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Subject: Flames across Atlantic 3 rss

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Henning Afzelius
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This is radio Berlin with the latest news from the world.

M/J 1944

With the world open to many chancy operations both the Axis and Allied high command know that the start of the May is of utmost matter.

The Elite Axis spy network score a huge victory by fooling the Allied high command and even with slim odds to start, the Axis still get the jump on the Allied.

The JIN get the golden chance of landing on the coast of Suez and closing the entire Med, cutting all Allied forces there from supply.

The operation is carried out but long range elite CW navalbombers hit the landing forces as they run up the beach and the entire 60000 strong landing forces is wiped out, saving the entire Allied position throughout the Med.

A JNI search in Arabian sea, to cut the supply to the Med fail too……From Rome to Tokyo “Please try the new radar, it is much better that trying to find enemy ships by the eye…..”

After the cry from Tokyo has passed away someone do notice that the chance of the landing failing is about the same as the chance that THE ROCK is still in Axis hand and the Axis starting operations in May…….

GGR is most happy for the miracle of movement, to get the troopers to the front and build a new front in the west, stopping all CW/US dreams about a fast conquest of France.

In USSR, the weather is rainy and the split Axis army has no chance to recombine to face the mighty USSR army. Split and outgunned on the central southern front, the largest armored force in the world has no option but to leave the position and move west. With heavy heart the GGR commanders turn west and leave without having been truly defeated.

The 250000 strong Axis force in Rumania move northeast through the mud.

The Rumanian force hope to join up, with the 1020000 strong main army in southern USSR. Combined Axis armor in the southern USSR is 4900 tanks, in the north the Axis got 2000 tanks. Facing the Axis is some 4300 USSR tanks and 3920000 USSR servicemen.

As the Allied at last get to move against the Axis forces, the mighty US navy sail into the red sea to engage the JIN invasion fleet. As the US radar is still working the US carrier planes fight it out with the JA counterpart. After some shooting the JIN is soundly defeated and the US dive bombers close in on Kaga for the kill, but crack damage control teams save the ship. The JIN is forced to flee however, leaving the JIA forces in Africa OOS for the time.

In France the forward GGR infantry formation is blitz away by massive Allied armor forces.

At THE ROCK, the US attack is repulsed again by the Elite GGR mountain forces but losses are piling up and reinforcements far away.

In USSR, the growing red air force try to bomb the flee GGR forces but Zerowaffe blast the USSR bombers out of the sky.

The weather clears and the axis face the next wave of attacks.

In the east, the GGR is now in the open plains in the south without cover of the river and move slowly west as the USSR is just too strong to face in the open. The front in the north is still rock solid and here the GGR hold on to Minsk and Riga. With the clear weather, Finland looks to be in trouble, some 460000 USSR elite force are massing on the border, with strong air support.

Axis forces slowly move west in the southern front in USSR, Zerowaffe cower the mobile defense and USSR cannot mount any strong attack on the highly armored axis forces.

In the west, Axis forces move to block the allied forces but the massed allied armor forces backed by huge air force looks ready to breakout into the open planes.

At THE ROCK, some 50000 elite Italy mountain troopers move from Tangier to THE ROCK to build up the axis defense for THE ROCK.

Japan uses the time to search, to try to cut the supply to the Allied forces in Med but the IJN seem to dislike radar and find nothing throughout the world but the Allied fleets get some surprise attacks on the IJN. Still the Japanese fleet is very strong and losses is given and taken more or less even.

As the Allied move on, the WMS is seeing much air combat as the Allied try to cut supply to THE ROCK, but brave Axis pilots brave the fight again and again. A deal seem to be made, as the axis allow the strong Allied fighters to find them as much as they want but the Allied fighter fly into combat without loaded guns.

At Tangier, the Free Frence want to show the world they can attack all alone and storm Tangier that is defended by the elite mil force from Vence. True to all expectations the Frence force are smashed by the Italy Elite force.

In Finland, Petsamo is bombed and stormed by the massed USSR army. Finlands hope for getting through 44 is looking slim by now……

In France, the next massed armor attack VS Italy infantry in the open plan, reveal the Axis use of panzerfausts, as the Allied attack is slowed down and the infantry even escape.

In Africa, a small US mar force enter, making ready to overrun some of the Japanese ports.

As the summer goes on, the Japanese sail around the world and try to counter the growing US fleet strength in the Indian waters.

The IJN still cannot find anything…..
Elite JIN carrier planes bomb the US mar div, that was ready to enter the Japanese ports in Africa, and by great skill hit the command tent, forcing the div to stop.

In the east, GGR slowly move west in the south, the massed GGR armor forces making mobile defense, stopping any USSR attacks.

In the north, the axis line is rock solid. In Finland, the massive USSR forces in Petsamo, looks ready to move south to Helsinki…..

The might Allied forces move against the axis defenders.
Some naval action see the normal results around the world…..Japan cannot find anything and the allied get some results but supply to THE ROCK is not cut. 500 USSR naval bombers are shot down in IC.

