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Well, the weather has been crappy around here this weekend, and today we woke to ice covered roads, and a late start at school that very quickly turned to a full blown snow day.
So the girls decided to focus our game playing on all things Harry Potter.

We played several Harry Potter games, including:Scene It? Harry Potter: The Complete Cinematic Journey, Scene It? Harry Potter, Harry Potter Hogwarts, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Mystery at Hogwarts Game, and Clue: Harry Potter Edition.

After a few sound beatings in the Harry Potter Trivia genre, and a close lose in the luck/strategy Lego game, we moved to the last two games. starting with this newer acquisition version of Clue.

The reasoning and logic of Clue usually sends it my way or very close to it, and this game being very similar to Clue was no different. The spell cards add an interesting twist to the game, but really just make it significantly easier if you happen to draw the cards that let you peak at your opponents cards.

The game started out fairly even with each of us getting a bit of information. I was able to send the ghost after Olivia to block her path a few times making her spend her move dice on getting the ghost out of her way.

Then luck started to go my way. I drew the card that lets me peaked at three of an opponents cards, I get three of Madeline's and am able to nail down the Character, and get within two of the spell. Game play continues with both girls getting the H roll (Madeline twice and Olivia once), but instead of getting help they open the secret passages ways. This is good for them, but not exclusively so.

By this time I have about half the classrooms narrowed out and the spell figured out, and the character too. My turn, I roll the H and get another good card that let's me see all of one person's locations. I choose Madeline again since the first three I saw of her's had no locations in it. This gives me the information I need to head for Fluffy. It takes two turns, but I manage to get to Fluffy and make my accusation: Crabbe, Wingardium Leviosa, in the Potions classroom.

Finally a win for me. From here we played Clue: Harry Potter and I managed to win that too.

If you have a Harry Potter fan in your family or gaming group, I would recommend the original Harry Potter version of Clue over this game. (A recent update was released for it, but I do not yet know if it is good or not.)

All-in-all a fun day of gaming. Now outside to do some more shoveling while the girls play in the snow, then probably watch a Potter movie.

Thanks for reading.
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