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Subject: Recommendations rss

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Flavio Ezio
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Long time ago, during a pbem game, my opponent sent me the following recommendations for this game. He said they came from the designers (Mr.Dunnigan and Mr. Nofi). I post them here for your interest.

All Prestags rules, both Standard and Optional are used, with the following exceptions and modifications.
The following Prestags rules are not used:
- Do not use rule 7.5. Use rule 16.1 instead.
- Do not use rule 19.0 Simultaneous Movement (includes related 20.0, 21.0, 22.0, and 23.0).

The following Prestags rules are used, and where noted are modified.

6.41 Defensive fire is possible only if any enemy unit enters the hex. It is not possible if any enemy unit was in the hex adjacent to the defending unit and did not move out.

10.23 Units which begin a movement phase beyond a friendly Leader's movement control radius have their movement allowance cut in half (fractions rounded down).

13.1 Include Leader steps when determining victory point losses. A Leader reducted from 1L to 2L, 2L to 3L, 3L to 4L or 4L to eliminated would constitute 1 victory point loss for each example.

16.1 Use this rule for facing and flank attacks. Units advancing after combat (8.4) can face freely after entering the hex.

18.0 Units in contact either have to engage the units with which they are in contact, or not engage anyone. During Fire Combat Phase it might be possible to remain in contact with the adjacent unit, and fire on a non-adjacent one.
If using the facing rules, a unit contacted through its flank with no contacted enemy units in its front can attack the units in its front ignoring the units in its flank.
If contacted through its flank with no enemy units in its front it can adjust its facing to face the enemy units in its flank.

Class A units cannot enter Forest hexes.

Class C and Mf units cannot enter Swamp hexes.

Class Ff units cannot fire from stream or ford hexes.


CHARIOT 3.2 and SPARTAN 3.4 are pretty much accross the board rules.
Class A units defend at 1/2 strenght if attacked by SD units.
MI and MS units defend at 1/2 strenght if attacked by SD or AX units.
SD and AX units defend at 1/2 strenght if attacked by any Class C or Mf unit.
To qualify for this bonus requires only the presence of a single counter.
All fractions are retained. This is done before leader bonus is figured in.

CHARIOT 3.0 Range Effects should be used across the board. Range definately affects fire combat and this table reflects it for all purposes.

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Russell Gifford
United States
South Sioux City
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That is a good set of recommendations. I feel you HAVE to use leadership and facing without a doubt.

I have not used the simultaneous rules - that would be interesting to try, but the system works pretty well now.

I don't know about the forcing a unit to either engage an adjacent unit, or no one at all. One of the interesting things about these rules is the non-sticky ZOC rules: only Fire units have a sticky ZOC, essentially. I like that. Makes the game play differently than any of the other games SPI was doing at the time.

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