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Your heart pounds in your chest and you are finding it very hard to breathe. The zombies are everywhere and seem quite intent on making you lunch. With so many of them, it’s hard to tell if the scraping footsteps and moaning are down the hall or just around the corner. One thing is for sure, they are too close for comfort, you are almost out of bullets and your luck seems to have just about run its course!
The helicopter is about to leave, will you make it?

Box Contents:
In the Director’s Cut edition, you get the following:
30x Map tiles.
50x event cards.
6x human pieces.
100x zombies.
Life and ammunition tokens.
1x set of rules.

Age Rating: 12+.
Number of Players: 2-6 players.

Aim of the Game.

The aim is to be the first person to have their character reach the helipad or kill 25 zombies.


The gameplay is fairly straightforward. To begin with the Town Square tile is placed on the table and the helipad is shuffled into the bottom half of the Map tiles. At the beginning of a player’s turn, they take the a Map tile from the pile and place it connected, by the road on the tile, to at least one other tile on the table. This builds up the town as you play the game. As the helipad is at the bottom, it is unknown where and when it will turn up. On each Map tile, it tells you how many bullets, life tokens and zombies to place on it. A player’s movement is determined by rolling a dice every turn. Combat is very straightforward- on a roll of a 4, 5 or 6 the player wins the combat, anything less and you lose a life token. You continue the combat until either you kill the zombie or you lose all your life tokens and have to start back at the Town Square tile again. You can use the bullet tokens to increase you combat roll result by one, so a roll of 3 can be changed to a 4 by discarding one bullet token. This may seem straightforward and slightly bland, but that is where the event cards come in. You always have three in your hand and their effects range from assisting your combat to hindering the progress of your opponents. You also get to move the zombies one space at the end of your turn. This, along with the way you place the map tiles, can make the game very tactical, by placing the helipad as far away as possible, to bombarding your opponent with a wave of zombies. I have found that playing with 4 people gives you the best gaming experience as you can never be sure as to what your opponents are up to. Also there are a number of expansions that can be added and the box has been designed to fit the extra cards and tiles.

To sum up.

The Positives.
The game is straightforward and easy to understand.
Combat can be straightforward.
Great game to be played in a group.
It’s possible to expand the game.
Captures all the zombie movie clichés.
The artwork looks great.
You get lots of zombies.

The Negatives.
Unless you like zombie movies, this game may not be of interest to you.
I have found that you can end up running out of Map tiles, if you are only playing with the base game.
Killing 25 zombies can be a little too easy sometimes.
There is a chance that some of the backstabbing used to win the game might cause you to lose a couple of friends (if you are the sort of person to take these sort of games seriously).

Zombies!!! is a great game. The rules are easy to understand but sometimes I find they can be a little too straightforward. That being said, there are opportunities to make the game a little more tactical, with the events cards, Map tiles and zombies. The game can be expanded with a number of different expansions and so prevents the gameplay from getting too dull. The artwork looks great and definitely captures the typical ‘zombie movie’ atmosphere. I would say, should you wish to play the game, play it with at least two- three other people, as it doesn’t really work with just two people.
However if you enjoy a good zombie movie; then buy this game, grab a couple of friends and turn the lights down and show what you would do, if you were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse!
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