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Subject: Got my copy :D rss

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Pete aka The Masked Minstrel
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My better half let me buy a boardgame for my Xmas present and so I opted for Super Dungeon Explore but unfortunately I had to Ebuy it since my FLGS had sold out very quickly of it.
That and I had to order it 2 days before Xmas, so I knew I wasnt going to get it anytime soon, and working as a Parcel Post Officer myself I was well aware of the backlog of parcels from the Xmas and New Years breaks.

So you could imagine my surprise when it turned up very quickly on the 4th, I was expecting it to still take another week with all the holiday hubbub.

I read alot of reviews/personal experiences people have had with their copies of S.D.E so I was alittle wary of my copy when I was opening it up, checking all the components etc.
This was another pleasant surprise for me, everything was present, and sure the cards are kinda flimsy but not as bad as I thought.

The miniatures are truly beautiful, even unpainted they just look great and very fun.
All my models pretty much fit together nicely - the Kobolds, dragonlings, spawnpoints and Rex's were effortless to assemble.
Even the Dragon didnt give me too much trouble, at most I had to heat up the tail to bend it slightly to allow it to fit but that was it - its a very nice design unlike a games workshop dragon I once had that supported all its weight on two tiny ankles that slowly bowed under its weight (sure it was lead and this is plastic but the thought they put into the S.D.E dragon is appreciated )

The Heroes were for the most part very straight forward to assemble except for 2 cases.
My Human EmberMage's staff didnt fit but that was very easily rectified by filing down a little bit of both pegs on the staff/hands piece and that took no time at all.

The Elf Archer took me a couple of HOURS literally and caused much frustration, especially because she is my favorite figure.
Initially I had it assembled with no problem, except that her Bow was right infront of her face and obscured it somewhat.
Now that might not be a big deal to other people, but for me I find these figures faces are the most attention drawing parts of them, so her bow position just annoyed me, and I spent ages trying to reposition her for a more appealing look.
I ended up trying to cut, shave, bend her arms to get it to fit and eventually was 'mostly' satisfied, her right arm is slightly bent at the forearm which kinda looks weird but I can ignore it mostly since the figure is intentionally disproportionate.

My only quirk with the components are the game boards - after seeing the beautiful figures, the boards just do not do this game justice.
Especially after seeing pictures of that Castle they had made for that convention.
While I doubt SodaPop miniatures would release 3D Terrain, it doesnt stop me from hoping Sure I could make it myself, but Im lazy at heart.

Reading through the rules, the game appears quite simple but has a surprising depth to it that belies its cutesy appearance.
Ive created custom monsters for a bunch of different games before but always found I had to create my own rules for them which might over complicate matters, but for this I've been doodling with some ideas for boss monsters and there is alot of variety you can get with the printed rules alone.

Hopefully soon Ill get my wife to play a game of it with me, but all in all, I am very satisfied with my present
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Larry Thorne

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That's GREAT!!! I'm glad you got it. Good review.

I ordered mine way before Christmas. It came yesterday to my FLGS.

Watching the unboxing videos didn't ruin the experience for me. Hopefully you too.

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