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Subject: Earth 4449: Game 2 (No Spoliers) rss

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Follow the start of the WAR here ---->Game 1

Welcome Back to Earth 4999

Player 1 – Nathan (me)
Player 2 – Sam
Player 3 – Dan
Player 4 – Eric
Player 5 – Ka

Game 2

Countries with 3 coin's each


Countries with 2 coin’s each

Northwest Territory
Western United States
Western Australia

Game 2 had everyone but Ka.

Pick/Start Order

1) Eric - Imperial Balkania ( Draw a resource card if expanding 4+ territories)

2) Sam - Khan Industries ( +1 Troop in each HQ)

3) Nathan - Saharan Republic (Maneuver at any point during your turn)

4) Dan - Enclave of the Bear ( Rolling a natural 3 of a kind and defeating one unit, kills off the rest of the defenders troops and you take the territory. )

Eric started in Japan
Sam started in Western Australia
Nathan started in Peru
Dan started in Northern Europe

The War


On this Earth instead of 12 random territories getting a coin each, all 4 players placed 3 coins. Hence the already strong Scandinavia and Indonesia.

Turn 1

Eric expanded into 4 territories including Southeast Asia where he left 6 armies. He claimed a card.

Sam took all of Australia and was successfully able to make a 2 turn peace treaty with Eric. If they were going to destroy each other, why not build up some and make it an epic showdown.

Nathan took all of South America and b-lined to Greenland to control the Bunker there.

Dan took some of Europe, leaving most of his men in Iceland to hold the line.

Turn 2

Eric assuming Sam wouldn’t attack him took over the rest of Asia. This was a bold move. His armies we’re super thin everywhere. Claimed 2nd resource card.

Sam with an evil grin thought about breaking the peace treaty then and there but chose not to. Instead he put down his 6 guys (1 from HQ) and ended his turn. I can only assume that he expected that Dan and Nathan wouldn’t let Eric hold onto his Asia Bonus.

Nathan not wanting to spread out to thin wouldn’t be going for Eric. Instead he was forced to fortify both Brazil and Greenland, thanks to Dan’s forces in Iceland.

Dan took the rest of Europe and took 1 country away from Eric. It seemed there was at least one sane person ready to keep the worlds forces in check. Claimed 1st card.

Turn 3

Eric re-took Asia and fortified Southeast Asia. Claimed 3rd card.

Sam gained 6 more men and once again held back favoring the peace treaty (which was now over at the end of his turn)

Nathan took the rest of North America, keeping Greenland well-guarded…

Dan went all in and his Bear people stormed into Greenland. As in the first game, they cared neither for the cold nor the bunker there taking it without much fight. He then marched on the Northwest Territories rolling 3 of a kind, outright killing the 1 man that was there. Moving to Alaska the moment changed as the 1 man army there held Dan’s forces at bay killing 4 in a roll, forcing him to quit his assault. His plans spoiled, he was on his way to Asia to also break Eric’s hold on Asia.

Turn 4

Eric not turning in his 3 cards (3coins), wanting to save them yet, relied on the 7 from Asia and 4 from territories. With half the forces vs. Sam; Eric Assaulted Indonesia from Southeast Asia. The Battle for the Iron fortress had begun. Great in numbers but poorly trained, the Kahn corporation threw anyone who could hold a gun to the watery front. Imperial Balkania kept their heads and rolled high every turn. Fighting to the last man....the Kahn people we're able to hold the wall.

Sam then took his turn and pushed out into Asia. Claimed his 1st card.

Nathan surprised at the opening he saw, added his recruits to Brazil and stormed up through Southern Europe to take Dan’s Capital in Northern Europe. Using his starting power he then maneuvered everyone to Alaska. Attacked the one man in Kamchatka and then took Eric’s Capital in Japan getting his 1st win.

Guerrilla tactics for the win!


Nathan – Major City in Greenland: Icecrown Citadel
Dan – Added a 4th Coin to Scandinavia
Eric – Minor City in Afghanistan: Vietnam
Sam – Added a 2nd Coin to India

Till next time!!!!

Game 1 - Winner: Sam - Saharan Republic
Game 2 - Winner: Nathan - Saharan Republic

Continue the WAR ---> Game 3
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