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Subject: Heroica: Adventure Awaits! (Variant for combined game) rss

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Mike Everett-Lane
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After playing through our earlier variant ("Awesome Epic Heroica") we've made a bunch of changes, mostly the addition of Enchanted Weapons for Level 3 powers, the ability to move your entire Party at once (to speed game play), and some new Hero classes. I've posted pictures of our additional dungeons over at MOCpages: Crossbones Cove (, Cobweb Caverns (, and Draco Mountain ( By the way, if you haven't yet you should check out the awesome dungeons people have made at MOCPages in the Heroica group (

Anyway, here are the variant rules. Have fun trying them out, or using them as ideas for your own new rules. Excelsior!


Heroica: Adventure Awaits! is a dungeon adventure game based on the Lego Heroica sets. In this variant, there are Players, who control a Party of Heroes, and the Game Master, who controls the Monsters. This version incorporates figures from other Lego games for extra Monstery goodness and new Hero types (Ninjas! Paladins! Amazons! Sorceresses!). It also has rules for three new dungeon areas, but you can adapt these to make your own dungeons and your own Monsters.

• Parties
Each Player's Party will start with 3 Heroes. Party members may share or trade items if the Heroes are adjacent, but all party gold is held in common. Heroes from rival parties cannot attack each other.

• Game Master
One person is the "Game Master" (GM). The Game Master moves after the Players, and picks monsters to move or attack.

• Object of the Game
For the Players, the object is to get the most Experience Points.
- Each Artifact collected by your party counts for 10 points
- Each monster killed by your party counts for the number of points equal to their Strength
- Each remaining health point of your Heroes is worth 1 point
- Each gold piece is worth 2 points, each gem is worth 4 points, each magic gem is worth 7 points
- Each un-consumed item (keys, lit torches, potions, maps) is worth 1 point
- Each weapon is worth 4 points, the helmet is worth 3 points, each enchanted weapon is worth 7 points

The GM gets 10 points for every Critical Wound received by a Hero.

The game ends if the last Hero has been defeated, or when the last Hero returns to the beginning of the dungeon (Draida Bay).

• Abbreviations
- GM = Game Master
- GP = Gold Piece, XP = Experience Point, MP = Move Point
- HP = Health points, STR = Strength
- NPC = Non Player Character, a neutral character controlled by the GM
- Die rolls: SH = Shield, SW = Sword, SS = Sword/Shield, SK = Skull
- Additional dungeon areas: CC = Cobweb Cavern, XC = Crossbones Cove, DM = Draco Mountain


Build your dungeons!

The GM stocks 4 Traps (grey studs) per Player, and as many extra Monsters as you can muster. You'll also need some green studs (to mark Poisoned Heroes), and red studs (to mark wounded Monsters). Pick a color for each Player, you'll need some studs in those colors (to mark Underground Passages) and extra Treasure Chests with lids in those colors.

The GM should stock the Marketplace with weapons and potions. Stock the following potions:
- 3 Restoration (gold) per Player
- 4 Speed (blue) per Player
- 4 Strength (yellow) per Player
- 8 Antidote (green) per Player
- 10 Health (red) per Player

The GM should build an Underground Passage, 5 spaces long, on an extra Lego piece. Also, the GM will need to mark an extra Axe, Bow, Wand, Staff, Sword and Dagger as “Enchanted Weapons” and set them aside. The GM should have a Lego brick to keep track of how many Critical Wounds each Hero has taken. Studs are good for these, with different colors for each Hero.

Each Player selects 3 Heroes to form their Party — roll to see who goes first, and take turns selecting Heroes. Name your Heroes! Then roll to see which Player will go first. The GM will go after the Players.

Each Player should take a large Lego brick to keep all the Party's defeated Monsters and Gold Pieces, and set up Hero Packs for the three Heroes. Each party starts with 2 gold.

Put on some good dungeon-y, adventurous music. Ready your Heroes at the start of Draida Bay. Adventure awaits!


• Normal Turns
On your turn, announce which of your Heroes is "leading" your Party for that turn.

Next, if any of your Heroes begins the turn next to an Obstacle (locked door, rock pile, etc.) first let them deal with the obstacle (roll to open the door, find a passage, etc.)

Next, roll the die. On any roll, you can move every Hero in your party up to the number of spaces on the die (1, 2, 3, or 4 for SH). You can give one (and only one) Move Point from one Hero to another (one Hero gets 1 MP and one Hero loses 1 MP). Consider all moves to happen at the same time. Heroes can't end their move in the same space, and don't get an extra MP to move past each other.

Any of your Heroes must stop moving if he reaches an Obstacle, or is adjacent to a Monster. Climbing up (higher than the Hero's neck) takes 1 additional MP, unless your Hero has the Climb bonus. Going down you can just jump and don't need to use an extra MP.

If your Leader rolls SH, you can either:
- Move everyone in your party 4
- Or your Leader can use a Special Ability or attack if possible. The other Heroes in your party can then move 4.

If your Leader is at Level 2 or 3, and rolls a SW, you can either:
- move everyone in your party 3
- or your Leader can use a Special Ability or attack if possible. The other Heroes in your party can then move 3.

