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Subject: Earth 616: Game 4 - Operation Lighting (Packets have been opened) rss

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United States
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Follow the Start of the War ---> Game 1, Game 2 and Game 3.

Welcome back to Earth 616.


Elimination and Sign the board twice packets have been opened.


Player 1 – Nathan (me)
Player 2 – Cydnee
Player 3 – Josh
Player 4 – Bill
Player 5 – Jack

Game 4

Countries with 3 coin's each
Northern Europe

Countries with 2 coin each
South Africa
New Guinea
Western United States
Western Europe
Southern Europe

Game 4 was now up to 5 players. Enter 9 year old Jack, War Gamer in training.

Pick/Start Order

1) Jack - Khan Industries ( +1 Troop in each HQ)

2) Josh - Saharan Republic
Green: Maneuver at any point during your turn
Blue: Stealth; Reinforcements can deploy into empty territories

3) Bill - Die Mechaniker (HQ is always fortified)

4) Nathan - Imperial Balkania ( Draw a resource card if expanding 4+ territories)

5) Cyd - Enclave of the Bear (-1 to defender’s lowest dice when you attack your first territory each turn)

Jack started in South Africa
Josh started in West U.S.
Nathan started in Indonesia
Bill started in Iceland
Cyd started in China

The War

Take 4+ territories over sea lines


It was made publicly clear that as the leader with 2 wins, I was to be taken out first. Fearing the power I would have if I started in N. America, Josh and Bill planted in that region to drive me else where. Jack made a treaty with Bill promising not to push into Europe and instead focus all his men towards Nathan. Cyd "took one for the team" and placed in China to stop my grow out of Australia. In her mind though she thought it was a good move. The early battle's would get her resource cards and she hoped to Eliminate me with her Starting power of -1 to my lowest dice.

Turn 1

Jack played his Mercenary card onto North Africa. He than took all of Africa fortifying his Northern Borders and gaining an army at the end of his turn.

Josh took all of N. America expect for Winterfell, Greenland. Not wanting to lose 2 men and most likely Bill would just break in from Iceland.

Bill played his Mercenary Scar onto Iceland. He than took all of Europe leaving extra men in Iceland and gaining an army at the end of his turn.

Nathan took the other 3 Australia territories and Southeast Asia. Maneuvered all men to Indonesia and claimed a resource card.

Cyd and her Bear army went to take Southeast Asia. Nathan threw down an Ammo Shortage Scar. She would defiantly take this territory. But Nathan wanted to be able to fight his way out of Australia in future turns. Cyd left all her men in Southeast Asia. Not wanting to press the attack until next turn when she could get her starting power again.

Turn 2

Jack put some extra men in his northern Africa borders and his bonus HQ army. He took all of South America, leaving some men in Venezuela.

Josh only gaining 3 armies went for a resource card by attacking Venezuela. Even with Jack getting -1 to his dice he killed 4 of Josh's armies in a row forcing him to end his turn with nothing gained.

Bill gaining many men with Europe took Winterfell and resource card by taking a territory from Josh.

Nathan gaining 5 armies this turn figured he should strike out against Cyd while she had a -1 to her dice and not the other way around if he waited. With the help of his 2 missiles he destroyed all of her armies and moved to finish her last man in China, taking her capital. Maneuvered all his armies back to Indonesia and claimed his 2nd resource card.

Cyd pick the Blue power of moving an HQ you control 1 space. Sense there were plenty of spots open she was able to re-join the War. She placed her 4 men in Mongolia and planned her next move.

Turn 3

Jack knowing he only need two Red Stars to win saw only 1 army protecting Cyd's capital and only 2-3 armies in Nathans. Josh also knowing this threw down his Mercenary Scar onto Siberia. Giving a little incentive for people to go to Asia in future games. Jack threw down all his men he got from Africa, S. America and territories placing them in East Africa. His army than marched to China overwhelming it. Moving onward to Nathan's capital, Cyd threw down a bunker Scar onto Indonesia wanting to make Australia (her Kyoshi Island) better for herself in future games. Nathan happy for the defense bonus, hoped that he could some how hold on. But Jack numbers smashed in, winning him the game.


Jack - Major City in South Africa: Wakanda
Josh - Minor City in Alaska: Zemc Ya Meouewa
Bill - Minor City in North Europe: Bruhl
Nathan - Minor City in East Australia: Bartertown
Cyd - Minor City in Mongolia: Genji

Play all 9 minor Cities packet opened.


Wow this was fast. With having two wins everyone was out to get me. Knowing my chances of victory wasn't here this game, I hoped to turtle and at least hold on. When Cyd placed so close to me at the start, I knew playing D wasn't in the cards now. My view came very narrow only thinking how to beat Cyd's army. I half thought that the other 3 would than battle each other and that Cyd and I where to far away for anyone to care. I was able to win my fight with Cyd but in doing so, gave Jack the opportunity to get the win, which he saw and took.

Till next time!

Game 1 - Winner: Nathan - Imperial Balkania
Game 2 - Winner: Cyd - Imperial Balkania
Game 3 - Winner: Nathan - Die Mechaniker
Game 4 - Winner: Jack - Khan Industries

Continue the WAR -----> Game 5
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Alexander West
United States
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These are great reports. The way you report each player's action in each round in a sufficiently descriptive manner makes your games easier to follow than a lot of the other ones on here. Thanks for the read!

P.S. If you say exactly which spoilers there are, you'll get more readers. If you just post general spoilers, almost no one will read it.
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United States
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amwest wrote:

P.S. If you say exactly which spoilers there are, you'll get more readers. If you just post general spoilers, almost no one will read it.

I'm glad your likely my battle reports! Thanks for the tip about the Subject line. My general though was that people would look in side to see the top part of the report, showing them was spoilers were below. I'll list them in the next one though.

We've played game 5 as well and I hope to get that one up tomorrow. It was a longer game, so it will take me a little longer to write. I'm going to start adding some pictures too.
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Gordy Crozier
United Kingdom
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I like your place names! Always love to check out how other's worlds are developing and Earth 616 is an interesting one!
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