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Subject: [Earth 9216] Game 6- Divided Five Ways (SPOILERS) rss

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Scott Hall
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Previous thread here:

I'm a bit behind on this report, as the game was played on December 31st. Jason's wife, Tosha, was home from basic, so she got added to the group. We'd missed a weekend due to Christmas, so everyone was waiting to see what could be done with the new rules and toys from the packets and boxes we'd opened.


9 minor cities placed, Player Eliminated, Player Signs Board Twice, and 3 Missiles packets and boxes have all been opened. These contents will be discussed in the open after this warning.


This was our first game with the drafting rules, so I appreciated that a fifth player would let us use all the cards. Barry won the right to choose first, starting the rotation of Barry-Ron-Me-Jason-Tosha. Barry picked the Mutants, only fair since he had brought these godforsaken folk into the game (I maintain I only played missile 2, while Barry played 1 and 3, so he's to blame for the nuking of India). Ron opted for the Enclave. I decided to hold off on factions and claimed the right to first placement. I don't recall the exact picks of everyone else, but I believe Tosha got 2 coin cards and 10 troops, Jason got a coin card and 10 troops, I had a coin card and 8 troops, Ron got 8 troops and Barry was left with 6. Faction and turn order:

Starting Position
1. Barry- Mutants, China. 2 Missiles
2. Scott (me)- Imperial Balkania, Madagascar(Round up when recruiting, Stealthy, Bringers of Nuclear Fire) 3 missiles
3.Jason- Die Mechaniker, Russia(HQ is fortified)1 missile
4. Tosha- Saharan Republic, Alberta(You may maneuver at any point during the turn)1 red star
5. Ron- Enclave of the Bear, Argentina(Defender subtracts 1 from his lower defense die; Well Armed- Add 1 to all of your attack dice when attacking an HQ)1 missile
Unplayed- Khan Industries(place one troop in each territory you control with an HQ)

Barry dithered about placing the Mutants in the mercenary-scarred China, but he was proud of his first major city. I hoped isolated Madagacar would help me keep my HQ safe; as a bonus, Balkania claimed Asia as a HQ, allowing me access to those cards (Tosha had grabbed my favored Saharans, which granted her access to Africa as a homeland)

The Starting World

Resource Cards
4 coins: Scandinavia
3 coins: Russia, China, Eastern US
2 coins: North Africa, South Africa, Egypt, New Guinea, Southern Europe, Northern Europe, Argentina, Kamchatka
No Card: India

Bunkers protect North Africa and Middle East. Afghanistan and Western Australia are plagued by ammo shortages. Russia and China both serve as staging areas for mercenaries. There is a big, glowing crater in India.

There was one remain scar of each type, plus the three biohazard scars. Each player got one, and the last returned to the box.

Major cities in China, Middle East,Russia, and Northwest Territory. Minor Cities in Brazil, Western US, Eastern US, Scandinavia, and South Africa, Central Africa, North Africa, New Guinea and Indonesia.

Prime Earth's Africa is now Scottland.

Barry went first, and he had a biohazard in his hand. He considered sticking it in Northwest Territory, both to give Tosha a good welcome to the game, and to frustrate Ron's future plans. Instead, he stuck it in Indonesia, easily accessible to his mutants. He expanded into there and the fallout zone, so he'd lose one troop in China, but gain two troops in turn. This also had the side-effect of fulfilling the mutant mission power, granting Barry a red star. I started my slow growth into Africa, but also used my Stealthy power to sneak two troops into Eastern Australia; I'd lose one of these troops quickly, but the other held out for several turns (including one round where I rolled three 6s in a row, prompting Barry to call off his attack).

Jason expanded throughout Europe. When Tosha started her expansion in North America, we convinced her to also take the weakly held Iceland, denying Jason the continent bonus. Ron's forces boiled up out of South America to capture Tosha's HQ. This had consequences.

Tosha dropped a biohazard on Ron's HQ in Argentina. Jason placed another biohazard on Brazil stating that it was because Ron was picking on the new player, reasoning we all believed (my last two games of Risk before Legacy had been with couples...). Ron was getting the South America continent bonus, which went to replacing his biohazard losses. I got to unclench- I'd been worried someone would scar my power base in Africa.

Tosha tried to reclaim her capital, but Ron held the last bunker. He stuck it in Alberta and would hold for much of the game. He also invaded North Africa, using the bunker there to keep my troops out. I also ran into trouble because I moved too slowly, allowing Jason's Mechaniker to claim the Middle East and enter into Africa. Bad dice rolls had slowed Barry in Australia, and carried over as he tried to take Asia.

I found myself rooting for the Mutants as the red menace started to spread. Die Mechaniker troops marched through northern Asia and crushed the remnants of the Saharan Repbulic (which honestly was not hard- Tosha bashed everything she had each turn against Ron's bunker). The Saharan's returned in Japan, having learned to be Resourceful (gain a card for expanding into a city territory- why yes, I did suggest that as the best one, with the Saharan's being my favorite faction and knowing there are three cities in Africa). Amazingly, the Saharans fought their way back to North America, and I think did liberate their HQ.

Events came often in this game- 9 territories with 2 coins, which all seemed to be at the top of the desk. Jason held two majors and a minor, which won him most of the population based ones- among these, he placed a forcefield over Russia's city (this city suffered several attacks from Mutants and Bear warriors, so while doing absolutely no good to Jason this game, it ended up worn down to 3 points). I had prepared for the resistance card, but only in one of my cities; most other minor cities were left unoccupied in the wake. The Mutants evolved, twice, gaining
Spoiler (click to reveal)
Mindshackle, allowing them to switch a resource card drawn for a random card from an enemy.
We had one Fallout, but luckily all territory around the fallout zone was mutant-owned at the time (and thankfully Fallout cards are destroyed after played. Still two potential nasty events lay in wait).

As the game continued, Barry found his footing and started gather Asia under his neon boot. I made forays into Europe to deny Jason the continent bonus, and I finally played a scar, dooming Western Europe to ammo shortages. Jason and I had both turned in cards for Red Stars and missile powers- I gave Imperial Balkania Interference, which would prevent a player from drawing a resource card they should be eligible for; Die Mechaniker learned the power of Bad Intel, which would allow them to deny a player a continent bonus.

In the end, I was one turn from victory. I was solidly in control of Scottland, and the next turn my Imperial forces would cross into South America, conquering the whole continent (the active mission) and claiming Ron's HQ for the game. Before I could put this into motion, Ron turned his cards into extra troops. Half charged up to take Tosha's capital, the other half were placed in Russia, where they overwhelmed the Mutants in Afghanistan and seized China. 4 HQs meant Ron signed the board again.

Although he could have placed the last major city or claimed a continent, he chose instead to eliminate the biohazard in Brazil. I boosted Egypt to 3 coins (hoping to use it as the site of the World Capital, but I'll have to hold on one more game). Southern Europe also got a third coin. Indonesia went to 2, as did the Northwest Territory

Here's the board at game's end:

If it falls to me, I'm looking at first placement again. Right now, I'm considering a move to Southern Europe- keeping Barry out of the Middle East, and Jason out of Russia. I'd like to have the population centers and reap the benefits from events (although there are some that go the other direction, so I'll have to be careful). I don't want to control Europe- just the cities, and resource-rich Southern Europe. But we'll see what the draft decides. And I've grabbed the translated cards released in Germany, adding another factor.
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