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Jerry Tresman
United Kingdom
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I am going to keep updating this post so that it has just Q & A. Please create or use another rule topic to discuss. The aim is to provide an easy lookup tool. If the answer is in the rules I will quote [In Rules page #].

Submit the question and I will add it to the first post. The answer might be waiting on LBG. Any answer is based on contact with LBG or from the recent rules drafts.

After being answered , please delete your post. READ RULES VERSION 1.72 FIRST SEE FILES
Jerry wrote:
UPDATE for 1.8x when it comes out

In the following :- Named Soldier is defined as :- When an action card is drawn The Dog Tag ID, bottom left, defines the named soldier for purposes of defining the specific actions such as Draw, Hold and Rally.

Q. Clarification on Order Cards and Scenario Vs Order Card Conflicts.

A. Official Answer :- Scenario directions will trump normal rules
Specific Points :-

1. If the Scenario or your Orders do not specify, you can use "any unused entry area."

2. Scenario directions trump Orders.If your Scenario says "enter at X" and your orders say "enter at Y," you enter at X.

3. You can still try and gain the VPs for fulfilling your orders, even though you came in from a scenario designated entry area and not the order card entry area,

4. You MUST use the entry area required by the the Scenario if named, or if not the are required by the Order Card -- you can't elect to ignore the Orders and not try for the VPs.

5. Any scenario that says "Enter on Turn X" means "on or after Turn X." This is still subject to "Soldiers must enter by Turn 4" type rules, unless the Scenario says otherwise.

Q: Can you use multiple Entry Areas when the scenario notes XYZ.
A: You must choose only one area and from the areas noted in the scenario for your side, their is no priority when you have a choiceof areas. Some situations are designed to have both sides entering/exiting from adjacent areas as there was no defined front when you jump into occupied territory.

Q: What defines a Leader for scenario selection conditions.
A: It is a Soldier card (including a character) with a leader rank insignia also present on its 3 matching action cards.

Q: Is the Leader and Character cost included in the soldier point values.
A:Yes all soldiers selected in the scenario re included in the VP Total.
Note: soldier numbers in scenarios are a guide as you can have more low VP soldiers or more high VP soldiers or more support.

Q. How do you measure movement?
A. Facing is free during movement so the move is really a simple radius from where the soldier is standing. From any point on a soldiers base to that same point after moving, following any path, up to modified WALK distance.Move to COMBAT CONTACT must be in a straight line following a facing change.

Q. How are Victory Points Used?
A. All [In Rules various # search for VP] version 1.53:-
As a scenario condition - select soldiers and equipment up to scenario maximum VP.
As one of the Victory Conditions - The survivor with the most VP points wins.
As objectives for fulfilling Orders and Order Bonus,
As an award for Capturing (x2 VP) or Killing Soldiers and for Capturing or Destroying Equipment.
As a play balance - award starting VP difference to the side with the lower total to their final VP gained.
As an Initiative determinator - side with highest VP soldier.

Q: When are Order VP awarded
A: For the following situations :-
1) Hold requirements are met by the Landmark being free of enemy soldiers and occupied by friendly soldiers at the end of the last Game Turn.
2) Search requirements are met by a friendly soldier to entering the Landmark.
3) Capture requirements are met by friendly soldiers being the only soldiers on a Landmark for a complete Game Turn
4) Each source of VP is awarded once and can only be achieved once.

Q:In the context of Capture requirements what does a complete game turn mean?
A: As per the Sequence of Play Page 8 . From Step 1 placing the Story Cards to the End of Step 7 When you discard all cards in your hand.

If your friendly soldier occupies the Landmark in Phase 1 then it is not captured until the landmark has remained under the sole occupation by friendly soldiers until the end of the following turn.

Q: Are there any extra requirements to capture multiple Landmarks.
A: Unless explicitly stated in the scenario or on the objective card, they may be captured in any order or simultaneously.

Q: How are order cards drawn?
A: Randomly unless otherwise instructed in the scenario.

Q: At the beginning of each Turn, when are the 3 story cards revealed?
A: [In Rules] Sequence of Play ,Step 1. Reveal the top three Phase Cards from the Story Deck and place them in the order drawn on the Phase Panel. {All 3 revealed and played, otherwise you can't determine events or plan actions}

Q: When are Action Cards played face up / revealed.
A: All action cards placed (faced down) by players at the start of the turn are :-
1) Revealed one at a time, at the start of each phase.
2) The exception being cards played as they are drawn from the deck after failing a required action card play. They are played face up as are all that players cards. Thishappens as soon as they reveal that they cannot meet the Action Card placement requirements prior to the start of the first Phase.

