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Subject: Journey to Rhosgobel solo tips (?!?) rss

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I was browsing through the forum and came across a thread about Rhosgobel.


I've played Rhosgobel quest as 2 players and liked it very much because Wilydor slowly dying gave nice urgency to the quest, and did not find looking for Athelas all that hard.

But then again, I have never played Rhosgobel alone and decided to give it a try (thinking how hard could it possibly be).

It turns out it was very hard, as difficult if not more diffcult than Dol Guldur quest.

I was going through 3~4 encounter deck cards every turn (Denethor + UC / Eleanor + trechery cards), but was still unable to find the Athelases I needed.

Wilyador suffers 2 damage per turn, that means I need to find atleast 1 Athelas or Lore of Imladris every second turn, assuming no other damage is dealt on Wilyador, and that was simply not happening.

Must have played for about an hour, losing every single game I've played then gave up the quest as simply impossible to win against (much like Dol Guldur quest).

But then while I was taking shower, I've had a sudden revelation to beating Rhosgobel consistantly. (Why do all the solutions to unasnwered question present itself in shower?)

It is easier to burn through player deck than encounter deck, so look for Lore of Imaladris instead of looking for Athelas objects.
(Beravor + unexpected courage and Ancient Mathons)

Include all the healing effects one can find.
(Glorfindel / Lore of Imladirs / Radagast)

Glorfindel and Radagast promises 2 healing powers per turn, so it is matter of recycling and redrawing Lore of Imladris enough times to heal Wilydor completely before reachign 3B of the quest.
(2 copies of Will of West)

To recycle Lore of Imladris, you need to heal Wilydor on Quest 1B.
While I was playing this scenario earlier, I thought Rhosgobel was immune to player card effect like Carrock, however it wasn't!
This was the breakthrough I had, you can discard Rhosgobel without traveling to it!
(Northern Tracker / Snowbourn Scout)

So those would be my core cards for the deck I've built for this quest


Lore of Imaldris x3

Northern Tracker x2
Unexpected Courage x1
Anccient Mathoms x3
Will of West x2

Snowbourn Scout x3


My third hero was Eleanor.
I needed spirit hero because I do not have song of travel yet,
I don't need much willpower in the beginning of game since I am trying to stay on quest 1B,
and this quest has a lot of nasty treachery cards.

Then I've added Song of King so I can play snowbourn scout
Rivendel Minstrel to find song card and help me quest later in game, and since I was already planning on using Song of King, added in the standard leadership cards: Steward of Gondor, Celebrian Stone, Sneak Attack.

Since I would be drawing a lot of cards looking for Lore of Imladris, it seemd appropriate to add in Protector of Lorien. Gives extra defence, and insures you will finish all the quests in one turn once you are ready to finish the game.

And of course, bit of ranged characters are needed for this quest, Silverlod Archer, Haldir were available to me.

Rest of the deck is situational and personal taste.
some Test of Will or Hasty Stroke, perhaps Riversong to look at what is coming. Pack some leadership allies to deal with enemies from Dol Guldur and Spider encounter sets. And who can forget the good old Gandalf.

And with that deck, I was able to beat Rhosgobel about 2~3 times in a row.

So here is the summary:

Quest with minimal Willpower and stall,
Get that Northern Tracker out to discard Rhosgobel,
Keep drawing cards with Beravor for Radaghast / Lore of Imladris,
Feed Protector of Lorien when you think you can beat the scenario.

3 final comments.

1. I feel stupid, I can't believe I didn't realize Rhosgobel was vulnerable to player card effects until now.

2. I am bit disappointed I went back to using "Beravor's Deckdestroyer", I tried so hard to stay away from that deck.

3. Rhosgobel won't be exciting for me again.
Before I liked how it forced me to rush through and take risks before Wilydor suffered too much damage.
Now I know I will just stall and build up like I do with Carrock.
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