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Subject: My fun deck against Anduin rss

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Garth Boucher
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I have had a difficult time making a viable 3 sphere solo deck. I wanted a way to combine the will generation of Spirit with the cool attachments of Leadership and the muscle of Tactics.

Thus motivated, I came up with a 2 sphere deck (Spirit and Leadership) and a way of recycling the muscular Tactics allies. When it works, its a blast. The biggest weakness is that it's a little slow off the mark and can sometimes get swamped early. If I can survive the first 4 or 5 rounds intact, I've usually got a pretty good chance at winning.

The Heroes: Dunhere (Spirit), Eowyn (Spirit), Theodred (Leadership). All Rohan, but this does not figure at all into the theme of the deck.

The Deck:


Gandalf, Beorn, Veteran of Nanduhirion, West Road Traveller, Northern Tracker,

The Galadhrim's Greeting, Favour of Lady, Dunedain Mark, Ancient Mathom, Dwarven Tomb, Sneak Attack, Steward of Gondor, Unexpected Courage, Valiant Sacrifice, Stand and Fight


A Test of Will


Landroval, Hasty Stroke, Celbrian's Stone

The idea: Recycle the "heavy-hitters": Gandalf, Beorn, Veteran of Nanduhirion and Landroval. Three of the four are Tactics!

The mechanisms:

1 Stand and Fight (Spirit) allows you to play ANY non-neutral ally from your discard pile using only Spirit Resources. With Beorn in your hand, discard him to Eowyn's questing ability, then wait for a Stand and Fight (and 6 resources of course!) to play him.
2 Sneak attack (Leadership), allows you to play ANY ally from your hand, then pick that ally back up to your hand (if it's still around) at the end of the phase. This is great for one shot effects like those on Gandalf and Beorn (add 5 attack)

To pull this off, you need to look after a few things:

1 Keep your threat low early. Obviously, this will give you time to develop the cards you need. But the other big reason to keep the threat low is Dunhere's ability. Get him an Unexpected Courage and a Dunedain Mark or two and you're picking off enemies in the staging area before they engage.

Keep your threat low with Galadhrim's Greeting, Gandalf and successful questing with Eowyn and Celbrian's Stone, Favour of the Lady and West Road Traveller. Successful questing is also accomodated by Northern Tracker's ability to pick off locations in the staging area (complimenting Dunhere's ability to pick off enemies in the staging area).

2 Resources - you'll need a lot of them to play the heavy hitters. Theodred is giving Eowyn 1 just about every turn, and Steward of Gondor.

3 Card draw - lot's of combo's required to get the heavy hitters out, keep your threat low, and keep you in resources. Ancient Mathom piggy back's well on the questing power of Eowyn, Celebrian's Stone, Favour of Lady, and discarding Tactics allies to her ability. Valiant Sacrifice keeps the cards coming with the recycling of allies via Sneak Attack and Stand and Fight.

Now use the Dwarven Tombs to "recycle the recycling material": get that used Stand and Fight, Galadhrim's Greeting or Ancient Mathom back into your hand for another go.

Then, tuck away the Test of Will and Hasty Stroke against that one devastating "when revealed" or shadow effect.

Great fun!
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M. S.
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Ouch... reading your text showed me a mistake I always did...I played Stand and fight onto Gandalf. - Damn, my current deck works with this strategy...yuk
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Noah D

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Nice! Sounds like a really fun deck!

garthasl wrote:
If I can survive the first 4 or 5 rounds intact, I've usually got a pretty good chance at winning.

Sadly that seems true for most of the quests I've played. This game has a problem scaling the encounter difficulty to keep up with a player deck setting itself up. It seems most losses are from bad starts
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