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I let the AI do all the offense and defense calling for both teams. I used the penalty rules found here on BGG.

1st quarter

The Patriots win the toss and receive the opening kickoff at their own 18 and promptly drive down to the Giants 10 but have to settle for a 27yd FG.
Drive Summary: 9 plays (8 pass, 1 run), FG
Score: NE 3 - NY 0

Giants receive the kick-off at the 1 and return it to their 31 for good field position. They move the ball down the field (helped by a NE penalty) and score a TD on a 12yd pass.
Drive Summary: 8 plays (5 pass, 3 run), TD
Score: NE 3 - NY 7

Patriots receive the kickoff at their 4 and return it to the 31 but are unable to move the ball and are forced to punt after a 3 and out.
Drive Summary: 3 plays (3 pass, 0 run), 53 yd punt

Giants fair catch the punt at the 12. They begin driving, overcoming 2 penalties to move the ball to the NE 12. On first and 10 they throw an interception and turn the ball over.
Drive Summary: 7 plays (6 pass, 1 run), Interception

After returning the interception, the Patriots have the ball on their 24 yd line. The last play of the qtr results in a 10yd penalty against them. They are pushed back to the 14 yd line.

Quarter 2

Things really get ugly for the Patriots here. They run 3 pass plays resulting in a sack, an incomplete and finally a sack for a safety.
Drive Summary: 3 plays (3 pass, 0 run), Safety
Score: NE 3 - NY 9

NY receives the free kick at their 18 and returns it 28yds to their 40. They move the ball down to the NE 30 before misfortune strikes again. The QB is sacked and fumbles the ball. The Patriots recover.
Drive Summary: 7 plays (5 pass, 2 run), Lost fumble

After the fumble recovery, the Patriots put together a great drive resulting in a 1yd TD pass to give them back the lead.
Drive Summary: 5 plays (3 pass, 2 run), TD
Score: NE 10 - NY 9

NY responds with an excellent drive of their own, taking the ball 78yds from their own 22 to score a TD on a 3 yd pass.
Drive Summary: 11 plays (8 pass, 3 run), TD
Score: NE 10 - NY 16

With the half nearly over, the Patriots try to get something going but only get sacked for their efforts.

Quarter 3

The Giants receive the kickoff at the 8 and get a nice return to their 37 to start the drive. The use this excellent field position to drive down the field and score on a 5yd TD pass.
Drive Summary: 11 plays (9 pass, 2 run), TD
Score: NE 10 - NY 23

The Patriots start their next drive from the 29 yd line. They put together a nice long drive down to the Giants 9yd line. They throw a TD pass that is negated by a penalty and have to settle for a 19yd FG.
Drive Summary: 14 plays (10 pass, 4 run), FG
Score: NE 13 - NY 23

NY receives the kickoff at their 20 and gets a 22 yd pass completed as the quarter ends.

Quarter 4

The Giants continue their drive from the last quarter but are unable to make much out of it and are forced to punt from their 48.
Drive Summary: 4 plays (3 pass, 1 run), Punt

NE receives the punt and returns it their 17yd line. Things get ugly when they suffer a penalty and 2 incompletions. The coup de grace occurs when they try a run, fumble the ball and the defense scoops it up and runs it in for a TD.
Drive Summary: 3 plays (2 pass, 1 run), Fumble
Score: NE 13 - NY 30

NY kicks the ball to NE and they start their drive at the 21. They go 3 and out and have to punt.
Drive Summary: 3 plays (2 pass, 1 run), Punt

NY returns the punt to their own 32 but is unable to make anything happen and have to punt.
Drive Summary: 3 plays (3 pass, 0 run), Punt

The Patriots collect the punt at their 23 and return it 11yds to their 34. The drive starts out poorly with 2 penalties in a row, but they recover and manage to work their way down to the NY 18 before stalling out and having to settle for a FG. The 35 yd FG is no good though and the Giants get the ball.
Drive Summary: 6 plays (6 pass, 0 run), Missed FG

The Giants takeover at their own 25, drive methodically down the field, eating up the clock and score a TD on a 19 yd pass.
Drive Summary: 11 plays (8 pass, 3 run), TD
Score: NE 13 - NY 37

The Patriots receive the kickoff deep and only manage to return it to the 13yd line. At this point there is less than a minute left and the Patriots start using the Long Bomb play. This results in 2 embarrassing sacks and a safety to close out the game.
Drive Summary: 3 plays (3 pass, 0 run), Safety
Score: NE13 - NY 39

Post game analysis:
Neither AI cared much for the running game. The Giants continued to pass even when the game was well in hand, scoring that last touchdown when they probably should have just been running out the clock. The first sack for the Patriots probably could have been averted if they would have called some runs to get them away from their own end zone, but pass just kept coming up even after adjustments for field position. I guess the dice are as much to blame as the wonky AI. The Patriots definitely got the short end of the stick with the penalties, including having 1 TD called back. I like the system though and would use the penalties again the next time as it added a little extra drama (randomness )!

I completed the game in about 4.5 hours over two sessions.

Thanks for reading.

- John
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Bill Eldard
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As we do each year at Predict the Winner time, my friend Bob and I played Super Bowl XLVI.

First game, I was New England, and Bob was New York. New England opened up a sizeable lead in the first half and won easily.

SCORE: New Negland 30, New York 14

Then we switched teams and played again. The score was tied in the 4th Quarter, but New York suffered a couple of late interceptions, and gave up a touchdown with just 3 ticks left in the game.

SCORE: New England 27, New York 17
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Harri Toijala
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Excellent report with all the stats! Wow... thanks for this. Fun to read and examine.
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