After everyone in your Party has moved, do the following:

- If your Leader is now adjacent to a Monster, the Leader fights the Monster first. Then, if any other Hero is adjacent to a Monster, fight them next.
- If your Leader has reached an Obstacle (door, trap, rock pile, magic door, etc.), deal with the Obstacle. Then, if any other Hero has reached an Obstacle, that Hero will deal with the Obstacle. If your Hero began the turn next to the Obstacle, you don't get to try again this turn to get through it.
- Any Hero who ends the turn on the same space as an Object (torch, key, treasure chest, loot, etc.) may pick up or open the Object.
- If any Heroes are still poisoned from a previous turn, that Hero loses 1 HP.

• Special Turns
Certain actions of your Party require a full turn. Instead of announcing the Leader and moving, the Player declares that his Party is doing one of the following:

- Curing Critical Wounds
- Curing poison without an antidote
- Resurrection of a Dead Hero
- Talking with a Merchant to find the location of an Underground Passage or Secret Door
- Brewing a potion with the Chalice

No Heroes in the Party move on that turn.


On the GM's turn, the GM picks a "Main Monster" for that turn and rolls.

On any roll, the GM can move the "Main Monster" up to the number of spaces on the die (1, 2, 3, or 4 for SH). The GM can move additional monsters, up to the number of Players still in the game. For example, if there are two Players in the game, the GM moves the Main Monster and one additional Monster. The Monsters don't have to use all of their MP on that turn. Consider all moves to happen at the same time. The Monsters must stop moving when they are adjacent to a Hero.

If the GM rolls a SH he may:
- Move all Monsters for that turn 4
- Use the Main Monster’s Special Ability (if it has one). No other Monsters move that turn.
- Spawn a Monster OR Set a Trap

• Set a Trap
The GM starts out with 4 Traps per Player, and can place them on any empty space in the dungeon.

• Spawn a Monster
Monsters can only be spawned on a space adjacent to the 6 brown "camp" spaces. (Except the Baby Dragons, who hatch in the Dragon Nest.) If the Monster spawns adjacent to a Hero, it must immediately attack the Hero. The GM starts by spawning Level 1 monsters. Once the GM runs out of Level 1 monsters, the GM can begin spawning Level 2 monsters.

If there are no more Monsters left for the GM to move, the GM can spawn a Monster a SW or SH roll. Some Monsters have Special Abilities that trigger on a SW roll as well as SH.

After the GM has moved and attacked, if any Monsters are poisoned from a previous turn, they lose 1 HP.


• Fighting
When a Hero lands on a spot adjacent to a Monster, they fight the Monster by rolling the die. The Hero is the "Attacker" and the Monster is the "Defender." If the Attacker hits the Defender, the battle continues until the Attacker is hit by the Defender or the Defender is defeated. If the Attacker is hit, he moves back one space and must wait until his next turn to continue the battle.

- SH – Critical Hit, Defender loses HP equal to Attacker’s STR+1 OR the Attacker can use special Melee ability. The battle continues.

- SW – Defender loses HP equal to Attacker’s STR. If a Level 2 or 3 Hero is attacking, he can use a special Melee ability instead. The battle continues.

- SS – Attacker loses HP equal to Defender’s STR, Defender loses HP equal to Attacker’s STR, Attacker moves back 1 space. The battle ends. (They each get wounded at the same time, so it is possible for both Attacker and Defender to die on this roll.)

- SK – Attacker loses HP equal to Defender’s STR, Attacker moves back 1 space. The battle ends.

When the GM attacks with a Monster, the same rules apply, but the Monster is the Attacker and the Hero is the Defender. Strategy note! The Attacker has the advantage — with two evenly matched opponents with STR 3, the Attacker would lose an average of 1.5 HPs per roll, the Defender would lose 2.2 HPs per roll.

• Poisoned Weapons and Attacks
At the beginning of a combat, before you roll, a Hero may use a green Antidote potion to poison his weapon. Spells cannot be poisoned, but ranged weapons (arrows, throwing stars, whip) can. If the weapon hits, the Monster is poisoned.

A Hero or Monster who is hit with a poison attack will lose 1 HP at the end of the Player's next turn (or the GM’s turn, for a Monster) and on all turns after that. Poison can be cured immediately with an Antidote. A Level 2 Druid, Ranger, Amazon, or Paladin can cure poison (on themselves or an adjacent Hero) with any roll except Skull. Curing poison takes a full turn, so the healer and the poisoned Hero must be adjacent at the beginning of the turn. The Dark Druid and the Goblin King can cure poisoned Monsters using the same rule. A Hero who is critically wounded from poison will no longer be poisoned once they begin to heal.

• Special Attack: Petrification
A Hero or Monster who has been Petrified immediately loses 1 HP and cannot move for 3 turns. Any attack made on a Petrified Hero or Monster will do a maximum of 1 HP damage (because they're stone) and the Petrified figure cannot counterattack (because they're stone). When attacking a Petrified Hero or Monster, a SK or SS roll will end the combat, but do not move back or take any damage.

• Looting
After a non-Boss Monster is defeated, Heroes roll the die again to see if they pick up anything from the monster:
- SH – 1 gem. Roll again — if the second roll is a SH, the gem is Magic!
- SW – 1 gold
- SS OR SK - nothing

If you kill a Monster with a ranged attack, the Loot drops where the Monster was. Go get it!