Q. How do you execute multiple actions on an Action card.
A. The actions can be taken in any order ; Card Action, bubble action, square actions but each of these must be taken in its entirety before completing another action. If you have a square action that says shoot 1 soldier and a bubble action to Move 3 soldiers , you cannot move two soldiers then shoot and move the third soldier. You could move 1 soldier and not move two others though.

Q: Can a soldier take multiple actions in one phase
A: Yes a soldier can be selected for a bubble action and / or all other actions on the card.

Q. Do soldiers use their draw cards ability prior to entering play.
A. Yes but not once they have exited. This represents planning the mission ,once you have left the field of battle this no longer applies.

Q: What defines holding cards for Initiative
A: How many Action Cards each player is holding in his hand at that moment.

Q: Hold Cards - How many cards can a soldier hold ?
A: [In Rules page 11] Action cards may be held from a players hand, up to the soldiers hold value, every time that soldiers HIDE action card is revealed and an action is taken as the named soldiers "free action". Limited by hand size and named soldier actions played. Note named soldier needs adding to rules.

Q: Can cards be held for multiple turns?
A: YES they may be added to a players hand during sequence of play step 2. Future Tactics cards may also allow them to be put into the players hand.

Q: What determines Soldiers Entry Areas.
A. The following :-

1) The soldiers start off board unless the orders allow on board deployment of soldiers.

2) Soldiers enter the battle area individually via a normal MOVE action.

3) When the orders don't specify entry areas, soldiers should start at an unused entry area on turn specified on the card.

4) Yes the soldiers can enter from from any part of the tile edge. In case of a Landmark it is only half the edge that matches the entry area.

5) The entry areas are taken by soldiers is based on the MOVE action, so they are sorted out as part of the sequence of play driven by the Story Cards.

6) When a player enters from one area, all of the player’s Soldiers must enter from the same entry area unless directed otherwise by a scenario or Orders card.

7)Troops are assumed to have formed up as a group before the scenario starts. Later scenarios my have multiple entry areas but none to date FEB2013.

Q: Can a soldier self rally?
A: Yes he can. A rally 2 or above soldier can rally himself.

Q: Is a targets terrain SHOOT modifier included during a SHOOT action if he is not in cover.
A: Yes. Include all SHOOT modifers except the Shooters unless he is in targets tile. Cover only applies to sighting for HIDE checks.

Q: When are soldiers on cut lines repositioned.
A: [In Rules Page 11] At the end of the turn all Soldiers that are on cut lines of squares or landmarks are moved clear of the line by the opponent.

Q: What defines open Terrain?
A: All the areas that are clear ground (grassy/green) a road or scenario defined.

Q: When does terrain Block LOS?
A: No on tile terrain blocks LOS , its effects are incorporated into the LOOK,HIDDE, SHOOT and MOVE modifiers. 3D Terrain from the "X-terrain" expansions blocks line of sight between soldiers based on its climb values which are cumaltive within the x-terrain piecei.If there is Terrain in between two soldiers that is 4 or more Climb levels higher than the highest of the two soldiers (measured from his feet) then the Terrain blocks the HIDE, LOOK or SHOOT action. A soldier standing on base terrain (climb 0) cannot see over Climb 4 terrain if he was standing on the a bunker with a climb level 1 he could see over Clib level 4 but not 5.

Q: What is the effect of No Move Terrain on LOOK, HIDE , SHOOT or MOVE
A: No Move does not effect SHOOT or LOOK . You cannot MOVE into it except to Place the Soldiers Dog Tag to make it eligibel for a HIDE action.
This terrain is generally Bocage or similar it may reduce visibility and fire effects but the tile modifiers will take this into account, it is easy to hide under and almost imapassible unless destroyed.
Rules Quote from Pontigou Farm Scenarios & Notes
"Soldiers may not move into or through No Move Cover. However the soldiers Dog Tag may be placed in the Cover in an attempt to use the cover to HIDE or protect from enemy attacks."

Q: What does the term Spot mean as in the action "Spot 1 enemy soldier"
A: Spot is interchangeable with "Take sight action" all actions ar resolved following normal rules and unless clearly noted their are no automatic results (none to date FEB2013 - some story card events are automatic)

Q: What is a Soldier's initial spotted status?
A: They are not spotted , unless a Scenario Instruction / Order card states they are spotted.

Q: When will an opponent allow you to take cover unchallenged?
A: When it is clear your cover attempt will succeed e.g. -1 cover soldier in -1 terrain. Purely to save time on making unnecessary Take Cover checks.

