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Subject: The quickest massacre ever rss

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I'm sure someone else may have exterminated the humans quicker, but this is a short report of what I did:

First Scenario: Survivors.
Devil player: me
Human player: an inexperienced friend of mine (this was his second play, both as the human player), and he committed a great great mistake, and as the evil devil I am, I took advantage of it devildevil

In the fist turn, the human player gets a 5 so he uses the Aura of Precognition to have some control on his way. Me, as the Devil, I save a dice for next turn and get an event card and 2 TP.

In the second turn the human players gets another 5, using again the Aura of Precognition, but committing the great mistake I speak of: he gets a Hungry Tunnel, but instead of exploring an unexplored edge not belonging to his BOFA path and placing the Hungry Tunnel there, he places it on his BOFA way. And he moves there the two blades. See image below:

(this image was taken after I killed the first blade with the blunderbuss, so he does not appear)

On my second turn, using the event card I previously got, I manage to get a 7 (6+1) that allows me to summon trogs despite the presence of humans, and 4+4 to make my trogs frantic. By then, I had collected 6 TP, so I summon 3 frantic trogs in the Hungry Tunnel, another one in the Tight Tunnel with the Redeemer and another one in the Pentacle Room with the Brute (saving 1 TP for the future).
The 3 frantic trogs attack the Blade with the Blunderbluss, who had only 3 defence (he got 2 movement), and hit him 3 times and the Hungry Tunnels duplicate the damage. Result: the blade was killed.
The other two frantic trogs (with Brute and Redeemer) also hit their targets.
(I could have chosen to attack the two blades, delivering some damage to both of them, but I decided to kill one of them so that the Human player would only have 3 die).

On the next human turn, the remaining blade moves onwards exploring a new tile (an elbow without events) killing the trogs in the HT, and leaves the Redeemer on the Tight Tunnel and the Brute in the Pentacle Room.

I get another event card (Terror) which I'll use to put the Blade back on the Hungry Tunnels and summon on the (now empty) elbow 3 more trogs that will enter the Hungry Tunnels and hit again the Blade. This time I only hit twice (but duplicated to 4 wounds).

I won't explain the rest of the game but you can imagine what happened devildevil. As the humans entered the Hungry Tunnels, they were massacred by my trogs. The human player could only place 5 tiles

Again, I must point out that my friend was new to the game (although in the first game he managed to place the tile previous to the exit), and I believe the lesson was learned .

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