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Cain Ericson
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I decided to whittle down my hero and zombie decks. I settled on 80 cards each adding 20 cards to the base number of 60 since there where 2 extra zombie cards that discard 10 cards. This would still give the zombie player a chance to win by depleting the hero deck (however small).

I own all the expansions but none of the suppliments. These are the 36 (18 x 2) cards I took out.

Faith (I have a defected copy, still have 2 in deck)
Rusty Keys
Laying Down the Law (too powerful for ranged attacks)
Jumper Cables (too corny)
Garden Shears (too corny)
Circular Saw (too corny)
Fence Post (too corny)
Eat Dirt Zombie (less zombies in pool = less fun)
Lizzy (grandma with gun too powerful, still have 7 townsfolk)
Rosary (Im not Catholic, and this is zombies not vampires)
Stockpile: Guns
Stockpile: First Aid
Lucky Find x2 (not playing Unique Items yet)
Brilliant Idea x2 (not playing Survival Tactics yet)
I Know Where It Is (search thru deck takes too damn long)
Hunting Rifle (1 is good enough, range too long can shoot across town)

I Feel Kinda Strange x2(replaced by Bitten, dont like brains references)
This Could Be Our Last Night (1 good enough in deck, too situational)
Rotten Bodies (situational could hurt you, dont like indestructible z's)
Theyre Coming From the (1 good enough, doesnt spawn zombies)
Overwhelmed (dont like that zombies cant be killed in any way, no fun)
Haunted by Past (dumb)
Desperate For Flesh (how often can you play 2 fight cards on 1 zombie)
Despair x2 (+5 to cancel, what a joke)
Catfight (too situational, slightly more males than females anyway)
Hopeless x2 (discard to have hero choose what happens, pathetic)
Deadly Surprise x2 (not playing Grave Weapons yet)
Tools of the Grave (not playing Grave Weapons yet)
Hungry Dead (dont like sacrifice cost of 3 zombies)
Twisted Ankle (situational and too weak)

I would like any advice or comments, and I'm curious to know what cards other players have removed from their decks, thanks
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Spencer Myers
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Personally I like to play with all the expansions' cards every time. I like the variety of tools/weapons that come up. Each one forces you to adjust your tactics in subtle ways, rather than just using the same guns and more efficient hand weapons.

But if the cards you refer to are detracting from your enjoyment then you should tailor the decks to your liking.

Since you asked for comments here are a few:

Not sure about how powerful Lizzy is over all... she's good if you have to stand and fight in that one building, but she doesn't go with the character if you have to leave it so her benefit is only good if your character never leaves that building. Plus the zombie can always discard Lizzy just by playing a lights out or "taken over" card on her building, or playing any other "discard remains in play" on her, so she's not a permanent fixture. Zombies can also alter their strategy and wait for the hero to leave the building and jump them then. Or go after another hero. There are ways to deal with a powerful card like that.

As for Laying down the law, you get a +1 to ranged attacks for one turn. I'd hardly call that too powerful, unless you happen to have one of the 2 cops in play in which case it remains in play on them (until a zombie plays one of several cards to discard it...). But then those are the types of cards that are there to help turn the tide in the game, change things up a bit. Also forces the zombie to adjust tactics. Just my opinion, though.

Not sure what you mean by "it takes too long" to search through the deck. Usually it takes under a minute or so whenever my group pulls an "I found it" card. Maybe you've got a slowpoke in your group who spends 10 minutes searching the deck, but never had that issue myself.

I disagree about "Desperate for Flesh". Most of the time our zombie players have 2 or more fight cards in hand that they'd love to play on a hero during one single fight. "Desperate" allows them to do just that. I would not remove that one from the deck myself.

I do find it somewhat amusing that you took out Rosary because you said it wasn't a stereotypical Zombie-fighting item, but then you also took out "Feel kinda strange" because you don't like the reference to zombies eating brains which is one of the most recognisable stereotypes of the genre...

Those are some of my thoughts, but bottom line, do whatever makes the game more enjoyable for you and your group.
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Ferenc Wostry
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Same here, I use all the expansions together with the base game all the time, and every component is mixed together, cards also. I just love the variety of the huge amounts of events, weapons, townsfolk. etc.)

The only thing I DON'T like is the idea of zombies with weapons (to me a zombie is just a walking dead person, and that's it - it's not going to learn to use weapons or items or whatnot), so I don't like some of the grave dead (ones with machete or pitchfork, etc.) Cards relating to them I take out. (obviously I did not buy the figures pack with the weapon wielding zombies )
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Cain Ericson
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spencer_myers wrote:
I do find it somewhat amusing that you took out Rosary because you said it wasn't a stereotypical Zombie-fighting item, but then you also took out "Feel kinda strange" because you don't like the reference to zombies eating brains which is one of the most recognisable stereotypes of the genre...

Thanks for your comments, I may re-think on some of the cards you mentioned. As for the "brains" comment I hate the way Revenge of the Living Dead introduced that concept to zombie lore. I like to look at zombies realistically and see them as spreading a virus thru their bites, that being zombies are hungry for our fresh blood or flesh. Having zombies hungry and moaning for brains is too silly and dumb, plus that would keep victims from turning into new zombies if they didn't have any eaten brains left. I have no choice but to leave other brain comment cards in though, as those other cards are really needed. Still enjoy the game very much though, best zombie game around.
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