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Gandalf the Grey
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Elven Cloaks: Gifts given to the Fellowship of the Ring in Lorien.

Elven Rope: Gift given to Samwise in Lorien.

Phial of Galadriel: Gift given to Frodo in Lorien.

Sméagol Helps Nice Master: Quote from Sméagol as he guides them to Mordor.

Mithril Coat and Sting: Gifts given to Frodo (by Bilbo) in Rivendell before the Counsel of Elrond.

Axe and Bow: The weapons of Legolas and Gimli, used in a friendly orc-killing contest.

Horn of Gondor: The horn carried by Boromir, blown to announce his coming or request aid.

Wizard’s Staff: Staff carried by Gandalf, used for all manner of wizardly things. Wormtongue unsuccessfully tried to forbid it to enter Edoras.

Athelas: The healing herb used by Aragorn on several occasions.

There is Another Way: Quote from Gollum, informing the hobbits that you can get into Mordor by other than the front door - referring to the secret stairs.

I Will Go Alone: Spoken by Frodo as he plans to leave the Fellowship

Bilbo’s Song: There are several, not sure which this refers to. "The Road Goes Ever On and On" perhaps?

Mirror of Galadriel: The scrying water bowl Galadriel uses to see the possible future

Challenge of the King: Referencing the time when Aragorn looked into the Palantir of Orthanc in "The Passing of the Grey Company"

Gwaihir the Windlord: Lord of the Eagles, friend to Gandalf

We Prove Swifter: Spoken by Aragorn, referring to their need to outpace the Orcs who have captured Merry & Pippin if they are to rescue them

There and Back Again: Title of Bilbo's book (The Hobbit) about his adventures with the Dwarves

The Eagles are Coming: Spoken by Bilbo in The Hobbit at the Battle of Five Armies and again by some individual at the end of "The Black Gate opens
The Ents Awake: Treebeard: Treebeard is the chief of the Ents

The Ents Awake: Huorns: THe Huorns are the awakened trees, dangerous without a true Ent to keep them in line

The Ents Awake: Entmoot: Entmoot is a meeting of the Ents, seldom called, in this case it is to discuss what to do about Saruman

Dead Men of Dunharrow: Ghosts of men who once swore to the King of Gondor to fight against Sauron but broke their oath

House of the Stewards: There has been no King of Gondor for many years, the Stewards now rule and keep the throne for the King's return

The Grey Company: The Grey Company are the Dunedain from the north they meet with Aragorn after the fall of Orthanc


The Last Battle: The battle at the gates of Mordor against Sauron, calculated to draw his attention away from Frodo

A Power too Great: Spoken to Frodo by Gandalf referring to the consequnces of Gandalf receiving the One Ring

The Power of Tom Bombadil: Tom Bombadil is the Master of the wood. He is Master none can best him in his realm (The Old Forest)

Book of Mazarbul: The book of Balin's return to Moria and the fortunes of their people, discovered when the Fellowship travels through Moria

The Spirit of Mordor: Spoken by Frodo when in Mordor as two Orcs kill eachother over a dispute

Faramir’s Rangers: Faramir and his Rangers Patrol North and South Ithilien

Fear! Fire! Foes!: The alert-cry of Buckland in the Shire

Wisdom of Elrond: Spoken by Boromir "The might of Elrond is in Wisdom not in Weapons" Page 246 The Fellowship of the ring

The Red Arrow: Token of the alliance between Gondor and Rohan, sent to beg aid from Rohan in the war against Sauron

Help Unlooked For: Spoken by Eomer to Aragorn on the Pelennor fields reffering to Aragorn's timely arrival with aid

Paths of the Woses: Omitted from the movies, the Woses are primitive forest men who guide Aragorn by secret ways to speed his arrival

Through a Day and a Night: Spoken to Merry and Pippen By Legolas recounting the swift ride of Aragorn and the Dead Armies

Cirdan’s Ships: Cirdan the shipwright uses his ships to tranport the elves away from middle earth

Guards of the Citadel: The Gaurds of the Citadel still wore helms with the wings on them the

Celeborn’s Galadhrim: The People under Celeborn

Riders of Théoden: The soldiers of Rohan under king Theoden

Grimbeorn the Old, Son of Beorn: Mentioned by Gloin to Frodo telling how Grimbeorn is now the leader of many sturdy men

Imrahil of Dol Amroth: Ruler of Dol Amroth who still has the blood of Numenor in him

King Brand’s Men: The King of the city of Dale

Swords in Eriador: "Swords in Eriador" refers to the possibility of the war reaching the region of the North-West

Kindred of Glorfindel: Glorfindel is one of the mighty of the Firstborn

Dain Ironfoot’s Guard: Dain is still King under the Mountain and is around 250 years old

Éomer, son of Éomund: Captain of Rohan Leader of the Eorlingas

Thranduil’s Archers: Thranduil is lord of the wood elves of Mirkwood, he once imprisoned Bilbo and the Dwarves for trespassing The father of Legolas

Shadow Character Cards

Shelob’s Lair: The lair (close to Cirith Ungol, Mordor) into which Gollum tricks Frodo and Sam in the belief that Shelob will kill them so he can get access to the Ring.

The Ring is Mine!: Frodo says this when he decides not to cast the ring into the cracks of doom, but rather to claim it for himself.

