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Joshua Gertz
United States
Lake Forest
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A new has dawned and with it a new civilization is born from the ashes of the previous, the cycle continues without an end. Once the strong and brutal become the meek and frail, now becoming the prey of a newer race.

It all started for us here...

The gods played with us like dolls, selecting those they felt the best at any given time and letting the old rot. Currently two gods play out their game selecting from the Hill Tritons, Beserk Trolls, Alchemist Halflings, Underworld Amazons, Flying Elves and Commando Sorcerers.

The first God decided to invade the lands by sea and selected the Hill Tritons at first. They landed on the south eastern most shore and quickly migrated north, taking residence predominantly in the hilly valleys of the east. A new race seemed like a glimmer on the horizon of creation, the Bivouacking Dwarves.

Not to be outdone, the other God decided to skip over a couple of decent races to get to something that seemed more apt for war against his Godly playmate. He decided to invade the lands with Underworld Amazons. In his haste to skip over other races the Gods watching this chess match between two of their peers granted a small boon to the unwanted races making them more desirable at a later time. In the background the Spirit Giants came to linger as another race on the verge of creation.

It happened quickly, the Underworld Amazons landed on the western shores and then quickly found passage through the network of tunnels underground to the east coast and the territory of the Hill Tritons. They quickly took over the Hill Tritons domain.

During this round both players scored 6 but player 2 did spend 2 to get to the Amazon Race.

Angered at his peer but unable to do anything, the God instead took out his fury on his Hill Tritons, taking favor away from them just as quickly as he gave them life they are not long for the world.

Laughing at his peers frustration he decides to continue the assault on his playmate and wipes the Hill Tritons from the face of the world.

Player 1 didn't have many options left with the Tritons so he decided to send them into decline and score the 3 points. Player 2 just had too many Amazons to use to take over and proved it when on his next turn removed the remainder of the Tritons off the map scoring 9.

Looking for a new race but still angered by the quick extinction of his beloved Tritons the God sends his wrath back to the world in the form of Beserk Trolls. A new race slowly creeps up on the Gods, Mounted Wizards.

The Trolls landed in the same spot as the Tritons did a generation ago but quickly found themselves bickering with one another as they invaded the Amazon territory making races attribute null during this war effort.

Watching his peers frustrations with his new race he figured that the Trolls would be their own undoing and instead of direct confrontation, the Amazons ventured out to conquer new lands.

Player 1 had some crappy rolls and didn't get any benefit from the Beserk ability. Instead he was only able to take back three territories from the Amazons and score a total of 4 points, 3 from the map and 1 from taking the race. Player 2 is actually running out of Amazons and wanted to conquer as many spaces as possible before going into decline next turn. Player 2 scores 8 points total

The God continues his assault against the now depleted Amazon race, moving north and taking over more of their old territory. Still the Trolls bicker and accomplish little to nothing for the God.

Seeing the Amazons as a liability for the remainder of this little game the God removes his favor from the Amazons and leaves them to their own.

More crappy rolls for Player 1 leaves him only able to conquer two more territories scoring a total of 5 points. Player 2 saw the writing on the wall last turn and decides to put the Amazons in decline. Scoring 6 points for the remaining spaces.

The Trolls are commanded west to finish off what they can of the Amazons but little does he know it will be in vain.

By giving favor to the Alchemist Halflings and Flying Elves the former ruler of the Amazons calls upon his Commando Sorcerers to trail the Trolls. They came in from the south and slowly crept east to take out the Troll territory.

In the meantime a new race comes into existence. The Heroic Ghouls.

Just as fast as they take over spaces on the map Player 1 loses them. The continued the bad rolls with the Trolls and are at a point where they may be able to take over one more space but it would be better to go into decline next turn. They score 7 points.

Player 2 decides to spend 2 points to grab the Commando Sorcerers and take advantage of them by starting in the south and creeping up next to Troll spaces and convert them rather than try to attack them with the extra defense they get from the tokens. They score 10 and its getting pretty evident that Player 2 may run away with this game.

His anger rising even higher the God turns his back on the Trolls leaving them to deal with the Sorcerers that are on their heels.

Almost bursting out with laughter at his competitors misfortune thus far the God sends his Sorcerers on the war path to clean up the Trolls remaining hovels.

Another rough round for Player 1, only scoring 5 points while Player 2 and the Sorcerers seem to be taking over the map scoring a total of 13 points.

Its safe to say at this point unless Player 1 can remove the remaining Amazons and Sorcerers the game is pretty much over.

Deciding he needs a quick boost if he has any chance of catching up the God takes the Alchemist Halflings. Moving in from the South to take out some Sorcerers and build their hovels, they then move West and remove many of the remnants of a lost Amazon tribe.

Realizing the Sorcerers are long gone and being blocked by the Halfling tribes the God decides to let the last of the Sorcerers go their own way.

Player 1 decides to cash in the 2 points for a race that was passed over twice and they also give 2 additional points for the ability each turn. They were able to score 9 and may be able to catch up.

Player 2 is somewhat blocked by the Halfling racial bonus and decides to go into decline scoring 6 points.

The God being uncontested on the West Coast sends his Halflings across almost the entire land, though not realizing it he spreads himself a bit thin.

Laughing out loud this time the God selects the Flying Elves to gain favor and begins raiding the thinned out Halfling tribes across the West.

It seemed like it was finally going to pan out for Player 1 but he spread himself to thin and when Player 2 picked up the Flying elves he just rained down on whatever spaces he wanted to take over. Player 1 scored 12 and Player 2 scored 9.

I think its over for you this time if you would like to concede this match the second God said to the first.

Enraged the first God snorted and ordered his Halflings to attack the Elves that had just ransacked a good portion of hit territories. Taking back all but one of their old occupations.

The second God shrugged and again went on the offensive, taking back a handful of land with the elves.

At this point the first player knew it was too late to go into decline so they did the best they could with the Halflings and scored 11 points for the round, though they knew the game was over at this point.

The second player did the same and just mitigated any losses to score 10 points for the round

Again, my friend it is over if you would like to concede and save us some time. No! screamed the first God, we will finish this regardless of the outcome.

The Halflings again move to take over some of the Elves control but they have decreased in numbers while the Elves continue to maintain the status quo. The Elves move to take it back as soon as the second God takes command.

So thats it Player 1 scored 10 for the round and Player 2 scored 12. In total Player 1 scored 79 points while Player 2 pulled away with 91.

I think Player 1 lost it with the first selection and it snowballed from there once he had three rounds of awful rolls with the Beserker Trolls.
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