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muthrali the relentless
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Having the luck of getting shards as a birthday present, my brother, my good friend and myself decided to try it out. Having played a couple of games with the old rules and the first expansion we were excited. But at the playday, my brother send me a message that he was somewhat ill, so he couldn’t make it. My friend and I decided to play a 2 player session.

We made our own 2 player map, which was reasonably balanced. We took the 3 new races and randomly selected 3 "older" races, and shuffled them together. We then choose a random race. My friend had the Nekro, I got the Arborec. As the 2 player variant has a different political voting system, and the Nekro cannot vote, and he could not use 1 of his racial techs (because 1 of mine could not be copied) he asked if he could switch to the Creuss. Of course I agreed.

We used the Distant Suns, and the distant-suns-but-then-for-empty-space-tiles. We used mercenaries, and all the strategycards version II (except trade off course) + preliminary objectives.

When we made the map, my side of the galaxy had 2 planets less, and the other planets were a little less resource heavy than his. Also a B wormhole appeared next to my homesystem. Very nice with the Creuss as opponent :-P

The Arborec started their expansion with a carrier and a cruiser, who brought spores to nearby planets. All seemed well for the fungusmasters. Then, from a nearby blackhole, suddenly a little fleet emerged, which opened fire upon 1 of our cruisers. It was able to send us a report of the conflict before communication was lost. As we had to colonise each planet, and wait for our numbers there to grow slowly and costly, we were searching for ways to prevent another of such attacks.

We decided to explore the unknown galaxy more. When flying into a nebula, we encountered a hidden planet, which we added to the greater funguscloud. We also managed to spare a cruiser of colonizing duty to guard the blackhole. In the mean time, we had some trouble going into the unknown. We entered into a region of space seemingly empty, but encountered a pirate-dreadnought. Some colonies turned out to be full of radiation toxins or hostage locals. We did not anticipate the growth of the empire being hindered so severely.

In the mean time, spies told us of swarming fleets of the Gatekeepers. They were said to have build a space dock at the dark side of Mecatol Rex. We could not allow for such a second direct threat, and we decided to try to persuade the Beings of Light to build their fleet somewhere else. A quick forces of cruisers and destroyers were send in, and to their surprise found the space dock guarded by only 1 fightersquadron. While dismantling the space dock, a rift in space opened. The flagship of Creuss accompanied by a dreadnought and some cruisers rushed in to try to save their spacestation. Seeing they were to late, they vented their anger by wasting our fleet. A second fleet appeared at the other side of the empire, wreaking havoc between our modest cruisers. Only because of the braveness our groundforces the Lightwarriors only managed to grab 2 planets instead of 6 within a year.

On Arborec, the Supreme Ent along with its Advisor of the Wooden Stick, decided to put all resources into gaining new technologies to be able to match the Creuss aggression. We decided to up the number of available groundforces on each planet, as they could then later be used to make more ships. And so we did. The Creuss fleet moved further into our system, but everywhere they tried to invade a planet, we drove them off. Then, by using hit and run tactics, our destroyers and cruisers managed to pick off some lone Creuss carrier with fighterscreen, and by the use of stunt managed to fly through the Creuss main fleet and once again destroy their forward space dock base. We felt the war turning in our favour. We were settled in our part of the galaxy, and threatened all Creuss planets on the Rim, while holding the Creuss Supreme fleet hostage in its own system.

Then, when the Sun died after eons, Word came from the Creuss. They did not want to wage war against us any longer, and offered to yield their planets to us, if we would let them slip back into the blackness of space where they came from. Being the flowerpower, of course we agreed.

We played for almost 5 hours, then my friend surrendered because it was almost midnight. First 3 rounds I forgot to put a ground force somewhere during the statusfase. The Creuss player on the other hand forgot to add some +1 bonus on some critical invasion combats. While I went hoarding CC’s, he went for fleetsize. About half way in game, that seemed to switch. The Creuss forced me to not be able to use my racial abilities for a whole round by some action card. I somewhat used that to my advantage to buy 4 cheap groundforces at my spaceport, not being hindered by my racial restriction. At first, the Creuss planets, and thus cashflow, was way higher then mine. But he made some very poor dicerolls whenever he tried to invade me, while my cruisers, even with the distant sun disasters, slowly gained some planets. Him being unable to hold on to his 2nd spacedock twice also helped gaining breath and getting equal.

After 5 hours, I had gained 1 victory point due to some techo-colors. The Creuss had the option to get their preliminary objective, but somehow didn’t go for it yet. It was our second 2 player game. We hunger for more :-)
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