• Hero Pack
All items (weapons, keys, gems, potions, artifacts, etc.) must be kept in the Hero Pack's 8 slots. If the Hero runs out of room in the Pack, he can drop an item in the dungeon. Any Hero can pick up a dropped item.

• Levels and Classes

Level 1: A Hero’s basic stats are 4 HP and 3 STR. A Hero's Strength can't be higher than his Health Points — so a Hero with 2 HP has 2 STR, and a Hero with 1 HP has 1 STR. The only exception is if a Hero uses a Strength potion during a battle for +1 STR. (Monsters are always at full Strength regardless of their HP — they're Monstrous!)

Level 2: A Hero can reach Level 2 by getting the weapon that matches their class. A Level 2 Hero's stats are 4 HP and 4 STR. But his STR still can't be higher than his current HP (unless he's using a Strength potion). For example, a Level 2 Thief (with a dagger) would be at 4 HP and 4 STR — but if wounded 1 HP, he would be at 3 HP and 3 STR. A Level 2 Hero can also use his Special Ability on either a Shield roll OR a Sword roll.

Level 3: A Hero can reach Level 3 by getting an Enchanted Weapon that matches their class from a Boss Monster. A Level 3 Hero's stats are 5 HP and 5 STR. (Put an additional red HP marker in your Hero Pack, on top of another HP marker.) A Level 3 Hero's STR can't be higher than his HP. For example, a Level 3 Knight would have 5 HP and 5 STR — but if wounded 1 HP, he would be at 4 HP and 4 STR. A Level 3 Hero can also use his Special Ability on either a SH or SW roll. Only a Barbarian, Ranger, Thief, Wizard, Knight or Druid may reach Level 3.

Dual Class: A Hero can become Dual Class by gaining an Enchanted Weapon different from his Class. A Dual Class Hero has all the abilities of his own class, and all the abilities of a Level 1 Hero of the weapon's Class. For example, a Druid with an Enchanted Sword would be able to use a Knight's Charge and Shield Blow abilities, and would take one less damage from Non-Animal Monsters.

• Critical Wounds
If a Hero loses all his HP, he is critically wounded. To restore his HP, roll to see how many HP your Critically Wounded Hero recovers — this takes up a full turn, and no other Heroes move. Repeat until the Hero is fully healed.

• Death
The third time a Hero loses all his HP, the Hero is Dead. A Dead Hero turns into a Skeleton (from Ninjago), controlled by the GM, with 4 HP and 3 Strength, but no special abilities. (If you don't have a Ninjago Skeleton, you can use a Ramses Mummy, or put a black stud piece on the Dead Hero's head and use that.) The Dead Hero does not use any of the Hero's weapons or remaining items, but still carries them. Any Hero (from any Player) who defeats the Dead Hero gets the Dead Hero's items.

• Resurrection
After the Dead Hero has been defeated, a player can bring him back to life with a Resurrection spell. The spell requires one Restoration potion, one Speed potion, and one Strength potion. A Level 2 Wizard, Druid, Paladin, or Sorceress in your party with those three potions (or any Hero with the Scepter of Summoning) can resurrect a hero who will appear adjacent to him. Any other Hero may resurrect a Dead Hero at a camp if he has the three potions. Resurrection takes one turn. Resurrected heroes have the same stats as at the beginning of the game, and can be critically wounded twice more.

• Special Class Abilities
Melee Special Abilities can only be used when adjacent to a Monster. Ranged Special Abilities can only be used when not adjacent to a Monster.

Melee: “Massive Swing.” Do damage (STR+1) to all adjacent monsters, or do damage (STR+2) if there is only one adjacent Monster.
Obstacle bonus: Locked Doors, Rock Piles.
Matching weapon: Axe.

Ranged: “Healing Aura.” Fully heal self and move 1 space, OR heal one party member 2 HP (need not be adjacent) with no move.
Class Ability: A Level 2 Druid can cure poison.
Obstacle bonus: Magic Doors.
Matching weapon: Staff.

Ranged: “Sure Shot.” Move up to 1 space, then do damage equal to STR to an enemy up to 5 spaces away (in a straight line). If shooting upwards to an enemy on "high ground," do one less damage.
Class Ability: A Level 2 Ranger can cure poison.
Move bonus: Climb.
Defense bonus: -1 damage from Animal Monsters.
Matching weapon: Bow.

Ranged: “Charge.” Move 1 or 2 spaces, and do damage (STR+2) to one monster.
Melee: “Shield Blow.” Do damage (STR+1) to one monster.
Defense bonus: -1 damage from Non-Animal Monsters.
Attack weakness: -1 damage while in water due to armor.
Matching weapon: Sword.

Melee: “Cut Purse.” Steal 1 gold from the monster and do (STR+1) damage.
Ranged (Level 2 or 3): “Stealth”. Take your Thief off the board. On your next turn, move the rest of your Party as normal. On the third turn, after your Party has moved, the Thief appears up to 3 spaces away from your Party Leader. If he appears next to a Monster he instantly does (STR+2) backstab damage. The Thief must put out his torch to use Stealth.
Obstacle bonus: Treasure Chests, Traps, Locked Doors, Secret Doors.
Matching weapon: Dagger.

