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William Smith
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I played my first game of Granny's House yesterday afternoon with a second player. I didn't want to slow the game down by trying to track the session at that time, so decided to give it a go by myself this evening and keep notes.

Above: The game board

I begin by putting the Team Mover pawn on the starting home space, and add the folded welcome sign on top of Granny's house at the top right corner of the board.

I'm ready to begin my adventure to Granny's house, but first I must pick 4 GOOD THINGS to take with my on my journey. My first few obstacles will be sleepy bears and high fences, so I take along a honey pot and a wooden box. I can use the honey pot to sneak past the sleepy bear, and the wooden box to stand on to climb a fence. For my other two items, I choose to take the beach ball and umbrella set, and the hat and horn combination. The beach ball could get me through a stream, or the umbrella could protect me from the sun. Similarly, the hat could protect me from the sun and the horn could scare away a bear.

It is time to be on my way, so I roll the die and get a 2, which places me on a neutral space (spot 2). I roll again for a 3, which places me on a lucky diamond space (spot 5), allowing me to pick an additional GOOD THING. The rules allow me to take a GOOD THING from the board, or from the unused pile. There are none on the board yet, so I pick up the flashlight from the pile - it might come in handy if I get stuck in the woods.

I am now on a path that contains no UH-OHs (obstacles), so I feel safe for the time being. I roll a 6 which takes me to a neutral space (spot 11). I roll again and get a 1 - happily, this has landed me on another lucky diamond space (spot 12). I choose to pick up the dog - I think that this would make a nice gift for Grandma. She has been lonely since Grandpa passed on, and besides, she has always had a soft spot for animals.

With the puppy in tow (I name him "Sparky"), I roll for movement and get a 5 - oh my, I am now on a dangerous path and have landed on an UH OH space (spot 16). There is a sleepy bear here. I delicately and quietly put down my pot of honey - if the bear does stir, he will surely be too distracted by the tasty honey to pursue me.

I cautiously carry on, rolling a 4 which takes me to another UH OH space (spot 20). This time it is a high fence that stands in my way. Good thing I thought to bring along that wooden box! I flip the box over and stand on top of it, just tall enough now to grab hold of the top of the fence and pull myself up and over.

I hope I don't land on another UH OH. I roll the die and get a 1, landing on a neutral space (spot 21). Phew. I roll again .. a 2. Another neutral space (spot 23). I see that the path ahead of me is free of UH OHs for awhile and breath a sigh of relief. Maybe I can land on one of those lucky diamonds?

I roll a 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... neutral space (spot 28). Roll again ... another 5, but this time I land on a lucky diamond (spot 33)! I think I'll take the sticks and rope. I'm sure I could find a use for them along the way.

I am approaching a turn in the path and some UH OHs ahead. I see high fences and hot suns standing between Granny's house and myself. With trepidation I roll a 1 and land on a neutral space (spot 34). Another roll ... and a 5. That was close, I land on a neutral space sandwiched between two high fences (spot 39). Will my luck continue? I roll a 3 - UH OH! I'm under a hot sun (spot 42) and need to protect myself from its rays. I didn't bring any sunglasses, but I do have a big hat and an umbrella. If I use the umbrella, I will also lose the beach ball (they are on the same GOOD THING card), but f I use the big hat, I will also lose the trumpet (they are on the same GOOD THING card). Because there are streams ahead, but no more bears, I decide that I don't mind losing the trumpet and put on the big hat. Ohhh, that feels much better.

Above: Putting on my hat to protect myself from the sun

With the sun taken care of, I continue along my path, rolling a 1 which lands me on a neutral space (spot 43). Another roll, and ... a 6! Another neutral space (spot 48). I roll again ... 3 - yay! A lucky diamond space (spot 51). I could take back one of the GOOD THINGS that I've already played, but I decide instead to take the sunglasses. My current inventory is: sunglasses, sticks and rope, Sparky the puppy dog, a flashlight, and an umbrella and beach ball set.

I roll a 6, which lands me on a neutral space just short of a hot sun UH OH space (spot 57). Feeling lucky about that roll, I try again and ... a 5. UH OH, not so lucky that time ... I now have to contend with the hot sun again (spot 62). I put on my sunglasses, which helps me to see through the brightness and protects my eyes. I'd better get out from under the heat.

A 5. I just miss landing in a stream, thankfully getting one space ahead of it to a neutral space (spot 67). All the upcoming obstacles are streams, dark woods, and two sleepy bears. I'm more than halfway to Granny's house. I can make it!

I roll a 6 and run up the path to a lucky diamond space (spot 73). Hmm, what will I take with me now? I could take the food and drink basket or the flowers and candy as a present for Granny in case I have to use Sparky to guide me through the dark woods or to scare off a sleepy bear. Or I could take an innertube - after all, there are still three streams ahead of me. It's a tough decision, but I decide to take the flowers and candy and hope that I will only need to cross one stream.

I roll another 6 and land on yet another lucky diamond space (spot 79)! Great. This time I do take the innertube - I am very close to the streams now. (I am also very close to Granny's house.)

I roll a 2, just barely avoiding a stream and landing on a neutral space (spot 81). I roll again ... a 1. UH OH. I land in a stream (spot 82) and quickly lay across my innertube (glad it was already inflated!) and kick my way across to the other side. I'm a little bit wet, but luckily the flowers and candy are still in pretty good shape. Sparky is a good swimmer, I've learned. I think that he enjoyed the chance to cool off a bit.

Now safely back on land, I roll another 1. Neutral space (spot 82). Roll, and ... a 5. I move five spaces ahead and find myself in the thick of the dark woods. I can't really see much at all in here, and to be honest I think I may be getting lost and am feeling a bit frightened. Oh wait! I turn on the flashlight that I thought to pack, and shine it around me. Is that a path? I think it is. I wonder if it is the way out ...

I roll a 4 and land on a neutral space (spot 92) between two sleepy bears. Better tip-toe out of here. I roll a 1 .. UH OH, I've landed on a bear space (spot 93) and he seems to be stirring. I don't have very many GOOD THINGS that would help - maybe the bear likes candy, but maybe not. I wonder, if Sparky growled and barked loud enough, if it would scare the bear away. I guess I'll find out, because Sparky is already yipping. It worked!

I roll a 5 and land on a neutral space (spot 98) between two dark woods and only two spaces away from Granny's house. All I have to do now is roll higher than a 1. I roll .. and .. a 2! Yay, I've arrived at Granny's house!

Above: Granny's note

What's this? A letter is waiting for me - "Welcome! I went out to pick berries. Will be back soon. There is some lemonade in the icebox and fresh apple pie on the window. Love, Granny."

Oh, Granny. I set down the flowers and candy that I've brought her and decide to wait for awhile so that I can visit with her when she returns. If I was playing the extended game, this is where I would turn around and try to make my way safely back to my own home, but I'm feeling a little worn out from the long journey and will stay here at Granny's house and refresh myself with some fresh lemonade and pie.

Above: End of game - I've delivered my flowers and candy and am waiting for Granny to return
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