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Subject: EiA Campaign (with 2 women playing) rss

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Tom Haesendonckx
Antwerp - Schoten
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Hi all,

Here's the next report on our campaign:

A quick update on the starting situation:

France: at war with GB, allied with Spain. France is largely inactive, taking only 2 or 3 smaller neutrals.
GB: at war with France. Largely inactive and building his army. Blocking the Channel.
Austria: allied with Turkey, Russia and Prussia. Largely inactive and waiting for opportunities.
Russia: allied with Austria and Prussia. Has big quantities of troops in Prussia. Has taken Naples and Sicily plus papacy.
Prussia: aliies with Austria and Russia. Has taken 3 german neutrals (without corps) and is eyeing Hesse.
Spain: allied to France. Has taken Portugal and is besieging Morocco.
Turkey: allied with Austria and Russia. Has 2 corps in Austria, 2 corps in Naples. Has taken Egypt.

In this session, finally, the war starts. devil

Russia declares on (neutral) Denmark and France wins the control roll. Strangely, France declares war on Russia, taking up the defense of Denmark. This is seen as a bit weird as the Russian corps are hiding in Prussia, unreachable by the French. It gets more weird when later, France fails to move any troops in support of Denmark.surprise

France moves forward to besiege Russian controlled Papacy with 4 corps. The rest of his armies remain largely immobile in the centre Europe (Napoleon stack) and near the Channel (Soult) with 4 corps.

Subsequently Russia (played by a relatively inexperienced woman) makes a very bold move. She move Cossacks into unguarded Milan (under control of France), threatening the supply line of the French Forces that are besieging Papacy. arrrh

Furthermore, the moves a corps into the capital of Hannover (unguarded and under French control) and…she moves 2 cav corps through a gap in the French lines straight to Paris! 8 Russian Cav is now besieging 2 inf. ninja

To top it of: this turn is an economy phase turn! So France collects no income for Hannover and Milan.shake

Under loud French objections, it is decided that Cossacks CAN take unguarded cities and the inexperienced Russian player IS allowed to ask advice from her allies for options that would be unclear to her. She decides her actions herself, naturally, but it is up to the experienced players to point to rules options (ie: what can and can’t be done).

The French player was VERY lucky that Russia rolled only a 2 on the siege roll while needing a 3…cry

Furthermore, Russia cedes Naples to Prussia to keep it out of harms way.

On the next turn, France had to move his Napoleon stack to Paris and a cav corps to Milan to take care of all the fires! And, again, he was lucky: the Cossacks did not make the 4+ withdraw roll and the CAV corps did not make the 1-3 withdraw roll…yuk

Hannover, however, was still under Russian control with loads of Russian troops inside the Prussian border, right next to France.

Amazingly, France did not declare on Prussia…which is what I would’ve expected. The aggressive Russian Tsartisa moved corps into France, taken 5 (!!!) unguarded capitals (4 minors and 1 French home province capital) while still holding Papcay from French attack.

Austria seazed the opportunity to declare on Bavarian with GB winning the roll and putting the Bavarian Corps out of harms way.

Meanwhile the Prussians negotiated a couple of important events:

-GB would land 2 corps in Denmark to take that minor away from France.
-Turkey would join the war, assaulting Northern Italy and threatening French Supply lines plus he would drop a small corps on Corsice (just to annoy France).
-Spain will turn on France, providing 40 troops to assault the South of France (unguarded) while receiving some guarantees from the allies concerning money and protection against future aggression of France.
-To support the Spanish assault, a Russian Corps and 2 Turkish corps will make an invasion in Marseilles. The GB/Russian/Turkish/Spanish fleet will block the French fleet in the Marseilles harbor. Marseilles is guarded by only a single infantry factor, so the chances I very real that the French fleet will have to make an escape run through the allied fleet.
-Austria and Prussia will hold any declarations for another turn, to monitor the reaction of France before commiting next turn.

France has a serious problem: he is faced with 4 corps in the middle of Italy, a total of 6 capitals that are enemy held and more trouble on the way.

Plus: Austria and Prussia will be watching closely to try and grab the French upstart by the throat.

Things are getting interesting. France will have to make difficult choices. If he makes too many mistakes yet, he will be under attack from the world.

Prussia will declare on Hesse this turn, just to see if it can provoke France into rolling for it and declaring on Prussia (making him loose points again).

France is out of the dominant zone of the political track at this point…

Pictures of the group will be uploaded soon.
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Warren Bruhn
United States
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The action went from cool to hot in a hurry! Very nice sessions report.
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pippo franco
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is french player a noob? i think is less aggressive then france need in this game.
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