Ranged: “Fireball.” Move 1 space, and does damage equal to STR to an enemy up to 4 spaces away (including around corners or up levels).
Ranged (Level 3): “Chain Lightning” Pick 3 Monsters, each up to 4 spaces away (including around corners or up levels). One takes damage of STR+1, one damage of STR, and the third damage of STR-1.
Obstacle bonus: Magic Doors, Locked Doors (Level 2 and 3).
Matching weapon: Wand.

Ninja (Ninjago)
Ranged: “Throwing Stars.” Do damage to one Monster either 2 or 3 spaces away. Roll 3 times, do 1 HP damage for each SH or SW roll. The Ninja cannot use Throwing Stars on a Monster on higher ground.
Ranged: “Stealth” (see Thief).
Melee Defense (Level 2): “Counterstrike Dodge.” If an attacking Monster rolls a SS, the Ninja dodges the attack and turns the die to a SK.
Obstacle bonus: Traps, Treasure Chests, Locked Doors, Secret Doors.
Move bonus: Climb.
Attack Weakness: -1 damage to Animal Monsters.
Class Restriction: The Ninja cannot wield any Enchanted Weapons, or carry lit torches.
Matching weapon: Katana, which can only be used by Ninja.

Paladin (White Knight)
Melee: “Smite.” Do STR damage to one monster, and heal self 1 HP.
Ranged: “Holy Aura.” Heal self 2 HP, or an adjacent Party member 1 HP.
Class Ability: A Level 2 Paladin can cure poison.
Defense bonus: -1 damage from Non-Animal Monsters.
Movement weakness: -1 to all MP due to heavy armor. On a "1" roll, he will still move 1.
Attack weakness: -1 damage while in water due to heavy armor.
Matching weapon: Hammer, which can only be used by Paladin.

Amazon (Champion Female Yellow Warrior)
Class Abilities: An Amazon can combine the abilities of a Ranger and a Barbarian. At Level 1, the Amazon has no special abilities.
An Amazon with an Axe has the abilities of a Level 2 Barbarian. An Amazon with a Bow has the abilities of a Level 2 Ranger.An Amazon with both weapons can use either set of abilities. At the beginning of the turn, the Player must say which weapon the Amazon is wielding, and the Amazon will have those class abilities for the rest of the turn. An Amazon with either or both weapons is at Level 2 (4 HP, 4 STR).
Class Restriction: The Amazon cannot wield any Enchanted Weapons.

Sorceress (Champion Female Pink Dress)
Ranged: “Petrificus Totalus.” Petrify a Monster up to 4 spaces away, including around corners.
Ranged or Melee (Level 2): “Apparate.” Move to any space in the dungeon that is not adjacent to a Monster (or in parts of the dungeon behind unopened Secret Doors).
Obstacle bonus: Magic Door.
Matching weapon: Star Wand, which can only be used by Sorceress.

Explorer (Magma Monster Green). Will join your party if you rescue him from the prison in Nathuz.
Ranged (Level 2): “Whiplash.” Do damage (equal to STR) to one monster that is 2 spaces away, or that is diagonally adjacent.
Movement bonus: +1 to all MP, can move or attack diagonally, Climb.
Obstacle bonus: Rock Piles, Traps, Treasure Chests, Locked Doors. The Explorer can open one Secret Door, and knows the location of all the Underground Passages.
Attack weakness: -1 damage to all attacks.
Matching weapon: Whip, which can only be used by Explorer.

Captive Merchant (Orange Merchant) – Will join your Party if you rescue him from Draco Mountain.
Attack Weakness: -1 damage to all attacks.
Defense Weakness: +1 damage from all attacks.
If you get the Captive Merchant to a camp space alive, he will give each living Hero in your Party a regular Gem. He will also show you all the Underground Passages, and your Party may rest at any Inn for free for the rest of the game. He will then leave your Party. He can carry items, and will give them back to you before he leaves your Party.


• Weapons
If the Hero gets a Weapon that matches their class, they go up to Level 2. If the Hero has a weapon different from their class, it gives that hero the following ability on a Shield roll:

- Axe (Melee): Does damage (equal to STR) to all adjacent monsters.
- Wand (Ranged): No move, does damage (equal to STR) to an enemy up to 3 spaces away (including around corners).
- Staff (Ranged): Restore up to 2 HP (yourself only), no move.
- Bow (Ranged): No move, does damage (equal to Hero's STR) to an enemy up to 4 spaces away (straight line).
- Dagger (Melee): Does damage (equal to STR) and steals 1 gold from Monster.
- Sword (Melee): Does damage (STR+1) to one monster.

If a Hero has multiple weapons, the Player can choose which one to use on a Shield roll.

• Enchanted Weapons
Enchanted Weapons can only be received as loot from a Boss Monster. A Hero with an Enchanted Weapon that matches his Class becomes a Level 3 Hero. A Hero with an Enchanted Weapon different from his Class becomes Dual Class. A Dual Class Hero has all the abilities of his own class, and all the abilities of a Level 1 Hero of the weapon's Class. For example, a Druid with an Enchanted Sword would be able to use a Knight's Charge and Shield Blow abilities, and would take one less damage from non-Animal Monsters.

• Armor
The helmet adds 1 additional HP to a Hero. A Hero with the helmet who is critically wounded must heal all 5 HPs. If your Hero has the armor, put an extra red HP marker in your Hero Pack. You can carry one fewer item while wearing the helmet. You do -1 damage while you attack or defend in water.

