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Subject: Playtest: Expelling the Walid Set rss

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Picks-at Flies
United Kingdom
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I finally managed to grab a game on Lackey again and it was a playtest game to boot, playing something from the batch of four I made end of last year.

_PaF's brain eating setites_

Satsobek *
Shenebti *
Akbar Ibn-Mahmet *
Juicy Johnes *

_Bayou's Seruming Monstrosity_

Barnaby Shadrack
Johnson P Donnovan
Michael the Lost with a Security System

_Turn 1_
The Walid Set recruit a Lasombra and a Dream Court Guardian* (to 'serve' him), while they tracks down a Greenpeace Assault Team to assault later.

Barnaby acquires an Odyssey Brain Serum* and a Stench of Death, while Johnson fetches another.

After Barnaby and Akbar are alphas, Akbar Sneak Attacks the assault team with his Hunting Part of Allies and although it Ducks and Covers from the Overbear, it doesn't have the staying power for combat and receives a trio of damage cards to finish it off. Akbar then eats its brains and uses the Rite of Dormant Wisdom*.

Barnaby elects to stay home.

Turn 2
PaF starts by playing new moon... then noticing the pack of humans opposite. Ah well.
Satsobek recruits two Ka Spirits, the Oracle of Sobek and another Dream Court Sla... Guardian, while Shenebti uses feline wiles* to lure in a Corrupt Official*, or was it the Mantle of El Dorado?
Johnson passes his brain serum to Snickers and buys another one. Then Snickers Touches Shenebti with Death* (a shadow walking over her crypt?) doing three damage and injecting her with some brain serum.
The Oracle prophecies and cancels a Ritual of the Dark Spiral.

In the Moot phase, Barnaby and Snickers get nasty, Expelling* both Shenebti and Akbar. There's no contest.

Barnaby sizes up the opposition and picks Shenebti for his attentions. Then goes like a Cornered Rat. Shenebti ducks from the surprise attack, then Runs Like Hell as Barnaby dodges. Shenebti is then attacked by a lynching party of Setite allies, but evades her way through two rounds then dodges. No damage. We did note that Run Like Hell negates some of the effect of the serum; but maybe not usefully.

Turn 3
Snickers Invokes Harano on Satsobek.
Juicy finds another Lasombra lurking outside, and invites him in. Lurking outside what? Well, the Temple of Set* that the Corrupt Official has arranged for them. The Oracle makes Bayou discard another Ritual of the Dark Spiral.
The moot phase is all Karde though as he Expells Satsobek and uses Industrial Espionage to target Touch of Death. It's just Juicy left!

Barnaby attacks Shenebti again, Ducking against a Lucky Blow... then withdraws. Then the temple allies, all 8 of them, try to lynch Shenebti again. The mob slow-rolls against the dodging vampire, hitting with an overbear when the dodges are replaced with a desperate struggles. Playing everything, the mob kills Shenebti next turn.

Then, knowing his end is coming, Juicy Sneak Attacks Satsobek the victim along with a Hunting Party of 6. A Surprise Attack foils plans to kill him even as Juicy Runs Like Hell. Desperate Struggles kills the last Dream Court Guardian, countering a bluffed Aggressive Bite but a Surprise Attack isn't enough at this point to stop a fatal Lucky Blow.

Final score:
Picks-at-Flies 22 (Greenpeace Assault Team, Shenebti, Satsobek)
Bayou 0

Bayou would have eliminated my characters next turn and in fact should have won except his deck was incredibly bad at dealing damage this game (although very good at dodging). My Ally deck proved incredibly resilient despite the lack of polish which is what won the game for me in the end, even if I had to kill my own pack to do so (that and the Oracle disposing of a third Board Meeting twice; and that Bayou was half-asleep by the end.)

For more information on the sets being playtested, visit the Rage forums
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