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Subject: Combat between Human Players, additional Variant Rule. rss

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Have at Thee [new phase, occurs before Kick Open the Door]:

(A munchkin refers to a human player).

It can be an idea to increase the 5 card per hand limit to say, 10 or even just 7.

A player may initiate munchkin vs. munchkin combat once during the new Have at Thee phase. Combat occurs here normally, except that there are no precise stipulated treasure rewards. If you prevail against a munchkin in combat, one does not receive a +1 level update for your character; instead you may inflict a penalty. Combat collaboration with other munchkin parties is forbidden during the Have at Thee phase; this combat is like a duel, occurring only between two munchkins at a time.

A player may, once per their turn, before Kick Open the Door, provoke another munchkin to combat by nominating the target munchkin. To prevent undue conspiracy against any one player in a 3 or more player game, it is the case that any munchkin which has participated in combat may not do so again until the end of their next closest turn.

The target munchkin may now attempt to run away according to ordinary game rules, with relevant one shot items applicable. (If running away results in escape, munchkin combat ends, and it still does count as having proceeded). If the escape attempt fails, combat continues.

Either player may play one shot cards now as applicable, (except where those cards stipulate monsters). Net combat total is now calculated per player.

-The provoker is the winning munchkin if they have the highest total. With the target munchkin having the lesser total, they become the vanquished munchkin. If either:
-both totals are equal, or
-If the provoker has the lesser total;
munchkin combat concludes here, having proceeded, (with Have at Thee having been actioned,) with no penalty to either munchkin. Besides these two latter possibilities, it is now such that:

-The vanquished munchkin incurs Bad Stuff, being their choice of a -2 Level penalty, or the penalty being any combination of these two Levels and 1000 Gold per level equivalent.
**The vanquished munchkin may then next pay as much of that penalty as is permissible from table.

As the vanquished munchkin exceeds level 9, the two Bad Stuff category amounts increase by an extra -1 Level and an extra 1000 Gold extra equivalent. This continues to happen, by these stipulated increase amounts, for every additional 10 Levels past 9 exceeded by the vanquished munchkin.

Munchkin vs. munchkin combat has now concluded. Have at Thee has now concluded.

Game Win Conditions notes:
Players may always choose to use the epic rules, or arbitrarily change the player win level value, say 10 to 20 for example [still with the rule that a player cannot "sell up" from the penultimate level and win, but must level +1 by killing one final monster], or even higher values. I proceed with the system that you always have an integer multiple of 10 total game levels.

**This means that even with all Bad Stuff possibly accounted for from the table, any cards in hard always remain unaffected.
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