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We played our second game of Guards, guards and have a few questions that came up. (All our questions from the first game were answered by the updated FAQ pdf -thanks!

If you are on a spell run that failed at its first attempt, but have volunteers at the spell gate waiting for the next attempt, what happens when:

1) The luggage hits your character sitting on the Spell tile?
We played that you had to go to hospital and follow the normal hospital rules and then all you could do was move to try and get more volunteers. The player this happened to was under the influence of the 'cut-me own throat Dibbler' fate card and used the opportunity to get cured at the same time. Is this ok?

2)Another player draws the 4 horseman fate card. Are the volunteers at the spell gate exempt from being included for consideration as the one to be handed over? In our game the player on a spell run got the lowest roll so had to hand over a volunteer, but didn't really want to hand over the one not on a spell run- but we made him!

3) The rules state you can leave the spell tile to get more volunteers, either because you have none in your hand or you want to use the ones in your hand for something else. We had a player with volunteers in hand who left the spell tile to recruit 1 volunteer and then also added a second one from his hand, on the grounds that the 'something else' he had in mind was having recruited an extra volunteer. We thought this was quite in the Anhk-Morpork spirit and allowed it. And if that new recruit comes with extras eg scrolls, can the player use these immediately as that is a by-product of recruiting? Our guess is yes.


When a dragon arrives on the board, each volunteer 'must' send a volunteer. May they also, on the first attempt against the dragon, send more voluntarily to maximise the chance of winning by having 6 volunteers?

And finally, is a roll of 1 always an automatic fail or just in combat??

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Leonard Boyd
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Hi Guys,

Right, lets have a go at sorting those questions.

1. Once your volunteers have reached the start gate nothing that happens to you/your playing piece will effect them. So you played that one correctly. As to curing more than one illness or curse on a single visit to a hospital, that is fine, as long as the player pays one AM Dollar per illness. ie. if you get hit by the luggage you pay one dollar. If you get hit by the luggage while you have the Pox you pay two dollars.

2) As above, once your volunteers have reached the Unseen University they are immune from the effects of any fate cards.

3) That is OK. Any volunteer recruited in this way (ie. when a Spell Run is in progress) must be sent immediately to the University. As long as the player sent the volunteer he had just recruited he is free to send an additional one from his hand if he wishes.

4. Dragons
As you state each player MUST send one volunteer but players are free to send more than one if they wish to help defeat the Dragon (up to the maximum of 6). Players can decide amongst themselves who gets to send additional troops. In the case of a dispute we usually play it that a player with their guild house in the quadrant where the dragon is placed gets to choose first if they want to send additional volunteers. Then the person on their left etc etc.

I hope that clears that up for you, thanks for buying our game and for taking the time to post your comments here on this forum.

Leonard Boyd

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