• Potions
- Speed potions (blue) grant a Hero the ability to move an additional 4 spaces one turn.
- Strength potions (yellow) give a Hero +1 STR for the duration of one battle.
- Health potions (red) allow a Hero to regain 2 HP.
- The Luck potion (orange) allows you to turn one die roll into a Shield roll.
- Antidotes (green) cure poison and heal 1 HP. Can also be used to poison a weapon.
- Restoration potions (gold) fully heal, and also cure poison.

A Hero can drink a potion at any time (including during combat, or just before being Critically Wounded).

• Torches
Torches give a bonus of 1 MP to the Hero with a lit torch. A Hero's torch will go out if the Hero is Critically Wounded. But if you are adjacent to a Hero in your party with a lit torch, yours is re-lit, or if you pass one of the remaining lit torches, a fireplace, or a Camp. If your Hero has two lit torches, you won't get any additional movement bonus. Torches also give a bonus to finding a passage through a Rock Pile.

• Keys
Keys open locked doors (except for the Prison Door) and also Treasure Chests. If opening a Treasure Chest with a Key, the trap is automatically disarmed. Once used, the Key is removed from the game.

• Treasure Chests
When opening a Treasure Chest, roll to see what's inside. A SH will get a Gem, a SW will get 2 GP, a SS will get 2 GP but the Chest's trap is triggered and you lose 1 HP as well, and a SK will trigger the trap so you lose 1 HP and get no loot. Thieves, Ninjas, and Explorers can always disarm traps in Treasure Chests, so they do not take damage.

• Magic Gems
If you get a gem from Looting a Monster, a SH roll means you have discovered a Magic Gem! Treasure Chests are more likely to contain Magic Gems, so a SH or SW roll means the gem is Magic. Also, some Boss Monsters have Magic Gems as loot. The GM will draw one at random. A Hero with the gem gains the following bonus:

- Blue: Gem of Speed — add one to movement
- White: Gem of Protection — take one less damage from Non-Animal Monsters
- Red: Gem of Healing — heal 1 HP, or cure poison, if that Hero rests (does not move on the turn)
- Green: Gem of the Forest — take one less damage from Animal Monsters
- Orange: Gem of Luck — allow one re-roll per turn

There is only one of each Magic Gem, so once the gems are gone, they're gone.

• Map
A map enables a Hero to open one Secret Door. The map is not consumed.

• Artifacts
The Artifacts have Special Powers. Artifacts are still worth 10 XP even if their power is used.

Crystal of Restoration: Can be used once like a Restoration Potion.

Chalice of Potions: Turn 1 potion into any other potion (except for Luck and Restoration). Can be used multiple times. A Magic User can turn any 2 potions into a Restoration Potion, but the Chalice cannot be used again. Using the Chalice takes a full turn.

Scepter of Resurrection: Resurrect a Dead Hero. Can be used once.

Goblin Idol (golden idol from the Indiana Jones Raiders set, this gets placed on throne next to Goblin King and goes to the player who defeats the Goblin King). A Goblin Guardian resurrects from the Player's hero pack and becomes a Goblin Bodyguard (4 HP, 3 STR). The Goblin Bodyguard joins the Player's party and will always move adjacent to the Hero with the Goblin Idol. The Goblin Bodyguard will attempt to protect that Hero. If a Monster attacks that Hero, the Goblin Bodyguard will switch places with the Hero and attempt to defeat the Monster. If defeated, the Goblin Bodyguard goes to the GM, the Player does not get Experience Points for it. But the Player will get XP for any Monster the Goblin Bodyguard defeats. The Goblin Bodyguard will not initiate attack, but will defend itself if attacked by another Monster or Hero. The Goblin Bodyguard can carry items.

Golden Dagger (XC): Is both an Artifact and an Enchanted Dagger. (Worth 10 XP.)

Golden Sword (DM): Is both an Artifiact and an Enchanted Sword. (Worth 10 XP.)

Gem of the Spider's Eye (CC) — Yellow gem combines the power of the Gem of the Forest and the Gem of Protection, so you are at +1 defense from all Monsters. (Worth 10 XP.)


• Camps
The camps are located at the brown spaces between the Heroica sets), and at the brown "dock" space at the beginning of Draida Bay. Up to 4 Heroes can occupy the same camp. The camps are run by NPC merchants. While on a camp space, the merchant will aid in your defense if you are attacked by a Monster. (Monsters are bad for business!) Take 2 less damage from any attack. At camp, Heroes can visit the Marketplace or the Inn.

• Marketplace
Heroes can spend gold at the marketplace for weapons, armor and potions. Prices are:

- Weapons – 3 GP
- Helmet – 2 GP
- Restoration potion - 3 GP
- Speed, Strength potion – 2 GP
- Antidote - 2 GP
- Torch - 2 GP
- Health potion – 1 GP

Items can be sold at the marketplace for 1 less than their purchase price. Normal gems can be sold for 2 GP.

The Merchants can brew additional potions once their stock runs out, except for the Restoration potion. However, the price of that potion goes up by 1 GP once the stock has been depleted. For example, in a game with two Players and a GM, there are 8 Strength potions in the marketplace at the beginning of the game. Once the 8th Strength potion has been sold, the GM restocks the Marketplace with 8 more. The price of Strength potions is now 3 GP.

