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1) If Henry VI dies in battle, who becomes king: Exeter, who is technically next in line at that moment, or Prince Edward, who arrives after the combat phase ends?

2) New heirs enter in the "next supply phase" meaning the supply phase following the Battle phase, correct? The word "next" is redundant and confusing here.

3) How many nobles have only one fief, like Oxford? And if an enemy unit is camped in his space, does that mean he can never enter the game until the space is vacated?

4) Can Player 2 build a noble in a space just vacated by Player 1?

5) If the senior heir dies in a battle, does the next heir in line IMMEDIATELY gain the ability to Heir Charge, use the Crown defensive benefit, and roll for Treachery? Or is that taken care of in the following supply phase? In other words, when exactly does the new Pretender become the Pretender, and the heir to the throne become the King?


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Alexander Kornev
St. Petersburg
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I cant be regarded as specialist in this game as I've just received it and playing the first solo test game. Nevertheless, some of the answers seem quite obvious to me.

1) Prince Edward as in rules it states that minors arrive at the beginning of supply phase and new king is also crowned at the beginning of supply phase. So Prince Edward will be next in line.
2) Next means just what it means, I guess. So next supply during combat phase will be the phase that comes immediately after combat.
3) How many - I havent counted. But it seems that to muster some of them on the field you need their shield zone to be vacant or conquer it. So, you are right.
4) I found nothing in the rule that prohibits it. So, yes
5) Here, I'm not sure. But I think:
Heir charge - yes
defensive benefit -yes
roll for treachery - probably no

For first two you need just current senior heir in battle, who can change in its course. For the last, you need to have King or Pretender, which can change at the beginning of supply phase only (King for sure, Pretender - not so sure, but seems the same as for the King)

I hope it helps, but if I'm wrong, let more experienced gamers correct me

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