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This thread starts because this:
Too Cool for "The Game of Life"

As a new user (and a noob about "euroboardgames"), is very nice to read some testimonials about how boardgames can be fun for family. I strongly recommend the original post, I just get some lovely quotes and paste they here.


OxfordRow wrote:
... "We" may have moved past them (Old and "bad" games), but there are plenty of people (kids and adults) who find value in them. Whenever someone comes to my house and wants to play one of the oldies, I play because it's not always about the game, it's about the time spent with friends and family and doing something together.

... if all I can get them to play is Wal-Mart fare, then so be it. After all, if they play games at all, there is a chance I can eventually "convert" them to something like TTR, 10 Days in..., or Carcasone. From there, who knows.

Chances are I'll still be alive tomorrow and I can play something that suits me better tomorrow ... If I did die tomorrow, though, and Life was my last ever game (aside from being ironic), I'd like to think that I would cherish the time I spent with my friends on my last day on earth instead of railing at the universe for cursing me with a "bad" game for my last game play.

d bro wrote:
Lesson learned: Don't write off those old childhood games. They can still be enjoyed by children of all ages.

I hope that I am never to cool to play any game with my kids.

Bruiser419 wrote:
...Just because they may not be the most strategical or difficult games doesn't mean they can't be fun. Just have to give them a chance.

...I play them with my kids, so it's more just for fun and family time.

milgate wrote:
My best friend and I loved to play this game (Game of Life) when we were teens back in the 70's... Lots of fun memories here.

coolpapa wrote:
... "Good" games are games you have fun playing and that's all there is to it.

sbauer9 wrote:
I think the moral of the story is when you tell someone it is their turn to pick a game you should do your best to shut-up and play it once picked. Nothing kills my excitement about a game as quickly as the reluctant player.

willythesnitch wrote:
I thought this post sounded very familiar... I posted a very similar story about 4 years ago.

... we do sometimes overlook the games we used to enjoy, and forget that our kids are the same age we were when we enjoyed those games.

haslo wrote:
But if it (Game of Life) works with your family, more power to you, and happy gaming I guess I'll have to be quite open as to which games my son will want to play when he's a bit older - he's nearly two now, just started playing with Duplo

Rhollo wrote:
... I recently picked up a copy of this game when my older son (19) asked if we had it in the “collection”. That was the first time he had asked me about any board game ever, so I immediately went out and bought the Winning Moves version of the original game. The whole family played and we had a great time with The Game of Life. ...

Honestly, these experiences have me rethinking my opinions on these old classic games.

Fun is fun, regardless of how elegant or sophisticated the mechanics are for a game...

Sphere wrote:
Very good story - I'm glad you changed your mind quickly enough to save the situation. Games are all about having fun; establish that and you'll gain a lifetime of opportunities to play 'better' games.

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