• Inn
At the Inn, you can Rest, Gamble, or you can Talk to the Merchant.

Resting: For 1 GP, a Hero can rest at the camp and heal 1 HP per turn. The Hero must start and end the turn at the camp space in order to rest, but the rest of the Party may move. The Merchants will keep watch while the Hero rests, so Monsters cannot attack a Hero who has paid to rest at camp. For 2 GP, your Hero can rest as many turns as you need.

Gambling: Take a chance! Roll the die:
- SH: Win 2 GP
- SW: Win 1 GP
- SS: Lose 1 GP
- SK: Lose 2 GP
You can gamble as many times as you want to during your turn at camp.

Talking to the Merchant: The Merchants are knowledgeable about the dungeons. If you take an extra turn to talk to them, they may reveal the location of additional treasure or dungeon secrets. Talking to the Merchant is a Special Turn; your Hero must start and end their turn in camp, and the other Heroes in your Party don't move. Roll the die:

- SH: The Merchant tells you how to open a Secret Door.
- SW: The Merchant shows you an Underground Passage from his camp to one other camp.
- SS or SK: They will tell you the location of a Treasure Chest. Only your Party can locate that Treasure Chest (the GM will put a special "lid" on it and place it somewhere on the board). Each Merchant knows about 2 Treasure Chests.

Before Talking to the Merchant, you can Bribe the Merchant. If you bribe him 6 GP, he'll tell you how to open a Secret Door. If you bribe him 3 GP, he'll show you an Underground Passage from his camp.

• Underground Passages
The camps are connected by Underground Passages. The Underground Passage is always 5 spaces long. If a Merchant tells you about an Underground Passage, mark those two camps. Anyone in your Party can travel between those camps via the Underground Passage. If you learn about another Underground Passage, mark those camps as well. Your Party can move between any two camps you've marked via the Underground Passages. Monsters cannot enter the Underground Passages.


There are several major obstacles in the Heroes' path: Locked Doors, Rock Piles, Magic Doors, Secret Doors, Traps, Special Traps (CC and DM), Water (XC), and Giant Cobwebs (CC).

• Locked Doors
A Hero may open a locked door with a key (except the Prison Door, which has no key). Otherwise, roll the die:
- SH: Force the door open.
- SW: Barbarian, Amazon with Axe, Thief, Ninja, Explorer, Level 2 Wizard: Smash door / pick lock / Alohomora. All others fail.
- SS: Level 2 Ninja, Level 2 Thief, Level 3 Wizard: Pick lock / Alohomora. All others fail.
- SK: Fail to open the door.

A Hero's fourth attempt to open a locked door will always succeed.

Doors are not considered to take up a space. They don't require a MP to move through, and two figures on opposite sides of an open door are adjacent. Once opened by any Hero, Doors are open to everyone. Goblins can open doors automatically (it's their castle!), and the door will lock behind them.

• Rock Piles
On reaching a Rock Pile, the Hero stops and rolls the die:
- SH: The Hero has smashed (or disapparated, or dislodged, or something else appropriate to your class) the Rock Pile. Remove it from the board.
- SW: The Barbarian or Amazon with Axe smashes the rock pile; remove it from the board. Any other Hero finds a passage through the rocks; move forward onto the Rock Pile. One additional Hero in your Party can use this passage before it shifts, so that second Hero will treat the Rock Pile as a regular space.
- SS: The Explorer, or any Hero with a Lit Torch, finds a passage through the rocks.
- SK: The Explorer with a Lit Torch finds a passage through the rocks.

Rock piles take up one space and require a MP to move through. If your Hero is in the passage and a Monster is on the other side, you are adjacent and must battle.

• Magic Doors
Magic Doors can be moved from their starting positions by any Monster or Hero who lands on a blue magic space. If the Monster or Hero is not a magic user (Druid, Wizard, Sorceress, Dark Druid, Goblin King), the blue magic space disappears. Only the Dark Druid can move the Magic Doors outside of Waldruk, and the Dark Druid can move through Magic Doors. Magic Doors will block all ranged attacks, including magic and petrification attacks.

To get past a Magic Door, roll the die:
- SH: Magic users can move the Magic Door back to its original position. Non-magic users are teleported to the other side of the Magic Door, which remains on the board.
- SW: Magic users can move the Magic Door back to its original position.
- SS or SK: The Magic Door remains in its position.

Magic users will always be able to move a Magic Door on their third attempt.

• Secret Doors
Secret doors lead to the additional dungeon areas (CC, XC, DM). There are several ways to open them. A Thief or Ninja can open a Secret Passage on a SH Roll. The Explorer can open one secret door. There are two maps on the desks in Fortraan, each will describe how to open one secret door, but you must have the map with you when you get to the passage. A Merchant may tell you how to open one Secret Door. Once a Hero opens a Secret Door, it is open for all Heroes of any Party.

• Traps
If a Hero steps on a Trap, he stops moving and rolls:
- SH: The Trap is disarmed and removed.
- SW: Thief / Ninja / Explorer: the Trap is disarmed and removed. All others: The Trap misses; the Hero takes no damage but the Trap remains active.
- SS: Thief / Ninja / Explorer: The Trap misses; the Hero takes no damage but the Trap remains active. All others: The Trap does 1 HP damage.
- SK: Thief / Ninja / Explorer: The Trap does 1 HP damage. All others: The Trap does 2 HP damage.

