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Subject: Leipzig 20 solo replay - the second day of battle (an illustrated AAR) rss

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David McKenna
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Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?

Click here to withdraw to the first day of battle.

(Allied North morale is placed on ‘7’)

Turn 7: October 15, Morning (Allied South morale 5, Allied North morale 7, French morale 6

(random event = “Help is coming!” +1 Allied South morale)
The Allies then spend that morale point to force march the Army of Bohemia (-1 Allied South morale), who all swamp onto the map (+1 Allied South morale) while Au IV, Ru Ic and Pirch all move to engage the cadre in Dolitz and Ru I moves through Meusdorf.

Au IV, Ru Ic and Pirch all combine to attack cadre, routing it 4 hexes (-1 French morale). The first of these is a hazardous retreat, which the cadre fails and so breaks instead (+1 Allied South morale). Ic then advances after combat.

(random event = “The plan unfolds” Cards are reshuffled)
IV arrives, moving to Rackwitz as YG moves to Leipzig, VI to Lindenau, Vc east of the same, V outside Connewitz, OG west of Stotteritz, Res Art north of that and IX north of Malkau

The French player then declares this as a ‘lull’ turn (for +1 French morale)

situation at end of turn 7

Turn 8: October 15, Mid-day (Allied South morale 7, Allied North morale 7, French morale 5

(random event = “Our Honour is at stake!” Associated roll = Army of North will arrive 3 turns early)
Ru I moves to attack Res Art, with IV moving to attack OG and Pirch moving to attack V. Ic then moves to Probsteida, with the rest of the Army of Bohemia all advancing on Leipzig.

Russian I attacks Res Art but are forced to withdraw. Austrian IV commits reserves (-1 Allied South morale) against OG, only remaining engaged. Pirch attacks V, but are forced to withdraw back into Dolitz, with V opting not to advance.

(random event = “Send a Courier!” No effect as Napoleon previously activated)
IX and Res Art both move to engage Russian I as GC arrives, moving towards Leipzig. IV moves along road, V moves west of Austrian IV and LO drops back towards the LOC in Leipzig. Finally, YG moves towards Connewitz as Vc moves towards Schonau.

OG and V combine to attack IV, forcing them to withdraw, with OG advancing after combat. Res Art and IX combine to attack Russian I, breaking them outright (-1 Allied South morale, +1 French morale), with IX advancing after combat.

situation at end of turn 8

Turn 9: October 15, Afternoon (Allied South morale 6, Allied North morale 7, French morale 6

(random = “Help is coming!” No effect, as both Allied fronts are ahead in morale)
Allied player force marches (-1 Allied North morale) Blucher’s Army of Silesia, allowing them to arrive one turn early, all through Schkeuditz (+1 Allied North morale for arrival of that army) as the Army of Bohemia all continue to advance on Leipzig.

Russian Ic and Austrian IV combine to attack OG, forcing OG to withdraw. Ic then (is forced to) advance after combat.

(random event = “The Plan Unfolds” (whose plan?) Cards are reshuffled)
Both IV and GC continue along their respective roads, with IX and Res Art moving into Probstheida and Stotteritz respectively. IVc moves to Malkau, YG moves outside Connewitz and Vc heads to Markranstadt.

Ic penetrates south.

V attacks Ic, forcing Ic to withdraw and advancing after combat. IX commits reserves (-1 French morale) against Austrian IV, but are still themselves forced to withdraw.

situation at end of turn 9

Turn 10: October 15, Dusk (Allied South morale 6, Allied North morale 7, French morale 5

(random event = “Even the simplest things are difficult!” Associated roll = Leader units unable to provide command – really a No Effect here since I’m not using those rules)
The Allied armies all continue to advance: Russian IIc and the remainder of the Austrian forces towards Connewitz, G+R, Res Art, II and Kleist all north-west along their road, and the Army of Silesia all heading towards Mockern.

Pirch, Russian Ic and Austrian IV all combine to attack V (outside Connewitz), who commit reserves (-1 French morale) but are still routed 3 hexes (another -1 French morale), with Ic advancing after combat.

(random event = “I need men, not children!” French player decides on -1 Movement Allowance)
Vc moves to Markranstadt, YG to engage Russian Ic, OG and Res Art to engage Austrian IV (-1 French morale for early Guard committal of OG), IX moves along road to Leipzig, IVc moves into Stotteritz, GC moves into Crottendorf and IV into Weideritzsch.

Russian Ic disengages.

Res Art and OG combine to attack Austrian IV, suffering a costly exchange of OG with IV (initial morale +/- cancel out, but then a further -1 French morale for Guard forces unable to conceivably advance).

situation at end of turn 10

Turn 11: October 15, Evening (Allied South morale 6, Allied North morale 7, French morale 2

(random event =”Freikorps” Associated roll = Allied player decides to delay the arrival of French III corps for 1 turn)
The various units of the Army of Silesia all advance on Mockern, with G+R, Res Art, III and Kleist all heading towards Knauthain, Pirch and IIc both moving to engage YG, Cuir moving into Dolitz, Ic moving towards Liebertwalkwitz and Austrian III, II and 1Lt all moving along the road towards the bridge outside Dolitz.

Pirch and IIc combine to attack YG, routing them 6 hexes (-1 French morale) towards and through the LOC in Leipzig where they break (+1 Allied South morale). IIc then advance after combat.

(random event = “Le Beau Sabreur”. Really a No effect, as not using Leader rules)
XI arrives, moving through Taucha as Ic and IIIc also arrive, moving through Rackwitz. IV continues to move towards Leipzig, Vc heads south-east along road, V moves west of Russian IIc and GC and IVc also move to engage that unit. Finally, Res Art moves to engage Pirch.

IIc counter-charges V, forcing V to withdraw and advancing after combat.

IVc and Res Art combine to attack Pirch, forcing Pirch back into Connewitz, with IVc advancing after combat. V and GC combine to attack IIc, who commit their reserves (-1 Allied South), forcing both attackers to withdraw. IIc then advances into the outskirts of Leipzig.

Bridge destruction roll = still intact.

situation at end of turn 11

Turn 12: October 15, Night (Allied South morale 6, Allied North morale 7, French morale 1

(random event = “Confusion and Uncertainty” No effect as not using Fog of War)
Army of Silesia all continue along road to Leipzig. G+R, Res Art, III and Kleist all head north(ish) towards Lindenau, with Ic entering Liebertwolkwitz, Cuir north of Markleeberg, Pirch moving into Dolitz, Austrian III into Connewitz and II and 1Lt towards the same.

The French forces in Leipzig then panic, and blow the bridge!

That night, Russian I and II are both eliminated for good but Austrian IV rallies outside Zwenkau. Both Allied fronts then gain a single morale point from rest (+1 Allied South morale, +1 Allied North morale)

(random event = “Vive l’Empereur!” May spend 1 morale point for free)
The French player uses that free morale point to force march his troops, with IX moving north-west of Connewitz, Res Art north of the same and GC north of IX. On the other side of the river, VI then heads towards Knauthain, with Vc heading north. IV moves into Leipzig, with all of XI, Ic, IIIc and the newly arrived IIc, III and cadre also heading for that location.

That night, OG rallies in Leipzig but YG remains broken. Finally, the French forces gain a single morale point from rest (+1 French morale), as they have less than 4 morale points.

situation at end of turn 12

Click here to advance to the third day of battle.
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Lance McMillan
United States
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Holy cow -- French morale plummeting, almost their entire army stranded on the eastern bank, and Blucher closing in! Doesn't look good for the Corsican Ogre.
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