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Subject: The Warehouse Part II or a Friend in Need rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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Simmons woke flashes of last night came to him
but he was alone.Checking his wallet he found all
in order ,Wanda was at least honest in her fashion.

Getting ready to start the day he ordered his usual
take out from the Chinese Restaurant this time making
sure he got a thermos of green tea.Waiting for his cab
to show he checked today's fortune cookie,it read
"Money will not bring joy" nothing mystical about that,
still it was accurate as to his time with Wanda.

He arrived back at the warehouse,this time the cabbie
actually waited until he was fully out of the car before
he pulled off.Quickly paying his minions off he again
entered the warehouse.

The feeling upon entering was even more oppressive
than before,the building was resisting him.Simmons
really couldn't put his finger on it but ever sense
arriving in New Haven things just felt off(effect of
Cthulhu Goo Card losing 1 Sanity & 1 Stamina from Max.)

Pushing past the feeling he again picked up the fire
axe and headed down to a subbasement the map
had marked "The Graveyard"It proved to be full of
trash but as he poked around Darrell became
unsettled the placed spooked him and he retreated
back to office(Entrance).(failed all tasks & loses 1 Sanity)

Simmons had some tea and waited till he recovered
his nerve,he noticed the time was now 6PM half
of his day was over and nothing to show for it.
(recovered =1 Sanity)

Darrell didn't want to try the subbasement again
but decided to go back & check the Basement
("There's Something in the Basement")
itself as the quick look see going up and
down the stairs to the subbasement didn't
leave him with much of an impression.

The Basement was a warren of crates ,moving around
Simmons came into an area containing old rusted
ship cannons and as he inspected them Time and
Space seem to blink and he was on a galleon
under a tropical sky.Darrell steadied himself and
he succeed in snapping back into the basement
(completed first Task).

Suddenly he saw a grayish blob oozing its way
toward him,he had never encountered one
but he knew what it was from his Watcher

Retreating he frantically worked to recover some
fragments of Lore to use against this blasphemy.
Simmons in his haste tripped over something
and went down hard.The thing moved closer but
its high pitched Tekil seem to enrage the rat
population of the building.A veritable army of rats
fell upon the creature and saving Darrell in the
most unlikely manner.Simmons leg hurt like
hell but at least he was alive,(defeating Shoggoth
cost 1 Stamina).

Shaken but determined Simmons continued to
explore the Basement ,at first not finding much
but hearing the strange pipping sounds and then
the horrible smells told him what he need to know.
Another clue to this puzzle fell into place along
a copy of Cultes des Goules he discovered
was what he tripped over.(succeeded all Tasks-
Got +1 Trophy Card,1 Unique item & 1 clue).

Buoyed by his success Darrell decides to finish
the business in the Subbasement ("The Graveyard")
It was already 9PM and he didn't want to have
to face the place again tomorrow.

This time the door to the subbasement was
stuck tight but Simmons used the fire axe to open
(succeeds 1st Peril Task) .The feeling of being
watched was stronger than ever but he brushed
it aside(success 2nd Terror Task).Still something
was missing but Darrell managed to figure it out
(made a 3 clue a 4 using his special ability and
focused it then spent 1 clue to reroll remaining
3 dice got 3 more Investigation to total 7)and
found the hidden Gate and an amulet which
he recognized as The Blue Watcher of the Pyramid.

Each Watcher was given a small replica of this
amulet for identification but this was the real McCoy.
Simmons returned to the office (Entrance) and
went over his findings giving his wounded leg a
chance to heal.

At Midnight he locked up and waited for his ride,
but as he turned out the lights he thought he saw
"Strange Sites" just before the room went to total
darkness.He dismissed it as just a trick his mind
was playing after an eventful day.(Mythos Card
places 1 Monster).

Getting back to hotel he fought the urge to go
to the bar,but instead took the elevator up to his room.
He really didn't need to meet Wanda again.

Darrell woke a few minutes before 10AM just beating
the alarm clock. and started what was now his investigative
routine. While shaving he contemplated what he had learned
so far about the warehouse.

Obviously Items had been taken and just not misplaced
by careless staff .The Dimensional Gate he had located was
a possible egress to the building and certainly could be
evidence of cult activity.Then again the building was
nearly a 100 years old so who knew it was created and if it
even still functioned.

The only way to find out of course was to go through the
damn thing, which he wasn't ready to hazard just yet.
He had been through a Gate for Watcher Training stepping
in at Dr. Armitage private office at the University and
stepping out at some Godforsaken desert.The experience
was not a pleasant one and he had no desire to repeat
it ending up in possible an alien world.

The Shoggoth was the definite Mythos link it was a guard
for who or what and for what purpose still eluded him.
Oh well all in due time.He quickly finished dressing and
went down to the Chinese Restaurant. for brunch
and take Out.