Monsters always avoid traps.

• Special Traps (CC and DM):
The special traps in Cobweb Cavern and Draco Mountain are always triggered.

In Cobweb Cavern, the Giant Boulder will drop out of the "skull eye" when you land on the Treasure Chest, and lands on the space before it. After that Player's *next* turn, it moves forward two spaces. Run! It automatically moves 2 spaces after that Player's subsequent turns. If it reaches a Hero, the first Hero it squashes loses 3 HP, the next 2 HP, and the third 1 HP. When it reaches a corner, the GM rolls a die. On a SH or SW roll, the Boulder ricochets and continues to roll after the Heroes. On a SK or SS, it turns into a Rock Pile.

In Draco Mountain, the Stalactite Traps will descend when a Hero steps on the space beneath them. Roll a die for each stalactite, and take 1 HP damage for every Skull. The stalactites are smashed and the Trap is now disarmed.

• Giant Cobwebs (CC)
The rules for moving on Giant Cobwebs in Cobweb Cavern are different from normal movement. You get no movement bonus or penalty (from any item or class ability) on the Cobweb, and no Hero on a Cobweb can give or receive an MP from another Hero in the Party. You start on a Non-Sticky Space (antenna top). When moving, must use all your MP to move around the web, either clockwise or counter-clockwise. If you can't end on a Non-Sticky Space, land on a Sticky space. You are Stuck. While you are Stuck, you take one additional damage from all attacks, and cannot counter-attack (if the Spider attacks you and rolls a SK or SS, it takes no damage, but the attack ends). On your Hero's next turn, you can get Unstuck and move to the nearest Non-Sticky Space on the cobweb you are on, but this takes up all your Hero's MP for that turn. Moving from one Web to another takes one MP. Only the Spiders can move onto the center of the Cobweb, and they can move onto any of the seven sections of the Cobweb. If the Cobweb is over-loaded, the Heroes on the Cobweb will fall into the poison river beneath. They take 1 HP damage and are poisoned, and the river carries them back outside the cavern. A Cobweb is over-loaded if it has 2 Heroes, or 1 Hero and 2 spiders. The spiders won't fall and the web remains. The Spider Queen's magic prevents the Sorceress from Apparating inside the cave itself.

• Water (XC)
When you get to Crossbones Cove, you have the choice of crossing the heavily-guarded gangway or swimming to the ship for a surprise attack. Swimming in water in Crossbones Cove takes 2 MP per space. If you roll a 1, tread water and stay where you are. If you roll a 3, you move only one space. You cannot receive an MP from another Hero in your Party while swimming. Climbing up the ladder onto the ship takes 2 MP. Heroes with armor (Knight and Paladin, or any Hero with the Helmet) do one less damage while attacking in water. The Giant Crab moves normally in water.

Heroes encounter different monsters throughout their journeys. Below is a list of the monsters, their stats, and their special abilities. A = Animal Monster.

Level 1:
Goblin Trooper: 3 HP, 1 STR
All Goblins can move through any locked door in Fortraan — it's their castle! — and it remains locked behind them.

Giant Spider (A): 3 HP, 1 STR
Normal attack, except the spiders in Cobweb Cavern, which also inflict poison.

Giant Rat of Sumatra (A): 3 HP, 1 STR

Giant Bat (A): 3 HP, 1 STR
Can fly over Rock Piles and up levels.

Black Scorpion (A): 2 HP, 1 STR
Poison attack

Mummy (from Ramses Pyramid): 3 HP, 2 STR

Giant Crab (XC) (A): 4 HP, 2 STR

Level 2:
Werewolf: 4 HP, 3 STR

Golem Guardian: 4 HP, 3 STR
The Golem Guardian can pass through Rock Piles in Nathuz as if they were normal spaces. When defeated, the Golem Guardian and the Golem Lord turn into Rock Piles. Golems are immune to Petrification and Poison.

Goblin Guardian: 4 HP, 3 STR
Can move through locked doors in Fortraan.

Gold Scorpion (A): 4 HP, 1 STR
Poison attack. The Golden Scorpion's body can be taken as loot. It can be sold for 2 GP, but if sold you won't get any XP for it.

Giant Snake (A): 4 HP, 3 STR
Poison attack. Does no damage if attacked in the middle. The tail can do 1 damage.

Giant Cobra (A): 4 HP, 3 STR
Poison attack. On a SH roll the Cobra can used a Ranged Special Attack "Spit Venom", on a Hero 2 spaces away. The Hero is poisoned and blinded for 1 turn. While blinded, the Hero cannot move and takes 1 additional damage from any attack. A Restoration or Antidote potion will cure blindness.

Mercenaries (Minotaurus, or extra Heroica heroes with marker stud hats): 4 HP, 3 STR
Can use Level 1 powers (for Wizard, Thief, etc.) but doesn’t carry items or weapons.

Dead Hero: 4 HP, 3 STR
Dead Heroes carry the items they used in life but can't use them, and have no Hero Special Abilities. If you defeat the Dead Hero you get those items.

