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I own quite a few family-type games (Granada, Carcassonne, etc.), but it’s far too difficult to get some of my family members to sit down and play these. I needed something that is quick, easy, and can be played with a lot of people. After some consideration, and seeing that a supplier of mine received this as an extra stock item, I jumped at the chance to purchase it.

I haven’t looked back.

The game was primarily purchased for a Christmas Eve family gathering at my aunt’s house; that’s where I’ll start.

After supper I gathered all of the younger members together, as well as my sisters and we decided to give this a go. I was the moderator for most of the games as I enjoyed watching the chaos ensure (not to mention that I’m an armature fiction writer and narrating was helping me a little – I still have terrible grammar).

The group consisted of 11 people (including myself), and as such I decided to constantly modify the characters and rules for each game. At first we only played with 2 werewolves, the fortuneteller and the rest being townsfolk. I have never seen my family backstab each other with such speed. Within minutes there was loud chattering, accusations and finger pointing over who the werewolves are.

It’s a little difficult to detail every game we played, but let me give you the highlights:
- In one game my cousin’s boyfriend was the sheriff. After managing to find a werewolf (3 in this round) he was picked off the next night. When he was killed he appointed my wife as the next Sheriff. The problem came in where she was a werewolf herself and from there used her powers for evil. I’m not sure if I should be proud or scared of my wife.
- For 4 strait rounds (when I wasn’t a moderator) I was the fortuneteller by pure luck! Not to mention that I was also picked off the next night after finding out who was a werewolf.
- There are many other memorable moments, but I won’t go into full detail – we had over 20 games and some are a little hazy.

A few nights afterwards we went to a friend’s house for games. They usually invite other friends and it sometimes becomes a little awkward as we have our social groups. How did I fix this? The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow. After a few rounds we were all laughing, shouting, accusing and generally having fun. A similar round happened where the sheriff was a werewolf as well, but we realised in a smaller group (I think it was 9 people?) that this combination is a bit too powerful, but we did experiment with a few other characters.

I agree with another commenter that The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow is a great icebreaker. It really is. At my family gathering it’s the first time I’ve spoken to my cousin’s boyfriend at all.

Since Chrisatmas Eve my family now demands I bring it with to every family gathering, which is great.

This is by far one of my best board game (not really a board game) purchases I have ever made and I can easily recommend it to anyone with large gaming groups or family gatherings.
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