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My 8 year old son and I enjoyed The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac quite a bit, so Santa decided that adding The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac would also be a sure bet. One of my son's buddies came over for New Year's Eve and we played a game of Horus.

My son's buddy took Rasputin, my son played David Gore, and I was Jose Ardila. To make it a little more interesting, we decided that my son and his friend would combine their treasure counts against me to determine who won.

Play started with everyone jumping into the snake pit and searching like crazy. Rasputin only managed to find snake bites, while Jose and David found crowbars and small treasures. The initial blocks were towards the front, despite Rasputin using his ability to predict which blocks would fall where.

Everyone made their way to the next chamber. Rasputin and David focused on the alligator pool, while Jose spent some time in the scorpion pit and moved to one of the statues. As Jose, I managed to grab the first statue in 1 die roll, thanks to my special ability to complete a die combo. I also managed to grab a treasure chest (roll a die at end of game to determine value) that played a huge role in the end game.

David moved to other statue at the front of the scorpion pit, having to use ability to shoot down a mummy to prevent taking damage. Unfortunately, even with his crowbar, he burned 6 actions (!) in order to force the jewel from the statue.

Meanwhile, Rasputin continued to rack up scorpion bites and gator chomps. However, he did manage to score a sarcophagus and a few treasures.

By this point, the entryway had started to fill with blocks. Using his ability, Rasputin had kept many blocks from sealing all of us in and had managed to score 2 hits on Jose. However, there were now only 2 paths clear to make an exit and almost half the blocks were gone.

Everyone, weighed down by 9 or more treasure/wounds, started to beat a hasty retreat to the entrance as the ceiling continued to cave in. Amazingly, we had 2 rounds of 4 actions (despite everyone being 4 or higher on the weight). Everyone stopped at the last square before exiting to quickly search the snake pits for that last bit of treasure. After filling up, Rasputin and David dove out of the pyramid to safety.

Jose managed to find a medic kit and antidote, freeing up 3 wounds. Sensing that he may be a little behind, he decided to make go back in deeper to find just a few more points in treasure. However, a ceiling block fell on him, closing one of the 2 ways out and he decided enough was enough.

We quickly counted our treasures. The boys combined their treasures for a total of 26. I had 21, plus my treasure chest to roll a d6 for value. With bated breath, Jose slowly opened the chest...and rolled a 4 for value. Rasputin and David immediately shouted for joy, pointed fingers at how lame Jose was, and celebrated their victory.

Although Temple of Chac has more eye candy, Horus feels like it has a little more strategy. In Chac, the adventure is pretty linear as you move through the board grabbing stuff. In Horus though it feels like you have more choices and increased influence on your fate. The choice of when you want to try and leave the Pyramid versus hanging out another round or two to grab some treasure is one of the highlights of Horus.

For my son and I, we rate both versions about even. Chac, feels a lot more tension filled as you're rushing to avoid the boulder. Horus though is a little deeper in play, but doesn't grip you as much. Overall, we enjoy both titles and hope more come out soon!

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