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Greg Schloesser
United States
Jefferson City
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With my wife having an engagement on Saturday, I took advantage of the time to organize a special Saturday session of the Westbank Gamers.

Eric didn't arrive till after lunch, so Ashton, Darren, Lenny and I played an enjoyable game of Doris & Frank's Ursuppe. I like describing this game as one where "not only do you kill you opponents ... you EAT them, too!"

I had played this game three time before and miraculously won all three. Well, my streak was to be broken this day.

Darren and Ashton both purchased genes before I did during Turn 1 and both opted for Movement 1. This is my usual first purchase, so I opted instead pass on gene purchases and save my money for the next turn. Lenny went for Speed, a gene whose ability I didn't appreciate until during this game.

Turn 2 remained peaceful as well, as no one opted for the more aggressive genes. I did manage to cell divide twice during Turn 2, giving me 3 amoebas on the board. I also picked up Tentacles, being denied my favored Frugality by Darren. Ashton picked up Substitution.

During turn 3, Darren added Parasitism, while Ashton began the 'arms' race with the addition of Struggle for Survival. I added Spores to my collection, while Lenny made no further gene purchases, fearing the Ozone layer.

Turn 4 began the nastiness as Ashton devoured one of my helpless amoebas. Darren began a trend of utilizing his Parasitism ability to the fullest, forcing opponent after opponent to pay BP's. Fearing Ashton's Struggle for Survival, I opted to go the defensive route and purchased Escape. This was to prove a mistake, as I could have scooped the second Struggle for Survival instead. The first death from starvation was also recorded as one of Lenny's poor famished amoebas died a pitiful death.

Following Turn 4, the victory point order was Ashton, Greg, Darren, and Lenny three further spaces back.

During turn 5, Darren continued his parasitic ways while Ashton devoured one of Darren's amoebas. Lenny managed to scoop the final Struggle for Survival card and was destined to use it to its fullest. Darren & I opted for Ray Protection, while Ashton added Intelligence. Both Darren & I lost amoebas to starvation.

Turn 6 was a munch-fest, as Lenny devoured two of Darren's amoebas and one of mine, while Ashton continued to munch on his brother Darren. Darren picked up Defense while Ashton added Escape. Lenny opted for the Holding gene, the first time I've witnessed this one being utilized. The ozone layer caused Darren to pay one BP while Ashton was forced to surrender 4 BP's. However, Ashton had expanded his lead:

Ashton, Greg -3, Lenny -4, Darren -6

Lenny continued his carnivorous ways during turn 7 by devouring Darren's remaining two amoebas and yet another of mine. The low ozone layer caused Ashton to surrender his Intelligence gene, but he quickly re-purchased it during the following turn. Ashton continued to lead:

Ashton, Lenny -4, Greg -7, Darren -10

More munching during Turn 8 as both Ashton and Darren lost amoebas to aggressive attacks. The ozone layer forced everyone but myself to lose BP's and/or genes. Lenny had managed to get 6 amoebas on the board, however, and was quickly closing the gap with Ashton:

Ashton 34, Lenny 32, Greg 26, Darren 24

During turn 9 Darren & I's defensive genes finally were profitable, as Darren was able to fend off an attack by Lenny and I escaped Ashton's pursuing amoebas twice. A disastrously low ozone layer forced Darren to surrender Parasitism, Ashton to give up Intelligence (again) and Escape and Lenny to lose Intelligence. Only I remained unscathed. Lenny, however, managed to get all 7 amoebas on the board and passed Ashton for the lead:

Lenny 40, Ashton 38, Greg 32, Darren 28

The final turn saw me make some nice strides and pass Ashton, but fall just short of catching Lenny. The final tally was:

Lenny 45, Greg 41, Ashton 40, Darren 35

The ratings remained strong:

Lenny 8, Ashton 8, Darren 8, Greg 7
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