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Subject: Dan Verssen Games Leader Series Holiday Party rss

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It's that time of year again, when families get together for the holidays. Board game families are no different! Let's listen in on what goes on when the Leader series games get together. Present are Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations (HL), Phantom Leader (PL), Thunderbolt/Apache Leader(TAL), U-Boat Leader(UL) and Corsair Leader(CL).

(Doorbell rings)
(HL opens the door to discover all the rest of the Leader games waiting on his front walk)

HL: Hi guys! Happy holidays! Come on in, please!

(PL enters)

HL: Phantom, my man! Welcome to my home. Let me just shake your hand and thank you for paving the way to the new look for our family.

PL: Aw, it wasn't any big thing. Any other game that looked as fabulous as me would have done the same thing!

HL: Don't I know it! We are a couple of good looking guys if I do say so myself!

(TAL now enters. He is the oldest one here and it shows. However, he radiates a health and purpose; age hasn't slowed him down at all!)

HL: Thunderbolt! Come on in! You're looking great for an old guy!

TAL: Old guy is it! I'll have you know I still sell for more than you young editions with your glossy shiny boxes. Besides, before your facelift you were just as old as me.

HL: That's true old timer. I heard some rumors that somebody else here is about to get a to comment?

TAL: No point in trying to hide it. I'm just a few pre-orders away from getting all shiny and fancy like you and Phantom.

HL: That's great! Well, come on in and have a drink while I say hello to our newest little brother.

(UL now enters, looking a little shy)

HL: Welcome, brother! Let me just say that, even though there's not a single aircraft or iron bomb anywhere in your counter set, a Leader game is a Leader game and thus you are my brother! Be welcome in my home.

UL: Thank you very much. I'm very glad to be here.

(Finally, Corsair Leader enters. In contrast to all of the other games who showed up empty handed, he's brought two bottles of wine, flowers and a fruit basket.)

CL: HI EVERYBODY! Happy holidays!

(Silence as all the other games stare at him)

HL: Well, I guess you can come in; technically, you are a leader game even though you're nothing but a damn PDF file.

CL: AND a VASSAL module; don't forget the VASSAL module!

HL: Yeah, whatever. I had a full on PC game, so don't go waving VASSAL in my face like in means something.

HL: Okay everybody, let's eat! Corsair, just put that crap you brought down somewhere; I can't imagine I'd want to serve my brothers anything YOU could afford.

(CL goes off to cry in a corner)

Happy holidays to everyone; let's hope that someday Corsair Leader and WWII PTO will get the love and attention they deserve from DVG.

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Seriously, I can't be the only person who would buy a deluxe version of Corsair Leader, right? And while I'm on the subject, would anyone else like to see P-47 Leader in the near future? After all, the P-47 in both its ground support and air to air missions was instrumental in helping to win the ETO; I would really enjoy seeing the Jug get the DVG leader treatment.

I'll be checking my stocking next Christmas, DVG!
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Jonathan "Spartan Spawn, Sworn, Raised for Warring!"
United States
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"By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe."
Current plan for DVG's games is the following:
Thunderbolt/Apache Leader
Israeli Air Force Leader
Fleet Commander: Nimitz

So next Christmas might be a stretch.
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