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Subject: Surviving Isla Tetra... rss

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Nicolai Broen Thorning
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My wife (V.) and I enjoy Isla Tetra and its newer incarnation Isla Tetra 2 as a quick evening game, which packs a bit of punch, but is harmless enough not to get tempers flying. This story retells the tale of one of our many adventures on Isla Tetra.

Stranded on the island with seemingly no way off, it is time to get acquainted with the surroundings, gather some supplies and ensure that perhaps we do not leave empty handed. Our first order of the day is to get some shoes, in order to get a bit more comfortable and allow us better access to the interior of the island.

We then go about gathering materials for torches, which will allow us access to the caverns of the region. I decide to my sanity, you never know what dangers lurk on a remote, seemingly deserted island in the middle of no-where and with the prospect of spending an eternity here... you run the risk of insanity.

V. decides to build a shelter, which is a good move. It can provide just that, shelter, in the face of thunderstorms and lightening. Exploring the island can be tricky and you never know what weather you might get caught in.

Now, during all this, we slowly begin to explore the area closest to the beach. We feel safe here, because we can quickly run back from the overpowering jungle to the "safety" of the beach and the great ocean. On my trips inland I see birds overhead. V. on the other hand almost meets and untimely end falling over a log and tumbling down the incline. She slowly retreats to the beach to recuperate.

In the meantime I start drawing a map of the areas I explore. I hope it will help me better explore the jungles of the island. Feeling emboldened by my previous expeditions I venture further inland. I face terrible hardship, battling snakes and eventually run into natives to the land. They are by no means friendly and chase me a long way, before they leave me for dead - almost.

V. fashion a knife out of various bits and pieces she gather from the incoming tide. She then manage to construct a camera and sets off exploring the island, hoping to get a few shots to bring home. Each day, we get closer to finally making it home, but also one step closer to being forgotten if we do not make it off in time.

She decides to create ropes out of twines to help scale the interior mountains, visible above jungle far inland. Amazingly enough, the camera functions well enough to get her a choice shot of some ancient artifact, perhaps a remnant of earlier civilizations...

I continue to explore the island, further bolstering my sanity, I feel in great condition to meet whatever the island can throw at me. Surely, the unfiriendly natives I encountered earlier must be the worst this place has to offer. No sooner did I think such thoughts and I was hit by lightning. You can be sure I ran as fast as I could back to my base - that is, after I had come to myself, It really is amazing what a little hardship can do to you.

Quietly observing V. I too decide that getting a good rope might not be such a bad idea. It would mean I could explore the entire island, peeking into every nook and cranny. With my rope hoisted over my shoulder I again set off. This time I am not so easily frightened and overcome unfriendly natives - or rather - a solitary one off one his own.

V. has begun creating a spear. Hunger must be getting to her. It can help boost your health, but colourful fish can also be a prize back home. A home, sweet home, will we ever see you again... At her first attempt she manages to catch a green fish. She sees a few ways to refine her spear and at her second attempt she catches two fish, both yellow.

I intend to continue to explore the island, now that I am well-equipped to do so I can get much farther on each expedition, but first I decide to get warm, so I build a fire. Once it is set, I leave to explore a nearby cave I had noted on a previous trip. When I get back I build up my fire even further. It helps me keep warm and means that I can scavenge the night tide too.

Using my roaring fire, I make a few choice improvements to my torch and can now go much deeper into the caverns I have noted before. It helps me find some great stuff that I am sure will bring me fame when I return. I am no longer in doubt about whether I will return or not, it is merely a question of when.

In the meantime I continue to explore the island, continually improving on my torches, I roam the entire island and soon have it fully mapped out. I find ancient artifacts, overcome danger, see amazing birds and flowers and gather a decent amount of timber and wine to help me build the raft that will get me out of here.

V. on the other hand eats a few of her fish and continues in my footsteps, exploring the island at her own pace, taking photographs of everything that seems remotely interesting. She continues to spend every free moment on the beach fishing and does indeed manage to have a great stack of trophies lined up on the beach.

I can see them as I sail off towards home on my sturdy raft...


We then return to real life and set about tallying our score. I win convincingly 160-83 netting a lot of points from my improved torches, my stack of timber and vine, plus completing the tasks I was given at the start of the game.

V. managed to take shots of everything worthwhile on the island, but did not gather many points aside from that. Her fish did give her a few points, but as she ate many of them, she did not reap the rewards of all her hard work.

We have a habit of getting stranded on deserted islands, so until next time...
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