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It was a cold night when we finally opened the box: we had been waiting since Christmas, when we received a game we owned already (Citadel) and decided to return it swapping it for Space Hulk. It had finally come in and, after picking it up at my friend's brand new FLGS, we were ready to go.

Our game was in Italian, not in German (luckily but not surprisingly!)

We went trough the rules quite nervously, since I had read a bunch of negative comments about them. I had printed already 2 reference sheets, the FAQs and a "most common mistakes" list. In the end, we never felt the need to look at them even once (but I checked after the night to see if we got something wrong - we did not). This probably means that in the process of translating the game to Italian a good effort was made to correct some obscurities. Kudos for that, even if I was a little disappointed in discovering that the version we ordered was an Italian one!

So we started, my fiancée and I, using green, violet, yellow and black teams. In the very first turn, a genoraptor singlehandedly killed a very unlucky sergent gideon in an otherwise empty corridor. So farewell to the only character we had proclaimed to be cool-looking.

The next few turn went quite good and we were able to pass trough Black Storage Rooms (or whatever they are called in English) quite easily. However, we were then surprised by a series of heavy attacks that quickly got Brother Scipio and Brother Omnio out of the way. Their deaths were almost ignored, since Claudio fell immediately after,a victim of his own special power. He had been the undiscussed star player until that moment, a role that was quickly taken by Lessicant Calistarius (again, don't know the english name), that killed 3 people in a row twice (of course after a one turn pause) and helped clean the formation, but was not able to prevent an unlucky (0 vs 1!) death for Brother Goriel. Brother Noctis
and Brother Zael, upon who we had trusted most of our hopes, were constantly underperforming (no 4 on attacks and a lot of 1s and 2s from Zael), so when we reached the last room (Launch Room) and immediately lost the valiant Calistarius we were not happy at all and thought we were done.
But the, Zael rolled right a couple of times, wiping out 4 and 3 generaptor and our combined efforts brought the launch token count to three. Noctis tried.... and failed, being killed immediately after.
A 6 generaptor swarm formed as a consequence, therefore we had just one last chance (well, my fiancée Anna had it, since I was out of the game)... she rolled a 2 and we (Zael!) were/was able to escape.

After Anna left (claiming that there is such a thing as a time to stop playing and go to sleep... I think she was making fun of me, don't you agree?) I wanted so badly to play another game, so I set it up again, this time with orange, purple and blue teams. I played somehow bad (was constantly realizing I could have made better moves) so in the last room (Launch Control again!!!) I was overwhelmed by a 4 and a 3 genoraptors swarms

that after killing my third-last Brother Omnio focused on Leon. Zael took position while Leon was slained. He killed 5, reducing the swarm to 2. He had 2 of them in front and a couple of support token, so he was ready to try the launch... he needed a 3 or less... failed... and was killed by the evil couple. However, he was the hero of my first Space Hulk Death Angel night, no doubt about it.
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