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Subject: Outskirts and other questions rss

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Keith Schramek
United States
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Playing around with the game for the 1st time. This question came up and I am going to see if I can explain it.
1. The 8 squares around your City are the Outskirts.
2. You place your buildings and wonders and great people in the Outskirts.

Now the questions;
3. The symbols that are on the buildings/people/wonders replace the symbols on the squares that they are in, right?
4. As the Outskirts fill up, do the surrounding squares now become the Outskirts? For example, I have a Market in the Outskirts. In the square below it on the Board is a square with 2 Trade symbols on it. Do I now get those during the Trade phase?
5. During the Research phase, if I don't have enough Trade to research anything, I don't research anything? Is that correct?
6. Finally, let's say that during the City Mgt phase, I gather 7 hammers. I have to do something with those right now. I can't save them? If that is the case, I need to plan what i am going to do in that phase before i start collecting the hammers, correct?

Thanks for any answers you can give.
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Ricardo Donoso
Sao Paulo
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1. Right
2. Right
3. right
4. nope, your outskirts only expands with the tech provided in Fame and Fortune (FaF). If you get out of room you have to replace the older buildings.

And note that only the token on top is valid. A Barracks on desert square only provides the barracks +2 trade.

5. correct, and by not researching you do not spend your trade. So all the trade you collect on next turn will sum with your current trade.
6. Correct, hammers do not "stack" for other turns. You have to spend all the hammers in a single build - unless you have engineering, that lets you split your hammers to build twice.
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Henrik Johansson
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1. Correct
2. Correct
3. Correct
4. No your outskrits don't grow, they are allways limited to the initial 8 squares.
5. Correct (allso you can chose to not reseach even if you do have enough trade to save for a higher level tech or to have trade to change to hammers)
6. Correct

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