Pirate (Pirate Plank): 4 HP, 3 STR
Pirates can use the Cannon on their ship. The Cannon can attack anywhere on the gangway, in the water, or on the ship. Roll for damage:

SH: The Cannon does 3 HP damage, and 2 HP damage to any adjacent figures
SW: The Cannon does 2 HP damage, and 1 HP damage to any adjacent figures
SS: Miss!
SK: Cannon explodes and does 4 HP damage to the Pirate operating the Cannon

When firing into the water, first roll to see if you can see the target. On a SH or SW roll you can see the target; on a SS or SK roll the target is underwater and cannot be attacked. Then roll for damage. The cannon will do one less damage to targets in the water.

The Cannon can't be used again if it blows up or runs out of ammunition. Stock 5 cannon balls (black or grey stud pieces) next to the cannon to keep track of how many shots have been fired. If a Hero kills the Pirate operating the Cannon, he can use the Cannon — at his own risk!

Baby Dragon (“Norbert”) (A): 5 HP, 3 STR
Melee: on a SH Roll, the Baby Dragon bites you and you are poisoned. The game starts with 2 Baby Dragons, and the GM can hatch more in the nest when the GM has the option to Spawn a Monster. The Baby Dragons will not leave their nest unless a Hero enters the nest, a Hero stops in front of the nest, or if the Dragon is killed.

Prison Guard (Ninjago Skeleton Lord): 5 HP, 3 STR

Boss Monsters:
Goblin General: 6 HP, 3 STR
Begins with the Crystal of Restoration. After losing 6 HP, the Goblin General uses the Crystal and fully heals once, and the battle continues. After defeating the Goblin General, take the Crystal. You may take either a Magic Gem or an Enchanted Sword as additional loot.

Dark Druid: 8 HP, 4 STR
Ranged: on a SH Roll, the Dark Druid can do 2 HP of damage to a Hero 2 or 3 spaces away, including around corners, OR can heal any Monster (including itself) within Waldruk up to 2 HP. The Dark Druid can walk through Magic Doors and can fly over Rock Piles and up levels. Only the Dark Druid can move a Magic Door outside of Waldruk. Can cure poisoned Monsters. After defeating the Dark Druid, you may take either a Magic Gem or an Enchanted Staff as additional loot.

Golem Lord: 8 HP, 4 STR
Ranged or Melee: on a SH roll, the Golem Lord can petrify a Hero who is up to 3 spaces away. Also has abilities of a Golem Guardian. After defeating the Golem Lord, you may take either a Magic Gem or an Enchanted Axe as additional loot.

Goblin King: 9 HP, 4 STR
Ranged or Melee: on a SH Roll, the Goblin King can resurrect a Goblin Guardian to appear anywhere in Fortraan, which immediately attacks an adjacent Hero. The Goblin King can move through locked doors in Fortraan, and can cure poisoned Monsters. Defeating the Goblin King will get you the Goblin Idol as loot. You may take either a Magic Gem or an Enchanted Wand as additional loot.

Pirate Captain (Pirate Plank): 8 HP, 4 STR
The Pirate Captain steals 1 GP every time he hurts a Hero. Defeating the Pirate Captain will get you the Golden Dagger as loot. You also can open the Captain's Treasure Chest. Roll:
- SH: Magic Gem. If no Magic Gems are available, take a regular Gem and a Restoration Potion.
- SW: Restoration Potion.
- SS: Weapon of your choice
- SK: Normal gem

Spider Queen (Red spider) (A): 8 HP, 5 STR
Melee: Poison attack. Ranged: “Web Spin.” On a SH roll, the Spider Queen can turn one empty Non-Sticky Space into a Sticky Space, on any Cobweb in the cavern. Place a white cone over the space, and remove it after 3 turns. Defeating the Spider Queen will get you the Gem of the Spider's Eye and an Enchanted Bow as loot.

Dragon (Lava Dragon) – 10 HP, 5 STR
The Dragon is chained and does not move. The Dragon breathes fire! It has a Ranged attack that does 5 damage if you are adjacent to the Dragon, 4 damage if you are 2 spaces away, etc. The Dragon can use its Ranged attack on a SH or SW roll, unless one of the Baby Dragons has been killed. Then the Dragon is really mad and can use its Ranged attack on any roll except SK. Defeating the Dragon gets you the Golden Sword as loot. The Dragon’s Treasure is in the Chest in the Dragon’s Nest. Roll:
- SH: Magic Gem. If no Magic Gems are available, take a regular Gem and a Restoration Potion
- SW: Restoration Potion
- SS: Weapon of your choice
- SK: Normal gem
Note that Baby Dragons are Animal monsters (subject to the Amazon and Ranger's defense bonus) but the Dragon is not, so the Knight and the Paladin take 1 less damage from the Dragon. It’s traditional.

Good luck, Heroes! Adventure Awaits!

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Andrew Bird
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Re: Heroica: Adventure Awaits!
Wow. Tipped due to the length alone. I'll come back and read it soon, I promise...
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Mike Brewer
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Re: Heroica: Adventure Awaits!
Post in Variants section? Mike
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Mike Everett-Lane
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Re: Heroica: Adventure Awaits!
Thanks, Andrew!

Mike, there doesn't seem to be a "Variants" section if you're posting in a Board Game Family, unless I'm missing something.
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SleepleSS Pandemonium
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Re: Heroica: Adventure Awaits!
I knew there was more to your maps! I Love it, let me go back to MOC pages and give you 5 stars

I still gonna steal your pirate ship mod!
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