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Follow the Start of the War ---> Game 1, Game 2, Game 3 , Game 4 and Game 5

Welcome back to Earth 616. Where the Ozone lair has a bit of a cold above the Brazil area.


The following Packets have been opened:

Sign the board twice
9 Cities
3 Missiles


Player 1 – Nathan (me)
Player 2 – Cydnee
Player 3 – Josh
Player 4 – Bill
Player 5 – Jack

Game 6

Countries with 3 coin's each
Northern Europe

Countries with 2 coin each
South Africa
New Guinea
Eastern Austria
Western United States
Great Britain
Western Europe
Southern Europe

Game 5 had all 5 players.

Pick/Start Order

No memory of what order each thing was picked but in the end everyone had the following.

1) Bill – Saharan Republic
Green: Maneuver at any point during your turn
Blue: Stealth; Reinforcements can deploy into empty territories
Brown: Really; Gain two troops in each HQ you control
First Turn
Third Placement
10 Troops
0 Coins

2) Nathan - Enclave of the Bear
Green: -1 to defender’s lowest dice when you attack your first territory each turn
Blue: Move an HQ you control one space
Brown: Instead of taking a coin card, who can take any face up territory card
Second Turn
First Placement
6 Troops
1 Coin

3) Jack – Mutants
Third Turn
Fifth Placement
8 Troops
0 Coins

4) Josh – Khan Industries
Green: +1 Troop in each HQ
Blue: None
Brown: Dice numbers can’t be modified in the next battle
Fourth Turn
Fourth Placement
10 Troops
2 Coins

5) Cyd - Imperial Balkania
Green: Draw a resource card if expanding 4+ territories
Blue: Draw a resource card if expanding into a city
Fifth Turn
Second Placement
8 Troops
1 Coin

Nathan started in West Australia
Cyd started in Madagascar
Bill started in Great Britain
Jack started in Argentina
Josh started in Irkutsk

The War

Unexpected Attack: 1 Red Star; Conquer all the territories in one continent this turn.


The first game with the Mutants let the good times roll. I set up shop in Australia instead in my usual North America because I didn’t want to be anywhere near the aggressive Jack who would most likely be starting in South America. In the first round of the draft everyone had the option to grab one of the 3 Bio-Hazard Scars. Cyd and I each took one, while everyone else went for other things. The last remaining Scar card went back into the box.

Turn 1

Bill took all of Europe fortifying Russia. With no one in North America, his northern route would be safe for now. And to his south Cyd would be losing many men to take Africa. He should be good there too.

Nathan having his Bio Hazard had some choices on which of the 6 continents to play it in. He didn’t want it in North America because he plays there a lot. South America would help Jack and future Mutant players. Europe and Asia were already hard to hold. Australia in truth would be my first pick but sense I was there this game I had to go with Africa, which I truly believed was on its way to being the strongest Continent in our world. The Bio hazard went onto Madagascar as well as Cyd’s capital, sitting there. She wasn’t happy to say the least. Instantly she counter attacked with her Bio Hazard putting it down in Western Australia. In one swift moment no one would be able to start in Australia in future games and we had crippled each other’s armies. A good start to any war. I moved all I could to Indonesia and ended my turn.

Jack took all of South America gaining an extra guy in Brazil at the end of his turn.

Josh took everything north of China, keeping the Eurasia border nice and secure.

Cyd lost 4 men taking South Africa and took Eastern Africa as well, gaining her 2nd card.

Turn 2

Bill recruited men to the south, Russia and started exploring into North America.

Nathan leaving Western Australia to burn for a while took only The Shire, New Guinea. Left 3 men there just in case the event card: RESITANCE popped up.

Jack took Outlaw Star, Central America and ended his turn.

Josh took all of Asia expect for the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Cyd took New Utopic, Central Africa, claiming 3rd card.

Turn 3

Bill claimed more of North America being very aware if the Mutant Horde to his south.

Nathan spent his turn taking Bartertown, Eastern Australia

Jack’s Mutants burning with hatred for the Bringers of Nuclear fire attacked and took Eastern Canada, gaining his 2nd card.

As I expected, the fallout event cards, most of the time would do nothing because the Mutants were the only ones in South America.

Josh took Eastern Africa from Cyd, gaining his 3rd card. Maneuvered men there as well.

laugh lol

Cyd gained men in South Africa. Ended turn.

Turn 4

Bill owning 2 missiles because the Mutants were in play, pushed the Mutants back into their hole claiming all of North America. Took his 1st card.

Nathan finally took all of Australia leaving two men in the Bio Hazard so he would be able to claim the bonus next turn.

Jack turned in 2 cards (3 coins) and attempted to push back in Central America. But Bill’s men knew how to use the bunker a little better and were able to oppress the Mutant people yet again.

Josh turned in his 3 cards (3 coins) and simply expanded some men into Cyd’s capital in Madagascar and had to tooth and nail his way up into/through Europe. Cyd wanting anyone to win but me used her missile to help Josh along. I helped with my 2 missiles as well, mostly because I wanted to be able to get in a 2nd game tonight. It came down to 1 final man attacking vs. one man defending. Out of men and out of allies with missiles, Josh rolled the dice…5….to Bills 4. Josh claimed his first victory.


Josh – Will be naming North America but is taking his time to think of a name.
Cyd – Coin added to Central Africa (2 Coins now)
Bill – Coin added to Russia (2 Coins now)
Nathan – Coin added to Indonesia (2 Coins now)
Jack – Coin added to Argentina (3 Coins now)

Till next time!

Game 1 - Winner: Nathan - Imperial Balkania
Game 2 - Winner: Cyd - Imperial Balkania
Game 3 - Winner: Nathan - Die Mechaniker
Game 4 - Winner: Jack - Khan Industries
Game 5 – Winner: Jack - Saharan Republic
Game 6 – Winner: Josh – Khan Industries

Continue the WAR --------> Game 7
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United States
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Update on the prize Josh picked.

Named North America: Iktomi

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mar hawkman
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For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory
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