No attack on the east front, but USSR attack the next Finnish defense line and blitz through it, dooming Finand.

In France, the allied try to outflank the Axis but invading Bayonne but crack axis coast guard blow the landing crafts out of the water before Allied paratroopers can take the city. Nantes is stormed by Allied forces and even with the Axis forces bombed away the attack stall after the city is taken, ending the danger from the Allied forces for now.

In Tangier, US/CW forces land to finish the FF job and the brave Italy defenders surrenders, leaving Tangier in Allied hands but they fight a long delaying action.

In Africa, the US navy return the favor by hitting a small Japanese formation by the same skill as the IJN showed as they hit the mar div.

As the good weather continues, the axis move on.

Japan try again to find anything on the water, and this time they do find the main US fleet in Arabian sea. Hot air combat see the air forces from both sides taking and giving losses and in the end strong AA fire remove all Japanese bombings and only 250 US bombers close in on Zukaku but as normal elite repair teams saves the ship from the wet grave.

Axis forces on land more or less stand their ground, most axis forces has left Spain by now, only some 260000 are left around Madrid.

Allied forces try to open new fronts to press the axis forces.

Allied marines and Paratroopers land next to Barsalona in Spain and CW marines land in the OOS port in Africa and overrun the small IJN fleet there, adding a ship to the mighty royal navy. Most other ships are sunk on the way to safer port to the far east.

Renewed attack in France but the US forces forces the Elite Italy defenders back but slow the attack down again.

In the east, USSR attacks the northern Axis front line but is repulsed.

In Finland the next finnish defenders are removed by force of arms.

As the longest summer in history goes on, the axis forces move on.

Most forces are by now in position and little is moved. As normal the IJN finds nothing.

GGR forces in southern USSR are almost back at the Polish/Rumanian border. In the north the line runs from Riga to Minsk.

The Italy navy, sail the only axis forces that could get into Barsalona, the GGR defenders of Algier, through WMS without any Allied unit find them.

Allied forces are very happy with the long summer, and move to attack the axis forces.

In Finland, Helsinki is stormed and Finland becomes the first Axis nation to be removed by force of arms….

USSR attack the northern Axis front in USSR and is repulsed at Minsk but just south of Riga a hole in the Axis front is made, the USSR forces is stopped by rearguard actions and forest.

In WMS, the Axis and Allied forces continue the deal by allow the Allied to find a lot by flying into combat without loaded guns…..

Most other forces are in need of resupply before any action can be taken.

Not only does the summer continue but the weather turn to the worse snow and storm.

All Axis forces are frozen in place and the IJN find nothing around the world.

As the Allied also get a chance to move in the bad weather, the Allied try to cut the Japanese supply to Africa.

As the IJN is greatly surprised in most combats the long supply line to Africa is cut adding to the Japanese problems in Africa.

Allied bombings throughout the world, is missing the targets due to the weather and only few attack are made.

An OOS GGR mil unit on the coast of France is just killed by the Allied forces, almost shooting their own along the way.

In USSR, the mighty red army uses the snow to smash a lone Rumania mountain units, and just south of the swamp, Zhukov throw himself at the Axis forces. In a skillfull defense the axis forces defeat a large part of the attacking forces leaving Zhukov alone…..

As the weather clears, Mainstain orders huge supplys to be send to the front in southern USSR and all officers to join in the attacks on the USSR army. As normal Zerowaffe fail to cower the battle and after over 500000 armor troopers smash into the USSR line and the smoke clear the front is in total chaos.

GGR losses some 160000 troopers and 1000 planes and the red army losses 210000 and 2000 planes all USSR planes are overrun on the ground after the combat. Zhukov is missing but so is the 100000 elite GGR armor forces send after him……

Even with the GGR panzer force suffering huge losses, the largest panzer force in the world and now looking down on the command HQ of Koniev on the plains of southern USSR, the only HQ south of Minsk in USSR.

In the north, the GGR counter attack the USSR advance positions and push them back.

At last, after the smoke clears, the time is gone and the world powers can resupply.

As the end of June, the GGR are back some 150 km into southern USSR, but massive Russian reinforcement are on its way and Zerowaffe is outnumbered in the sky by now.

In the northern USSR, USSR lost its entire gain for may and june in just one shift stroke in the last days of june and the front is back in a line more or less from Riga to Minsk.

Japan build the IJN up again and start replacing the massive carrier plane losses, USN follow and the naval war seem to drag on with losses given and taken.

By now the IJN has searched and clashed with USN in Arabian sea many times but in none of the 13 searches did the IJN get any surprise on the USN, as a token of good will the USN agreed to allow the entire Japanese convoy net unharmed through almost just as many searches.

USN block the supply to most of the Japanese forces in Africa, leaving them exposed to the growing allied forces….

Combat losses are great in both GGR and USSR and both nations just rebuild losses, as do Italy.

US and CW has few losses and start pilling war supply for coming battles…

Finland surrender and the GGR high command look on powerless as the nation is made the newest USSR gain in WW2.

Both sides know that the start of July has great openings to the following summer battles…..Who will get the upper hand.

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