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Subject: Small skirmish in sector 12c rss

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Legion troops were set up on the opposite side of a bunker, a small company headed up by Captain Schroder... Lt. Powell was second in command.

There were a couple machine gunners from D company and 2 squads of Legionnaires. A Walker Tank followed closely behind; the mechanic had died just outside of sector 10b and only the Medic, that was originally from what used to be Virginia, remained to patch up the wounded.

Lt. Powell scanned the area and saw a small outpost in the distance, about 12 LNS from their current position. Posted on the other side of the building amongst vegetation and some small ruins, was a small group of Zirl infantry. A few Clusters... some of which were outfitted with missile launchers, a Processor, 2 Jumpers, a D-Frag and a Vega Tank.

Cpt. Schroeder and Lt. Powell moved into vegetation, taking cover while trying to command their small company to victory. The medic stayed close by. The Zirl Jumpers didn't hesitate to fly towards the Legion troops, opting to stop short behind the outpost to take cover.

The walker tank moved east 4 LNS, his main goal was to get LOS on that Vega tank. The Zirl in the Vega tank also moved east, as if to meet the Walker in a glorious head-on battle.

The machine gunners from D company moved up together, staying about 3 LNS from each other. One squad dug in and flipped a tripod out on the edge of a crater... knowing they could use the cover as a tactical advantage. Just then, a jumper streaked over the building and ripped the second squad apart. The second jumper moved to vegetation to plot it's next move. One of the Legionnaires squads tossed a grenade at the exposed jumper and blew it to pieces, the energy shield hardly standing up to the blast.

The Walker tank moved east another 4 LNS and the Vega tank opened fire... damaging the Walker's locomotion. The walker fired back, however and took out the Vega's gun. The Zirl D-frag fixed it's sights on repairing the Vega tank as soon as it could reach it.

By this time, the Clusters and Cluster Missle Launchers had made it into the building and posted up next to the windows facing the Legion company. The first squad of Legionnaires moved up to the bulding while the second squad tossed smoke in front of the window of the outpost. Just as the smoke was released, the other Zirl Jumper pounced on second squad thinning them out. The machine gunner posted in the crater saw the Jumper out in the open and blasted him with uranium enriched rounds... the Jumper went down quickly.

The Walker tank fired another shot at the Vega Tank and again, bullseye on the Vega's Gun... the Vega exploded into flames, it's corpse marring the view of the battlefield.

The Clusters in the building couldn't hit the Legion troops through the smoke and soon they had closed in on the building and dispatched of the Zirl infantry. The Walker tank remained dead in it's tracks, only able to fire pot-shots at the building. The D-Frag was unable to reach the Vega tank before being shot down and the lone Processor ran for sector 13b.

The Legion had won this battle, but there was an ominous glow in the distance. This was the Zirl's home planet... and we didn't have that many troops left.

**This was a great game, I really enjoyed playing. My Brother was at a disadvantage because he didn't have as good of an understanding of the game as I did. Luck of the Dice did come into play, but it was easily mitigated by using cards and other tactics well. Obviously, the more skilled player will win most of the time. Loved it.**
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