, Brian (Imperial Balkania) - Western Europe
The first turn was bloodless as each faction set out to occupy the territories of their starting continent. On turn 2, Lawrence expended into North America and conquered North Africa from John. John and Brian engaged in minor skirmishes along the boundaries of Africa with little effect.

Realizing that his HQ was in danger of being conquered, Brian placed his bunker scar on Western Europe. On my next turn I decided it was time to play my bunker scar on Southeast Asia on the chance that my HQ might come under assault. I then decided it was time to get some resource cards, so I expanded through the Middle East and conquered Egypt. This would prove to set the tone for the remainder of the game, as Africa become a bloodbath.

After a few more turns, Brian decided to relocate to South America and was able to claim Lawrence’s HQ. Lawrence had completed his occupation of North America and with the 2 continent troop bonuses, and then proceeded to eliminate Brian. Lawrence aslo placed his bunker scar on Alaska to protect the back door into North America from any assault I might launch.

At the start of his next turn there was no valid rejoin country for Brian and he was out of the game. He did however get to open the “Open when the first time a faction is eliminated from the game” packet.
Spoiler (click to reveal)
Brian choose the Mobile ability for the Imperial Balkania comeback power.

The next turn Lawrence was able to trade in resource cards to increase his troop recruitment and conquer both of the remaining HQs. He opted to found the major city of Fishburg in Argentina. I decided to found the minor city of Winterfell in East Australia and John founded Johnstowne in Alaska.

Game 2:
Initial HQ selections: Matt (Khan Industries) Indonesia, Lawrence (Imperial Balkania) - Iceland, John (Enclave of the Bear) – Kamchatka, Brian (Die Mechaniker) - Peru

The first turn each player expanded to occupy his starting continent with the lone exception of John. John expanded into the vacant North America. An early alliance was founded between John and myself on a neutral zone across northern Asia.
Spoiler (click to reveal)
We both placed our Mercenaries scars on the initial turn on our HQs.

Brian expanded into Africa, but was unable to make many gains for fear of leaving an opening for Lawrence to exploit. Lawrence quickly occupied Europe and proceeded to dig in at its borders.
Spoiler (click to reveal)
He also moved his HQ from Iceland to Great Britain.
Using the troop bonus from Europe he stock piled troops at his borders turn after turn.

Seeing an opening for a possible win, I made the first bold move of the game and conquered John’s HQ of Kamchatka. This HQ would continue to change hands until I used my maneuver to bring up all the troops from my HQ in Indonesia.
Spoiler (click to reveal)
Thanks to my faction ability and Mercenary scar Indonesia was getting 2 free troops a turn.
These fresh troops would then maintain my control of Kamchatka until the end of the game.

While John continued to dig in at his borders, I slowly gathered resource cards via minor skirmishes with the remains of John’s forces in Asia and North America. Eventually I was able to trade in these resource cards for a very large force and push for Lawrence’s HQ in Great Britain. Brian opted to aid my conquest by placing his Ammo Shortage scar on Southern Europe during the first attack. After some initial loses due to lousy dice, I was to claim Lawrence’s HQ with at my remaining 15 troops.

Since he was unable to retake his HQ, Lawrence turned his attention to eliminating John. He placed his Ammo Shortage in Eastern United States to help in this effort, but fell short of his goal. The next turn I added my recruited troops to this army and push on through North Africa into South America to take Brian’s HQ for the win.

I decided to place the Major City of Anvil’s Gate in Soutrheast Asia. Between this and the bunker scar there I am fully committed to Australia for this world at least. Brian added a coin to the Venezuela resource card bringing it to 3. Lawrence also decided to add a coin to the Middle East resource card. John added the minor city of Valhalla to Greenland.

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