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Subject: WIP: A&G [Game] Hearts of Sea and Sky (Wind Chaser) rss

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Ben Friedberg
United States
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I've been thinking of working on a whaling game for a long time but the whole You shouldn't kill whales thing kept coming up. Ilya's art set was a great way to get around it so I give you the first cut at:

Hearts of Sea and Sky (Balance and customized art assets coming soon)

Art Set:
Using the artset created by Ilya:


Players compete to have the most cash, gained by learning of rumors of dangerous deep sea creatures in far off waters and adventuring to battle them and harvest their hearts which split sea water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen to power the great zeppelins. Players will have to balance their crew, zeppelin capabilities and actions taken to build up their fortunes before the mighty creatures are hunted to extinction.


Each player has a zeppelin board which has slots for up to three crew members and one kraken heart which determines the zeppelin’s abilities.

The players will be issued a single crew member to start with and will then hire additional crew members from outposts later on during game play.

The crew member cards have a number on them which indicates turn order. (lower goes first, once the highest numbered player has gone, it is the lowest player’s turn again). Throughout the game, the play always proceeds based on the LOWEST crew member number of each player. Since the crew can change during the game, the turn order will also change.

In addition to an initial crew member, each player is issued:
- A level 1 blue ‘heart’ for their zeppelin
- $10 - (number of players - initial turn order). so for 3 players, player 1 would recieve $8, player 2, $9 and player 3, $10

One each of the following tokens (in their player color)

Setting up the map:
- Starting with the first player, the players take turns flipping a board tile and placing it on the ‘map’, adjacent to any other map tile.
- After placing a tile, a player MAY place EITHER his outpost or lighthouse token on the newly placed tile
- Outposts MUST be placed on a hex containing either a (white) mountain top or (dark brown) cliffside.
- Lighthouses MUST be placed on a hex bordering water. When the lighthouse is placed, the player’s zeppelin is placed there as well.

Zeppelin (kraken heart) attributes

Each kraken token has the following info:

- Color / Kraken Level, Base Speed

- Krakel levels are: blue-1, green-2, red-3, white-4

Kraken level determines the following things:
- how many d6’s are required for harpooning checks
- how many d6’s are required for integration checks
-base speed (how many hexes can be covered) (5, 10, 14, 17)
-base altitude (which level of land can be crossed)
-lift (how much weight (kraken bodies, props) can be taken on) (negatively affects altitude for each mark over weight, positively affects altitude for every mark UNDER max lift)
-body weight (negatively affects altitude for # above lift)
-resilience (number of damage tokens that can be taken before needing to repair check)

- Props (+ to speed) $10 +5 for each prop, +1 to current weight
- Harpoons (+ to harpooning) ($5 +4, $10 +6, $20 +8) (max of 1)
- Spyglass (+ to token checks) ($5 +2 tokens checked on a hex) (max of 1)
- Tools (+ to integration and repair checks ($5 +4)) (max of 1)

Crew attributes

Each crewmember is rated according to the following attributes (the SUM of the attributes is always 12):
- Piloting (+ to speed, + to max altitude)
- Harpooning (killing kraken)
- Bioengineering (repairs, integration of hearts)
- Scouting (analysis of rumor tokens on a given hex)
- Alcohol tolerance (how many rumor cards can be drawn, acts as a sponge for alcohol tokens)

- Skill checks are against dice (d6’s). A character’s skill in an area (minus alcohol tokens beyond alcohol tolerance) + any upgrade bonuses is the maximum sum of the dice rolled in a check that counts as a success.

-Checks are in terms of number of d6’s rolled. ie: a green (level 2) kraken is a harpooning check of 2d6. If a character has a harpooning skill of 7 and 1 alcohol token beyond his alcohol tolerance, the sum of the dice he rolls must be 6 or lower for the character to succeed.

Player turns
On every turn, players may take ONE of the following major actions:
- Move
- Scout a board tile
- Move Kraken tokens up to 5 TOTAL hexes
- Capture a kraken
- Integrate a kraken heart
- Sell kraken hearts (at an outpost)
- Purchase upgrades (at an outpost)
- Repair (in the air or at an outpost/lighthouse)
- Hire a crew member (at an outpost)
- Rumor mongering (at an outpost/lighthouse for one crewmember)

And ANY of the following minor actions ONCE EACH:
- Land at/depart from an outpost or lighthouse
- Remove ONE alcohol token from ONE crew member
- Fire a crew member


Move the zeppelin a max of the sum of:
Kraken heart level (5, 10, 14, 17)
The Piloting skill of ONE crewmember
5 per prop

The altitudes of the watery world are:
1 - water
2 - light brown hills
3 - dark brown cliffs
4 - white mountain tops

The altitude of a hex is the MINIMUM altitude of the art on it. So a hex with a mountain (4) and water (1) is a WATER hex for purposes of altitude.

