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Subject: The Troll Bridge x2 rss

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Jim W
United States
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The Troll Bridge : Two very different games in one afternoon

I have some free time so I broke out my untouched "For Troll and Country" game for the first time (bought two Christmas' ago when it was a bargain basement deal), glued the broken troll flag and started playing some solo games. I was looking forward to trying out the Troll (even as ugly as he is) as I like the idea of creatures in Battlelore, although they always have the tendency to die a quick unforeseen death (you'll see below). Also, the game involves a lot of Goblins; I love Goblins and I tend to spend a lot of time spewing hot ignorant air about Goblins benefits equaling their disadvantage in Battlelore

The Warring Camps:
-Edward of Woodstock, the Black Prince, a level 2 Commander, formed up his council bringing in a 1st level wizard, Zot, and a 1st level Priest, Munchausen, and of course the Troll.
-Enrique of Trastamara, a level 1 Commander. Beside him he had Gorgot the 2nd level Warrior, Brutcheda the 2nd level Priest, and the Spider (green).

Brief Descriptions (highlights) of two battles/same Troll Bridge scenario:

I played with the Battle Savvy rules but did not play with the Epic (two command card community and own) rules the first game since I totally missed the part saying EPIC RULES !!!! oh well.

Game 1:
-Edward started off, confident that his Troll (6d attack!) would obliterate the Dwarves near the bridge as the Troll was enraged with those Dwarves who stood between him and his Bridge. Unfortunately, the Dwarf sharpshooters/crossbowmen solidly pegged (2 dice = two blue helmets) the Troll leaving him open to infantry attacks during Enrique's turn. The Troll was dead by the end of Enrique's first turn.
-Enrique then threw his Spider into action at the center against the Goblin lines, doing some terrible damage, however, a nearby Red Goblin unit, moved over and chopped the spider into bits. By the end of Turn 3 both Monsters were dead.
(Enrique 3, Edward 2)

-Edward milled around pouting over his dead Troll.
-Enrique then surprised the Edwards goblin cavalry on left with a Foot Onslaught card charging his Dwarf units into the Goblins sending them running, collapsing two goblin units.
(Enrique 5, Edward 2)

-Edward's chance to pull out a victory was looking grim, he countered the Dwarf Foot Onslaught with one of his own in the center, actually landing some damage and taking out two units.
-Enrique, only two points from victory and pretty much in command all sections of the field charged his red units (Cavalry and Dwarves of left, red infantry center) into action. On the left the cavalry dealt terrible damage on a few remaining Edward's units that followed the Troll into battle. The attacks weaken many units but was unable to eliminate any.
(Enrique 5, Edward 4)

-Edward attempted one last ditch attempt and Shake the Hills (lore card). This sent shock waves all the way down Enrique's lines, but with only minor causualities every unit withstood the earthquake.
-Enrique again smashed into Edwards right flank, near the Troll bridge, and his Dwarves eliminated two last units for the victory.
(Enrique 7, Edward 4) Enrique Wins!

Game two: I was somewhat dissatisfied with game 1 as both monsters died right away, I didn't get to do much with the Goblin cavalry on the right flank, and well, I realized I was supposed to be playing Epic rules. So I got out my Epic rules, re-read them(only played a few times before, long ago), and setup the same scenario for another game (same war council, same monsters, etc. etc. etc),
now using the Epic Rules, I also ran the game to 12 units destroyed for a victory.

-Edward started with a huge attack from the goblin cavalry on the right and the Troll on the left. The Goblins hammered into the Dwarves even driving one unit back (how embarrassing for the Dwarves). The Troll on the other had moved up cautiously.
-Enrique, seeing the Troll apprehensively move forward, sent two blue Dwarf units forward to vanquish the Troll (should be as easy as last time, right?), and ended up getting chopped hard by battle-backs from the Troll.
(Enrique 0, Edward 0)

-Edward attacked again with his Troll on the left and Gob Cavalry on the right, this time making capital damage on Enrique's forces. Enrique's dwarves were actually retreating against Gob cavalry, how terrible (or wonderful ) and Troll was nearly on the Bridge.
Enrigue, sent an attack in the center lead by his Spider, while the Dwarves facing the Gob cavalry started to fight back.
(Enrique 1, Edward 3)

-With good command cards used up, tactical cards started being used (only one at a time of course per Epic rules). Edward charged center with Gob infantry attempting to attempt to quickly eliminate the spider. His Troll then hacked his way onto the Bridge taking two victory tokens.
-Enrique Dwarves facing the Gobs started to form-up and push back. The Gobs Cavalry started collapsing under the powerful Dwarf infantry attack.
(Enrique 3, Edward 6)

-Edward again moved in the Goblin center, finally slaying the Spider, but at the cost of his Red Hobgoblin infantry.
-Enrique, attempted to push the Troll from the Bridge sending in his Red cavalry and Red Dwarf unit on the right against the Troll. This maneuver was unwise as the Troll slew the red Dwarf unit and sent the Red Cavalry retreating with many wounds, the Troll only slightly injured.
(Enrique 4, Edward 8)

-Edward with the remnants of his Gob cavalry sent them screaming into the Dwarf spear and axmen. Causalities were equal between the two sides.
-Enrique pushed back with his Dwarf left against the Goblins and extracted more damage. He also started to push his center forward. Enrique's Priest then unleashed the Rage of the River against Edward. A huge swell of water moved down from falls above the Troll bridge, nearly washing the Troll off the bridge, down the river, swallowing many men and Goblins standing near or in the river.
(Enrique 5, Edward 9)

-Edward with only his Ostrich cavalry on the left moved them forward to harass the last of the Dwarf units on the right.
-Enrique seized this chance to finally rid himself of the now nearly drowned Troll by charging the remaining red cavalry at the Troll. I was too much and the Troll was skewered by the charging cavalry. (Enrique 6, Edward 10)

-Edward needing only to dispatch two more units of Enrique's force for a solid victory, looked to his left, all Dwarf units on hills, no good; looked to his right, a few remaining Dwarf units facing his Ostrich riders, not good. Edward decided to charged into Enrique's center with the remaining Goblin and Human infantry. Along with the foot onslaught his Priest fired off a chain lightening against Enrique's center. However, he only was able to eliminate one unit.
Enrique countered trying to strike the weaken center Gob units with infantry and arrows. One unit fell.
(Enrique 7, Edward 11)

Edward human blue infantry saw a weaken red infantry holding Enrique's center. They engaged and slew the remaining red infantry, giving Edward a revengeful victory.
(Enrique 7, Edward 12)

Wow!!! EpicBattlelore...why didn't I play this before? Very cool with two command cards at a time. Well, both games were fun, back and forth, and had some funny odd outcomes within the skirmishes. Battlelore you expect a lot of luck from either the dice or the cards, or both. The dice were pretty fair to both sides, but the cards did favor the winning sides. I like the Troll, the 6d attack is incredible, however, he didn't seem that difficult to kill, even with the regeneration ability. Good, fun games, I think I'll start looking at some of the other Battlelore suppliments I've recently purchased. Battlelore is by far my favorite game (Defenders of the Realm a close 2nd). I hadn't played a game of Battlelore for at least 5 months. I'll do my best not to repeat that mistake again.

Thanks for reading and good gaming!
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k b
United States
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We played once, new to me this Christmas - that troll was hard hard hard to kill. Kept regenerating. Guy I was playing used 3 level rogue and used secret doors to pop him across the board and reaked incredible damage. My guys were bouncing off him - even my dwarves. Finally got him with a lightning bolt. It was epic indeed. Great game. (my guys kept formation and I was able to chip away and win in a squeeker.) Fun game.
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