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Joe Ferguson
Metro Manila
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Tonight, I managed to get my second game of Action All Pro Football. We choose to play 10 minute quarters, which added a huge amount of urgency to the game. And here's how it went:

Opening Kickoff
My opponent was the home team, and kicked off to me. I took possession of the ball at my own 37yard line, and returned it for 18 yards.

First Quarter
Neither one of us could keep the ball long, and possession changed quite a bit. We simply couldn't get good yardage and a lot of punts occurred in this quarter. Some fouls were made, and eventually my opponent got himself in field goal position, and made good on the attempt. My opponent kicked off to me, and by the time I went for second down, time ran out.
Score: Zhen-0 Doug-3

Second Quarter
I started the second quarter with possession of the ball, and managed to do nothing in terms of scoring. My opponent also couldn't score. There was a lot of fouling in this quarter, so the ball moved mostly on penalties. It was a dirty quarter with the ball changing possession quite a bit.
Score: Zhen-0 Doug-3

Third Quarter
I kick off to my opponent, he makes a measly 1 yard return. He also can't make any decent yardage and has to punt. I get lucky and actually block his attempt and recover the ball and run it in for a touchdown. But I missed the extra point attempt. I kick the ball to my opponent, and he again gets no more than a 2 yard return. He started with a huge 40 yard pass, that got knocked down. For his second down, he threws a pass that got intercepted, in which I ran in for my second touchdown of the game. This time, I get the extra point.
Score: Zhen-13 Doug-3

Fourth Quarter
My opponent starts off the game. He managed to get the ball down to the my 35, but can't get into scoring position. So he goes for the field goal, which I managed to block. I ran the ball back for an 8 yard return. I too can't get enough yardage and am forced to punt. My opponent gets a great 43 yard return. He then proceeds to easily move the ball into the endzone for his first touchdown. On the kick off, I ended up with a fair catch, so started in my own territory. I went with a quick succession of passes with got me quite a bit into my opponent's territory, but not close enough for a field goal attempt. I had to turn the ball over and my opponent also went for pass attempts. Unfortunately for him, I intercepted one of them, and ran it in for my third touchdown of the game, and made the extra point attempt. My opponent got possession of the ball, but time ran out before he could make it far enough downfield to score.
Score: Zhen-20 Doug-10

This game is surprisingly fun for being such a luck driven game. There are some strategic decisions that need to be made, and those are based on what you believe your opponent has in his hand.

Having the game timed really gives the game a sense of urgency. But that ends up driving you crazy when the time is dwindling and your opponent seems to be dilly-dallying with his cards, which is like milking the clock so that you can't finish your drive. But this can be easily modified by timing players with a 30 second timer. If a player can't play a card in time, then a 5 yard "delay of game" penalty could be issued.

Yardage is really hard to gain in this game. The defense cards are pretty strong, and the results of a play are based on the defense card. and this is where the penalty cards come in.

A penalty card can be played at anytime after the offense plays his first card. If the offense plays a penalty, he gets between a 5 to 15 yard gain. If the defense plays a penalty, the offense suffers between a 5 to 15 yard loss. If both players play a penalty, the ball doesn't move. If the defense plays a penalty, the offense will want to play one too to avoid any lost yardage. If the offense plays a penalty, then the defense MAY want to play one to stop the ball from advancing.

But of course, the defense may not want to, simply because penalty cards to not repeat the down, but moves to the next down (ie, if it's 3rd down, offense plays a 5 yard penalty, defense may want to give the 5 yards to the offensive player if it doesn't gain the needed 10 yards, as this would force the offense into 4th down).

The game is full of little decisions like that. Do I play the 5 yard run, or the 40 yard pass? Do I think my opponent has more pass defense cards or run defense cards?

while not technically an accurate reproduction of an American football game, it is fun. What it lacks in accuracy, it makes up for in it's simplicity. My opponent wasn't familiar with the rules, and he really picked up on the game by the second quarter. I just happened to get lucky and have the right cards at the right time.

I do wish that one had the ability to customize a team, but I can live with it the way it is. It was actually rather fun.

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