On, On They Went: Frodo and Sam (masquerading as Orcs) were on a forced march through Mordor, whipped to keep moving

Give it to Uss!: Gollum's request for Frodo to let him have the Ring

Orc Patrol: While Frodo and Sam are in Mordor there are Orcs Patrolling the Borders

Isuldur’s Bane: Another name for the One Ring, so called because it betrayed Isildur, slipping off his finger and revealing him to the Orcs

Foul Thing from the Deep: The "Watcher in the Water" which attacks the FelloWship as they are approaching the western doors of Moria.

Candles of Corpses:Refers to the Dead Marshes, where the bodies of men and elves slain in the last war against Sauron beckon the living

Nazgûl Search: The relentless search for the Ring performed by the Nazgul

Cruel Weather: The Snowstorm on Mt. Caradhras

The Nazgûl Strike!: Could refer to the flight of the last remaing soldiers from Osgiliath where they are being routed by the Nazgul

Morgul Wound: Frodo's injury from Weathertop, where he was stabbed by the Witch King

Lure of the Ring: Non-descript could have reference to Galadriel, Boromir, Gollum, etc...

The Breaking of the Fellowship: Descript follows Boromir's attempt to seize the one ring

Worn with Sorrow and Toil: Referring to the time when Sam carried Frodo due to Frodo's being worn

Flocks of Crebain: Shortly after leaving Rivendell Sam and Strider first notice the Crebain spying out the land near Holland

Balrog of Moria: Self Descriptive a being of Fire and Shadow

The Lidless Eye: Sauron's current Form

Dreadful Spells: Referring to the "Dreadful spell" uttered by the witch king on Grond to shatter the Gates of Minas Tirith

Grond, Hammer of the Underworld: A Huge Ram 100 feet in length with a head in the likeness of a ravening wolf

The Palantír of Orthanc: One of the seven "seeing stones" that was placed in Orthanc by the men of Numenor

Wormtongue: Saruman's lackey through whom he works his influence on Theoden, King of Rohan.

The Ringwraiths Are Abroad: Refers to the ever continuing search for the one Ring

The Black Captain Commands: Refers to how the at the Black Captains bidding even his own folk would slay themselves

Shadow Strategy Cards

Return to Valinor: The Elven home of the Elves

The Fighting Uruk-hai: Proclaimed by the "Fighting Uruk Hai" at the gates of Helm's Deep saying how they do not stop for sun or night fair weather or fowl

Denethor’s Folly: Having lost hope, Denethor the Steward of Gondor decides to burn himself and Faramir

The Day Without Dawn: To give his Armies a fighting chance Sauron sends forth a giant black cloud before minas tirith to effectually create a "day without a dawn"

Threats and Promises: Refers to Golloms consistant promise making and threat making

Stormcrow: Accusation that Gandalf is an unwelcome guest as he only ever brings bad news

Shadows Gather: Non descript the gathering of the armies of Mordor

The Shadow Lengthens: Non descript the mustering of the armies of Mordor

The Shadow is Moving: Non descript the moving of the armies of Mordor

Corsairs of Umbar: The Black ships of the Southron's

Rage of the Dunlendings: Saruman incited the Dunlendings to help his cause and fight alongside orcs by stoking long-simmering hatred and jealousy of Rohan, and by whispering lies about Rohan's unjust treatment of Dunland.

Return of the Witch-king: The Witch King used to have a stronghold in Angmar but then relocated to Mordor

Half-orcs and Goblin-men: The army that was "Bred" by Saruman

Olag-hai: Giant Troll-Orc things bred by Saruman

Hill-trolls: Hill Trolls of Gorgoroth "taller and broader than men they were"

A New Power is Rising: Referring to Saruman raising an army of Orcs to make his own bid for power

Many Kings to the Service of Mordor: When Theoden receives the red arrow the messenger also states a report that there are many Kings answering the call of mordor

The King is Revealed: When Aragorn reveals himself to Sauron throught the Palantir

Shadows on the Misty Mountains: When Frodo is at the pinnacle of Tol-Brandir he sees how the Misty Mountains are crawling with orcs.

Orcs Multiplying Again: It was common Knowledge among the Hobbits that the Orcs were multiplying again see: The shadow of the past

Horde from the East: Non Descript refers to huge armies coming from the east

Monsters Roused: Non-Descript refers to the arousal of many monsters to serve Sauron

Musterings of Long-planned War: Mentioned by Faramir when in meeting with Denethor, Pippen and Gandalf referring to the war has been long planned

Pits of Mordor: The pits located on the plains of Gorgoroth

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Shadow Character card
Worn with Sorrow and Toil: Celeborn says to the Fellowship after learning of Gandalf's death, ‘You are worn with sorrow and much toil.'
Book II, Chapter 7, The Mirror of Galadriel
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Raf B
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my_game wrote:
The Nazgûl Strike!: Could refer to the flight of the last remaing soldiers from Osgiliath where they are being routed by the Nazgul

The Nazgûl Strike!: Sauron was notoriously stingy with pay and benefits, a classic micromanager who still gave his minions too little guidance to succeed. After being sent on a fruitless quest to find some 'Baggins' in some outlying place called 'Shire', the Nazgul eventually banded together and demanded a better package, tax-free flying beasts, and less tippy figurines. They publicized their demands under the catchy slogan "Nine, Nine, Nine."

Ok, not really.
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