A Zeppelin’s max altitude is the altitude (heart level) + lift (heart level) + piloting skill of one crew member - 1 per prop - the kraken level of each kraken body on board.

A Zeppelin may never take on so much weight that its max altitude drops below 1 (CRASH!)

Zeppelins with max altitudes of 1 may not occupy the same hex. otherwise, they may pass over (under) each other but not stop.

- Secretly peek at a kraken token for each level of scouting for one character + 2 for a spyglass on the current board tile

Move Kraken tokens
- Move Kraken tokens up to 5 TOTAL hexes between them

Capturing Krakens
- When the zeppelin is over a rumor token and the player has not taken a major action, he may flip the token, displaying it to the rest of the players.
- If it is a kraken token, capture it by making a harpooning check (+ the harpoon bonus) for ONE crew member against 1d6 per level of kraken difficulty.
- Failure causes 1 damage token to be taken to the zeppelin.

- 1 Damage token can be removed with a 2d6 check against 1 crew member’s bioengineering skill or by paying $3 per token at an outpost or light house
- If a zeppelin has taken as many damage tokens as its resilience, the crew CANNOT engage a kraken NOR attempt a mid-air repair. It MUST return to an outpost or lighthouse for repair

Integrating Krakens
- Kraken hearts can be integrated for a check of 1d6 per level kraken difficulty against 1 crew members’s bioengineering + 4 (if tools are owned). The current heart is switched out and moves to the hold.
- Failure to integrate causes one damage to the zeppelin due to damaging the current heart
- Kraken tokens that are integrated are added to the game time track.

Landing at Outposts and lighthouses
- Move on top of an outpost / lighthouse (while following altitude restrictions) and flip over the zeppelin token to indicate landing
- Pay $1 to the player owning the outpost / lighthouse
- Only one zeppelin may be at an outpost / lighthouse at a time

Hiring Crew
- Crew can only be hired at outposts. When at an outpost with no crew member token, flip over a crew member card and place that crew member’s token on the outpost. It will remain there until it is hired and will return there if fired.
- A crew member can be hired by maxing out the alcohol tolerances of your current crew member as well as the new crew member (only if both are empty) or by paying the crew member cost.
- If a new crew member’s turn order number is the lowest for the players zeppelin, his turn order is re-determined relative to the other players’ crew members
- A crew member can be fired at any time and returned to the outpost he was retrieved from

Rumor Mongering
- You can only take as many rumors as you can afford, each rumor token causes a character to take an alcohol token, after the alcohol tolerance is used up, stats are ALL affected for each alcohol token.
- Pay $1 to take a rumor, roll 1d6 to determine how many board tiles from the point of origin the token must be placed. place the token on any hex containing water in that board. hexes may not contain more than one rumor token. if there is no valid placement, place the token one board tile FARTHER than specified in the dice roll.

Selling Krakens
- Krakens are sold at outposts or lighthouses for their value, blue - $5, green - $10, red - $15, white - $20.
- Kraken tokens that are sold are added to the game time track.
- Once (5 * the number of players) kraken have been discarded (sold or replaced due to integration), the game is over and the player with the most money is the winner.
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Joe Mucchiello
United States
New Jersey
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Welcome to the contest.
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Ben Friedberg
United States
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Thanks! I'm getting the next pass at this beast ready now. there's a lot of klunk in there...
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Kuba P.
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Looks really cool : ) I like the theme and love the idea of alcohol tokens ^^

Couple of questions:

- is it possible to have a crew that can fairly well do all the actions? What I mean is, there is a lot of different skill checks against one crew member's skill. Do you intend that the crews rotate a lot?

- I feel that determining altitude based on the lowest terrain present on a hex can decrease its impact on gameplay. Looking at the tiles, I see few with only the highest altitudes.

- do I understed correctly that all revealed Krakens are controlled by the players? If yes, how do you see it working?

The awesome thing is Kraken heart integration and different bonuses it gives. An interesting mechanic and a cool thing to imagine : )

For now I guess that's all, looking forward to new developments. Good luck : )
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