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My Core Set mono-sphere days are over - today I tried using two spheres (hold the gasps and applause).

Eowyn, having been given the brush off by Aragorn (again) decided to spend some time with the girls and forget all about "men". She met her Spirit buddy Eleanor and Lore friend Beravor in the woods and decided to Journey Along the Anduin.

For this girl's night out all the cards in the Spirit deck were used except Strength of Will. Of the Lore deck, I left out Lorien's Wealth, Gandalf's Search, Dark Knowledge, Beorn's Hospitality and one Daughter of Nimrodel. Two Gandalfs were included for 50 cards. Why not three? Who knows...

The ladies got their makeup messed up pretty badly in the first two games as the initial set up in both was Gladden Fields and the Hill Troll. In neither game did they see a Galahdrim's Greeting so their Threat crept up from the starting 26 before they could get any decent allies in play.

Speaking of allies, Spirit and Lore have some pretty mediocre allies! The Northern Trackers are great but they cost 4 and so are slow to get out (if you see them at all - sometimes they're as hard to locate as that guy with the pointy wizard's hat...).

Played three more games and finally realized that Beravor is best for drawing cards and not fighting (well, duh, you say) - but she is one of the few cards in these Spheres with 2 attack so it's tempting to use her in battle. Of course, I lost all three making the girls 0-5.

Game 6 - The longest game ever...

With an initial hand including Dwarven Tomb and Galahdrim's Greeting things were looking up for our interpid females. Dropping the Threat down and putting out Allies while tromping through Locations and snuffing out small orcs and bats was the order of business. A motley assortment of 6 allies were in place when the second Hill Troll wandered in (it was probably Eowyn's decision not to use deodorant - "Who needs it unless you're trying to get a man" she remarked) and then a second Goblin Sniper. Luckily I had Self Preservation on Beravor AND Eowyn, so they could soak up combat, treachery and sniper hits easily.

So the long drawn out process of cycling and re-cycling the deck started. Galahdrim's Greetings get played - Will of the West shuffles 'em back in. Gandalf comes out and smacks something - Will of the West shuffles Gandalf back in. Rinse and repeat. Eventually I had my entire deck in my hand - had killed both Hill Trolls - Chieftain Uf-a-luk - and the Marsh Adder. But it took forever! I think the game took over 90 minutes...The Goblin Snipers were immune to anything except a Gandalf fireball and I didn't use that until the very end...

POSTLUDE: There just isn't much firepower in these two spheres! Cycling the decks and reducing Threat until you get your gang of less-than-impressive Allies out is about all you can do. Lore has some very useful cards but with only a single Lore character they're tough to deploy. Well, at least Eowyn got her mind off that no-good-nik Aragorn for a few days.
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ys jo
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yeah... Core set Spirit+lore gets barely any attack strength at all.

I can see Eowyn/Eleanor/Beravor might work after few expansions though.... hmm.. maybe I will give this a try.
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