The Counter Person handed him his Egg Rolls ,before he
even ordered ,with a self satisfied look,Simmons bit back
an impulse to deflate him and ask for something different.
However he was a creature of habit and that was what
he wanted.He was then told his Take Out would be
ready in a few minutes and asked for his thermos so they
could fill it with green tea.

Darrell retreated to a table to eat his brunch,he hesitated
over the fortune cookie but then broke it open and withdrew
his fortune."The Sea holds many secrets"His first thought
was no kidding but somehow it gave him a sense of
unease.He threw the slip in the ash tray,picked up his Take Out
and when out to wait on his cab.

Entering to warehouse Simmons decided to check out
an area of the curators map marked HMS Guerriere
('Hallway of Fire").It was suppose to contain the forecastle
of the British warship sunk by the USS Constitution in 1812
that had washed ashore.He thought it might be related
to the fortune cookie message...a long shot but he had no
better ideas on where to start today's investigation.

Climbing inside the old wreck he heard a crack & then
part of the upper deck gave way.Darrell tried to get out of
the way but was still grazed by a falling timber(succeed
1st Task but took -1 to Stamina) pushed sidewards buy
the falling timber Darrell stepped on a week section
of planking which gave way dumping him unhurt out
on the warehouse floor.Picking himself up he saw that
the collapse had reveled a hidden panel in the deck floor.
It revealed a large Ruby that had a strange greenish cast
and a mouldering copy of the King In Yellow,
(Succeeding 2 tasks receive 2 Trophy Adventure Card,
The Ruby of R'lyeh & The King in Yellow).

Darrell took his finds back to the office(Entrance).
He got the First-Aid Hit & washed out his bruised arm
that the falling timber had scratched.Returning to the work
table he opened the King In Yellow,skipped through
some pages and avoiding the infamous III Act left
it on the table.Taking the Ruby with him he returned
to his investigation (Spent Turn at Entrance to restore
lost +1 stamina for free).

His watch showed it was already 6PM and except for
some interesting finds he was getting no closer to
figuring what was going at the warehouse.Simmons
braced himself and decided to check out one of the two
Gates he had discovered.The 2nd Gate was closest
so he headed for the subbasement found the Gate
and entered "R'lyeh!!!!

The cyclopean structures with the strange angles
and the foetid oder rose from the mist.Darrell
panicked but stabbing his hands in his pockets
he felt the wet warm ruby which seemed to
anchor him.(Ruby of R'lyeh used to activate Red
die.)Simmons stealthily explored the Island and
soon unearthed evidence of the Cthulhu Cult he
had suspected.

Suddenly as he made his way back to the Gate
he found a bound individual laying on a sickly
green slab.Darrell fought down the desire to
run and instead went over to the man who
appeared unconscious.Taking out his Blue Watcher
of the Pyramid amulet he pressed it to the man's forehead,
it's aura diffused over his body and brought him
back to conciseness.He introduced himself as
Richard Upton Pickman and said that he had been
captured by Cultist.

Simmons seeing no danger in the man untied him and
they both proceeded to the Gate.( Succeed with 2
Inv.used Terror die to focus then on next roll
used Watcher of the Blue Pyramid to convert Terror
to Lore-received 2pt Card,3 Elder Signs & an Ally)

Upon returning to the warehouse Darrell took Pickman
back to the office (entrance) and explained what his
investigation was about and questioned him about the
Cultist that had captured.Richard wasn't able to provide
much information beyond confirming that whatever
was going on it involved the minions of Cthulhu.

Simmons carefully considered all the information and was
finally able to feel that he was making some progress.
(Spent 10 trophies on another Elder Sign.)
Pickman who was an artist by trade and a rather
free spirit with considerable Mythos knowledge
offered to assist Darrell and offer he readily accepted.

Approaching the warehouse door it suddenly began
to glow a sickly green ,Pickman pulled back 'It's
a Warning".Simmons pushed ahead to throw the
door open"It's just a cheap trick"with a bravo he
really didn't feel.

Both men felt the need for a stiff drink so Darrell
took Pickman to the hotel bar.It was a slow night
so both men drank in peace.Finally around 2PM
the place shut down and Pickman agreed to
meet Simmons at the Chinese Restaurant
at 11:30 AM.

FYI-in addition to the information(in Part I) on how
I play this game besides the generators there are
a couple of other House Rules:

-All Investigator movement is Random(aside from
staying in the Entrance)however an Investigator
can always go to a Card/Monster that has a Locked die.

-Monster placement is also random from the eleigble Locations.

-When 3 Elder Signs have been placed on The GOO,the
Investigator can now always go to a Card with an Elder Sign
Reward.This holds true even if the GOO's Elder Signs fall
back below 3.(The has the knowledge of what he
ia up against)


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