Q: If a Soldier has a blue box text that must be resolved, when must it be resolved?
A: In any order except fight which occurs at the end of each action phase.

Q: If an action card with a blue box is played and the text states that the Soldier must shoot at the nearest enemy, but the nearest enemy is not in range, is that soldier still spotted?

A: [In Rules] No he does not pull a hit check as all box actions must comply with the rules. [Rrules red box] IMPORTANT Soldiers pulling a Hit Check as part of a Long, Short, or Close SHOOT action is spotted.

Q: Grenades - What is the max number of grenades a soldier can carry/be assigned?
A: No maximum - equipment is only limited by Scenario VP. If grenade cost is not noted in the scenario they may be purchased at a cost of 1VP for 2 grenades.

Q: Can a unit use a SHOOT action to shoot and throw a grenade?
A: [In Rules Page 13] No - "The SHOOT action is used to attack enemy Soldiers with either small arms or explosives"

Q: How are Grenades thrown into or out of buildings.
A: Using the same firing arc that the people inside use to shoot out. So the grenade has to cross through that arc the same way as shooting would need to, in either direction.

Q: Do targets of a grenade throw have to be spotted?
A: [In Rules] Yes at least one target has to be spotted.

Q: Is a Soldier spotted if he throws a grenade?
A: No but any unspotted soldiers , friendly or enemy, in the blast area are spotted.

Q: Who takes a hit check in a grenade , artillery or rocket blast area?
A: Any soldier or relevant equipment caught in the blast area.

Q: How do prisoners escape capture?
A: If they are not in contact when an appropriate Move Phase comes up, they will be able to escape and return to the owning player’s control (if he so chooses). Basically Escort is killed or moves away. Events may allow prisoners to escape.

Q: If a Soldier with Use Hit+ ability draws multiple Hit+ checks in succession and chooses to fire at additional targets, can he target enemy Soldiers within 3" of the previous target, or only those within 3" of the original target?
A: [In Rules] The shooter may continue to pull shots at additional (sighted) target Soldier that is within 3 inches of the last target Soldier. Use original range even though the fire shifts from last target, note new rules will add sighted soldier.

Q: When are VP'S for random events scored?
A:Immediately. When an event scores Victory Points make a note of the amount on a piece of note paper confirming the record with an opposing player. Although I use dice, these can be purchased from any hobby store whistle. 20 sided are good for VPs
Q. If two soldiers move into combat contact with ONE enemy soldier, and one of the soliers is out of the firing arc of the enemy, can the the enemy soldier fight either/both of his attackers or just the one in his arc? and If you have several soldiers in a large melee, how is it resolved?

A. A hand drawn by the player is used to resolve the combat contact (fight), fight cards are only drawn into this hand for soldiers that have an enemy in their shooting arc.

The Player with the Initiative plays one card (and applies its Combat Result) against any enemy Soldier that is contacted by any of the player’s Soldiers in this Combat Contact (enemies in contact with each other and at least one soldier is in the shooting arc of an enemy, prior to the resolution of the fight).

The card takes immediate effect, if initiative is not based on hand size then this could change initiative, the next player in Initiative order may now play an Action Card against any enemy soldier in Combat Contact with one of his own soldiers.

Play continues as long as any player can play an Action card as part of the Fight. Cards are played by the player so don't think soldier, the target will however be an enemy soldier, all soldiers in contact with any of the players soldiers are eligible targets.

If you kill a soldier so that no enemies remain in contact then the fight is over even if soldiers from both sides still survive. So choose targets tactically depending on your hand and the situation to maximise damage or break off the fight.

This thread will not work as a Q and A. if we don't move discussion elsewhere.

Expansion Terrain Requirements by SCENARIO can be found here:-

Jeff Billings wrote:
Hi all,

I want to thank Jerry for this work. I will certainly review the clarification here the next time I write a rules expansion. Deeply appreciated.
I will update with the new rule references DUE November 2013 and submit to LBG for checking.

Please delete your questions once I have asked / answered. I cant delete your posts.
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Jerry Tresman
United Kingdom
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How do you measure movement
This is an example first question - normally deleted after answering.
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Jeff Billings
United States
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Hi all,

I want to thank Jerry for this work. I will certainly review the clarification here the next time I write a rules expansion. Deeply appreciated.
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Jerry Tresman
United Kingdom
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Starman54 wrote:
Soon to be updated with references to Version 2.0? rules which are available on Lostbattalion games website.

Link on right of page under Pontigou Farm

I have finally just received the updates to my original soldiers - to make them playable , so after I finish with current commitments and games , I will be updating the FAQ - mainly by referencing Version 2 rules.
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